Thai Girlfriend Takes Me Home

  • Published on Mar 13, 2019
  • My Thai girlfriend Sai takes me home to her hometown Saraburi to meet her mom. Saraburi is a province in central Thailand, northeast of Bangkok. I have been living in Thailand for the last year and it was really nice to meet her mom.
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  • Bobby Bingheimer
    Bobby Bingheimer 7 hours ago

    Your girl is very beautiful woman congrats

  • Women's Corner
    Women's Corner 4 days ago

    Good morning Na ka

  • munmun hazarika
    munmun hazarika 4 days ago

    Plz I wana she her nipples.... A casual nipslip will be generous

  • Dmasamune525
    Dmasamune525 5 days ago

    Nice guys! No place like home Sai! All the love

  • Tine Zander
    Tine Zander 8 days ago

    I am Pilipina. I like sai personality.

  • Richard Jolly
    Richard Jolly 8 days ago

    What an utter above his station using patronizing boring egotesticle pratt , just what does that lovely little soul see in the numb out omg ffs wtf

  • My Tuber
    My Tuber 10 days ago

    No "say hi, but pray for the dead grandfather.

  • Amrita Singha Ray
    Amrita Singha Ray 13 days ago

    why do you put such pic of your girlfriend on the thumbnail !! its weird.. the content is good and people will watch if they like it

  • Vladimir
    Vladimir 14 days ago

    as I watch the video you do not care about the girl and anything around.

    • EV0 X
      EV0 X 14 days ago

      Vladimir, of course he doesn’t... it’s just all about the views for him

  • Adity Dkhar
    Adity Dkhar 14 days ago +7

    You're using her dammit.

  • Daniel Manuel
    Daniel Manuel 15 days ago


  • Lobo Singh
    Lobo Singh 16 days ago +1

    You are shame !! See your thumbnails

  • Anne Mendoza
    Anne Mendoza 17 days ago

    Stop using your gf to gain for views.

  • truth is out there
    truth is out there 18 days ago

    luckily im not the only one who thinks your sick by using these a thai woman and extremely offended by how youre using your videos..pimp someone else

  • Street Sights
    Street Sights 19 days ago

    APNI gf KO Randi ki Tarah thumbnail par laga Kar Uske bhosdey ki aad me view Bator le madarchod

  • bctiger86
    bctiger86 21 day ago

    Shes so beautiful and seems so sweet. Need to find me a good girl.

  • Paul S
    Paul S 24 days ago

    You're a lucky guy - you've got a great girl! :)

  • Doug Cohen
    Doug Cohen 24 days ago

    Wow your old an weird looking. How come there aren't any videos of good looking white guys deciding to have a nice Thai girl over a slutty Western girl?

    JUNIE 25 days ago

    Does she approve of the pics of hers you use to appeal to public? It feels like a cheap tactic.

  • Stephen Salter
    Stephen Salter 26 days ago

    This is how Thais live outside Bangkok, I love going up to my wifes parents house in the north of Thailand, the village is brilliant nothing flashy just down to earth people who will give you whatever they have. Fantastic people the Thais.

  • Somboon Boon
    Somboon Boon 26 days ago


  • amar virk
    amar virk 26 days ago

    Another thumbnail scam.

  • Haydee Obedoza
    Haydee Obedoza 26 days ago

    I think She is not a decent woman She is proud to show off her bust which......... it should not be just say sorry for my honest to goodnedss comment

  • Glynn Callagain
    Glynn Callagain 27 days ago

    Ahhhh... she was talking about the latest "Karate Kid" with Jayden Smith and Jackie Chan! LOL

  • John Anderson
    John Anderson 29 days ago

    Ha Ha ; it took one year for her to take you to her family. Thai girls never take you to their family unless they trust there is a relationship in real.

  • kocak ieu
    kocak ieu 29 days ago


    VIVEK DEWANGAN Month ago

    What a technique ..
    U give your gf
    Half naked pic in thumbnail
    Thus generally boys could attract
    And see your video ..
    I thik your video is good
    No need to do like put video icon as your gf in bra and panty ...

  • Paws Anywhere
    Paws Anywhere Month ago

    The link to your website is cancer

  • Josie jewel
    Josie jewel Month ago

    hey I love your videos I have been following you guys for a while now God bless you guys but also can you guys make a video for new Travelers coming since Island to understand the transfer from the u. S. Dollars to the baht

  • D Abe
    D Abe Month ago

    Not only is the girl beautiful, but she sounds intelligent too ... Another thing that I note is that she is polite ... Nice vlog 👍😁

  • Michael Teron
    Michael Teron Month ago

    you should dress decently in your thumbnail

  • Paisan Sriprom
    Paisan Sriprom Month ago

    Sai..I Love u.ฮักหลายๆเด้อจ้าาา

  • Ray Luis William
    Ray Luis William Month ago

    I don't even know her and I like her. Sai is a keeper good luck my friend

  • Ray Luis William
    Ray Luis William Month ago

    Most men will accept a poor girl another country because that's what we want. Technique 70% of American men would like a woman like.

  • Ramesh Ribadiya
    Ramesh Ribadiya Month ago

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  • Liaqat khan
    Liaqat khan Month ago

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  • lalit vishwakarma
    lalit vishwakarma Month ago

    This guy is using her girlfriends half nude pics to promote his videos such a asshole

  • Peter Lafayette
    Peter Lafayette Month ago

    Your g.f. speaks very good english.

  • jagadish Y
    jagadish Y Month ago

    Show her boobs and pussy .I will be your fan.

  • Big Deal
    Big Deal Month ago

    Only in thailand white trashes can find such girlfriends lol.. Poor guy had to travel so far to find something that accepts him... Though his mouth is sickening with his yellow teeths....

  • Yes It's Me
    Yes It's Me Month ago

    LOLOL this dude is a cuck. Anyways enjoy your time lololol, gave me a good laugh. The girl not bad looking, but she's as dense as a wafer, lacks all substance. 100% this dude leaves she just goes to whoevers around. She seems to have the maturity of a 15 year old, even if she's legal.

  • Crude Rhythm
    Crude Rhythm Month ago

    This girl is so cheap....
    She must me sex worker.... roaming around with this guy for money.
    Her thumbnail says all....she is ready to flash her boobs for more views n money.

  • Aishwarya Vittal
    Aishwarya Vittal Month ago +2

    She is very beautiful but dude. STOP SEXUALIZING YOUR GIRLFRIEND to get views. It's sick and honestly, makes me want to skip all your videos. Unsubscribing.

  • Andrew Ropmay
    Andrew Ropmay Month ago +1

    She got pretty good u got good girl.👍

  • Dante Burgess
    Dante Burgess Month ago

    Nice video of her roots. Whatever you do? I recommend keeping with learning her culture. Exposing her to western culture kills it dramatically! From personal experiences. Never take a cultured Asian west! And that old tradition of buying Thai women from the family is practiced mostly N.E, Thailand near Khon Kean.. Pattaya and Bangkok are no longer in the old tradition ways. Last I knew it cost $33,000 US to the parents with gifts to mother and father. Roughly 1 million baht..Yiou doing great so far keep it up!

  • Andrew Laurin
    Andrew Laurin Month ago

    Hello beautiful I want to meet you.u.s a

  • Ravi Sanodiya
    Ravi Sanodiya Month ago

    Sometimes India and you roam

  • Craig Winstanley
    Craig Winstanley Month ago

    Adam, hang on to this wonderful person! Sai has a fabulous personality in your videos. She grows in knowledge and i hope you do too by the experiences you share.

  • rahul bombay
    rahul bombay Month ago

    What is up with d thumbnail bro?????
    You fucking idiot........

  • fred b
    fred b Month ago +5

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  • Robert Parker
    Robert Parker Month ago

    Good choice mate !

  • Von_Nightmare_ Luciferian

    That is one HOTT AF Thai bitch, this guy must have money, he looks worse than marilyn manson.

  • Carlos Guerrero
    Carlos Guerrero Month ago

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    Phenpak Punsook Month ago

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  • Dhanashri Shenavi
    Dhanashri Shenavi Month ago

    Next time when you coming in India

  • Iqq Sang
    Iqq Sang Month ago


  • mcluv34
    mcluv34 Month ago

    Who is doing the subtitles on your videos? they are off and very funny to read along :)

  • Pariyaphat Kaenchan
    Pariyaphat Kaenchan Month ago +1

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  • miguel lorenzo
    miguel lorenzo Month ago +2

    You lucky guy . you find a nice girl.👍

  • Martin B
    Martin B Month ago

    Girl takes dumbass to the cemetary to honor her grandparents, who were very special to her.
    Dumbass laughs at their graves & cracks jokes about them dying in the future.
    I hope the girl realizes that the guy is a worthless piece of trash, who's face is so ugly and acne-scarred that it rivals that of the ugliest fish in the Sea. His daddy's dollars will be spent some day, and then he'll have to fend for himself in this huge dog-eat-dog world, just like her family's been doing all along.

  • paul heffernan
    paul heffernan Month ago

    They should have more of this gym parks in Australia only know of 1 and its no where near as good

  • Matthew L McCoy
    Matthew L McCoy Month ago

    Like the music choices!

  • Hybrid Moschops
    Hybrid Moschops Month ago

    What sort of idiot laughs in cemetery whilst someone is paying their respect to a close relative. It shows a total lack of respect for the person and their culture. This guy is totally ignorant.

  • Omar Jad Al Farid
    Omar Jad Al Farid Month ago

    The calendar year in Thailand starts with the birth of Buddha and not Christ. Learn something about the country dummy.

  • Donnie D.
    Donnie D. Month ago

    He’s a joke . So disrespectful for her grandparents. So sad

  • red Scorpions
    red Scorpions Month ago

    nice video , I was in Thailand last week (bkk and pattaya). Thailand is a very beautiful country, foods are amazine , only problem was heat/weather.

  • sunil kumar
    sunil kumar Month ago

    Adam u are really an asshole

  • Assumpta Eugene
    Assumpta Eugene Month ago


  • Noel Duncan
    Noel Duncan Month ago +4

    Adam, you are so lucky to have such a beautiful AND charming lady. Love to both of you and to Sai's mother.

  • Tony Webb
    Tony Webb Month ago +5

    Sai, you are not an ugly duck!
    You are the most beautiful swan!

  • David Khiangte jr
    David Khiangte jr Month ago

    When sai carried stick... she look so innocence..

  • Prabhakant Tiwari
    Prabhakant Tiwari Month ago


  • Dee Wolf
    Dee Wolf Month ago

    So rude laughing about her grandparents dying...The world doesn't revolve around 'western' timescales etc "They died in the future" while laughing... You sound like you couldn't care less about her village and upbringing...first vid of yours I've seen and most probably the last...

  • Magical Homo นักนอนมืออาชีพ

    You guys look so cute and happy together. Thx for the video :)

  • syuen artist
    syuen artist Month ago +2

    A good wife and life companion she will make....kind of her to show you her house and her parents are humble too....the best is that Sai is not a fake like many other girls...You should marry her bro.

  • Anthony Dipasquale
    Anthony Dipasquale Month ago

    Click bait.

  • Gauri Raut
    Gauri Raut Month ago

    i love your vlogs but your thumbnails are worst...she is such good girlfriend ... please dont use her for views

  • A KJoy
    A KJoy Month ago

    Reporting you for clickbait

  • oh me
    oh me Month ago

    One of them died at 80 omg

  • oh me
    oh me Month ago

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  • oh me
    oh me Month ago

    I really thought shes indian

  • Akat suki
    Akat suki Month ago

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    Oliver Leivon Month ago

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  • Scott Sullivan
    Scott Sullivan Month ago +1

    People with low standards.

  • The Tuareg
    The Tuareg Month ago

    I hope he's not gonna betray her. She's so cute and childish

  • Suraj Pathak
    Suraj Pathak Month ago

    Who visit this video from screen

  • lon chhunly
    lon chhunly Month ago

    u look so preety

    TASHI DOLMA 2 months ago +16

    Sai, u look so preety and we can see the love u have for Adam.but he gives a negative vibes.

  • Binod Moktan
    Binod Moktan 2 months ago

    How many boys she hve taken boys in her house.jus ask...Haaaa.haaa fucking joke.

  • Suraj Gopan
    Suraj Gopan 2 months ago

    Dude I don't understand why do you have such pictures as clickbait ? That's so pervert of you man. And trust me your tone is a disheartening one. A smile on your face would be appreciated.

  • Amar Ryan
    Amar Ryan 2 months ago +1

    A dickhead using cheap asians for views. Trust me he will hire another one in an year time.

  • skep vlogger
    skep vlogger 2 months ago

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  • shruti girish
    shruti girish 2 months ago

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