Migos, Nicki Minaj, Cardi B - MotorSport | My Parents React (Ep. 26)

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  • IISuperwomanII
    IISuperwomanII  5 дней назад +4206

    SCOOT. SCOOT. SCOOTING. SCOOTING PLEASE. LOLLL that killed me. Hope you enjoyed the video fam! What was your favourite part? Let me know because #SuperSixty starts right now! I'm responding to your comments for the next hour x

    • Elena Marinova
      Elena Marinova 2 часа назад

      IISuperwomanII love ur vids so funny

    • dragonfire1907
      dragonfire1907 2 часа назад


    • Drawing with Noel
      Drawing with Noel 3 часа назад

      *Hey , I'm an Artist who has unique drawing talent .................. Bet you that I live up to my word . (uploaded new art just now)*

    • Elaina teach
      Elaina teach 13 часов назад

      Congrats on 13Mil Lilly!

    • Qirat Shahzad
      Qirat Shahzad 21 час назад

      IISuperwomanII k,

  • Shantanu Gajjar
    Shantanu Gajjar 3 минуты назад

    Can u do a video of your parents reacting to I Get The Bag by Gucci Mane ft. Migos?

  • Genny’s World
    Genny’s World 9 минут назад +1

    Side to side

  • Leahhh
    Leahhh 13 минут назад

    Um excuse me, she was talking about Selena Quintanilla, not Selena Gomez 👌

  • Yan Wang
    Yan Wang 16 минут назад

    wait are those her real parents or her pretending to be the parents. im so confuzzled

  • Carianna Batey
    Carianna Batey 22 минуты назад

    4:12, yeahh... spreading girl love...

  • Cat Stockstill
    Cat Stockstill 29 минут назад

    Your parents react to end game!!

  • Alexandra Scott
    Alexandra Scott 29 минут назад +1

    Dooooooooooo mansss ssssss notttt hot hot hot hot hot

  • Cat Stockstill
    Cat Stockstill 30 минут назад

    Get them to react to havana!

  • dragonfire1907
    dragonfire1907 Час назад

    I think Lilly dyed her hair because on her left three is a strand of prown

  • Abiah Alvi
    Abiah Alvi Час назад

    React to LWYMMD!

  • Love music ltd Be
    Love music ltd Be 2 часа назад +1

    I love it when ur parents react to vids

  • Stop motion Girl
    Stop motion Girl 2 часа назад

    Ho this is amazing and funny

  • Emma Soetens
    Emma Soetens 2 часа назад

    Why they wearing sunglasses inside 😂😂

  • Zuha is cringy as hell so watch out
    Zuha is cringy as hell so watch out 2 часа назад

    They should react to Havana

  • Leader The Best
    Leader The Best 2 часа назад

    she did on my bday 13 person to do a video on

  • RedFlameTiger!
    RedFlameTiger! 3 часа назад

    You remind me of Cardi B ?

  • BJKlliER 7 RONALDO gamer
    BJKlliER 7 RONALDO gamer 3 часа назад +1

    I Love you

  • Smarnisha edits Edits
    Smarnisha edits Edits 3 часа назад

    Mostly sane sister

  • Rozes #me
    Rozes #me 3 часа назад

    Plz do more parents react

  • _ s_
    _ s_ 3 часа назад

    Am still confused is that her real parents or her just dressing up

  • Lisslers 97
    Lisslers 97 3 часа назад

    React to post malone rockstar

  • SassyBitch
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  • Jeffrey Havis
    Jeffrey Havis 4 часа назад

    Air India 🤣🤣🤣

  • Charina Moreno
    Charina Moreno 4 часа назад

    I had so much fun with this 😂😂

  • Charina Moreno
    Charina Moreno 4 часа назад

    I love your shirt!! 😍😍

  • Wojciech Glod
    Wojciech Glod 4 часа назад

    Tell your "parents" to react to Bodak Yellow By Cardi B

  • Daphne Landicho
    Daphne Landicho 4 часа назад

    Mans not hot!!!!

  • Princess Moon
    Princess Moon 4 часа назад +1

    React to BTS mic drop!!

  • Alisha Hussain
    Alisha Hussain 5 часов назад +1

    'Look at how such young girl has grey hair...drugs'
    Lol lilly-- I mean manjeet :3

  • Ahmed Sher Awan
    Ahmed Sher Awan 6 часов назад

    Can u plz react to kiwi by Harry styles.🙏🙏🙏🙏

  • Army Aashley
    Army Aashley 6 часов назад

    please please please please please please please bless ARMYs with your parents reacting to BTS' DNA and Mic Drop Remix !!! I know you're gonna loveeeee..... it!!

  • Jerusha James
    Jerusha James 6 часов назад

    Plzzz do a reaction video on "no limit" g-easy and cardi b

  • Badrah Lawal
    Badrah Lawal 6 часов назад

    So much bumbum killleddd me, lmfaoooooooo

  • Jeremie Cayabyab
    Jeremie Cayabyab 6 часов назад


  • Vasundhra Bisht
    Vasundhra Bisht 7 часов назад

    ur parents r sooo cool

  • Atulya Dhar
    Atulya Dhar 9 часов назад +2

    "Now ppl wearing skipping rope in their hair"...lol...I died

  • Kara Vibes
    Kara Vibes 9 часов назад

    Lilly,,, I'm sorry but there is 2 episode 26:)

  • Marquiseew
    Marquiseew 9 часов назад

    "He dressed like a highligter#
    "He look like he sponsor sharpie"

  • Teresa Miras
    Teresa Miras 10 часов назад

    I love this videos!! Could they react to “Look What You Made Me Do” next??

  • Gaming_with _mo
    Gaming_with _mo 10 часов назад

    Parents react to cardi b bowdak yellow

  • Bonniebon Bon
    Bonniebon Bon 11 часов назад

    Hello I love you you are my inspiration

  • Sneha Srinivasan
    Sneha Srinivasan 11 часов назад

    I only like your juice😂😂

  • Hibba Mughal
    Hibba Mughal 12 часов назад

    3:23 3:25

  • Kashish Kataria
    Kashish Kataria 13 часов назад

    Your parents reacting to punjabi rap

  • sabrinna sabrinna
    sabrinna sabrinna 13 часов назад

    React to old songs from the cab,mcr,p!atd and bruno marz

  • Jeannette Carr
    Jeannette Carr 14 часов назад

    Can your parents react to Finess

  • Mohamud Nur
    Mohamud Nur 15 часов назад

    you Should make your parents react to little mix power

  • The Koudsi sisters
    The Koudsi sisters 16 часов назад

    That was funny when she said "too much tray hair"

  • Kynnadi Hanks
    Kynnadi Hanks 17 часов назад

    I think the *SKRRRRRRRRRTTTTTT* part was their favorite.

  • Marisol Garcia
    Marisol Garcia 17 часов назад

    " how when you come home you see him less?"
    "maybe when she come home , he's not there " OUFF

  • Shadrack Kiban
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  • Itz.gabby Itz.gabby
    Itz.gabby Itz.gabby 17 часов назад


  • sddgguj bnbbh
    sddgguj bnbbh 17 часов назад

    you are awesome. you are really good rapper

  • Andrea Grant
    Andrea Grant 17 часов назад


  • lorenaxstromberg
    lorenaxstromberg 18 часов назад

    It’s actually episode 27

  • Yasemin Ayaz
    Yasemin Ayaz 19 часов назад

    luv ur hair Lilly 💖👌😍

  • Aliza Baig
    Aliza Baig 19 часов назад

    lilly blessed my life with that rap 2:11-2:17 i laughed so hard idk why

  • Kamiyah Palmer
    Kamiyah Palmer 20 часов назад


  • Julian Jay
    Julian Jay 21 час назад

    😂😂 they hadth da English subtitile 😂

  • Mya Williams
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  • Be Dope, Stay Toasty
    Be Dope, Stay Toasty 21 час назад

    he said "I only want your juice" literally crying

  • Crystal Crawford
    Crystal Crawford 22 часа назад

    Rear to bodak yellow

  • Clarissa Lee
    Clarissa Lee 23 часа назад

    Thank you for making me feel better. Love you lots xxxxxxxxx

  • Jabeen Fatima
    Jabeen Fatima 23 часа назад

    Hey lilly the video was awesome and wanna see your parents react to sorry

  • Music23 Serrano
    Music23 Serrano 23 часа назад

    Do u know da wae

  • Ewan Cretney
    Ewan Cretney 23 часа назад

    Does she know that there’s no girl love between cardi b and Nicki minaj

  • Semaj Williams
    Semaj Williams 23 часа назад

    Everyone knows it’s nicki

  • Hailey Mendenhall
    Hailey Mendenhall 23 часа назад

    Love ur vids superwoman!!

  • Kim Perdomo
    Kim Perdomo 23 часа назад

    react to BTS mic drop ‼️‼️

  • crazy crybaby
    crazy crybaby День назад

    Your parents should react to dress by Taylor swift...

  • Eshaa Vlogs
    Eshaa Vlogs День назад

    I have just been notified rn

  • Mohammed Subhaan
    Mohammed Subhaan День назад

    Get your parents to react to man's not hot

  • Nicp2004
    Nicp2004 День назад

    PARENTS REACT IS BACK! LILLY that was soooo funny!

  • Katarina Diaz
    Katarina Diaz День назад

    "You sure your brain is 100%?" 😂

  • Lps Star
    Lps Star День назад

    Hi superwomen,your videos are awesome!

  • Amanda Greene
    Amanda Greene День назад


  • Cristian Gabriel Groman
    Cristian Gabriel Groman День назад

    Hahahahaha! 💗❤💗 So funny! 😉🎄😊 I have subscribed to your amazing channel! 💜 Best regards from London! 🇬🇧

  • Shivani Kinare
    Shivani Kinare День назад +1

    Ur hair looks LIT!!!!!!! (Like a “highlighter”)

  • Mohamed Obtain
    Mohamed Obtain День назад

    Quavo is so better then you are so bad at this

  • Trisha Dixon.
    Trisha Dixon. День назад

    my favourite part 3:04

  • Arima Bhadauria
    Arima Bhadauria День назад

    I wonder when Manjeet will purchase new clothes😂

  • It's just me
    It's just me День назад

    Pen pinapple apple pen :) lmaoo

  • mommylovesherboys1
    mommylovesherboys1 День назад

    what I am a dork lmao

  • Sweet Fluff
    Sweet Fluff День назад

    Pleaseee React tooooo BTS AGAINNNN 😍😍

  • princess tej
    princess tej День назад +4

    react to tiptoe by Jason Derulo...that will make a fun video but its not a good video to watch but still😂😂😂😂

  • River Weldon
    River Weldon День назад

    Superwoman please react to Jason Derulo tip-toe . (ruclip.com/video/nNA9ru2Ox5o/видео.html) That’s the link just in case you see this . Like if you agree.👍🏼👍🏼 I love you 😘 your my favourite YouTuber. ❤️❤️❤️💝

  • Amber Caston
    Amber Caston День назад

    I died at 2:13

  • Himanshu Mallik
    Himanshu Mallik День назад

    Plz react to mans not hot

  • princess kyia
    princess kyia День назад

    he's dress like highlighter

  • jawa ahmed
    jawa ahmed День назад

    He looks like hes sponsored by sharpie 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣


    Your parents reacting to He like that by Fifth harmony

  • Starr Nelson
    Starr Nelson День назад

    have your parents react to No limit

  • Ashley H.
    Ashley H. День назад

    I'm pretty sure you got Nicki Minaj weave snatched with the sick rap you just dropped

  • Ruth Badin
    Ruth Badin День назад

    I wish she was more famous

  • Unicornsworld 1
    Unicornsworld 1 День назад

    Bodak yellow

  • Thao Linda
    Thao Linda День назад

    Yo lilly Singh keep it up ya


    Love your reaction .you are brilliant and talented . You make our India proud

  • Eri89 N
    Eri89 N День назад

    😂🤣😂🤣😂this vid is LITTT

  • Elrica Pereira
    Elrica Pereira День назад +1

    Please make paramjeet and manjeet react to BTS Mic Drop and Cardi B Bodak Yellow