Meeting the Coolest Man in Japan

  • Published on Dec 11, 2017
  • We go in search of one of Japan's most famous Jazz clubs to meet a man some have called the coolest guy in Japan.

    - MOCHI Restaurant
    - THE BASIE Jazz Club
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  • Człowiek Drzewo

    Link is just a shitty pirate then

  • urbanacje
    urbanacje 2 days ago

    that coca cola ad on his brand nenon sign :0

  • Nicolas Jacquemin
    Nicolas Jacquemin 6 days ago

    What's the job of Ryotaro ?

  • alex carter
    alex carter 16 days ago

    OK I know .... I think natto looks completely gross but ... what if I get some and try eating just a teeny bit. Like not even a bean, just a bit of the ... stuff ... that's between the beans, to try the flavor? It would be interesting if I could get to like natto.

  • dacypher22
    dacypher22 17 days ago

    Is that a thing to give the actors at that theater gifts DURING the performance? That actually sounds like it would be kind of fun provided she was not an insane lady and this is actually something you can do.

  • Sir Meliodas
    Sir Meliodas 20 days ago

    hahah shitty pirate

  • Oreo Addict
    Oreo Addict Month ago

    Hard Boiled Man

  • Zane Armstong
    Zane Armstong Month ago

    The angry eyed man looks like a chap out of a historical painting.

  • tiki riot
    tiki riot Month ago

    I hate jazz so much 😂 it makes me irrationally angry haha

  • Im feeling sad af
    Im feeling sad af 2 months ago +1

    Natsuki here would be fucking epic 😂

  • Pardon me,
    Pardon me, 2 months ago

    Does the jazz way of life involve drugs or can I just stick go sake?

  • Srikrishna Bhat
    Srikrishna Bhat 2 months ago

    1:07 that looks quite tame compared to what you see in Kathakali or Yakshagana

  • RoseLuneFleur Shield
    RoseLuneFleur Shield 3 months ago

    I try to take different foods with a grain of salt, but those little shrimp all over the mochi creeped me out!

  • bagus prasetio
    bagus prasetio 3 months ago

    7:36 neymar is that you?

  • chwaca
    chwaca 3 months ago

    Ok, I will Czech it out !! lol 7:33 finish him !!!

  • gab g
    gab g 3 months ago

    Level 50 boss

  • SkullyCane
    SkullyCane 4 months ago

    The guy with the Angry eyes looks like mob psycho

  • Dre Cool
    Dre Cool 4 months ago

    What a tribute to Basie, those shades on a Miles Davis tip, you got to live the culture .

  • Besyatka
    Besyatka 5 months ago

    That's one hot back roll

  • Freezorg
    Freezorg 5 months ago

    Jazz bloke drives a BMW M3.

  • Kiana Azadi
    Kiana Azadi 5 months ago +1

    The jazz man looks soo like you chris😂😂😂😉👍👍

  • Megan B.
    Megan B. 6 months ago

    Jazz way of life...hoo boy, Chris has found Agil's shop! :D

  • HellStingOzUnit
    HellStingOzUnit 6 months ago

    there are some good jazz but most are bad blues is better to me but there are bad blues songs to hard to find many songs I like

  • Kota Ishijima
    Kota Ishijima 7 months ago

    Excellent. Well done as always !

  • dbsill cockney
    dbsill cockney 7 months ago

    The actor in blue looks like Gary Glitter

  • michael Lam
    michael Lam 7 months ago

    Love the ending X^D

  • The All American Bad Boy

    this man is the most inspiring man I've ever heard, holy hell this is my favorite video of yours

  • Jeremiah Linderman
    Jeremiah Linderman 8 months ago

    Sorry I didn't finish this on one sitting... I now have a need to go learn how to make mochi. Your show always makes me hungry.

  • El Mehdi Boussalhi
    El Mehdi Boussalhi 8 months ago

    Chris in this video has the coolest haircut I could ever wish for

  • OlagGan
    OlagGan 8 months ago

    Are you sure that's the coolest man in Japan?? It looks more like the Japanese version of Barry Weiss from Storage Wars.

  • warmecanic
    warmecanic 8 months ago

    I bet the Coolest man on Japan is a hitman
    Vincent trained by Shoji... Well, It all makes sense, both love, feel and live for JAzz
    Check out C. Mingus

  • i senpai
    i senpai 8 months ago

    I wanna live the JAZZ way too ❤❤

  • Pizza squirrel
    Pizza squirrel 8 months ago


  • Tanger ine
    Tanger ine 9 months ago


  • Anon Anonymous
    Anon Anonymous 9 months ago

    Risottoro has happy eyes

  • fuju
    fuju 9 months ago

    Coolest man in the world.

  • kyrotenkaithescarred
    kyrotenkaithescarred 9 months ago

    I always love watching Chris and Ryotarou interact. Sorry if i spelled his name wrong.

  • XcaptainXobliviousX
    XcaptainXobliviousX 9 months ago +1

    >coolest man in japan
    >not kayama san the mixologist

  • Maria Colls
    Maria Colls 9 months ago

    Despite not being a big fan of Jazz, I really enjoyed the video.

  • Average Stupidity
    Average Stupidity 9 months ago +3

    "I'm consuming culture, but I'm not respecting it."
    -- Chris Broad, 2018

  • Help Anny
    Help Anny 9 months ago

    Coolest man in Japan?That's fake, Hideo Kojima is the coolest, well, he may not be the coolest in Japan because he's the coolest internationally

  • Steven B
    Steven B 9 months ago

    Fair play to the old bloke, dont mind a bit of jazz myself occasionally, but sometimes Jazz people sound like they've been smoking too much marijuana

  • Waza De wit
    Waza De wit 10 months ago

    Not respecting the culture!

    And yes you are right!

  • Duppy King
    Duppy King 10 months ago

    Jazz club or jazz museum?

  • Vije
    Vije 10 months ago

    He's so charismatic that when he waved goodbye at 4:19, I instinctively waved back.

  • Shlad with a shlid
    Shlad with a shlid 10 months ago

    Natsuki is definitely *much* cooler.

  • Yasyn Ben Rhouma
    Yasyn Ben Rhouma 10 months ago +1

    7:37 - Neymar impression starts

  • Ray Rhythm
    Ray Rhythm 10 months ago

    Cool! I wonder how Japanese jazz scene is, and of it needs more foreign musicans. Btw. U really do have some quality documentary vids in here, good job

  • Omaid Mustafa
    Omaid Mustafa 11 months ago

    What song is that around 3:48 ish someone please tell me!!!

  • Ermhs Parasoidis
    Ermhs Parasoidis 11 months ago

    ryotaro must be over 40 years old , it like a Japanese senpai to Chris

  • halifi hijazi
    halifi hijazi 11 months ago

    2:09 Song name ?
    Pls ?

  • Hexxxy
    Hexxxy 11 months ago

    Lol that ending though

  • My Account
    My Account 11 months ago +1

    The man is wearing shades at night because his future's so bright. You know he's right. He is the man, a man as no other can.

  • BastionNulls
    BastionNulls Year ago

    6:40 Here we see Jimmy Carr hosting his new hit show: Ate All of 10 Cats.

  • Don Hillsman II
    Don Hillsman II Year ago

    THAT is a cool motherf*cker...bravo sir, this made my day

  • Rae DeFrane
    Rae DeFrane Year ago

    Holy bananas can I just say right off the bat how much I flippin love mochi.... Is it silly that I'm moving to Japan this summer and I'm most excited to taste Hanami Dango again?? (Well if I'm placed in Kansai...)

  • Jennifer Bibi
    Jennifer Bibi Year ago

    You weren't kidding. The cafe owner is the complete embodiment of coolness

  • IG georgio24
    IG georgio24 Year ago +1

    Isn't that your dad?

  • Grimbeard
    Grimbeard Year ago

    What about Cool Dude Nakamura?

  • Skroot
    Skroot Year ago

    That Wilhelm scream.

  • Van Stockholm
    Van Stockholm Year ago

    Can he be my grandpa please?

  • codenine1
    codenine1 Year ago

    Oh no... the nytimes article is gone D:
    Do you know where it could be located elsewhere?

  • AnnPeek
    AnnPeek Year ago

    I like natto!

  • BubbaStudios
    BubbaStudios Year ago

    "Most angriest,"
    -Chris Broad, Former English Teacher

  • Steve Govea
    Steve Govea Year ago

    shame on him, lol

  • Troy Clark
    Troy Clark Year ago

    Thank you for the video, Thumbs up.

  • Sawtooth
    Sawtooth Year ago

    Wut??? "That's it for today guy, thanks for watching"...*camera looks down*. There's a 3rd person filming?? :O

  • Ally Jane
    Ally Jane Year ago

    A place dedicated purely to Jazz music? Sounds awesome.

  • Alex Wilkinson
    Alex Wilkinson Year ago

    oh gosh i just waved as he waved goodbye out of the club. What an adorable man

  • steve fischer
    steve fischer Year ago

    I love natto! Healthy and cheap :P

  • Simone
    Simone Year ago

    This guy would trigger almost any jazzist I've known. And I think he's absolutely right on everything he said.

  • v s
    v s Year ago

    Who is Roytoro? Some kind of Japan expert?

  • Frieza the Daddy
    Frieza the Daddy Year ago

    *He is just too cool! I'm wet*

  • Max Siegman
    Max Siegman Year ago

    Have you ever seen a rakugo show?

  • عبدالله مسعود

    When I saw the thumbnail I thought that was natsuki

  • Venom Wehbs
    Venom Wehbs Year ago


  • Kier
    Kier Year ago

    wanna go there.
    i wanna chill at that jazz place every day

  • SpaceChaser
    SpaceChaser Year ago

    Puts Natsuki to shame on the cool scale? I think not

  • K.M. Gomez
    K.M. Gomez Year ago

    Your videos are very similar to the caliber of VICE yet I seem appreciate your content and quality more 👍

  • Kevin
    Kevin Year ago

    Is that a ball of rice.... COVERED IN TINY SHRIMP???
    *Booking tickets now*

  • Findecanor
    Findecanor Year ago

    Personally I cant stand mochi, even without any topping.

  • Alfonso Payan
    Alfonso Payan Year ago

    I just want to watch cowboy bebop with this man
    Jazz anime with one American and one Japanese

  • IyishaJC
    IyishaJC Year ago

    the theatre looked like a good time, i'd like to visit some day

  • Richard Pham
    Richard Pham Year ago

    My goodness, I have found ameriboo supreme: Jazz Sage.

  • Slimy Desolator
    Slimy Desolator Year ago

    Ryotaro and Nastki and the British Bacon boy are my favorite :)

  • Onizuka
    Onizuka Year ago


  • Declan Heath
    Declan Heath Year ago

    I just wanted to say that I really enjoyed this video and found what you showed interesting! I love your channel and really want to visit Japan because of it :)

  • thehalim
    thehalim Year ago

    nice haircut Chris! Natsuki’s?

  • Taylor Tragedy
    Taylor Tragedy Year ago

    Can someone please tell if it’s normal to take your leftovers home in Japan? I’ve always seen not taking leftovers as wasteful, but love to know how it’s seen in Japan.

  • Date Masamune
    Date Masamune Year ago

    Mawashi Geri Chudan at the end :D 7:36

  • ChiliConQueso
    ChiliConQueso Year ago

    Is he eating KRILL?

  • Mya R
    Mya R Year ago

    _"I often find that the person who likes Jazz is not necessarily the kind of person who represents what Jazz stands for."_
    I know from the very first impression, paused as I am at this moment in the video, this man has a level of suave and smooth composure that I've never seen in life. Maybe he's not the kind of person you'd hang out with, share drinks with, maybe you don't even like him. But you respect him. You could hate him more than any man in the world, but you'd still look at him and bow your head in an acknowledging nod, and you know he'd do the same in return. An extraordinary man indeed.

  • Retreaux
    Retreaux Year ago

    I still never see ads on your videos :( do you have a patreon?

  • P Ciprian
    P Ciprian Year ago

    7:14 the bamboo person was Kaguya hime

  • Janus Fox
    Janus Fox Year ago

    I too hope that Chris someday steps up from simply consuming culture to respecting culture. And perhaps even appreciating culture. The path to this is consuming vast quantities of natto. Love your videos!

  • Joseph Furtkevic
    Joseph Furtkevic Year ago

    So... Ryotaro is the coolest man in Japan... right? That's what I got out of this. Lol, great video Chris!

  • Yosuto
    Yosuto Year ago

    Damnn next time Im in Japan I'll check out some more jazzy scene clubs. Looks amazing!

  • Slider Blackrose
    Slider Blackrose Year ago

    My Japanese teacher was telling me about Natto, so I travelled to my local market, snatched some up. Wife put it in the pantry (eh? it was in a cold case at the store) and I then proceeded to eat it... sensei is still laughing at me. I will do it again, but ... no, I will!

  • SpeedSl0th
    SpeedSl0th Year ago

    If you're wondering about the character bursting out of the bamboo tree, look for "taketori monogatari".

  • NotRobbie
    NotRobbie Year ago

    The sound effect as Chris rolled away at the end of the video made me laugh. It's the little things that are always overlooked that tend to catch my attention.