Ewan McGregor & Hayley Atwell Answer the Web's Most Searched Questions | WIRED

  • Published on Aug 3, 2018
  • "Christopher Robin" stars Ewan McGregor and Hayley Atwell answer the internet's most searched questions about themselves. Who does Ewan McGregor look like? How old is Hayley Atwell? Do Ewan and Hayley both sing musicals in the shower? Watch to find out!

    #autocomplete #ewanmcgregor
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    Ewan McGregor & Hayley Atwell Answer the Web's Most Searched Questions | WIRED
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  • TyrStark
    TyrStark 3 days ago +3


    My brain when Hayley Atwell is on screen: [It's Been a Long Long Time by Harry James and Helen Forest]

  • JJ Drucker
    JJ Drucker 3 days ago

    0:16 Jesus. he looks like Jesus

  • Spectter Games
    Spectter Games 3 days ago

    Hayley atwell is such a lady bruh...

  • Tere Almeida
    Tere Almeida 3 days ago


  • Mike Faller
    Mike Faller 4 days ago

    Man, she's gorgeous.

  • Coco21212
    Coco21212 4 days ago

    She WAS in avengers 4 !

  • João Guilherme Tramarin


  • Tyler Haines
    Tyler Haines 4 days ago

    not gonna lie, I only watched this video to see if ewan would answer a star wars question lol

  • Anton Imous
    Anton Imous 5 days ago

    Hello there

  • Iron Verse
    Iron Verse 6 days ago +1

    Peggy Carter and obi wan Kenobi

  • Euan Lockie
    Euan Lockie 6 days ago

    Euan anyone?

  • Yamkela Xhaso
    Yamkela Xhaso 6 days ago

    Agent Carter

  • Antje Hein
    Antje Hein 6 days ago

    Ewan should never stop singing, it's so wonderful. Fell in love with him when I saw Moulin Rouge for the first time❤

  • Hello Nibbers of same species

    Hayley is 37 years old. I don't get why women are ashamed of their age.

  • Lord Debrick
    Lord Debrick 8 days ago

    Hayley is stunning...

  • Alex White
    Alex White 8 days ago

    2:29 am i the only one or does that sound like do you wanna build a snowman?

  • Nyx.Raexx
    Nyx.Raexx 8 days ago

    Isn't she the girl that plays Peggy Carter?

  • 28 StAB woUnDS???
    28 StAB woUnDS??? 8 days ago +1


  • scraull
    scraull 11 days ago

    She said she sings in the shower

    Imagine that

  • Alessandro Ramirez
    Alessandro Ramirez 11 days ago +3

    Would Ewan McGregor respond to General Kenobi?

  • Liofa
    Liofa 11 days ago

    She's lost too much weight...

  • brandon d
    brandon d 11 days ago +1

    When there isn't prequel memes in the vid
    *Impossible the archives must be incomplete*

  • brandon d
    brandon d 11 days ago +1

    Hello there

  • emil engen
    emil engen 11 days ago

    How is asking how old she is a rude question? Is it rude because she is a woman? That's sexism towards men then and a very old stereotype bs. People ask me that question all the time.

  • Rishay Raghav
    Rishay Raghav 11 days ago +1

    Hello there.

  • Leilah E.
    Leilah E. 12 days ago

    I grew up with a girl called Hayley who looked EXACTLY like her and same age. For years I thought it must be the same person lol. And Yentil is THE BEST.

  • James Beard
    James Beard 12 days ago

    I'm surprised Ewan didn't mention that his uncle Denis Lawson is famous for playing Wedge in the original Star Wars ...

  • Johannes Von Volker
    Johannes Von Volker 12 days ago

    I just admire the subtle British deference.

  • Steidav
    Steidav 12 days ago

    Obi-wan and Peggy sitting in the same room

  • Gustavo Magalhães
    Gustavo Magalhães 12 days ago

    Obi-Wan Kenobi

  • maggiemakgill
    maggiemakgill 12 days ago

    If I had to answer to E.M. looks like my first thought is, unsurprising, Alec Guinness.

  • Nuclear Atom
    Nuclear Atom 13 days ago

    Hayley and Ewan have amazing chemistry, and would make a great couple.

  • Nhlanhla Mabasa
    Nhlanhla Mabasa 13 days ago

    They look and sound like they should be in Downton Abbey.

  • Alessio Cimma
    Alessio Cimma 13 days ago

    Wait, she's actually in avengers 4...

  • Diplo Siplo
    Diplo Siplo 14 days ago

    Hello obi wan❤

  • Echo 2
    Echo 2 15 days ago

    H E L L O T H E R E

  • Red Random
    Red Random 15 days ago

    Did not begin with "Hello there".

  • Daniel C Treidene
    Daniel C Treidene 15 days ago

    how on earth would that happen?

  • Daniel C Treidene
    Daniel C Treidene 15 days ago

    hum odd, most resonance on lithuania, even though it the owner country is different..what an odd ting...

  • Daniel C Treidene
    Daniel C Treidene 15 days ago

    blatant lie in there, her dad might have been RAISED in missouri, but he wasnt born there, nor was a natural born us citizen.

  • Matthew Romero
    Matthew Romero 15 days ago

    Ewen is really likable

  • Thicc Dark Bomber The 1st

    Hello there

  • santi urrutia
    santi urrutia 16 days ago

    Hello there!

  • Shahida SterolineRKBieberMC

    She’s gorgeous and Peggy/Steve😍😩❤️

  • phoenixhh5
    phoenixhh5 16 days ago +4

    Imagine if Obi-Wan was in Avengers Endgame.

  • jaro 53
    jaro 53 16 days ago

    captain americas gal

  • lunasbix
    lunasbix 17 days ago

    So this is where the Big Fish went...hmmm.

  • capitano moe
    capitano moe 17 days ago


  • Jobel M.T.
    Jobel M.T. 17 days ago +1

    Everyone: Ewan McGregor is Obi Wan Kanobi.
    Me, an intellectual: RODNEY COPPERBOTTOM

  • JakePlayz
    JakePlayz 17 days ago +89

    "Where did Ewan McGregor go to school?"
    Ewan: The Jedi Temple

  • Md Shariful Islam 1604064

    What is America's wife doing with this man?

  • Viraj Kadam
    Viraj Kadam 17 days ago

    Ewan McGregor did not mention his uncle who played Wedge Antilles.

  • Viraj Kadam
    Viraj Kadam 17 days ago

    Hello there.

  • Marisa Tamayo
    Marisa Tamayo 18 days ago

    i love these two

  • faiza habib
    faiza habib 18 days ago


  • thebanterloon
    thebanterloon 18 days ago +1

    Hayley's laugh is adorable she's so cute

  • ChAPony
    ChAPony 18 days ago

    Ewan McGregor is wholesome!

  • KiranKireesan
    KiranKireesan 18 days ago

    High Ground!

  • vortexgen1
    vortexgen1 19 days ago

    He looks like a young Obiwan.

  • Joshi The Astro_boy
    Joshi The Astro_boy 19 days ago

    Even this interview is way better than Bire’s cringe interview! This is what talented actors do!

  • concho sewing
    concho sewing 19 days ago

    god.. she is amazing woman!

  • Northern Brother
    Northern Brother 19 days ago

    Hayley Atwell doesn't look like a Hayley. "Hayley" sounds like a 13 year old Disney pop tart. She looks more like a Victoria, or a Catherine.

  • meme machine
    meme machine 19 days ago

    hello there

  • Jon Paradero
    Jon Paradero 20 days ago

    So Kenobi and Agent Peggy Carter huh? Good match up. No offense Rogers...

  • jv330
    jv330 20 days ago +1

    I see 2 big reasons that why Steve Rogers came back in the past

  • MooshroomGaming
    MooshroomGaming 21 day ago

    As Hayley Atwell lies about not being in the movie where she has zero intelligible lines
    (Although she’s still great)

  • Bruno Lopez
    Bruno Lopez 21 day ago

    It's over Hayley, I got the high ground

  • Markovicsable
    Markovicsable 21 day ago

    Hayley Atwell is a beautiful woman without this horrific lipstick, and questionable choice of clothing... well some might look good in this particular set (highly unlikely tho), but not her.
    Nothing against her style, I think it's just does not benefit her. Great actress btw, loved her in Captain America!

  • F Logiafruit
    F Logiafruit 21 day ago

    02:08 I don't understand why it is rude to ask a lady what her age is. I mean, we all grow old, we better assume it.

  • Charles le Solitaire
    Charles le Solitaire 21 day ago +1

    My two favorite holywood actors.👌

  • The AllRounder Guy
    The AllRounder Guy 22 days ago +1

    90% of this comment section-Hayley Atwell is gorgeous

    AISHA RODRIGUEZ 22 days ago


  • Javier Aldan
    Javier Aldan 22 days ago

    Obi Ewan Kenobi

  • Yogg
    Yogg 22 days ago

    Does Ewan McGregor greet androids?
    Ewan: Well I once jumped out of a CG set and said Hello there to a piece of rubber mounted over a green screen that later called me a *bold* one

  • ardas
    ardas 22 days ago


  • The Real Hunter Vlogs
    The Real Hunter Vlogs 22 days ago

    Ewan should have said hello there when the video started

  • Richard Taylor
    Richard Taylor 22 days ago

    yeah, thats what people are googling about Hayley Atwell...

  • Steven Rios
    Steven Rios 23 days ago

    Black Mask and Agent Carter together.

  • Mila Dalapo
    Mila Dalapo 23 days ago

    Haley's laugh.

  • The Everything Show With Mr.content

    Swan should have been captain America because he would have so much chemistry with Hayley atwell

  • Lobiankk
    Lobiankk 23 days ago

    I have the high ground

  • Umad Danimal
    Umad Danimal 23 days ago

    Man shes got some cannons

  • Ян Н.
    Ян Н. 23 days ago +1

    How it's lovely to watch a feminine woman after a being named Brie Larson

  • Pauly Juan
    Pauly Juan 24 days ago

    Great chemistry together

  • Templar Yvonne
    Templar Yvonne 24 days ago

    Ewan Mcgregor clearly looks like Alec Guinness

  • Mohan MK
    Mohan MK 24 days ago

    I love Haley Atwell's face and jugs

  • Tai E
    Tai E 24 days ago


  • ArchieRaul
    ArchieRaul 25 days ago

    So Obi Wan is somewhere in hiding right? At least we know he is on earth.

  • Jannis B
    Jannis B 25 days ago +1

    Pause at 3:15. Thank me later

  • Tony Stark
    Tony Stark 25 days ago

    Somewhere, Rogers is watching this and punching the air.

  • Yaskko
    Yaskko 25 days ago

    And they’re both pretty amazing singers

  • Jake Carbone
    Jake Carbone 26 days ago +16

    Ewan: " is Haley at well in avengers 4?"
    Haley: "not that I know of."
    Tyler the creator: "well that was a lie"

  • birdwell2427
    birdwell2427 26 days ago +1

    3:25 **goes to see Endgame** well played, Hayley, well played

  • JosephTheCastle
    JosephTheCastle 26 days ago


  • Kenneth Ebanks
    Kenneth Ebanks 26 days ago


  • maxine chan
    maxine chan 26 days ago

    Lol I thought ewan was British

  • Eric Gilbertson
    Eric Gilbertson 27 days ago

    :30 If Ewan McGregor looks like someone, it’s probably Kenneth Branagh

  • Bryon Lape
    Bryon Lape 27 days ago

    The top 15 Hayley Atwell searches are not appropriate for such a video.

  • Aidan Yun
    Aidan Yun 27 days ago

    Why isn’t she rey

  • Mrinal Mrinalinee
    Mrinal Mrinalinee 27 days ago

    Make one with Tom Hiddlestone