raj kapoor. funeral

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  • Gladys Edith Calderon Vargas
    Gladys Edith Calderon Vargas Год назад

    oh mi raj kapoor el mejor un grande desde cusco peru ..te amamos

  • Lupe Kusihuaman
    Lupe Kusihuaman 3 года назад

    no estaba, tan actualizada perdon por esa omision, te extrañare siempre, raj y cantare tus canciones,para asi acompañarte.

  • Lupe Kusihuaman
    Lupe Kusihuaman 3 года назад

    perdon mil perdones, no sabia que ya habias partido, lo siento muchisimo, no sabes cuanto llorare al verte en tus videos, lo siento, mucho,siempre estaras junto a mi siempre, te vere, te amo, raj kapoor.

  • Veenand ramadhin
    Veenand ramadhin 3 года назад

    The curses of people

  • Rahul Nangia
    Rahul Nangia 4 года назад

    what happened dear, please do not die, duniya bahut khoobsurat hain

  • jimmy jheeta
    jimmy jheeta 4 года назад

    god of sun

  • sonam wangmo
    sonam wangmo 4 года назад

    i wish to die,come and kill me,i can't kill myself.

  • Rizwan
    Rizwan 4 года назад

    Womanizer, drunkard, selfish, person, RIH

  • burzum83
    burzum83 5 лет назад

    wow young bal thackerey

  • Shantanu khanna
    Shantanu khanna 5 лет назад

    R.i.p raj kapoor and rajesh khanna

  • Tanmay Moon
    Tanmay Moon 5 лет назад

    0:30 mukri

  • Rajendra Ramkisson
    Rajendra Ramkisson 5 лет назад

    he was one who introduced nudity in the movies.......

  • M Hassan
    M Hassan 5 лет назад


  • Nitin A S
    Nitin A S 5 лет назад

    why did he die?

  • M Générique
    M Générique 6 лет назад


  • Sargam Devgan
    Sargam Devgan 6 лет назад

    ты всегда в наших сердцах

  • Kashish4Eijaz
    Kashish4Eijaz 6 лет назад

    defo a legendry actor thts stil remembered evn 2day

  • J8270361507
    J8270361507 7 лет назад

    He was definitely a amazing person and passed down the tradition of having a passion for Hindi cinema to his children and grandchildren. I really want to alot of the funeral to remember what a great person he was, anyone know where I can watch most of or all of it?