Daniel Craig James Bond Monologue - SNL

  • Daniel Craig talks about James Bond and shares a No Time to Die sneak peek.
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Comments • 80

  • Juguetes Coleccionables


  • M. R.
    M. R. 2 days ago

    The clip is hilarious and brilliant from Daniel Craig #LoveIt! 👏😂👐

  • Paul Hurford
    Paul Hurford 2 days ago

    Ladies and gentlemen, Daniel Creg

  • Paul Stevens
    Paul Stevens 4 days ago

    Not just a bad Bond, but a bad actor.

  • Charles Dennis
    Charles Dennis 4 days ago

    March 7th 2020. Everyone in the studio audience is now testing positive for Covid 19, that's the real joke.

  • R Richter
    R Richter 4 days ago

    I'm James Bond bich

  • Julian Jefferies
    Julian Jefferies 4 days ago

    I just read an article saying he will not leave massive fortune to kids. I swear, introverts should not have kids. Thus guy seems like an absolute asshole. Thank you Hollywood. Theres a reason why Sean Connery was in a class by himself. Smh

  • Steven Li
    Steven Li 5 days ago

    Now we know James Bond can really gamble! And be a cowboy at once in the end!

  • Herowebcomics
    Herowebcomics 5 days ago

    This was so awesome!
    I was surprised at how silly Daniel can be!

  • Grzegorz Hucal
    Grzegorz Hucal 5 days ago


  • supermick83
    supermick83 6 days ago

    Ladies and gentlemen.. Daniel Craaag?? Wtf How hard is Craig?

  • Tomas Vircik
    Tomas Vircik 6 days ago

    😂 😂 😂 Great one

  • Hartley Hare
    Hartley Hare 6 days ago

    As wooden as a rocking horse, awful as Bond. Nobody did it better than Sir Roger Moore. Charisma, style & humour.

  • Stevie Pigford
    Stevie Pigford 6 days ago

    Old woman shows them sagging tits...he laffs ...SNAKE EYES..

  • antiirony
    antiirony 6 days ago

    What my name is??? Symba. Rofl.

  • morg sona
    morg sona 7 days ago

    Why is this blocked in the Philippines

  • D Storm
    D Storm 7 days ago +1

    Craig was too short to play Bond. Also, the Bond movies are now just cartoonish in their violence. Plus Political Correctness has taken over and ruined them.

  • naomikc42
    naomikc42 7 days ago

    So he does have an accent

  • Henry Hill
    Henry Hill 7 days ago

    He's proving himself to be No Sean Connery....

  • Sx0 Lx0
    Sx0 Lx0 8 days ago

    Wow hahahahaha ha!

  • Elizabeth Christopher


  • botlfpx
    botlfpx 8 days ago

    Самый уродский Бонд всех времён

  • Michael g
    Michael g 8 days ago

    Daniel Craig is that guy who was born to be bond but inside always wanted to be like Jim Carrey or Will Ferrel

  • Neal G
    Neal G 9 days ago

    If only One more BOND film with CRAIG 🙏🏽🙏🏽

  • Arcanum Oculus
    Arcanum Oculus 10 days ago

    I'm looking forward to the new movie.... and Daniel Craig 🥰

  • wfs52
    wfs52 10 days ago

    That was fun to watch. Well done.

  • Cat G
    Cat G 10 days ago

    I just realized how much his ears stick out

  • Garrett Gallardo
    Garrett Gallardo 10 days ago

    Vodka..... Red bull I'm dead lol. I'll meet you up there

  • CrypticGamer
    CrypticGamer 10 days ago +1

    Best. Bond. Ever.
    _change my mind_

  • CuteCharityx
    CuteCharityx 11 days ago

    He is a English man in new york 🤘(a legal alien)

  • Doug Green
    Doug Green 11 days ago

    Great work SNL ..no whining about Trump is this bit ....save it to after the election ....lol ...DT2O2O !!

  • jim morrison
    jim morrison 11 days ago

    Bond Sultanahmett

  • jim morrison
    jim morrison 11 days ago


  • Tom Tweak
    Tom Tweak 11 days ago +1

    I watched a lot of James Bond films over the years and in my opinion Daniel Craig is the best.....to bad he wont be making any more 007 films....or is he holding out for more money lol.

  • Charla Bowers
    Charla Bowers 11 days ago

    Yes Daniel Craig....and YOUR HOT!!!

  • peoplehavetherights
    peoplehavetherights 12 days ago

    God...he actually can smile?

  • yu ouyang
    yu ouyang 12 days ago

    Not James Bond's style, drunk?

  • yu ouyang
    yu ouyang 12 days ago

    He said thanks for what you did for the country.

  • Sgt Slim
    Sgt Slim 12 days ago

    00:30 the saxophone player on the right farts.

  • Солирмчик
    Солирмчик 12 days ago


  • Nick Link
    Nick Link 13 days ago

    From what I saw in the trailer, wow this new James Bond movie looks awesome.

  • Aaron Ronnquist
    Aaron Ronnquist 13 days ago +4

    No time to Die yep. And no time to Premiere either, Coronavirus is here.

  • frank stein
    frank stein 13 days ago

    Hilarious, the way PhWB increasingly realizes 007 has no class whatsoever.

  • quirky mermaid28
    quirky mermaid28 13 days ago

    got to admit i didn't like him as james bond. but after seeing him in knives out, logan lucky and in snl I really like him as an actor! he's perfect for suave and comedic roles/movies

  • IloveBaklava
    IloveBaklava 13 days ago +1

    Wow they need to cancel SNL. The writing is awful

  • Jared Linger
    Jared Linger 13 days ago

    I was thinking oof lol

  • Jared Linger
    Jared Linger 13 days ago

    Bruh the originals dude ?

  • Adrian .Veidt
    Adrian .Veidt 13 days ago

    This man radiates *sexy.*

  • ransomed1974
    ransomed1974 13 days ago


  • raymond german
    raymond german 13 days ago

    I like to see actors play opposite- type characters. Martini and Red Bull? That sounds like something SPECTRE bad guys would drink.

  • Todd Salvati
    Todd Salvati 13 days ago +1

    I have a huge man crush on Craig, greatest Bond ever.

  • Tabor Vess
    Tabor Vess 13 days ago

    This was most enjoyable. The first time I've ever burst into laughter during a Jame Bond...anything.

  • William Poole
    William Poole 14 days ago

    Sean Connery is James Bond. Case closed.

  • Amy
    Amy 14 days ago

    Excellent monologue... so funny!

  • Derrick Khroun
    Derrick Khroun 14 days ago


  • aqua blue
    aqua blue 14 days ago


  • Jason Lou
    Jason Lou 14 days ago

    Daniel Crag is the best actor of James Bond and SNL!

  • Afro Queen
    Afro Queen 14 days ago

    I almost believed him😊 nice try Mr. Bond

  • Alexander von Makedonien

    I knew he had a gambling problem..... And an alcohol problem but who cares he is james Bond!

  • kitty viveen
    kitty viveen 14 days ago

    at first I never thought I was ever going to say this but I am gonna miss Daniel Craig. I think he was the best Bond together with Sean Connery. So, thanxxs mr. Craig for the fun and thrills and I don't see anyone in your league at the moment to take your place. But i might be wrong. I hope so…..

  • Tracy Feldstein
    Tracy Feldstein 14 days ago

    Why would anybody ask for snake eyes? Who bets that?

  • Tracy Feldstein
    Tracy Feldstein 14 days ago

    That....is craps at its best.

  • pija
    pija 14 days ago

    3:43 next to chloe. goddam shake 'em if you gott'em!

  • Robert Turner
    Robert Turner 15 days ago

    No Time To Watch woke Rat Faced communist Daniel Craig!

  • Diane Humphrey
    Diane Humphrey 15 days ago

    the hottest cutest BOND ever...my fav actor.💋

  • Renfred Clowes
    Renfred Clowes 15 days ago

    Craig is STILL on the planet?

  • Emily Eldridge
    Emily Eldridge 15 days ago

    Absolutely can’t wait for the New James Bond Film.

  • Kotow Boy
    Kotow Boy 15 days ago +2

    Every sketch on very american tv show is JUST SCREAMING and go on well after the joke got old.

    • Twinwawa
      Twinwawa 11 days ago +1

      Kotow Boy Ah yes, being very American has everything to do with the subjective quality of comedy.

  • Andy Acker
    Andy Acker 15 days ago

    Is there anything funny in this clip?

  • Zidane MiM
    Zidane MiM 16 days ago

    Now that's the james bond I wanted to see.

  • Jugi
    Jugi 16 days ago

    for a second they had me

  • travel
    travel 16 days ago

    this is going to be the WORST james bond movie. the end of the series. rap music,etc.

  • Patrick
    Patrick 16 days ago +1

    If this was a part of the movie it would be so funny

  • Old Gregg
    Old Gregg 16 days ago +4

    “Ladies & gentlemen, Daniel Cregg.”
    Why can’t Americans say Craig?

  • Rico C
    Rico C 16 days ago +1

    Seeing Daniel Craig go up a few octaves with his voice brings me joy.

  • Dimitrios Desmos
    Dimitrios Desmos 16 days ago

    fancy the pope ?? Grosss...damn these gays.

  • betterine
    betterine 16 days ago

    He's pulling a Thor.

  • Kyle Maxwell
    Kyle Maxwell 16 days ago

    Can Chloe Finemann be an actual Bond Girl now?

  • Sam Hayler
    Sam Hayler 16 days ago

    c r e g g

  • Xe M
    Xe M 16 days ago

    Daniel Craig is underrated.