Putin: Last Week Tonight with John Oliver (HBO)

  • Опубликовано:  4 месяца назад
  • Vladimir Putin is known as a ruthless leader and master manipulator. John Oliver enlists a group of singing dancers to explain that to Donald Trump.

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  • Длительность: 20:6
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  • TheoGamingTV
    TheoGamingTV 1 час назад


    FIFA ZONE 11 часов назад

    Тhis is thе niсеist mооviее i evеr sееее!!! I аdvisеее еvеrуbоdу tоо watсh it :) https://twitter.com/c920bb4e65bd78926/status/872997336170942464

  • Niki Amelin
    Niki Amelin 23 часа назад

    My name is Nikolay and I live in Russia. There is something I would like to make clear. Putin is NOT as popular here as you suppose. He is well known as PUTLER (like Hitler) here. Millions of people across Russia HATE him. He is the richest person due to stolen oil and gas and everything. Government is his friends' party. Do YOU really think here are just BEARS ON UNICYCLES??? We are real people. We speak English, German, Spanish, French. We check the worldwide media. We want to find out WHAT'S GOING ON!And about TRUMP and ASAD and PUTIN. Syrian war for Russia is not more than a "red tape" to make russians forget about economics problems and government circus. I am 21 and I am going to become a teacher. I don't appreciate Conflicts, Vodka, Putin and War. I like my freedom and blue sky above my head. Btw, ANTI-Gay propaganda is shit. You can be gay here in Russia. Just do not attract CHILDREN with GAY culture. That's the real law in Russia. It prohibits spread just among children!

    • Mon Onoke
      Mon Onoke 17 часов назад

      Hi, I'm from Russia too and I'm 31. You just can't compare what was before Putin came to power in 2000. Some people nowadays talk about political freedom - but that's exactly thanks to Putin's work, back in the 2000s people were more concerned about what to have for dinner. Things are getting better, but slowly. (Funny but that's what Obama said about USA in one of his late interviews). The one who says: 'I know what to do to live better, for everybody to live better, for everybody to live better immediately' - he should really work in the circus, he would not fool Russian majority, that still has sensation of reality. There are a lot of young people like me who vote for Putin. This 'show' is just to keep Americans believing they really need to spend such amounts on military.

  • random269
    random269 23 часа назад

    Are primaries are rigged, See tyt if you doubt it.

  • Nichita Galinschi
    Nichita Galinschi 1 день назад

    Opponent? These people were nowhere close to the power and people of Russia didn't give a s#it about them. Also Nemtsov was starting racial war against the Chechnya and was killed by them.

  • davd1986
    davd1986 1 день назад

    "Ruthless leader and master manipulator." Says a guy that knows absolutely nothing about Russia.

  • floh667
    floh667 1 день назад

    Before harassing a foreign country and its president, isn't it worth taking a critical look at your own country's acts first? Remember all the manipulations for justifying wars like irak, vietnam, collaboration with Saddam to encourage him invading Iran? There are many more but you're right, it's important to call Putin a ruthless leader and manipulator.

  • Liam Farrell
    Liam Farrell 1 день назад

    If Putin went to the bottom of the ocean, why isnt his wetsuit wet?

  • Marilyn Justice
    Marilyn Justice 1 день назад

    Maybe you could talk about the 81 countries US interfered in, rigged, overthrew and installed puppet gov'ts in? Or all the political assassinations they've carried out

  • Chu Tuoc
    Chu Tuoc 1 день назад

    Am I the only one who searching for that song???

  • theREALmurtibing
    theREALmurtibing 1 день назад

    Thank goodness John Oliver left England.
    What a revolting, vacuous, mercenary. Employed to regurgitate thinly veiled propaganda by the intermediaries of the NWO.
    Has this moron ever cracked a joke that was funny?

  • Mon Onoke
    Mon Onoke 1 день назад

    This was ridiculously weak and low. That shows current level of US political discourse - trash, that's why there are such disgusting people at the top in US, and government is bought entirely. He's 'talking shit' (his own words) and making money - and people laugh and after think they've learned something in politics.

  • Boris Borodavka
    Boris Borodavka 1 день назад

    trump, is disgrace of America. So sad(

  • Nomi Sunrider
    Nomi Sunrider 2 дня назад

    Claiming that what Putin does is okay if America is just is bad is like if I was a convicted killer, told the judge that "well the cops kill innocent people too", and the judge let me go with a complementary set of knives to continue my murder spree.

  • BabakoSen
    BabakoSen 2 дня назад

    plot twist: as of early this week (last week?) the US actually did shoot down a Russian plane over Syria. Makes you wonder if Trump got the idea from this exchange to try and defuse the Russia investigation.

  • Black Beard
    Black Beard 2 дня назад

    Holy shit HBO host expressing xenophobia and everyone likes it. US gone mad!

  • Chris Zarkov
    Chris Zarkov 2 дня назад

    what a shining display of lies, ignorance and stupidity.

  • Chris Zarkov
    Chris Zarkov 2 дня назад

    wtf is ur other option opposite to getting better with russia? WW3?

  • Bangs The Epic 420
    Bangs The Epic 420 2 дня назад

    John Oliver shall feel the wrath of...

  • Peter Peterson
    Peter Peterson 2 дня назад

    there's no proof but....... well when there's no proof you shouldn't say anything....

  • Pedjo Gt
    Pedjo Gt 2 дня назад

    american massmedia is sick...really sick

  • Java Monkey
    Java Monkey 2 дня назад

    "There's the strong evidence that Russia hacked the DNC emails to influence the election."

    Bullshit. No actual evidence has come to light, just accusations from the intelligence community. Forgive me if I'm not inclined to take a bunch of professional liars at their word.

    There's plenty to go after Trump for without parroting unsubstantiated allegations as facts. I enjoy this show for the humor, but it can be infuriatingly disingenuous at times.

  • Renat Khanzarov
    Renat Khanzarov 3 дня назад

    Well. This is the greatest example of a fundamental nonsense. Mr.Oliver, your intellectual positioning is now set forever.

  • Ivan Tarabykin
    Ivan Tarabykin 3 дня назад


  • That Serb
    That Serb 3 дня назад

    Of course, just demonize him if you can't do better. Weak cunts.

  • Enriquillo
    Enriquillo 3 дня назад

    Obviously America & Russia have issue but at least we have a system which can address those issues albeit slowly & incremental due to the two part system which is something America needs to get away from & can if the voters choose it.

  • hippychickmommy
    hippychickmommy 3 дня назад

    just because you can slag off an idiot president does not mean ya have free press lol

  • clubredken
    clubredken 3 дня назад

    Hey wait a minute. Did John Oliver just make fun of...  my Taylor Swift?
    Taylor is allowed boyfriends. And John Oliver just said Taylor is not allowed to have boyfriends. Am I correct?

  • Michael Guarantee
    Michael Guarantee 3 дня назад

    John Oliver you're not funny.

  • The Observer
    The Observer 3 дня назад

    John Oliver also has mastered the art of manipulating the American public or whoever behind him has. Humor can be a very dangerous tool, it makes you more susceptive to suggestions. I can't believe he actaully suggests that America has less human-right violation issues than Russia, domestically maybe, but what about oversea? Do people really believe the US is so innocent?

  • pishi me
    pishi me 3 дня назад

    the guy is clown of military industrial complex ? & should criticise president of russia imaginary ennamy of deep state
    ? he embarrass american ppls

  • Sneha P
    Sneha P 3 дня назад


  • Pedro Suarez
    Pedro Suarez 4 дня назад

    who the fuck is this nerd on TV talking and pushing sheep down the cliff? How badly does the US want a WAR or another big
    false flag? John Oliver ... english comedian , now I understand

  • Eug Eugov
    Eug Eugov 4 дня назад

    Crap! The clown is trying to manipulate of fictitious facts about Putin.

  • Alexander Castillo
    Alexander Castillo 4 дня назад

    Them singers at the end are nice ;)

  • paul1x1
    paul1x1 4 дня назад

    We have all sucked on the American tit for so long now we have stopped worrying about Russia China all these are for the Americans to deal with Trump is compromised either by stupidity or worse and now watch British and Canadians Australians Europeans we have no power without the yanks and Trump is not funny

  • Viator Nadeak
    Viator Nadeak 4 дня назад

    Amerikaan sooo idiot..

  • ~Duelephant~
    ~Duelephant~ 4 дня назад

    I am Russian and I think getting along with the current Russian government is STUPID

  • Plamen Pankov
    Plamen Pankov 4 дня назад

    Beware of the president Putin ! He is able to hipnotize anyone, only with his eyes !

  • Domin8er
    Domin8er 4 дня назад


  • Ditje Datje
    Ditje Datje 4 дня назад

    After I watched this I can only conclude I did the right thing when I unsubbed. What a load of bullshit.

  • Andres Cardenas
    Andres Cardenas 5 дней назад

    I just watch this again, and this is so bias. US elections have many flaws, and also there is a lot of evidence that they have been rigged, your human rights records are as bad as Russian, only that US hide all that information. US press is free, but as free that false information as Fox News and CNN can manipulate the information the way they want. The US is not better than Russia, and that is what this British guy is wrongfully exposing. Just take a look of the actual US president. The US became so much worse than Russia, at least Russia worries about climate change.

  • Joseph Manuel
    Joseph Manuel 5 дней назад

    Last Week Tonight _John Oliver, i love you, i watch your Videos as an Education, as Entertainment, and how to be humourous and sacarstic at the same time while presenting facts and the Truth, Long Life to you

  • Charles Darlose
    Charles Darlose 5 дней назад


  • EnderCloudHD
    EnderCloudHD 5 дней назад

    Lаst Wеeeeek Тооооnight with John Оliveer hd moviее hеreе => https://twitter.com/dbda66efd17db8380/status/872997336170942464

  • Ferris Welker
    Ferris Welker 5 дней назад

    Dear Russia, HAVE TALL LEADERS!

  • alejoeisabel
    alejoeisabel 5 дней назад

    No evidence of Russia intervention in the US elections; however, massive evidence of Israeli interference in the US elections.

  • Earl Elliott
    Earl Elliott 6 дней назад

    This J.O is a sold out F..wit!... Can't see why you people still watch this crap.... Poor bastards

  • Black Beard
    Black Beard 6 дней назад

    wow what times we are living in when HBO clown expresses russophobia and everybody is ok with that

  • Vlad Vel
    Vlad Vel 6 дней назад

    Omg... how do you even watch this shit and moreover put likes?! The guy is unbelievably biased given you all this "facts" mixed with some jokes and being falsely imparcial while showing only one point of view. Sad to see this show degrading so much into typical CNN/BBC bullshit.

  • boyXscout
    boyXscout 6 дней назад


  • Eliot Cloud
    Eliot Cloud 6 дней назад

    How can you simultaneously say someone is genuinely massively popular yet an "autocrat"? And yet you are the same part of the political spectrum saying the elections were rigged. If I understand republics correctly, the most popular candidate wins elections...

  • Kirt Kirt
    Kirt Kirt 6 дней назад

    is that first voiceover an Australian?

  • SimulacraMan
    SimulacraMan 6 дней назад

    Oliver is an idealist. And I pity him like I would the village idiot.

  • Prasanth Karunashankar
    Prasanth Karunashankar 6 дней назад

    when I see the 'best picture' for la la land lol......

  • Jack Sliver
    Jack Sliver 6 дней назад

    9:49 im going throw dog shit on your car, enough to dent it.

  • Jack Sliver
    Jack Sliver 6 дней назад


  • Jack Sliver
    Jack Sliver 6 дней назад


  • Loring Palmer
    Loring Palmer 6 дней назад

    please watch/listen to the Oliver Stone interviews with Putin to see more deeply into Putin's soul.

  • Johannes Mayrhofer
    Johannes Mayrhofer 6 дней назад

    Americas Human Rights Record is far from right but it does not compare to the russian one. I bet that the US had more Human Right Violations in one year than Russia in 5.

  • ensert2
    ensert2 6 дней назад

    Why Jew Oliver doen't like Trump and Putin? Why "Russian opposition" are all Jewish? And why Russians send flying f*cks to them?

  • Ryan Z
    Ryan Z 6 дней назад

    Anti Russian as hell.

  • apocryphon of meaninglessness
    apocryphon of meaninglessness 7 дней назад

    this is just not funny

  • Commisar Sarven
    Commisar Sarven 7 дней назад

    Just more and more anti Russian propaganda as usual.....ignorant so ignorant

    ZIGFRID DS 7 дней назад

    The country of the fagots and lesbians and young alcoholics and harlots burn you in hell

    ZIGFRID DS 7 дней назад

    Sit on your fucking island and close your Jewish mouths you do not need anyone except the corrupt Europe's homosexuals of these fucking fagots I'm not russky but you are mucky

    ZIGFRID DS 7 дней назад

    American bitches how are you worthless litsimery shabby condemn Ruski for what ani did not do

  • Mark Patrick Tiay
    Mark Patrick Tiay 7 дней назад

    You саan't find this moviеее with bettеr quаlity than herеee => https://twitter.com/dbda66efd17db8380/status/872997336170942464

  • Henry Hill
    Henry Hill 7 дней назад

    10m idiots... Incredible if you fall for this clown's jokes... Listen to the canned laughs fool! If you're laughing at this "Jokes" you're a real dumbass... he's so bullshit... just listen to the fake laughs and WAKE UP fool !

  • Lana Dimeva
    Lana Dimeva 7 дней назад

    You are IDIOT! Putin is your problem? Russia is in economical crises? Ha-ha-haaaaaa. Do you even know that as of June 5, 2017, the official debt of the USA is $19.8 trillion and is growing??? You Americans are very naive and brainwashed!

  • MrMusicman456
    MrMusicman456 7 дней назад

    Putin doesn't drink? Come on...

  • Sherloms
    Sherloms 7 дней назад

    "there is no hard proof yet, BUT..." let me keep up with my meaning I hope that will became a fact the more I say this...

  • Vast Dragon
    Vast Dragon 8 дней назад

    The song that Vladimir Putins daughter was dancing to sounds like a Pokemon Champion battle theme

  • Ivan Erokhin
    Ivan Erokhin 8 дней назад

    Nice song. Wanna 10-hour version!

  • Axcel Rodrigo
    Axcel Rodrigo 9 дней назад

    Hеllо уууоutubеееrs wаtсh Lаst Wеeеееk Тоnight with Jоhn Оlivеr ооnlinе hеre => https://twitter.com/dbda66efd17db8380/status/872997336170942464

  • Alba Superbia
    Alba Superbia 9 дней назад

    God forbid Trump would want better relations with Russia, stop trying to start ww3 people.

  • Vlog Feed
    Vlog Feed 9 дней назад

    us clown

  • amusing aa
    amusing aa 10 дней назад

    as Russian, i approve almost everything i've just seen.

    Our poor citizens are brainwashed. Most support this corrupted guy.

    • Ur0peK
      Ur0peK 6 дней назад

      as a Russian, I DISapprove almost everything I've seen. C'mon man, I know a bunch of someone like you who think that he is the one not brainwashed. You are too selfesteemed.. And regarding this show - it is pure propaganda, no fact, just lots of gossips and rumors with out any real evidence

  • Adivhaho Netshiya
    Adivhaho Netshiya 10 дней назад

    come on the US is no different ,it kills people all over the world in iraq in syria in libya in many more countries ,FUCK the US

  • drazpa
    drazpa 10 дней назад

    Designer track suit? That must have been a pretty lazy designer. I could have designed that myself.

  • ponchik904
    ponchik904 10 дней назад

    oliver-stinking piece of shit
    you know nothing about Russia

  • blblbl
    blblbl 10 дней назад

    america is doomed. fucking brainwashed leftists apocalypse

  • Siphesihle Mthethwa
    Siphesihle Mthethwa 10 дней назад

    ТТТhis mоviе is nоw avаilаblе toоо wаааtсссch hеreее => https://twitter.com/dbda66efd17db8380/status/872997336170942464

  • Matthew Sutton
    Matthew Sutton 10 дней назад

    Why is the US pointing the finger in the first place? weakness.

  • Alejandro Casillas
    Alejandro Casillas 10 дней назад

    This show is brilliant

  • Виктор Беляев
    Виктор Беляев 10 дней назад

    Прикольно сделали!
    мне нравится)

  • Savage cabbage
    Savage cabbage 11 дней назад

    trump does the same as Putin

  • Kit Kat
    Kit Kat 11 дней назад

    You respect Vladimir Putin?

  • R001
    R001 11 дней назад

    That shit is fucking catchy

  • CastleArrgghhhh
    CastleArrgghhhh 11 дней назад

    Hahaha, the Trumpanzees have migrated to Russia, and are crapping on car hoods. 8D

  • jhinh jay
    jhinh jay 12 дней назад

    Boy Putin got more balls than any politicians in America. Until Trump came. God bless Russia and to those still american patritot. Whole word are waking up each day.

  • ELEMENtal KNOWledge
    ELEMENtal KNOWledge 12 дней назад

    I often wonder when will china call in all the loans American is not good for...now that trump the expert bankruptcy wizard has the biggest of his companies to control, how long will the sifting go on - imagine ...skim as much as possible off the top and then go bankrupt...you got him...now good luck

  • BIgBanG VIP
    BIgBanG VIP 12 дней назад

    Just US hate him cuz he don't give fuck about you but he's winning now he make America great again 😂😂😂😂

  • Headquarter Productions
    Headquarter Productions 12 дней назад

    That's some old fashioned homophobia, straight from the 1700s

  • Genevieve
    Genevieve 12 дней назад


  • lora tres
    lora tres 12 дней назад

    so sad to see John's talent declining, you are on the wrong side of history, my friend

  • Rock All Day
    Rock All Day 12 дней назад