Putin: Last Week Tonight with John Oliver (HBO)

  • Опубликовано: 20 фев 2017
  • Vladimir Putin is known as a ruthless leader and master manipulator. John Oliver enlists a group of singing dancers to explain that to Donald Trump.
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Комментарии • 21 239

  • Hokunin
    Hokunin День назад +1

    So much bullshit on the vid, I don't even know where to begin or is it even worth it. Russia has very loud tiny minority libtards screaming shit against Putin and demanding bloody revolution, destruction of state to happen, which is literally illegal - same things would end up jail sentence in USA. So stop shitting on us saying opposition is nonexistant in Russia.
    Nemtsov dude was shot right after he said on TV: "I'm afraid Putin might assassinate me" - which naturally would point his death to you know who; Politkovskaya was murdered right on Putin's birthday - just wow; Skripal was poisoned right on Putin's election days, when stable atmosphere of voting was of utmost priority - I mean, why USA and British cold blooded murderous special services has to be so blunt and stupid? They lost all competency and think people are stupid. All these murders are so ridiculously time aligned exactly to hurt Putin and one after another that it is not funny at all. Oh BTW, Brits refused to show any actual proves of Russia's involvement of poisoning both on Litvinenko and Skripal, they practically saying "we have proves but we won't show you, just trust us" - haha and people buy it. OMFG. Besides, the logic of their poisoning is non existant, brits in their own style.

  • I San Gui
    I San Gui День назад

    Here we are, more than a year later and nothing has changed. If anything, it has gotten worse: Trump refused new sanctions on Russia, he gave Russia a week's notice before bombing Syria where Russians are fighting against us and he *still* hasn't uttered a negative thing about Putin. What Trump has done is called treason and he needs to be hanged by the neck until dead for his crimes; broadcast live so America can see his death spasms and the shit dripping down his legs as his sphincter releases. Saddam-style. He and his whole fucking crime family.

  • Rickallis
    Rickallis День назад +1

    PUTIN IS BEST LEDER ALL ELSE IS WEST@RN PROPOGANDA I M NOT BOT 110010101000010011110101001010101001010101010010101100011 CYKA

  • Cat Santos
    Cat Santos День назад

    I dont think his daughter is a rockin roll dancer.... she's probs a ninja assassin

  • Mario Lopez
    Mario Lopez День назад

    Putin, Russian Darth Vader

  • Gábor Eszes
    Gábor Eszes День назад

    1:55 why is it weird?
    Dont you fucing liberals want peace and love?!

  • Neitenth
    Neitenth 2 дня назад

    Trump did the seemingly impossible during the last week. He managed to briefly remove Putin's cock from his mouth.

  • John Huang
    John Huang 2 дня назад

    When a Russian leader is hated by the west, it means he is doing the right thing for his country :v

  • Awayforthewin
    Awayforthewin 2 дня назад

    The line about our the US not being so innocent is true

  • Awayforthewin
    Awayforthewin 2 дня назад

    Nice bowlcut

  • Daniel Cid
    Daniel Cid 2 дня назад

    Not rigged? Seriously?

  • Zenonas Michaelides
    Zenonas Michaelides 3 дня назад

    If you believe that Russia influence the voters either you are stupid or the voters are stupid = p

  • Cody Payant
    Cody Payant 3 дня назад

    Sometimes John Oliver is funny. And bud the KGB invented track suits.

  • Konstantin Mayer
    Konstantin Mayer 4 дня назад

    initiate poetry kiss garlic crucial jury behavioral democrat seek sail deer.

  • Scooty
    Scooty 4 дня назад +1

    rush b

  • john billy
    john billy 4 дня назад

    I hope one day we Americans get along together and live in harmony.

  • Ranel Gallardo
    Ranel Gallardo 4 дня назад +1

    If you want to go to Russia without going to Russia go to Texas. It's like Russia but hotter.

  • Kavya Phophalia
    Kavya Phophalia 6 дней назад

    Good beyond words!

  • Anaxater Philaus
    Anaxater Philaus 6 дней назад

    Who here thinks that drug users have supernatural capabilities and use slight impulse psionics to attack healthy brains? Okay, then you must be the ex-user with the abnormal memory recall with all the emotions and visuals. I remember a lot of blandness and blankness with no visuals or repeating sounds. You people are freaks. You're walking around with a mental pivot balance and it's solid. You look in the mirror and your head is fried and buzzing, your skin is green, and your toothbrush stinks. Then you're telling me that mouthwash doesn't work it just makes it worse so you don't use it. It takes more than math to bring down an iron curtain like that.

    SHAD ALAM 6 дней назад

    I think that he had maked video on Putin and Russia more than Any other even on Donald Trump

  • Handsome Nipple
    Handsome Nipple 7 дней назад

    John Oliver is epic as always but man that song in then and was brilliant well written and catchy

  • Prøfane Prince
    Prøfane Prince 7 дней назад

    It'd be cool if LWT could do and episode on DeVos.

  • IAN 4000
    IAN 4000 8 дней назад +1

    Are these videos the greatest thing to ever exist?
    It's probable.

  • VocalBoothToGo
    VocalBoothToGo 8 дней назад

    Well Trump was honest. Making a surprised face to hear that America did lots of killing is like living under a rock, or being plain hypocritical. The reason Putin is popular in Russia is not because he rides a horse shirtless or scavenging thoughtfully planted ancient amphorae, but because he did away with banditizm and restored the country. Made the pensioners's savings whole again after Russia defaulted, and they lost their money ( he paid lost savings back with indexation).
    People who only get their news from satirical comedy programs like this , might laugh, but he got the corruption under control. It is not like there is no corruption in Russia, plenty. Corruption is everywhere ( including the USA politicians), but before Putin came to power corruption in Russia was OUT of control. He gave country stability. And if he has the 45 Bln USD, he did not "steal" it from people. he earned it. Putin got the country 10 years after the USSR ceased to exits. EVERYTHING WHAT COULD BE STOLEN WAS STOLEN already!
    Putin got the country in ruins and fixed it. Bush jr came out of presidency 10 mln richer, than he got in, in the process he destroyed america's credibility, invaded sovereign countries, killed hundreds of thousands of people. Obama , bombed even more countries, perfected drone killing. ( and i voted for him, because he promised to stop the wars). Drone killing is "clean", just like playing a video game with real lives.
    So Trump was telling the truth. Laugh all you want. He was also telling the truth that being friends with Russia is better, than being enemies. Better for the people and for other countries, but not good for making money on selling weapons and militarizing Europe. All these new NATO members are now buying american weaponry, using american consultants. Good business. Imagine if Russia was a friend? it is bad for business (arm sales). Good for people, but bad for business. Business wins every time.

  • mhughet
    mhughet 8 дней назад

    Liberal garbage trying to make Russia out to be the boogeyman. Jon Oliver is so much better when his shows stay away from political discussions.

  • Turkey is gay
    Turkey is gay 8 дней назад

    America has done shit to many countries so sadly tump is right

  • Blackout043
    Blackout043 8 дней назад

    5:48 At least he keeps in shape. That's all I'm going to say. Trump, if you want to be more than a one-term flash, drop the McD's, the pizza with a bottle of ketchup and the 12 diet cokes and work out like great Russian totally not dicator Preisdent

  • kawaii panda
    kawaii panda 9 дней назад

    Me is russian but I don't like Putin to much

  • XxxXDelunaXxxX
    XxxXDelunaXxxX 9 дней назад


  • TheMreriks
    TheMreriks 9 дней назад

    We were so young, so naive

  • MrMina5484
    MrMina5484 10 дней назад

    John Oliver , do not talk about Putin corruption. Your children got shot in public school and you can't change it. Your whole administration , Congressmen and Wall street people are corrupted. Lobbies control your democracy like Chicago gangs in the 30's

  • Major woody
    Major woody 11 дней назад

    The reason he likes Putin is because they are both Alpha males and there's a mutual respect between them that only men like them can relate to.

  • Jeffrey Tan
    Jeffrey Tan 11 дней назад

    That so awesome hilarious but I’m still a trump Putin and Assad fan

  • narfle
    narfle 12 дней назад

    Who is the center dancer? Im in love!

  • David Ulanovsky
    David Ulanovsky 14 дней назад

    Americunt propaganda

  • An Kl
    An Kl 14 дней назад

    нехилая у них пропаганда

  • Caitlin Jrerve
    Caitlin Jrerve 14 дней назад

    The Putin song is so catchy!!!

    DYWYPI 14 дней назад +1

    It's impressive that a year later, the bots are still here.

  • Chartoise
    Chartoise 14 дней назад

    Add Sergei Skripal to that list

  • paulino89
    paulino89 15 дней назад

    Yet non of that shit has happened

  • lfa F
    lfa F 15 дней назад

    that song has been stuck in my head since i watched this episode, and it has to have been months ago if not longer. I have even downloaded the song to try to get it out of my head..

  • Mark Al_Cobia
    Mark Al_Cobia 16 дней назад

    cambrige analitycs did & by the way Brexit to

  • Anedime
    Anedime 16 дней назад

    "Our election process is not rigged"
    Gerrymandering and Electoral college are not rigged? Trump is legally the president in spite of less people voting for him than his opponent. Remind me again how our election process is not rigged?

  • Silverio Fois
    Silverio Fois 16 дней назад

    Most entertaining anti-putin propaganda I've ever seen. Mostly made up, but still funny. Thank you

  • 83Henno
    83Henno 16 дней назад

    This hasn’t aged well has it Johnny boy????? Cuck

  • Денис Владимирович
    Денис Владимирович 17 дней назад

    U morons already try establish democracy in 1985. and russia lost millions people died for starvation and poverty. am prefer to kill you all for that. And you already call for war with video like that. where putin thyran and all russian evil. Are u ready for war ?

  • CamtheHuman
    CamtheHuman 18 дней назад

    21k putinbots disliked this video

  • Artur Aitkaliev
    Artur Aitkaliev 18 дней назад

    Russians like Putin because he shows an allure of strong manlihood and stability that was lacking during the decade following the ussr disolution, It reminds them also of the old communist presidents that some see the the communist days as the gorious days, not all of coursem but that image still lingers in the russian collective mind

  • Fabian Vidal
    Fabian Vidal 18 дней назад

    strong evidence?

  • KasimierLP
    KasimierLP 19 дней назад

    Dammit this is catchy ..

  • P G
    P G 20 дней назад

    teleprompter operator can't get the right fucking speed, fire the bastard

  • LazerMax2000
    LazerMax2000 20 дней назад

    HOLY ORWELLS! It's a cult of personality!

  • Samuel Bocanegra
    Samuel Bocanegra 21 день назад

    John oliver döda dig själv. Ingen gillar dig.

  • Nyah Notrealname
    Nyah Notrealname 21 день назад +1

    No liberal democracy has the moral high ground over any other system. Just a bunch of mindless, vulgar, barely literate trash.

  • Kiam Theman
    Kiam Theman 21 день назад

    Putin's nickname is vulva! LOL. There are songs about him, like: Vulva, vulva, how I love it so, vulva vulva, it really makes me grow!... la la la, la, I love you vulva! Rather than a vulva, though, I think he's a dick! :)

  • MentleGen of Leisure
    MentleGen of Leisure 22 дня назад

    Just because Trump wants to get along with Russia isnt a bad thing. We should have good relations with them. After all we are the 2 most powerful nations in the world.

  • Osamah Al-Tuma
    Osamah Al-Tuma 22 дня назад +1

    And the USA government are angels. Read your fucking history The US government are war criminals

  • James Mills
    James Mills 22 дня назад

    I agree with Trump in the sense that we are not so innocent ourselves and neither is he. His first military raid killed a 5 year old American girl and Bush and Cheney were a monsters. Obama wasn’t innocent either. Yes, Putin is awful but we cannot ignore the ones at home because of him

  • BRabbit
    BRabbit 23 дня назад +1

    ITS RUSSIA!!! The russian illuminati control EVERYTHING! You herd it here first!
    GOGOGO Putin!

  • Al Mahmud Khan
    Al Mahmud Khan 23 дня назад

    but you have to admit USA is not better than Russia ^_^ Infact they will be proven as worse if you start listing all the countries USA invaded so far. It would be a long list.

  • Q Monticure
    Q Monticure 24 дня назад

    and didn't Putin shoot terrorist and their families before the Winter Olympics in Russia?

  • Hell on Earth - The History Of Warfare

    Putin isn;t even wet in that pic....

  • Laggadin
    Laggadin 24 дня назад

    Putin is the biggest russian symbol but he almost doesn't drink vodka because he's too busy being president ALL THE TIME FOR ALL OF ETERNITY

  • RajtanTajtan
    RajtanTajtan 24 дня назад


  • Allen S
    Allen S 25 дней назад

    I'm a straight-up honkey and even I know you clap on the off-beat. C'mon, people.

  • Asbestos Fish
    Asbestos Fish 25 дней назад

    One year on, the pile of vodka infused hotdog meat is still in office.
    May god forgive us.

  • Richard Eldridge
    Richard Eldridge 25 дней назад

    Takogo Kak Putin has been stuck in my head all week. It's a very catchy song. Plus, when you play it backwards, you hear, "There is no collusion. Get over it. Trump won."

  • slevinlindsay
    slevinlindsay 26 дней назад

    i hope john oliver has done one of these on his own country cos they ain't sitting pretty at the moment with brexshit, pedo rings and greedy elites, etc...it's only fair.

  • D. B
    D. B 26 дней назад

    3/4ths the comments on here are from Russian hackers spreading misinformation.

  • D4l4m4r
    D4l4m4r 26 дней назад

    Consider this:
    Boris Jelzin was more or less directly installed by the US government (which makes the accusations of Russia meddling with the presidential elections quite funny actually). And once Jelzin was in power he started to sell out Russias resources to western nations, including the US. Putin put a stop to that. Not with fair methods, far from it, but after a few years all the western locusts were gone...
    I think its no wonder they hate him.

  • hasarutoe tensakey
    hasarutoe tensakey 26 дней назад

    he does have small ass hands

  • john hopkins
    john hopkins 26 дней назад

    Putin Relativismus: (i.e. not entirely dissimilar to German arguments that "a lot of others did it too...")
    Aka "The six-year-olds' defense")

  • Костя Скейтеров
    Костя Скейтеров 27 дней назад

    wow wow wow
    We can take everything, but the jokes about russian novels. Easy John Oliver

  • Jakub kaiwoknyłM
    Jakub kaiwoknyłM 27 дней назад

    greetz from Poland, great show :))

  • Dark Rider
    Dark Rider 27 дней назад

    I would like to fuck those singers in the end

  • Michael Sieger
    Michael Sieger 27 дней назад

    The US has a better human rights record than Russia? Is that a joke? Or does the CIA directly pay you?

  • Agustin Cesar
    Agustin Cesar 27 дней назад

    21K Russian bots don´t like the video

  • Bastian
    Bastian 27 дней назад +2

    The thing Trump says in 16:05 is the onely thing i agree with him, that's not Putin Style propaganda, it's sadly true... ( Natives, Minorities, Irak, etc.)
    Greetings from Germany, the Most innocent country in the entire world. #SARKASM..... But at least we don't deny it...

    • Jonathan Mahoney
      Jonathan Mahoney 27 дней назад

      I absolutely agree.
      Although corruption in his presidency has made Trump unwilling to speak against his clique of government leaders, this was one rare instance of when he nailed it. I respected Trump for trying to redeem our differences with Russia (although he's now too stubborn to try), and a frightening margin of American leaders don't give a thought to the citizens they exploit. Although disheartening, I support the drive for alliances and true free speech.
      Greetings to Germany from Maine (which frankly should cede from the U.S.)

  • WoodySquash
    WoodySquash 27 дней назад

    Oh dear god I'm gonna die...trump is gonna get us fucked

  • Uras Gezer
    Uras Gezer 27 дней назад

    what a clown

  • mythdeum
    mythdeum 28 дней назад

    I like you Oliver but come on, America has ''some'' endemic problems that needs to be fixed? How about America has some serious problems with going to other countries and messing with them and their people, problem. Yeah, America is not like Puttin's Russia but you have to admit, it comes pretty close when coming to her foreign policy, love of war etc. American politics may respect your and their citizen's rights but, and i find it amazing that you didn't mention it, they aren't as tolerant with other countries and their citizens human rights. I understand you don't like Trump, i don't like him either, but i think you missed it a bit right there and you did came of like one of those " America is the greatest ever" guys that you yourself tend to criticize.

  • Aleksas Masevičiuks
    Aleksas Masevičiuks 28 дней назад


  • Derek Rieger
    Derek Rieger 28 дней назад


  • Marie Poppins
    Marie Poppins 28 дней назад

    John Oliver whether people like or dislike your show, it is really funny, clever and (passive) agressively on point. Exactly what journalism mixed with comedy is supposed to do : inform, criticize and mock powers in place, the necessary fourth branch of the checks and balances system.

  • Meghan
    Meghan 28 дней назад

    Time during Trump’s presidency seems to pass in centuries. Michael Flynn’s resignation was like 6784 years ago. To think of how much collusion has been revealed in the past year.

  • Groisu
    Groisu 28 дней назад +1

    Remember kids if you wanna rule the world you need a theme song

  • Shyam Bathiya
    Shyam Bathiya 28 дней назад

    Putin=Modi after in power for 15 yrs

  • DimonoK
    DimonoK 28 дней назад

    хто нибудь здесь есть из русских?

  • Max
    Max 29 дней назад

    song at the end sounds like techno despacito

  • m Cave
    m Cave 29 дней назад

    12:22 John owns TRUMP yet again LOL that's brilliant.

  • Vision
    Vision 29 дней назад

    2:41 As much as i love the show, I have to correct him on judo: that's the grip for ippon seoi nage and it's not going to break anyone's arm, it's a classic hip throw.

  • Miroslava Herriges
    Miroslava Herriges 29 дней назад

    Now wait a minute--here's clear damned difference: while Putin's agitprop soundtrack uses shitty eurotrash techno music, our Dear Leader has giants like Ted Nugent, Kid Rock and Toby Keith in his stable. Cultural superiority or higher grade propaganda production values? You decide, America, in 2018...

  • Ann Nee
    Ann Nee 29 дней назад +1

    Why does Russia still bother to pretend it's a democracy, I wonder?

  • Андрей Nov
    Андрей Nov 29 дней назад

    ruclip.com/video/M5wzssi5xS0/видео.html That's how the elections in Russia took place 2018=)))))

  • Joe Barnett
    Joe Barnett 29 дней назад

    The human instinct of rebellion makes me want to shit on Johns car

  • Rouzhina Safaei
    Rouzhina Safaei Месяц назад

    The song is catchy af and the girl on the right got really into it

  • Керимушка
    Керимушка Месяц назад

    15:20 Dendi

  • Thoughts And feels
    Thoughts And feels Месяц назад

    Once again Russia proves Russia is weird

  • Kozlovsky NeVor
    Kozlovsky NeVor Месяц назад

    It most be joke from the Usa ? Look like Propaganda with some jokes.

  • Brief Thoughts
    Brief Thoughts Месяц назад

    This video made me remember my Russian colleague who was loving the Algerian couscous and tomatoes 😅