Putin: Last Week Tonight with John Oliver (HBO)

Vladimir Putin is known as a ruthless leader and master manipulator. John Oliver enlists a group of singing dancers to explain that to Donald Trump.

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Автор RAWR & Pupatin ( назад)
As someone neutral between russia and US ,trump is not wrong when he says some US leaders are killers. Dont get me wrong i hate trump as much as the next guy but credit where credit is due.

US is domestically better off than Russia,not a lot better though, but when it comes to the international level the US has Vietnam,Lebanon,The entire central americas,Yugoslavia,Iraq and so many more uneccecary wars under its belt that yeah, it balances out

Автор Adam Khan ( назад)
Hello youtubers watccch Last Week Tonight with John Oliver online here => https://twitter.com/38a5c4d46058ffb24/status/824453001297289217

Автор Shashank Tripathi ( назад)
I am from Russia,living in Moscow,I confirm every word Oliver said,Putin is corrupt to the core,he is no saviour,no saint neither are Americans,but Putin is much much worse.

Автор Паха ( назад)
....and I thought Oliver was objective...

Автор david ghalayan ( назад)
12:02 had me loling

Автор Ilja Gaimovic ( назад)
You know guys - As Russian I feel offended of your view about our president. In our shows don't speak about your president or election because we dont care and its not nice - only scums speaking about it before the back. You speak about corruption and can't see your own county dirtiness. You Americans are realy disgusting. Please Look at your own pod! I think Putin is great president - Try to complain with your Barak , Trump or Clinton! And blaiming my country about hack of documents (It'seems dosn't metter what Clinton had all this compromat - you start forget about it) without any proof - You start believe in your own lies! Ah yes! I forgot believe in lies it's normal for American people )

Автор Caffinator ( назад)
I find Trump abhorrent, but it seems like there was a lot of dishonest narrative in this episode. I usually like John Oliver, but he's getting a thumbs down on this one.

Автор Peter ( назад)
I am conservative, so I often disagree with John Oliver on many points, but still find his show funny and informative - I still believed the information he would cite to be true, but that changed with this episode. I am originally from Russia (and other neighboring formerly soviet republics) and know exactly what things are like in Russia.
Putin is well-liked by MOST of the Russian public (not all), but it is because they like to have a strong leader to appear tough to other nations, so it does not mean that Putin is immune to Public scrutiny. For example, during the whole Kursk submarine incident, his image had dropped because people did not like how Putin handled it and were NOT AFRAID TO SHOW IT - it was on TV and everything, people voicing their angry disapprovals of Putin. Then there's the more recent incident of him going to Turkey to negotiate a deal and the president there kept him waiting for hours before he met with him, which made his public image drop significantly because most of the Russians felt that he needed to get up and leave and not meet with the president due to the disrespect shown to him by making him wait.

Oh, and as for your comment that you can say whatever you want about Trump on TV and be fine - you do realize that Russian television makes fun of Putin all the time, right? There's a very popular Russian comedy show called KVN (a little bit like the American "Whose Line Is It Anyway?" show, and Putin is featured in comedy skits of that show quite frequently in both, positive AND negative light.

And yes, Putin RIGHTFULLY compares Russia's shortcomings to US' because he, understandably, feels that if someone should be pointing a finger at him, it shouldn't be a nation that is plagued by the same issues as his. He is simply pointing out the ridiculousness of the accusations against his country when the same issues are happening in other nations, including the ones pointing fingers. Pot calling the kettle black.

Not that John mentioned it, but Pussy Riot (for example) was taken to jail for hooliganism, not for speaking out against Putin. It was for the nature of their act, they trespassed into a church, took the stage, and started shouting profanities. Whether they were speaking out against Putin or Mickey Mouse, that was inappropriate and against the law, so they were taken to jail. It's that simple. This happens in US as well. For instance, you cannot interrupt a court hearing, be taken to jail for "contempt of court" and then argue that you were TRULY arrested because you were speaking out against Trump.

And no one in Russia listens to any gay ass "A man like Putin" song that some idiot girls made up. Russia is not North Korea, people in Russia do not wake up and pray to a portrait of Putin, they simply like him, just as many liberals like Obama and idolize him.

Автор Phil Stover ( назад)
Jesus Christ this comment section is atrocious.

First of all, this video is about PUTIN, not Russia. John is criticizing PUTIN, not Russia.

Also, it is irrelevant which country is worse between the USA and Russia. Just because one country did some bad things does not mean the other country's actions are acceptable.

Автор Lachlan Duncanson-Hales ( назад)
after watching this i came to a realization Putin is secretly gay with Trump. THINK ABOUT IT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Автор lu na ( назад)
How dare Putin mistreat his journalistic critics. If your Brain didn't immediately go "Edward Snowden" you are the definition of a brainwashed sheep.

Автор lu na ( назад)
"there is no hard proof yet"
let me translate that for you
"i am a paid lying whore and i will say whatever ludicrous nonsense my pimps tell me to."

The US-government aggressively influenced many elections. One beautiful example was Boris Yeltsin.

Even IF Russia would have spread uncomfortable truths about Clinton with the intention to influence the election, that would not make Russia and US even, since the US spread nothing but lies in the Yeltsin incident.

You might think of Russians watching Russia Today as brainwashed. But please be aware you are being brainwashed towards the other side in exactly the same way here.

Usually i wouldn't care, i don't live in either country. But your dipshit government fucked up so many countries in the last 2 decades i'm starting to worry.
Let's see what trump will do.
Getting along with Russia is pretty much the only sensible idea he had so far ( That's why US and British media attack him for it )

Aggressevly trying to piss off iran however is a bad idea.

Автор gagan gupta ( назад)
This guy who is sitting on the chair and speaking anything is really stupid and dumb. Fucking saying anything, thinking anything. Just anything. Is not there a culture of doing little study and research over someone before speaking up.

Автор Pedja Gacinovic ( назад)
john oliver is a special kind of moron

Автор DeadnWoon ( назад)
I would say that there must be less comedy on TV, because if you need 30 minutes of laugh to be produced on every evening, it surely results in mocking at the generally unridiculous events, persons and things. The other thing I want to say is that discussing on the country that lies tens of thousands of miles from yours is always per definition incompetent. You do not know what it all looks and feels like inside the country you discuss upon. You pretend that the American view is the only right one, because the USA is the richest one. Well, that's kind of adolescent, you know. Do you know for example that in Russia a tooth filling can cost you like a few dollars - without any insurance, just a few dollars for anyone. Do you know that in the USSR the overall monthly payment for gas, water, telephone, TV, electricity was 10-12 rubles, while the average salary was 130 rubles? Do you know that in the USSR price of the book was carved or printed on it at the publishing house, so that it would never change? Do you know that in Russia if you cannot get to the doctor, he/she ought to visit you at home - for free! Every country has its positive and negative sides, and if you are serious about what is said in this video, it only shows that you act like a racist, a believer in the American supremacy. Every big country in the world is supreme, not only the USA.

Автор SSBlou ( назад)
No evidence for any of these claims. Still funny though.

Автор KingsExecutor ( назад)
The libtards should be ashamed to support this idiot who attacks Trump for being able to objectively reflect on the US being not innocent. Yes America you are killers and that doesnt mean one has to be Russian to be able to say that u fooocking idiots

Автор thetruesteezy ( назад)
You have to go back.

Автор TudatiEvolucio ( назад)
Hungarian secret agent reveals in detail how serious the Russian threat is:
:S :(

Автор Joseph Moyseyuk ( назад)

Автор JohnnyD421 ( назад)
John Oliver, you're a dog! Your accent sounds like Donald Trump's fart after polishing off a 10 pound of bucket of beans!

Автор Satvik Patel ( назад)

Автор Jimbo Graham ( назад)
I just came to watch the dancing girls to Russian techno again 👍👍👍👐👐👐

Автор mihrjf ( назад)
The show aims to teach the viewers on a subconscious level to mentally associate derisive laughter with any person or opinion that is at odds with the narrative's take on the chosen issue. It accomplishes this by maintaining a strict adherence to a roughly 20 second cycle in which a stimulus is presented, and a response is cued.

Автор kim miller ( назад)
obama was friends with merckel, together they killed muslims and christians throughout the middle east.

Автор Jack KissMyAspergers ( назад)
He got me with the Missy Elliott joke, but lord, those LYRICS at the end. They sound like they were written by an eighth-grader phoning it in for their English homework. C'mon, guys. You definitely could've come up with something better. A little clever word play won't hurt you every now and then, yeah?

Автор Ian Moore-Kilgannon ( назад)
17:00 DNC rigging the primary against Bernie ring any bells?

Автор Nie Katzap ( назад)
As English speaking russian citizen i wanna say smtng: Hey STUPID americans who is actually in love with HIM - try to LIVE in Russian Federation first before making statements about Putin,i don't understand how some people can love this guy - he's do nothing for it's people in russia except feeding tons of propaganda and putting money from his oil companies his and his friends bank accounts. Come over here in Russia and see how average people live here in regions - lies,social injustice,shut down free media,humilation of it's own people,deeply integrated corruption,poverty,aggressive religion propaganda,thousands of muslim illegals,no human rights and all tv's lies about "everything is fine keep praise our leader putin". I understand that american gov is not pefect but believe me they are 1000 times better then the government of the one man that we have here in our country.

Автор Mila Semenova ( назад)
I'm Russian and i very respect Putin. He is really good guy😉👍
My president.Proud him!🇷🇺
I wish kindness to all ( and i'm sorry my bad english))))))))))

Автор Genna M ( назад)
it finally works jeez xD it wasn't available in canada for awhile :p

Автор neutrinos11111111 ( назад)
The United States is the biggest producer of fake news in the world. Mainstream media cuck john Oliver is just another stooge parroting US propaganda. It is amusing he can go on such a rant against Russia, a country that is actively working to fight terrorists in Syria that the US funded and trained.

Автор Dwane Azra ( назад)
Caucasian Americans , thats what u should call white ass people calling black guys African American

Автор gabiluch87 ( назад)
Not even Bill O'Riley can take all the bullshit and idiotic comments that comes out of Trumps mouth...

Автор TSteffi ( назад)
i love that techno track

Автор Gabriela Malinovic ( назад)
its just his standpoint thenagain, many people reason in realationship aspects that trump may support and may disagree with others but then again this is not a discrete political discussion than just a simple trump putin satyre and therefore not viable enough for the populus to create a certain opinion on, summing up if you really want to have an honest opinion always listen to both sides when you do research and dont waste your time on political comedy like I did now

Автор Dhrov Gupta ( назад)
dear youtube, you are not showing me LastWeekTonight video upload notifications! Please fix this, I missed this video for over a mounth...

Автор xXNibiNoNekoXx ( назад)
I really hate nationalism.

Автор Graham Burrows ( назад)
dumbest generation

Автор Tiz Schnitz ( назад)
Hey Last Week. Think you can normalize the volume levels between episodes??

Автор Your Likes Make Me Moist ( назад)
at 8:43 "last cock tonight" lool

Автор Matthew Walker ( назад)
so funny. in tears.

Автор Margo Fiddltwop ( назад)

Автор HugoBossUnzipped ( назад)
Putin is not a nice guy, but for John to list the 4 things at 10:39 that Putin has done pales in comparison to the actions of any American president in the last century. The list of cruel, murderous despots the US has supported (if not directly installed) is staggering. Putin is a rank amateur in comparison. As to the anti-gay rhetoric, ahhhh..errr.. John have you listened to just about any repub politician especially governors for the last 40 yrs?

Автор Fiend S ( назад)
One question about the song: It's cold as shit in Russia, how'd they manage to make fire?

Автор Darrack ( назад)
It's funny how americans think they're better than Russkis ! :)

Автор Brian Witt ( назад)
Tired of dumb politics?
Check out Glitter Dogs on YouTube! 70's style classic rock!
Got mine on CD Baby
Check out "loving Me Is Suicide"

Автор Some kind of Entity ( назад)
Wait a second.. I am taller than Putin?.... let me check
ten seconds later: Yeah I actually am taller

Автор Ciderbu ( назад)
What a bunch of bullshit. Yes, he is not a cartoon villain in Russia. In Russia he is a villain. A real, live sized motherfucking villain.

Автор Sassy MonsterJ ( назад)
Wouldn't it be nice if i could get along with my wife.

Автор Family Safa ( назад)
nice100 fahimfahimi fahimfahimi ee see Family TRump Family Korea nice100 fahimfahimi fahimfahimi ee see Family Korea nice100 ok TRump Family Korea lot potim nice100

Автор Roberto G ( назад)
this guy is a hater Putin is awesome

Автор Kvlt Cevii ( назад)
What about american presidents? They are not soulless, war mongering, war profiting, democracy-selling master manipulators?

Автор Sandra Caster ( назад)
Dump on cars. It could be dump trump logos?!!

Автор Sandra Caster ( назад)
Now trump is trying hard like Putin to be best president. So I think if he does well as selling obey caster shirt for men , and obey products instead of trump undergarments , I think he could have stocks go up.

Автор Sandra Caster ( назад)
One thing about Putin, he works so hard at trying to be the best president that he should get credit for at his retirement.

Автор Sandra Caster ( назад)
Funny. I'm forwarding to the white House.

Автор The Naked Ant ( назад)
People do not worship Putin as if he was a russian Kim Jong Un. American press may be more free, but is not like that stupid song or the belief in his diving skills were the norm.

Автор WhiteSeaLeviathan ( назад)

Автор WhiteSeaLeviathan ( назад)
and what u dont have christian TV channels?! in america? and y do u assume he was not repeating someone else words?

Автор WhiteSeaLeviathan ( назад)
His daughters are much much older, they are in their 30ties, next lie pls. Im listening.

Автор WhiteSeaLeviathan ( назад)
this song is like 7 years old retard lier u are.

Автор WhiteSeaLeviathan ( назад)
he did not order this song! y do u think that EVERYTHING that happens in Russia is putin ordered, this is just some pop-jock song thats all, ppl just laughing and listen thats all, it is a jock!!! Omg

Автор WhiteSeaLeviathan ( назад)

Автор Julius Caesar ( назад)
Arrogant, condescending and full of clichés, stereotypes and lies

Автор Pikachu for President ( назад)

Автор DarthAlphaTheGreat ( назад)
What's wrong of recognizing that U.S. has done horrible shit AND it's probably a good idea to NOT start Cold War II?

Автор BlackFalconGaming TheGrandioseAuthoritarianFantasy ( назад)
Those girls with the techno were baaad!

Автор Violetta V ( назад)
Господи, как вы заебали гнать на Россию и Путина... Жалкие американцы :С Ми ми ми

Автор Zhekai Zhang ( назад)
Oliver, your video has always been amazing to watch and I just want to tell you, kindly, stop wiping Americans' ass. You are not even from there. You say Russia don't deserve America's trust or friendship, but you mentioned Saudi Arabia which is currently a good friend of the US. You may say Russia is bad and totalitarian, but it doesn't decapitate thieves or stoning women. And in case you ever wondered where did all those Isis stuff or Taliban or rebels in Xinjiang came from. Ask you good friend king of Sadi Arabia and he might tell you! But after all these you stills view that country as ally and friend, why? All I can think of is the gasoline! The money! So if this is how American policy works, how is trump any special, saying a bench of nice words to Putin if he's getting paid? And besides, Russia didn't create the Syrian problem.

Автор Divinecross ( назад)
Or like
soft-core north korea

Автор Bryan Bluestone ( назад)
lmao this has been debunked months ago. The DNC was hacked by one of the alphabeth agencies. Putin had nothing to do with Trump winning, and anyone whos still thinking Trump is working for the Russian shouldnt be allowed to vote because you belong in a mental institution where they can maybe treat yor brainwashing.

Автор pepe the haye symbol ( назад)
putin is a human pile of shit, but fuck it pisses me off when americans go all patriotic

Автор James Meyers ( назад)
Oliver gets it!

Автор Ainchase Ishmael ( назад)
While John is talking about Trump's dream of a relationship with Russia, I'm still wondering which Philippine president agreed to the one sided parity rights

Автор FacePalm.exe ( назад)
I just put the "A man like Putin" song on repeat and listened to it for 30 minutes straight.
Propaganda has never sounded so damn good or was so bloody catchy.

Автор Warbusted ( назад)
The U.S. has way worse killers than Putin. They get to move to a white house every four years.

Автор Tvoyo Delo ( назад)
Crimea and Syria are American interests and values? Oliver is working hard for his money, but this was the least convincing of his videos.

Автор king potato ( назад)
One big president that was a killer was Andrew Jackson

Автор phineas lesiba matsimela ( назад)
American think we luve them for killing saddam and kaddaffi

Автор Alexander Schepanovski ( назад)
I wonder whether John Oliver understands that more people in the world like Putin than any American president. Just make a little step east.

Автор ART pozitiv games ( назад)
I YOU suck
i you fack

Автор Lyef123 ( назад)
when a show about Hillary?
common there's a lot of fun on her and her career... south arabia.....

Автор AntiBiotiK Dgfs ( назад)
What opinion should Americans leave of these programs?

Автор Ingvar Z ( назад)

Автор Ashtonator Z ( назад)
John Oliver complains about Russian media propaganda while his ENTIRE show is a giant leftist propaganda for democrats and liberals. Pot and kettle right!? lol

Автор BloodiedThunder ( назад)
"Wouldn't it be if we could get along with Russia?" is probably the most consistent sentence I've heard come out of Trump's mouth.

Автор Asaf KHAN ( назад)
Much Cameltoe

Автор Ryan Nguyen ( назад)
Putin has Trump's balls in his hands, that's why Trump talks tough about other countries but when it comes to Russie, "wonderful if we get along with Russia?"

Автор Mordant221 ( назад)
I still don't get why we're suppose to hate Russia so much. We get along with other sketchy governments, China and India for example, Russia shouldn't be any different.

Автор John Marcera ( назад)
17 thousands Russians

Автор Ermius Lark ( назад)
fcking clown

Автор Princess ナコルル ( назад)

Автор StillJustMike ( назад)
How come newer episodes than this keep getting pulled on the same day they're uploaded? It's not like the episodes haven't been happening.

Автор Ram Felter ( назад)
I am not a fan of Putin, by any means, but this program is not only mindbogglingly hypocritical, it's also equally stupid. Who will gain from antagonizing a country which has nuclear weapons' parity with the United States over the things that have nothing to do with the United States. Please, John, if you want to fight a little war with Russia, go back to England and incite for it there. Your imbecile warmongering is not welcome in America.

Автор theGhoulman ( назад)
Let me get this straight... The criticism of Putin, well, aside from assassinating opponents with nuclear ingredients, is that his government has annexed the Crimea, suppressed protesters, and attacked gays??? Dude, that's a Wednesday in America! If the Crimea were any US navel base in the world. Come on!

Автор CommieGamer ( назад)
My comment does not justify in any way Putin's actions, but a staggering number of countries are not compatibke with democracy. Most Eastern European, Middle Eastern and Asian nations. I have personal problems with this, I am yet to find a solution as I oppose dictatorship but also democracy. If anyone has a solution, feel free to let me know :)

Автор Nicole Wilkinson ( назад)
How come this is the only recent video on YouTube?

Автор Ted O'Flaherty ( назад)
Why are all the new videos unavailable for me?

Автор Mike, TheAnimated ( назад)
Anyone else notice that when Putin was using that fly machine that he wasn't using any weight?

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