Putin: Last Week Tonight with John Oliver (HBO)

Vladimir Putin is known as a ruthless leader and master manipulator. John Oliver enlists a group of singing dancers to explain that to Donald Trump.

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Длительность: 20:6
Комментарии: 20225

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Автор I'm turning the frogs straight ( назад)

Автор Manly Man ( назад)
This show is one of the most stupid and meaningless shows in the world. In this video there is nothing interesting, only one
poisonous sarcasm. But this is boring! The show host repeats the same things over and over again.

Автор TheVindein ( назад)
Politkovskaya was killed by chechens fucking idiot. By the way USA annex Hawaii. How about Saudi Arabia and gays? fucking hypocrites

Автор MrJustonemorevoice ( назад)
"The Russians claimed that the us election was rigged"
Because it was, and they had proof (cough cough Hillary Cough)

Also why do liberals want war with Russia but rush to embrace Islam?

Автор Nathan Smith ( назад)
Is John Oliver a communist sympathizer now? I thought he was meant to be a comedian? Interesting. I mean he should be happy Putin may be involved in US election hacking, he believes in the same system Putin does, Authoritarian socialism, better known as communism. He's certainly not  Liberal in anyway shape or form. Liberals believe in freedom and liberty and pursuit of happiness with small government, he believes in none of these things.

Автор Marina Ptushkina ( назад)
us treasury is your source slow clap

Автор Eli Warren ( назад)
Last cock tonight, best show

Автор 2001coolchemist ( назад)
Saying Putin is popular in Russia is the same as saying that Bashar El Assad is popular in Syria. Just because the media (state controlled btw) can't get enough of him doesn't mean he's viewed positively by people there. I spoke to a Russian friend of mine and she told me they call Putin the new Stalin.

Автор antti alho ( назад)
they are same

Автор FunTampa ( назад)
So. Mr. Oliver, prior to 2014, everything seemed so cozy between Russia and USA? BUT along comes John McCain in 2013 wanting colour revolution in Ukraine, why? Obama was trying to get the missile defense shield out of Russia's face. Then everything seemed to change very quickly and with help of whom, CIA? With just around 6 months to next Ukraine election, America and McCain push for Ukraine coup, why? Russia did nothing to USA?! Russia helped America move Troops and supplies in and out of Afghanistan and still do. Russia moves all the worlds Astronauts to and from the International Space Station-- ISS, America has not put anyone into Space for over FIVE years. Last time was July 2011. Russia sold Gas Oil to Europe and USA, when supplies short, Russia even tried to warn USA about the Boston Bombers, etc etc. What is going on here John Oliver? Really? Who pushed who first and whom are you really working for?

Автор Lugotorixg08 ( назад)
Of course his track suit is 3k, he is working out like true slav

Автор Mrs Corona ( назад)

Автор altitude illume ( назад)

Автор Sacha Kremeur ( назад)
Am i the only one wondering who the girl group is?

Автор Grim og Christoffer snakker film ( назад)

Автор ohhhSmooth ( назад)
John Oliver judging Putin for his $3000 suit, sitting there with a $3000 tie.. LMAO

Автор The Union of Soviet Socialist Republics 1970s ( назад)
putin is best, putin is coming

Автор woba247 ( назад)
Trump is 100% right about what he says at 16:04

Автор Twellz ( назад)
Спасибо, посмеялся.

Автор Marvin R. ( назад)
I ate my breakfast while watched this video.... mistake

Автор Karen Bezirdzhyan ( назад)
And the Gay shit there birth rate is good they annex Crimea 97% vote for it and plus go look at the missile defenses system all over Europe and surround him with 100 military space far as I see Russia Syria Iran and the one that back them up are the ones fighting for our freedom they don't act like world police

Автор Karen Bezirdzhyan ( назад)
He was a the top KGB he threw all the Jew oligarchs out made a big arena for boxing UFC judo etc for the kids and the reason for killing the ppl that try to throw him off and Jew take over again like soviet they hate Russian cuz of the khazars hate Jews cuz they started the beganing of the end

Автор Karen Bezirdzhyan ( назад)
He's funny but far as putin his a strong leader and he make billionaire have there head down and his worth 200 billion

Автор Muzzammil Syed ( назад)
I watch most of your videos and I mostly appreciate them. This episode in specific is bad media framing.

Автор 197228sept ( назад)
You know.... I don't care how many people allegedly died by his orders. People on this planet are too many anyway! I am not Russian, I don't like him or support his decisions. BUT he literally fed the poor and lower middle class in Russia! Thanks to him they have much better agriculture and have started producing more things themselves rather than importing them. He did something for his own people, different from embarrassing them in front of the whole world (uhm, Donald). I just think it is important to acknowledge that and respect him for that. Plus, they guy is ex KGB and speaks fluently 7 (I think, maybe they were 6) languages! Plus, he is smarter than most of the morons that "rule countries" (including mine) - definitely more than Trump!

Автор Being Charlie Sheen ( назад)
I remember a russian tv show where they would find someone who didn't have any sense of style and dress him/her up, after which an obviously gay, pompously dressed man would be the judge of the outfit, you can google it, is was called модный приговор and is still on air

Автор biker#16 ( назад)
The song and dance sequence is so irritating that I would now like to gouge my eyeballs and set them of fire.

Автор Qaim Alvi ( назад)
im going to stop watching your show :( I tht you had a spine but ur just like the mainstream meia only in a fancy presentation and funny jokes

Автор Duane Reilly ( назад)
bear analogy, love it.

Автор Sam Vodo - Самуил Водопьянов ( назад)
even i like this xD - But at 14:14 the translation is inncorrect. I think they did this on purpose.

Автор rasbill ( назад)
soo let me get this straight. hes saying there is no way we should ever get along based on how different those people are
but lets open the boarder to a ton of syrians like wtf john oliver, yes we arnt the same as russia. i think we get that in america. we also get that putin isnt great. alot of places arnt great. fuck the american peoiple for wanting peace with russia, neither of our leaders are any good, but there not the ones who are gonna have to fight each other
to say the russians blindly follow and believe every little word putin spouts out is unbelievable, im sorry. yes im sure he has alot of hardcore heads that follow him just as we do trump, and maybe those people cant be as vocal as they are here, but basically telling me all the russians are stupid as shit, sorry im not buying that. i dont want no fighting with russia, yes we are different, lets find a way to get along. its not a bad thing. like u really just said getting along with russia is worse than getting along with saudi arabia

Автор Ekhoe Pua ( назад)
I'm a straight man and even I love the Putin song and can't get it out of my head

Автор AD T ( назад)
1. The worst analysis on Putin's life achievements, super biased and lame
2. Our Democracy is a failure. The DNC cheats, there is voter fraud everywhere, ridiculous candidates like Hillary or Trump are the only
options. Our government is owned by corporations and globalists
3. We are killers, we kill people everyday in many places around the world. Perhaps you dont remember what we did in Iraq, Libya, Syria, Afghanistan, Vietnam, Japan, etc?
4. And te press is not free in America, is controlled, like you are controlled
5. Our values? Taking over foreign elections, attacking countries indiscriminately, stealing resources from all over the world, spreading our fake "democracy" every time one person defy us... we are not roles models
6. Be sure Putin will never be after you, you're not a journalist or a comedian, nor have own ideas, you are just a sold bastard

Автор Anti-Feminist Admiral [41st Omega] ( назад)
Let's shit on John Oliver's car. He insulted the glorious leader, Vladimir.

Автор Ojoe Max ( назад)
Vodka vodka cyka blyat idi nahoui

Автор K-Real570 ( назад)
Again made show around Putin , Russia and russian people .

Автор Harald Honk ( назад)
Did anyone else notice that John's sex tape will be called "Last Cock Tonight"? 8:45

Автор Prashant Choubey ( назад)

Автор Pedro Ivan de Albuquerque Lima ( назад)
Even crapy disco music gets better with Putin :P

Автор siddhanth hill ( назад)
you know what's sad.... your existance y'all killary sheep.

Автор siddhanth hill ( назад)
look yourself in the mirror b4 judging others.... sick fuck killary asslickers.

Автор siddhanth hill ( назад)
dayum you killary asslickers

Автор chuck b ( назад)
this is what a roy cohn show would have looked like... j. oliver the secret lovechild of cohn and j. edgar hoover?

Автор Phedre Delaunay ( назад)
2.52 is that where Berlusconi took the idea for his song?

Автор Phedre Delaunay ( назад)
2.52 is that where Berlusconi took the idea for his song?

Автор James Williamson ( назад)
Wow. You're so full of shit. Russia and Drumpf? Really, John? In collaboration with Putin? I guess you're hoping for WWIII! You know what? You're just a c*nt.

Автор Alpha 617 ( назад)
The Russians too are now remorseful Trump voters.

Автор Саша Мальований ( назад)
Джон ты крутой !!!! I love your Show.

Автор Mark Ryan ( назад)
Nobody ever said that a good relationship with Russia would've easy or that the USA and Russia are equal on moral or ethical grounds.

Автор 田中之夢 ( назад)
You look like Mnuchin.

Автор Nenad Podjebavić ( назад)
also gives to world mendelev system, first satelite, man, woman, space station and space walk in space and so on you ignorante bastard

Автор Chickknight Greenleaf ( назад)
yours US love to point the finger to Stalin and barking about his kill millions but for all the crazy shit Trump said I agreed with him in 16:7, why? ask the Native Americans they know.

Автор Anthony Treen ( назад)
John Oliver is looking more and more like Groucho Marx.

Автор otaliesin ( назад)
You could make a show like this with Trump, Obama, even Clinton...

Автор Chaotic Order ( назад)
Holy shit? No way. Are you telling me Russia's people are as mindless as North Koreans? They're just worshiping their leader as if he's beyond human? A God, even? No wonder people in power hate freedom so much. The alternative is easily controllable, mindless buffoons and prosperity.

Автор Rajath D ( назад)
atleast internationally Russia has more respect than usa,they don't overthrow regimes based on speculations and then leave the country in complete utter chaos

Автор Ben Heinrich ( назад)

Автор Leftist cancer ( назад)
Haters will keep hating on Russia and contribute nothing in the moral world, while Russia will continue to work hard to build and defend their country.

Автор David Webb ( назад)
Maybe you will be surprised, cos Captain America is a god guy, but after 1945 US annihilate 26 million of people and destroy 73 governments. Remember who used nuke weapon against people, who killed more than 20% of North Korean population; 3 milion people in Vietnam and poisoned their land using "Agent Orange"; who created Taliban and support ISIS now. Its your US and British govs. You really think ISIS can exist without support and not under sanctions? You better ask right questions to your govs and stop living in comixes. UK gov act as a poison snake in UN. "Make America Great Britain Again."

Автор George Sadek ( назад)
👑 king George world respect respected world wide empire

Автор iProdigy ( назад)
Russian girls are af tho

Автор Hero Crusher ( назад)
you're an A-hole

Автор Econ Dude ( назад)
Где они дерьмовую песенку откопали. Никогда не слышал

Автор cavey davey ( назад)
https://youtu.be/0utzB6oDan0?t=272 and this is different from the last stage capitalist west how?

Автор Donald J. Trump ( назад)

Автор BOIT ( назад)
the girl on the left is hot.

Автор LS15QD ( назад)
Love this guy

Автор TSAviation ( назад)
This is pure fucking propaganda.

Автор Gabe Rocca ( назад)

Автор Qwartzy Cubz ( назад)
We need a full song!

Автор Demonic musician ( назад)
please tell me I'm not the only one who wants to literally put a melted O'Henry Bar on John Oliver's Car

Автор Ubeydillah Alas ( назад)
Yo can't we just let every sovereign country alone like damn they ain't hurting you ain't doing anything to you do so just fuck off America has to stick it's fingers in every corner of the world

Автор Leo Masloboy ( назад)

Автор Leo Masloboy ( назад)
Eat shit oliver

Автор Mike Kozenko ( назад)
Vlad' doesn't drink?
either he's lying...
or he honestly doesn't drink (like ever); which to be honest makes me trust him less....

Автор Emily Stremel ( назад)
Contrived seaside photo ops are old news here in Canada:

Автор Athraxes ( назад)
Not a Putin fan but having a healthy relationship with Russia is kinda important and this shouldnt be undermined by just making fun of Putin to support the anti russian atmosphere in the US even more... although I enjoy the laughs =) But ppl should also get informed on Russia and why it is not the devil...

Автор Metro Bradsey ( назад)
fuck meryl streep

Автор o0OHermioneO0o ( назад)
Trump admitting that the US has a dark and problematic history is the first true thing that has come out of his mouth.

Автор mj ( назад)
Isn't this sad that russian women dream about man who isn't alcoholic? The bar is just so low:(

Автор mj ( назад)
Hahah my husband have that hat. Bought it in Moscow or Voronez, now I sometimes wear it cause I think it's so tacky that cool.

Автор Goblin2 bis ( назад)
so true !!!!! very good show and so funny

Автор Vishwas H A ( назад)
at least Russians have not bombed a sleeping city with innocent ppl. the fuckin great US.|.

Автор D gera ( назад)
well, still, Trump is right about killers , isn't he ?

Автор holyX ( назад)

Автор poet moet ( назад)
putin you operated under stalin who disagreed with religion why the hell are you letting religious bitches go spewing shit about gays, just be honest with yourself you hate gay people, you don't like the concept of a dick up your ass that's fine but really man don't let the pigs hide behind religion, stalin would have sent them to the gulags to chill with the gays

Автор Mohammad ( назад)
he understands how mean it is to shit on someone's car ... pigeons used that method for years.

Автор Tibor G. Balogh ( назад)
just for opening: for all those months of allegations that RUSSIA hacked anything, see CIA UMBRAGE hacking software able to attribute attacks to any victims and NSA/CIA -SWIFT- bank hacking software to keep funding what-ever they want and spread it out on everyone like https://twitter.com/tibor_g_balogh/status/854430904311136256 LIBOR (London Inter Bank Overnight Rate) insider scam...

$1 billion from banks
http://www.dw.com/en/hackers-steal-up-to-1-billion-from-banks/a-18260327 …
[how do banks know if CIA or "hackers" stealing, & UMBRAGE tools of CIA leave false...]



check how jews with the help of UK/USA treat human beings...

Автор sammy pilaert ( назад)
Some thoughts.. Imagine that trump will be impeached by proving treason, what will happen next? The real reason for impeachment is not alone "Russia" but also his inhuman personality and policy. Don t we have to change the system that makes it possible to impeach a president , when there is a lack of trust in him . Then a trust vote in p e Congress (even several times and spread out over several months) could lead to impeachment. We should holding our president accountable on moral leadership and values ... that should be admitted in basic laws.

Автор Rebellenunion ( назад)
on every point u make about putin I think about the US... strange? hmm no, not really

Автор bigw1ll ( назад)
You are a very talented and funny man... sad part is that you are a sellout.. like a high class hooker. do anything for money.

Автор Anshul Sharma ( назад)
hahahaha.. this is the cheesiest way of taking a stand against Putin. can't believe American media has come down to this level. atleast i expected some class from John Oliver. Most of the points against Putin are just statements without any proofs. just coz people listen to John he has got a big mouth to say anything bout anyone now. but this is sad. well John!! Americans and Russians are really different. this is what Americans do. they trigger a global economic melt down and when the people for the same are identified and held responsible within America, they are just left free to go with few thousands of penalty and with a word "sorry". it just doesn't stop here. they are again reinstated by the next president in the very same positions which they held because of which the economic melt down was triggered. America- 5% of people hold 95%wealth, the media claims to be free but is controlled by one single family and two govt organisations. They have the right to give any bullshit reason to convince their people to engage in a war with another nation using their tax payers money. They create both sides in the war to keep they weapons industry flourishing. best eg. Syrian crisis. both Isis and American soldiers use American made weapons. coming back to America. They have the power to fill up their prisons with one race of people and justify it in front of the whole world. I mean is it really Demoxracy!! last time i checked this is wat happens in Dictatorship!! so next time before raising questions on any other nation i guess John u should check the state of your own country. you guys are the worst!! and with Trump as Ur leader!!!! good luck!!!

Автор j.m ( назад)
just think about trump taking a shit

Автор Kayla B ( назад)
I watched some of the YouTube propaganda (rt,inessa etc) they vehemently defend everything he says and does- and the sheer amount is staggering, I know some are bots but there are so many people who really worship him and forget that he's trained in the art of getting into people's heads, something he obviously does well. watch the testimony from Clint Watts recently. He describes Putin's game with detail and his statement is staggering: "Follow the trail of dead Russians". What a mess this man has made in the world of geopolitics.

Автор xXNarutoGaidenXx ( назад)
Glad I stopped watching Oliver a long time ago. Can't be trusted.

Автор Danny Schmidt ( назад)
That song is absolutely fucking godly

Автор lukStSerb ( назад)
17:00 _"..far from perfect"?.._ what, *Tyranny?* Not really that far, if that is what you're striving for..

Автор lukStSerb ( назад)
0:58 LoL ..for how log will you continue with that lie?.. you're getting really pathetic.

Автор BootsWithFur ( назад)
Just realized he has a British accent

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