The Animals - The House of the Rising Sun Mafia III Trailer 3 Casino !!!

By José Antonio.... Because the original version of this video, has low quality in both audio and video, I took the trouble to improve with better sound, better image quality, better zoom and better edition with the best of intentions, thanks.

En vista de que la versión original de este video, tiene baja calidad tanto en audio como en video, me tomé la molestia de mejorarlo con mejor sonido, mejor calidad de imágen, mejor zoom y mejor edición con la mejor de las intenciones, gracias.

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The House of the Rising Sun, traducido al castellano "La Casa del Sol Naciente", sencillo grabado en disco de vinilo por el grupo inglés The Animals en 1964, N° 1 en Inglaterra y Estados Unidos. Esta canción tiene infinidad de versiones en todo el mundo y en todo los idiomas, quizás la versión de Animals sea la mejor... y saben porqué?... porque a mi me gusta (que tal argumento).

Nombre de los integrantes proporcionada por Konte2011, muchas gracias.

Eric Burdon -- śpiew
Alan Price -- organy
Hilton Valentine -- gitara
Chas Chandler -- gitara basowa
John Steel -- perkusja

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Автор José Antonio ( назад)
Si eres de los buenos, me apoyarás viendo este excelente video sobre mi país... mil gracias.... If you are a good guy, I support watching this excellent video about my country ... a thousand thanks .

Автор Branko Stojković ( назад)

Автор Thimo ( назад)
Eric Burdon looks so young here

Автор gadar play ( назад)
whot mafia 3 kazino

Автор Suzanne R ( назад)
love this song!! Rock on The Animals! :-)

Автор Dr Rockets ( назад)
I think my favorite part of this video, is how you can tell they're all SO EXCITED to be doing a music video like this, but are keeping their composure. Until that one guy has to smile like a guilty bugger right at the end.

Stellar song.

Автор Robert Hamilton ( назад)
Bob Dylan wrote it

Автор Sarah Lol ( назад)
love this song

Автор Valeria Plant ( назад)
O povo antigo era bom nesse negócio de guitarras e rock and roll. PQP!

Автор Fitria Zakaria ( назад)
Mafia 2 Just Came Our in That year

Автор Fitria Zakaria ( назад)
How do you Know the Song it was 6 years before mafia 3

Автор Yougetagoldstar ( назад)
pretty cool song yo

Автор Mila amoo de mais Lima ( назад)
quando eu morava em Matias Olímpio, ouvia mais não entendia nada hj sim!

Автор Mila amoo de mais Lima ( назад)
quando eu era criança já ouvia essas belas canções

Автор Mila amoo de mais Lima ( назад)

Автор MOLON LABE ( назад)
The people who gave this group and video a thumbs down must have their head up their ass.

Автор Pedro Martins ( назад)
Esquadrão Suicida...

Автор Pedir Maiscedo ( назад)
Música fodastica

Автор larissa motta ( назад)
🎧❤ I love this song

Автор Kev Farny ( назад)
Iws 2

Автор Phase Bred ( назад)
whats the singers name

Автор zisyrk kjohn ( назад)
herad dis shit had to watch my back....thought i was gone get wack

Автор Lohan Cindy ( назад)
When you know you're gonna have to pay the piper and you know you cant get out of it. Just turn this song on and do what you gotta do.

Автор F Haque ( назад)
Another great 60s song, that style so cool. Never tired of these.

Автор Jaycee&Raya Channel ( назад)
omg eric burdon is so damn sexyyy

Автор Connor Liddicott ( назад)
its a shame this song only just got so much love because of a trailer for a shitty game

Автор Raging Bear ( назад)
American Horror Story anyone?

Автор George Styer ( назад)
So I will try it again !!! made comments and the cut off , get it together u tube

Who??? had a demo copy of this record...first ever to go on the air from Radio Caroline North Then due to bad weather and a rolling ship it was deposited into the waters off Ramsey Bay in the Isle of Man
Who was the jockey??? Tony Blackburn !! who played hell!!! In those days whoever played it first was king !!
I was a TO (Technical operator) at the time with my wages coming from Ronan O'Reilly, who owned Mi Amigo the ship
but I was threatened with the sack but I said in my innocence that I didn't control the weather.
I have had a love for this record ever since. Good days long gone...and I still have the other demo copy.
Thanks Jose for the upload

Автор Leoncio Bogard ( назад)
Wow! Nunca hubiera asociado esa voz a esa cara!!

Автор tudor besuan ( назад)
Congratulations for a needed job.

Автор Bacon ( назад)
hi r music

Автор Joshua Silva ( назад)
nanananana lalalalala

Автор Ivo Manfredini ( назад)

Автор Güntuğ akgün ( назад)
ulan o elini indir DEYTT DEYT!!!!!!!!!!!!!1 DEĞT

Автор Eric Jackson ( назад)
at about 3.38 secs in eric lets a big one rip. Following guitarist smiles with admiration

Автор Vicktor Rimbaud ( назад)
yo mese esa cantando y tocando

Автор Patricia Guillot ( назад)

Автор David k ( назад)
I thought this was some rolling stones stuff wow am I an idiot.

Автор janusz pierwola ( назад)
good (:

Автор odysseas theodoroglou ( назад)
I didnt know that Trump was playing in a band

Автор Lyric & Bass boost ( назад)
One of a few videos that are acceptable in 360p :)

Автор Douglas Freer ( назад)
There's some truth amongst the delivery... Salute

Автор Felippe Samuel De Dominicis ( назад)
When this song played in Westworld I almost cried XD

Автор Ben Yoder ( назад)
i found this from getting the sheet music for it.

Автор BrendanJ Rice ( назад)
This title predicted mafia 3

Автор Valentina MG ( назад)
There is a house in New Orleans
They call the Rising Sun
And it's been the ruin of many a poor boy
And God, I know I'm one

My mother was a tailor
She sewed my new blue jeans
My father was a gamblin' man
Down in New Orleans

Now the only thing a gambler needs
Is a suitcase and trunk
And the only time he's satisfied
Is when he's on a drunk

[Organ Solo]

Oh mother, tell your children
Not to do what I have done
Spend your lives in sin and misery
In the House of the Rising Sun

Well, I got one foot on the platform
The other foot on the train
I'm goin' back to New Orleans
To wear that ball and chain

Well, there is a house in New Orleans
They call the Rising Sun
And it's been the ruin of many a poor boy
And God, I know I'm one

Автор Barron Ingram ( назад)
didn't he sing later on with war?

Автор Mike Hammer Bon ( назад)
esta rola no tiene madre.

Автор Andemirkan KOÇ ( назад)
What tone does the keyboard use ?

Автор Ednaldo Lopes ( назад)
"Asa Branca" from USA!

Автор Marta Szomolaiova ( назад)
so great ♥

Автор chris bond ( назад)
I, too play with my organ, with similar dexterity!

Автор Gear9 ( назад)
What a piano riff

Автор Gail Fattori ( назад)
Great job with the sound and video. Amazing version. 👏

Автор Ricardo Castro ( назад)
Eric burdon and the animals.great

Автор Prime Time Brandon ( назад)
The song came from konk new move

Автор Jean-marc Bourlet ( назад)
Chanson à Johnny Hallyday

Автор Евгения star ( назад)

Автор Eiji Daysuke ( назад)
Seems like Django !

Автор Kaneki TG ( назад)
Ouço umas 4 vezes no dia <3 BEST , a melhor

Автор Robert Bawden ( назад)
one take.

Автор M Shaughnessy ( назад)
Muchias gracias mi amigo. bien hecho.

Автор SCHRUBBE1966 ( назад)
YEAH :) Listening to this on the ocean was really cool !

Автор cindy rehder ( назад)
Great voice!!

Автор Terence Haeber ( назад)

Автор Milan Nemec ( назад)
Moje poctivé, pokorné a krásne zvery

Автор Ilona Horvath ( назад)
My favourite song.

Автор Tiger Lillie ( назад)
My first favorite band. That man moves me. He makes the earth move. LOLOLOL

Автор Maria Da Silva ( назад)
hey handsome lad you have a very strong beautiful voice

Автор Alma Dolorico ( назад)
Im 17 years old and i love this song ♥

Автор Beautiful Doll ( назад)
I love this song 😍


Автор Maria Lucia do Socorro ( назад)
Um verdadeiro clássico.

Автор Katie M ( назад)
Eric Burden is absolutely adorable!

Автор George Svan ( назад)
Años maravillos ,me recuerda del romanticismo

Автор Galina Thulin ( назад)
I will never be tired to listen to this music...

Автор Roberto Ocaña ( назад)
¡¡Absolutamente maravillosos¡¡

Автор Roberto Ocaña ( назад)
¡¡Absolutamente maravillosos¡¡

Автор Albert Owen ( назад)
If only you kids could only understand the meaning of this song other than MAFIA crap...look up Leadbelly and you'll understand.

Автор 1jordgubbe ( назад)
I can say this, many have tried! but if they cant deliver we are not interessted!

Автор Alex Correia ( назад)
A true classic of the 60s

Автор Lebronjunior James ( назад)

Автор Suha Doğan ( назад)
here is a house in New Orleans
New Orleans'ta bir ev vardır
They call the Rising Sun
"Doğan Güneş" dedikleri
And it's been the ruin of many poor boy
Ve o birçok zavallı çocuğun yıkımı olmuştur
Dear God I know I was one
Ulu tanrım biliyorum biri de benim
My mother was a tailor
Annem bir terziydi
She sewed my new bluejeans
Benim yeni kotumu dikti
And my father was a gamblin' man
Ve babam bir kumarbazdı
Down in New Orleans
New Orleans'ta
Now the only thing a gambler needs
Bir kumarbazın tek ihtiyaç duyduğu
Is a suitcase and a trunk
Bir el çantası bir de kamyonettir
And the only time he's satisfied
Ve tatmin olduğu tek an
Is when he's on drunk
Sarhoş olduğu andır
Oh mother tell your children
Oh anneler evlatlarınıza söyleyin
Not to do what I have done
Benim yaptığımı yapmamalarını
Don't spend your lives in sin and misery
Hayatınızı günah ve sefalet içinde harcamayın
In the House of the Rising Sun
"Doğan Güneş" Evinde
I got one foot on the platform
Bir ayağım perona basıyor
And the other on the train
Diğeriyse trene
And I'm goin' back to New Orleans
Ve New Orleans'a geri dönüyorum
To wear that ball and chain
O pranga ve zinciri yeniden takmak için
There is a house in New Orleans
New Orleans'ta bir ev vardır
They call the Rising Sun
"Doğan Güneş" dedikleri
And it's been the ruin of many poor boy
Ve o birçok zavallı çocuğun yıkımı olmuştur
Dear God I know I was one
Ulu tanrım biliyorum biri de benim

Автор Rebecca Morley ( назад)
a masterpiece , what more can be said!

Автор Regina Fagundes ( назад)
Linda! ...Um clássico!

Автор Wayne Federline ( назад)
A Great, Great Song!!!

Автор DrStabkill ( назад)
some shit is about to go down. This song is just so FUCKING GREAT LETS ALL KILL EVERYONE!

Автор ana gazale ( назад)
linda canción

Автор Rodney Kenyon ( назад)
Nailed the song on the first take.

Автор Максим Решетников ( назад)
Это все))

Автор Ржевский 46 ( назад)
Нормальный такой старый блатнячёк

Автор Eliz anny Farias ( назад)
Amo essa música 😍😍😍😍

Автор Jeffrey Montgomery ( назад)
I love the song.... too bad this was faked for the video...

Powerful song, and I love it - but they faked this - you can see when watching him play the organ, and strumming of the guitars. Doesn't match up with the music.

Nice to be able to see this band so long after they performed the song, though.

Автор Pedro Junior ( назад)
estou viciado nessa música , o timbre do Eric é único .

Автор Eric Rivera ( назад)
this kids incredible... tale nt

Автор Scatherfirst ( назад)
Cool, a young Stephen Fry on bass.

Автор gregon cadelina ( назад)
where are these four guys now,,

Автор Harley Perez ( назад)
*vietnam flasbacks*

Автор Галина Лысачкина ( назад)
Воспоминание о своей молодости. Любила эту вещь и до сих пор слушаю

Автор wanderson Gonçalves ( назад)
Muito loko gringos

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