Concentration Programming Music

  • Опубликовано: 5 дек 2014
  • List times:
    00:00 : Solar Fields - "Insum"
    01:25 : Half Life 2 - "Violation Dubstep Remix"
    04:20 : Mega Drive - "Converter"
    10:24 : Deus Ex: HR - "Detroit Convention Center"
    14:22 : Deus Ex: HR - "Hacking Ambient"
    17:18 : Portal 2 - "Stop What You're Doing"
    21:04 : Plasma3Music - "Reconstructing Science Remix"
    24:07 : System Shock 2 - "Engineering"
    27:25 : Deus Ex - "Area 51"
    29:33 : Deus Ex: HR - "Highland Park Ambient"
    33:19 : Mirror's Edge - "Kate (Puzzle)"
    40:28 : Lost Years - "Converter"
    44:26 : Deus Ex: HR - "Conversation With Wayne Haas"
    49:10 : Half Life 2 - "Brane Scan"
    51:25 : Deadmau5 - "Alone With You"
    57:57 : Mega Drive - "Dataline"
    1:03:25 : System Shock 2 - "Operations 2"
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Комментарии • 482

  • Ray Frances
    Ray Frances Год назад +1

    I just wanna say, this music helped me hack the gibson.

  • Martin Janáč
    Martin Janáč Год назад +1

    Great.. that's exactly what I needed.

  • remusomega
    remusomega Год назад +16

    I ended up getting my dick sucked while this was playing. It was hilarious and epic.

  • THE A
    THE A Год назад +1

    System.out.println( " me sirvio bastante ");

  • dijital binali
    dijital binali Год назад

    güzel müzikler. adamsın doncu

  • Squares
    Squares Год назад

    feels good

  • Flago Man
    Flago Man Год назад

    linked the entry :)

  • Zebeto Otebez
    Zebeto Otebez Год назад

    WTF ... when i programme, i listen music like this

  • Pajerro
    Pajerro Год назад +294

    if u r opening cmd and typing in "tree" u feel like a real hacker :D

  • Kant Touch This
    Kant Touch This Год назад +17

    this is really autistic

  • RorretsNet
    RorretsNet Год назад +1

    My concentration music is more on the Amon Amarth, Behemoth, The Faceless, and Rotting Christ, kind of side

  • Philippe BENOIST
    Philippe BENOIST Год назад +3

    yes awesome for programming "hello world"

  • Laith Alzoubi
    Laith Alzoubi Год назад

    Printf("good job") ;

  • Reply
    Reply Год назад

    Mr Robot soundtrack?

  • Chester Shares
    Chester Shares Год назад

    Makes me want to write a bunch of "hell world"s in extreme speed

  • TheMoldyCoffeeMug
    TheMoldyCoffeeMug Год назад

    Stop what you're doing. Took me so fucking long to write this comment. Kept stopping. Pf. Concentration my ass.

  • Outland
    Outland Год назад

    Voodoo people by The Prodigy has to be the best programming tune ever?

  • Gallium31
    Gallium31 Год назад

    Wtf is this "I'm in"

  • JonatasMonte
    JonatasMonte Год назад

    Thanks for not adding any ME soundtrack, they belong in a different list.
    Also thanks for the video itself.

  • Toreno96
    Toreno96 Год назад +8

    Dubstep in *concentration* music playlist... ?

  • Katie Ross
    Katie Ross Год назад +3

    At 1:16 the phrase "You wouldn't download a pizza." popped into my head?
    Great video (y) B^]

  • χάος μυαλό
    χάος μυαλό Год назад +10


  • Shadow Mask
    Shadow Mask Год назад

    If you're looking for "Alpha brainwave music" / something that aids writing / studying, Diablo 2 OST is a great one, and so is Skyrim (if you skip the battle tracks). This is a good mix but I agree that parts r distracting, like the Skyrim battle tracks. I'd even recommend the Halo 2 ost, except that some jerkoff threw a bunch of pop songs into the mix as part of a "feature" on the ost, shit that's not even in the game

  • Aytunc Matrac
    Aytunc Matrac Год назад

    awesome mix

  • ender_scythe
    ender_scythe Год назад

    This is okay, but Stellardrone is the best if you need to program for long periods of time. As it's calming, but not so much as to make you fall asleep, it's akin to an overture, with it starting slow and building up to a climactic height.

  • SorWiVkeR
    SorWiVkeR Год назад +3

    "Deus Ex - UNATCO" - it would be good

  • Darth Sidious
    Darth Sidious Год назад +5

    Welcome to the Futuristic Music fan club. Enjoy the ride.

  • 1313EbutUoy
    1313EbutUoy Год назад

    Thank you for including these Deus Ex tracks here. That game and its music are brilliant.

  • The Gaming Depot
    The Gaming Depot Год назад

    Thanks i now have Shodan in my head "Look at you, hacker: a pathetic creature of meat and bone"

  • Henrique Souza
    Henrique Souza Год назад

    -matrix background
    -no matrix soundtrack

  • JoyDeparted
    JoyDeparted Год назад

    Add Ghost in the Shell footage to this on a loop & it would blend so well

  • csudab
    csudab Год назад

    May I recommend the EVE Online OST for this kind of thing
    EDIT: ha Aaron Wolbach got there first

  • Richard Szeidermann
    Richard Szeidermann Год назад +14

    they made a fucking dubstep mix out of a HL2 music?! These men have to die instantly !

  • Roman Pfneudl
    Roman Pfneudl Год назад

    Cool music - definitly not suited to concentrate, though.

  • KushKebab
    KushKebab Год назад +2

    absolutely based

  • caleron
    caleron Год назад +2677

    thanks to this music i was able to hack the CIA

    • Outland
      Outland Год назад +436

      Say hi to China for me :-)

  • Hugh Entwistle
    Hugh Entwistle Год назад +1

    I'm being incredibly naughty and using this music to study for Maths and not Programming :o
    But do not fear, I also do programming XD

  • awsgames
    awsgames Год назад +6

    lol what the fresh fudge even is this music

  • nenadcvele
    nenadcvele Год назад +5

    0 REM New program
    1 INPUT "Do you want to listen this music while programming";IN$
    2 IF IN$="Y" GOTO 3 ELSE IF IN$="N" GOTO 4
    3 PRINT "Turn the volume down or put headphones":GOTO 5
    4 PRINT "Yeeey!":GOTO 5
    6 IF LO$="Y" GOTO 1 ELSE END

  • cujonuke
    cujonuke Год назад

    Good choice on Kate Puzzle music, I have listened to that since the game released.

  • Alessandro Iudicone
    Alessandro Iudicone Год назад

    You should have my age and a similiar gaming experience: Kate (puzzle) is my favourite soundtrack from Mirrors Edge and System Shock is my favourite videogame of all times (maybe contending the position with Final Fantasy VIII).
    Anyway, thanks for the mix :)
    Ah, and also for Megadrive ;)

  • Konrad Wycka
    Konrad Wycka Год назад

    *hacking intensives*

  • Ariel Quiroz
    Ariel Quiroz Год назад

    thank you I subscribe

  • Laia Amela
    Laia Amela Год назад +1

    I liked it, Made me feel like I was in Mass Effect. I was doing animation in After Effects while I was listening to it, the boring mechanical part and it helped me to keep concentrated.

  • Ding sens
    Ding sens Год назад +1

    this is just stressing me... sry I stick with metal

  • Sodbuster
    Sodbuster Год назад

    40:28 : Lost Years - "Converter"
    Feels like a good ol' 80's-90's action flick.
    You remeber them - When the good guy kicks the asses of like 300 random bad guys beacuse they killed his family, or brought drugs to the neighborhood, or were not so clever terrorists.
    Now that's what I call intricate cinema !

  • fdfxd2
    fdfxd2 Год назад +5

    download the core hacker module device code,
    did i mention hacker? hacker

  • Nietez Dionísio
    Nietez Dionísio Год назад +21

    Half Life 2, Mirror's Edge, Deus Ex and Portal 2 are obviously NOT the name of the artists. Please give proper credits to the musicians, and not the games they made the songs for.

    • Mᴀx Lᴀᴡʟᴇꜱꜱ
      Mᴀx Lᴀᴡʟᴇꜱꜱ Год назад

      +Nietez Dionísio
      Wow, deep ;)
      And wrong. I was being facetious.
      Back in your box!

    • Nietez Dionísio
      Nietez Dionísio Год назад +2

      Obviously you are the one who is trapped inside your little limited box, unable to think outside of it. If you want to hide yourself inside it, it's your problem. I'm very comfortable without boundaries.

    • Mᴀx Lᴀᴡʟᴇꜱꜱ
      Mᴀx Lᴀᴡʟᴇꜱꜱ Год назад

      This name appears also on my passport ;) Make of that what you will ;)

    • AscendingApsolut
      AscendingApsolut Год назад +3

      IF you really think that, than your youtube name really fits you!

    • Mᴀx Lᴀᴡʟᴇꜱꜱ
      Mᴀx Lᴀᴡʟᴇꜱꜱ Год назад

      +Nietez Dionísio
      I'm sure they'll get over it. It's videogame music. While brilliant, they are the sort of composers usually used to diminished credit.
      And, which is more, my comment was tongue-in-cheek.
      Back in *your* box ;)

  • Alex Tygesen
    Alex Tygesen Год назад +784

    Using this when doing math.
    Never felt more intense.

  • Haasva
    Haasva Год назад

    Nice set dude!

  • blindox
    blindox Год назад


  • Holly Davis
    Holly Davis Год назад

    I love this so much :D

  • Kageoth
    Kageoth Год назад

    I hear most of this and all I can't think of is the soundtrack from Star Control 2

  • issam vipa
    issam vipa Год назад


  • Groxhomer
    Groxhomer Год назад

    trying to code - Cant code - Enjoy the music :S

  • Roman Arriaga
    Roman Arriaga Год назад +6

    don't know you, but whenever I'm writing my code for the game I'm making, I never use this kind of music. It's distracting. I'd go for jazz (portico quartet, re:jazz, or the jazz version of undertale's soundtrack), Celtic folk (cecile corbel all the way!), or classical (listen to Claire de luna for an extended hour)..

    • 27kdon
      27kdon Год назад +1

      Claire de luna - my favourite for game coding!

  • Marble Hercules
    Marble Hercules Год назад +3

    Good music. Just not good for concentration in general let alone programming.

    • Hunter Trawick
      Hunter Trawick Год назад

      Works for me when I'm on the grind finishing out a feature.

    • Roman Arriaga
      Roman Arriaga Год назад +2

      exactly... when I'm programming, my playlist is always cecile corbel, jazz or classical, but never this kind. If anything, trying to find an error in my code with this music would only stress me out.

  • BLKN
    BLKN Год назадвидео.html Bros check this one :) hope u like it
    And this is nice one !

  • NecumNaTo
    NecumNaTo Год назад +1

    Low quality encode :(

  • Steven Cronk
    Steven Cronk Год назад

    challenge accepted

  • Amy Palkovich
    Amy Palkovich Год назад

    Thanks for this. Without this, I think I would never get any coding homework done.

  • Chris Pack
    Chris Pack Год назад +11

    The music is fine... but 'programming music'? -- In a world where computer programming is about cool looking sunglasses, trenchcoats and flying ninjutsu kicks... maybe. Unfortunately, in this world programming is about drinking lots of coffee and steadily gaining weight while becoming increasingly dismayed at how executives overlook your technical masterpiece because your demo UI showed two buttons which didn't have the same drop-shadow effect.

  • Matt Phillips
    Matt Phillips Год назад

    I really enjoy this. Thanks a lot

  • No logo
    No logo Год назад +394

    this is like living in Mr Robot...

  • William Whitacre
    William Whitacre Год назад

    Thank you for this!

  • Adrian Williams
    Adrian Williams Год назад

    There are many different pieces of music inside Deus Ex Area 51. The full title of the music titled as Deus Ex - "Area 51" in this video is: Deus Ex - 110 - Area 51 - Conversation.

  • Eden
    Eden Год назад

    33:19 Wow

  • Rui Graciano
    Rui Graciano Год назад

    good music to lol

  • Dimitar Dimitrov
    Dimitar Dimitrov Год назад +11

    myname = jeff
    print myname

  • Czerwona Pigułka
    Czerwona Pigułka Год назад

    thanks, man! No more lapses on concentration while in programming trance \|  ̄ヘ ̄|/

  • dolofonos
    dolofonos Год назад +1170

    Sure, if by 'concentration programming music' you mean 'distributing warez in your mom's basement'.

    • Jake Stollery
      Jake Stollery Год назад +73

      O. M. G. You made me LOL! ^_^_^_^_^

  • Nikole Powell
    Nikole Powell Год назад +47

    I wondered if it would help, so I tried it. It just made it harder to concentrate because my mind kept thinking of the cool sounds from the music. Personally I just prefer calm music while I'm writing my apps.

  • Donnerbalken
    Donnerbalken Год назад +26

    A lot of too drive-y music. Would rather listen to something more ambient. Cool music though!

    • Alexander Jenkinson
      Alexander Jenkinson Год назад +8

      Aphex Twin. My coding/programming music of choice.

    • The Gaming Depot
      The Gaming Depot Год назад +10

      this is the music you code to in a montage.... not an actual sit down code session its too short and too intense for. But if you code as part of a Montage with lots of cut away's some loops, maybe punching some dead cows in a warehouse and then running up some steps your set.

  • Not Hitler
    Not Hitler Год назад +2299

    when u go into incognito mode

  • Netgibbon
    Netgibbon Год назад

    This would actually be more distracting if you're programming.

  • Bri MacBain
    Bri MacBain Год назад

    I love you

  • McWhiters 9511
    McWhiters 9511 Год назад +58

    lol what the hell is this. i personally prefer chill music when i work

    • Richard Rice
      Richard Rice Год назад +1

      Post some up, always good to have variety :-)

    • Riskteven
      Riskteven Год назад +1

      Some is, but the rest is techno. If you are handy you can download and cut out what you like.

    • McWhiters 9511
      McWhiters 9511 Год назад +1


    • - -
      - - Год назад +18

      Okay, good for you.

  • Post Rock Mixes
    Post Rock Mixes Год назад +29

    eh.... post rock works better

    • David H
      David H Год назад +3
      Those are two of my five programming playlists. These have post-rock stuff in them. One is mostly (maybe all) Explosions in the Sky, and the other is Trent Reznor and Atticus Ross.

    • Sarah Connor
      Sarah Connor Год назад +1

      For me too. This is too stressing, post rock makes my mind work at 110%

    • Richard Szeidermann
      Richard Szeidermann Год назад +7

      not being a programmer works the best

    • Ulisses
      Ulisses Год назад

      name some bands, I wanna try them

    • Post Rock Mixes
      Post Rock Mixes Год назад +1

      Less getting distracted, more actual work getting done. Plus I just like the genre more to begin with.

  • Mau Jo
    Mau Jo Год назад +13

    _Psyco Pass_ season 2 soundtrack. Cyber-mind-hack

    • Tela Reconstructed
      Tela Reconstructed Год назад +3

      Before noticing

    • Tela Reconstructed
      Tela Reconstructed Год назад +3

      Yeah I accidentally watched the last episode 6 times

    • Mau Jo
      Mau Jo Год назад

      +Thomas Toledo It does have blue-ish guns that can talk lol

    • Tela Reconstructed
      Tela Reconstructed Год назад

      Ain't psycho pass the one with the blue laser guns and the brains

  • TGGeko
    TGGeko Год назад +687

    *hacker's voice* I'm in.

  • Andrew Ricklefs
    Andrew Ricklefs Год назад +77

    Stop What You Are Doing is from Portal 1 not 2

    • Imphunter
      Imphunter Год назад

      This was only a day ago :P

    • First Last
      First Last Год назад +2

      he ded

    • sixequalszero
      sixequalszero Год назад +9

      I'm still waiting. .-.

    • Sveinbjörn Beinteinsson
      Sveinbjörn Beinteinsson  Год назад +4

      just wait, i'll do one by myself MUCH better than this and (fully right)
      I am busy as hell on my work, then when i think in upload '-' i can't ...

  • Ruslakall
    Ruslakall Год назад

    Could you make a new one, just this time with good music?

    • ShinoTV
      ShinoTV Год назад

      Do you have a list with "good music"?

    • touten
      touten Год назад


    CIA NIGGER Год назад

    This is geeky music.You guys should listen to Distance sets.Pure Darkstep

  • James Upson
    James Upson Год назад +12

    I know you're out there. I can feel you now. I know that you're afraid… afraid of us. You're afraid of change. I don't know the future. I didn't come here to tell you how this is going to end. I came here to tell how it's going to begin.
    I'm going to show these people what you don't want them to see. I'm going to show them ... a world without rules or controls, borders or boundaries. A world where anything is possible. Where we go from there is a choice I leave to you.

  • chunkymonkey
    chunkymonkey Год назад

    Thanks for this mix, nigga.

  • d3mchi
    d3mchi Год назад +4

    Reconstructing Science Remix is dope

    • Not Stephen Colbert
      Not Stephen Colbert Год назад +1

      I think it is a remix of a classical music score, at least at the beginning, but I cannot for the life of me remember what it was. It is one of my favorites of all time though. :D

    • d3mchi
      d3mchi Год назад +2

      the part at 22:30

  • drozdek
    drozdek Год назад

    Add some Black Metal - nothing better that listening quietly and doing coding

  • Cristian Lemos
    Cristian Lemos Год назад

    Esto es demente, malditos subnormales.

  • William Smith
    William Smith Год назад +1

    Some sounds like its from the movie Gravity

  • MagmaSloth64
    MagmaSloth64 Год назад

    i'm an operation:black mesa dev & I can't express how similar my personal playlist is, at least with hl2 ost, solar fields, and the addition of the spyro 1 & 2 soundtrack. XD You would love Spunkshine & william orbit. :3

  • soulthrall
    soulthrall Год назад

    A Mass Effect compilation would be awesome as well! Great work here

  • Marcelo Ifang
    Marcelo Ifang Год назад

    !!!! !!!?

  • Circle 25
    Circle 25 Год назад

    the last thing when i am programming is to hear music. how did i even get here?

  • quine
    quine Год назад

    This is pretty nice but I still prefer saccharine repetitive prog house for when I'm coding

  • Josh Fischer
    Josh Fischer Год назад +90

    Glad to see I'm not the only one who listens to video game soundtracks while I code. :-)

    • PlanetDead
      PlanetDead Год назад +33

      The most motivational music to my softaware development work comes from video games, and from Dark Electronic :D

  • David Lowden
    David Lowden Год назад

    This is fucking genius. That is all.

  • Neme
    Neme Год назад +1

    Who the fuck listens to this?

  • Melghnar - Todo sobre War Thunder y más

    Insert Hackerman meme here, please.

    • Sveinbjörn Beinteinsson
      Sveinbjörn Beinteinsson  Год назад +4


    • Mimikyu
      Mimikyu Год назад +37

      I feel like I could hack my way to Nazi Germany in the year 1945.

      you're welcome

  • Coty0010
    Coty0010 Год назад +5

    mov eax,2
    int 0x80
    jmp kill