Dog Drinking Water in 4K Slow Motion - Very Differently [ 4K Ultra HD ] ( S2 E2)


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  • Pelvige
    Pelvige 8 месяцев назад +8429

    Anyone else wondering how the hell the dog kept it's nose underwater while drinking

    • K1k1js 10
      K1k1js 10 25 дней назад

      Pelvige it was filmed in slow motion so it wasn’t that long 😂👌🏼

    • Isabella Vargas
      Isabella Vargas Месяц назад

      Pelvige she is berating bubbles out of her nose like children do when they learn to swim silly

    • Lockit Animations
      Lockit Animations Месяц назад

      Pelvige i am

    • Caleb Stockman
      Caleb Stockman Месяц назад

      Pelvige If you can do that, you should be a ventriloquist 😂

    • Caleb Stockman
      Caleb Stockman Месяц назад

      Wait! Can you breathe when you drink water?

  • Oceana Chandler
    Oceana Chandler 20 часов назад

    1:22 who else is wondering how this dog is breathing underwater

  • chad kline
    chad kline 3 дня назад

    Gotta be the coolest thing I've ever seen

  • Don Drone
    Don Drone 4 дня назад +1

    Tongue is huge

  • beth jadlow
    beth jadlow 6 дней назад

    so crazy!!

  • Kestrel Huxley
    Kestrel Huxley 8 дней назад

    What is the name of that piece of music, also April is awesome!

  • Tasha O’Brien
    Tasha O’Brien 11 дней назад

    My fav dog is a german shepherd!

  • tvaracuai
    tvaracuai 11 дней назад

    Gente pra que essa musica toda? kkkk

  • Elbert Yu
    Elbert Yu 13 дней назад

    pretty sure you know by now but dogs drink water by cupping their tongues and scooping up water like a ladle.

  • bay-j the raper
    bay-j the raper 15 дней назад

    you make good dog

  • Oscar M
    Oscar M 18 дней назад

    What a young daughter or wife

  • Emily Snaké
    Emily Snaké 21 день назад

    She moves her tounge that way because when she does that it goes in a kind of bowl shape that holds the water and the bubbles coming out of her nose are so water doesn’t go in her nose

  • Why Tar-tar
    Why Tar-tar 23 дня назад

    Cutesy pie is thirstay

  • Samsung/Android Is the best
    Samsung/Android Is the best 25 дней назад

    That dog is old

    • Warped Perception
      Warped Perception  19 дней назад

      +Samsung/Android Is the best nah that's just how she is, she looks older than she is but she's like a wild animal, fast and strong as joke.

    • Samsung/Android Is the best
      Samsung/Android Is the best 24 дня назад

      +Warped Perception 3? Oh.... the back of the dog is like a little bent or limp, that makes me think that the dog is old. But uh... thanks for the info

    • Warped Perception
      Warped Perception  24 дня назад

      Haha... She's 3 in this video, is 3 old ?.

    INTERTECH MANIA 27 дней назад

    Hey man what camera did you use man plsss tell me also its so cool

  • Marc-André Blais
    Marc-André Blais 29 дней назад

    my dog drinks like that but in worse

  • Pieter Ploem
    Pieter Ploem 29 дней назад

    Slow motion and dramatic music can make something much more intense then it actually is.

  • Kira Owens
    Kira Owens Месяц назад

    By the time she was done it was slober at the top n water on bottom in that container....

  • Jinxed Blajik
    Jinxed Blajik Месяц назад

    Mine drinks the same. Most other dogs don't dip they nose under water. I think they do it like that because they also eat like they haven't seen food in centuries. Am I right? Mine does that too.

  • Crazy Cousin Catastrophe
    Crazy Cousin Catastrophe Месяц назад

    My dog drinks like that too!

  • natalie grace
    natalie grace Месяц назад


  • abdullah al-hadhrami
    abdullah al-hadhrami Месяц назад

    I need this music

  • It’s Crystal Indoraptor And Galaxy Indoraptor

    I watch these videos for relaxation and I get satisfied

  • Christopher Harris
    Christopher Harris Месяц назад

    Im gonna ask the essential question.. Whats the name of the music? Is it a Two Steps From Hell?

  • KPconn
    KPconn Месяц назад

    doggo be phirsty

  • Blazing Luciano
    Blazing Luciano Месяц назад

    I should be sleeping for school...

  • Alaa Masalha
    Alaa Masalha Месяц назад

    Best video of all time!

  • some reason
    some reason Месяц назад

    Stop at 2:44... And look at the image.. :D :D LOL

  • Ninja Channel
    Ninja Channel Месяц назад

    So satisfied

  • Eitan Weiner
    Eitan Weiner Месяц назад

    tung for days

  • Class Act
    Class Act Месяц назад


  • A Youtube User
    A Youtube User Месяц назад

    I would love a German Shepherd like that!

  • Nelson E. Alvarez
    Nelson E. Alvarez Месяц назад

    Awesome video, beautiful dog. Has the same look as my German Shepherd/Husky mix. Keep making these awesome videos with your dog and the little one from how fast dogs get up! Thanks!

  • oof WHEEZE
    oof WHEEZE Месяц назад

    I just noticed that you gotta remember this is SLOW motion so she isn't drowning herself as long as you think oof

  • Bruce Kyle
    Bruce Kyle Месяц назад

    Probably shouldn't put the water bowl on the carpet if you have carpet floor,or wood for that matter.

  • Deeveeaar
    Deeveeaar Месяц назад

    whoa how did i miss this, what a great video and the music added!!! so amazing!

  • Finlay Hamer
    Finlay Hamer Месяц назад

    What camera did you use for this incredible footage ?

    LIT_SAVAGE 19 Месяц назад +1

    Put it in 0.25 x speed

  • Sydney _
    Sydney _ Месяц назад

    Pretty sure all dogs drink water like that.

  • LeoKazNeel
    LeoKazNeel Месяц назад

    The dog is probably breathing with her mouth every time she opens it and then breathes out by her nose

  • Neharika Chauhan
    Neharika Chauhan Месяц назад

    Idk why I feel satisfied after watching this video.😂❤

  • ChopRamen
    ChopRamen Месяц назад


  • Alfie Hewes
    Alfie Hewes Месяц назад

    All dogs drink like that

    #NERD SQUAD Месяц назад

    Can u do a dog jumping in 4K slow motion

  • Taylor Pruegert
    Taylor Pruegert Месяц назад

    My dog drinks like that!

  • Springtrap1112
    Springtrap1112 Месяц назад

    I have 2 Full Blooded german Sheepherders My oldest is Ivan he is 40 years in dog years but human he's only 6 years My youngest is Sophie She is only 4 Months Sophie Is a Geramn Sheepherder who drinks the same as April and that is because they get water faster that way It's more likely to have Hunter in her like my pup my other dog is different he drinks with his snout out of water he was breed to be a show dog unlike Sophie she has hunting in her blood I thought it was only cause she is a long haired puppy but then my vet explained it's to get water faster so she can go back to hunting and Ivan dosent so that cause he only has friendly Social Loving Show dog in him he's not a long haired though he's short haired. I don't know if you found this just a little helpful or not but this is why she drinks like that she more likely has hunting in her blood and he breathing underwater IDK how to explain that she may breath out fast and faster in so she keeps air as she drinks.. I have no idea on the breathing thing but the why she drinks water like that I just told you and I know I make no sense but I hope this helps you understand now.

  • Michael Banfield
    Michael Banfield Месяц назад

    My dog, Beaux drinks water with his snoot under the water too! :)

  • Pilgrim4
    Pilgrim4 Месяц назад

    Awesome video

  • Ema Mesnjak
    Ema Mesnjak Месяц назад


  • Summer Aberle
    Summer Aberle Месяц назад

    My dog drinks like this

  • AlphaWolfie Draws
    AlphaWolfie Draws Месяц назад

    I need gifs!!!!!

  • Zenia Elyn Grace Gedalanga
    Zenia Elyn Grace Gedalanga Месяц назад

    That's how our mama dog, Yvonne, drinks water! That was the first time I saw a dog drink water like that. Then she had puppies and some of those puppies picked it up from her.

  • Salvatore Shiggerino
    Salvatore Shiggerino Месяц назад

    My dog is the opposite, he can't stand getting his nose wet, so he keeps his upper lip on the rim of the bowl and reaches in with his tongue only.

  • cackling tea
    cackling tea Месяц назад +1

    My tia's German Shepherd drinks the same way. Very unusual because he sticks his whole snout in the water bowl haha. His name is Rocky

  • Johannes Pfeil
    Johannes Pfeil Месяц назад

    Cool ihr sprecht deutsch mit dem hund

  • avatar1o1234
    avatar1o1234 Месяц назад

    😂😂😂 The Fuck. For sure this guy does it for meme

  • Christfollower
    Christfollower Месяц назад

    The answer is: April is a mermaid in disguise.

  • Nikola Sušac
    Nikola Sušac Месяц назад

    Owner of the dogo is hot af

  • xxxsanyeo
    xxxsanyeo Месяц назад

    her snout looks wet when its underwater and its weird as hell

  • ImADragon
    ImADragon Месяц назад

    Why the epic music?

  • April Welch
    April Welch Месяц назад

    Lol my names April 😁

  • Joseph Alvarez
    Joseph Alvarez Месяц назад

    Dammit enough with the actors already

  • Coolcreeperhead Zero seven
    Coolcreeperhead Zero seven Месяц назад

    From watching a game that's filled with action and drama, to watching dogs do normal things in slow motion. I've never felt better 😂

  • formworksucks
    formworksucks Месяц назад

    Wow... Two very, very pretty girls. One a human, the other a shepherd.

  • xXLittle DangerXx
    xXLittle DangerXx Месяц назад

    It's not that she can't breathe bcuz of course its in slow motion, it u put it back normal, it's very fast tbh

  • Luke Hames
    Luke Hames Месяц назад

    What is this music?? It’s...amazing!

  • DrummerGirl423
    DrummerGirl423 Месяц назад

    All dogs drink like that. The tongue curls backwards and they use it as a scoop to drink water. It always looks like the tongue laps it up the other way because it happens so fast

  • Chloe Wohlschlaeger
    Chloe Wohlschlaeger Месяц назад

    But how does she breathe????

  • TK The Hun
    TK The Hun Месяц назад

    So cool anyone who doesnt like this video is a aahole

  • Ieasha Lollie
    Ieasha Lollie Месяц назад

    dog can hold there breath under water, but I personally think she just likes water. like example people like water they will skull the water down instead of people that drink it. pulse she is getting more in her mouth check it out again.

    SPICY FLAME Месяц назад +1

    Becuz they r strong animals and a lot of people can hold there breath for a long time while drinking but dogs can hold their breath longer than most humans

  • grethel parra
    grethel parra Месяц назад +1

    here comes aqua dog

  • Raccoon
    Raccoon Месяц назад +1

    *Cleaning out her boogers at the same time*

  • SiidEemanstrong
    SiidEemanstrong Месяц назад

    Its more like eating water

  • Daniel Galan
    Daniel Galan Месяц назад

    You live in Chicago? I recognize the trash cans and the alleys

    • Daniel Galan
      Daniel Galan Месяц назад

      That is a more efficient way of drinking water. Smart dog.

  • Mihnea [RO]
    Mihnea [RO] Месяц назад

    its 3 am in romania and im watching this what am I doing with my life

  • bleach
    bleach Месяц назад +1

    My dog drinks like that and he's an American bull dog shepherd

  • Fairy Tail
    Fairy Tail Месяц назад

    She deserves a treat for drinking water

  • ORO323
    ORO323 Месяц назад

    What’s the name of the dynamic song when April started drinking water in slo-mo?


    the time your dog is drinking, the music you play is

  • Chantal Ward
    Chantal Ward Месяц назад

    Yess! One of my dogs drinks water like that too! It cracks me up. I do think she has some german shepherd blood in her as well. I have 3 dogs currently, and she's the only one who drinks like that.

  • 20Bailey Osborn
    20Bailey Osborn Месяц назад

    If exhale small amounts of air at a time your brain think that you are not suffocating when you are under water

  • 1stAmbientGrl
    1stAmbientGrl Месяц назад

    She drinks like a horse! Horses stick their nose under water, too, and suck in the water.

  • Mária Hétszáz
    Mária Hétszáz Месяц назад

    My dog does the same. It is like she is playing with water and drinking at the same time. :D She mostly does this when she is very excited. :D

  • skydemon101
    skydemon101 Месяц назад

    Play the slow Mo in
    0.25× in playback speed!

  • Nick Ahhh
    Nick Ahhh Месяц назад

    How much of your face has to be in the water before you can just swallow?

  • Infinity Schleich
    Infinity Schleich Месяц назад

    April bites a water

  • Nikokiowa Lee
    Nikokiowa Lee Месяц назад

    If I had to put in an educated guess your dog is trying to drink a lot of water at once and found that to be the easiest way

  • Paul Stout
    Paul Stout Месяц назад

    the MUSIC! this is the most epic drink of water of ALL TIME
    you timed so much of the video with the beats of the music it was AWESOME

  • Fourskulls Joneses
    Fourskulls Joneses Месяц назад

    Love the bubbles that come out her nose

  • Dominator 1235
    Dominator 1235 Месяц назад +1


  • Katherine Smith
    Katherine Smith Месяц назад

    Me drinking water at a restaurant

  • Soonzuh
    Soonzuh Месяц назад

    Is her name ToMarryYa?!

  • Giana Benson
    Giana Benson Месяц назад

    Um, all dogs drink like this 😂😂😂

    • Sara ;3
      Sara ;3 Месяц назад

      Nope, I don’t think all dogs would dip half of the their face in water.

  • Funnel Cake
    Funnel Cake Месяц назад

    Who else put in on 0.25 just for the experience

  • Gaming Knight
    Gaming Knight Месяц назад

    If u look at the tongue she makes a bowl shape and then brings the bowl full of water to her mouth

  • Asuna Yuki
    Asuna Yuki Месяц назад

    April’s way of drinking seems for fulfilling than constantly have to drink water like a normal dog 😂😂😂 if i was a dog i would totally drink water like that too if my bow wasnt so low and small that is

  • Rose Lps productions
    Rose Lps productions Месяц назад

    More water she gets to drink? Like if you agree

  • - kyugen
    - kyugen Месяц назад

    why does this make me feel like the end of times is close...
    help, please and thanks.

  • Austin and Abby
    Austin and Abby Месяц назад

    My dog is a German Shepherd mix and he drinks water the same way