Education has the power to change women’s lives. #TheRaceIsOn #IWD2017 #ChainofBetters

Education has the power to change women’s lives, and moving money helps fuel this change. Western Union is collaborating with International Women’s Day once again to support and champion a bolder generation of women through education.
We at Western Union believe good things happen when money moves, and moving money to fund women’s education is hugely important. Knowledge and skills empower girls and women, helping to unlock true potential.

Find out how we move money to fund education for girls and women www.wu.com/chainofbetters/IWD

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See more Chain of Betters videos: https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PLvwNZJWQePMWT7dYdkuF5leXDEmx29Czj
Disclaimer: The Western Union Foundation, a separate §501(c)(3) recognized United States charity supported by The Western Union Company. For more information, go to www.westernunionfoundation.org.

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Автор Smart-Aleck ( назад)
Women need to stop with all this bullsnap and start doing what they are good at -- BEING MOTHERS.

Автор SCOTTY 123 ( назад)
Please stop preaching about useless bollocks no one really cares about what the fuck women do. All everyone needs to no is capitalism,communism and socialism is bad for everyone

Автор Mandalorian312 ( назад)
Heresy grows from idealists.

Автор Goldsteins and lalondes ( назад)
hehe I'm reading through the comments I gotta say it's kinda awesome that WU is replying to alot of the arguments in the comments , i like how their getting their point across

Автор Hugh Janus ( назад)
I'm really sick of the feminist propaganda. Companies don't seem to realize when they take politically charged agendas they automatically loss a large demographic of customers. Your average Joe want equality, but not the third/fourth wave female supremacy movement that is going on today. Western Union will just be another company added to my personal ban list.

Автор Dylan Julve ( назад)
um i think you guys forgot about sally ride (first female on the moon 1983) you didnt need to have that whole "scrap that" line it just knid of made you look dumb.

Автор Jordan H ( назад)
I'm actually loving western unions replies to the comments 😂
Yes.. this video can be seen negatively. International women's day = fuck men day in most people's eyes but if you look at their website they find some decent projects, and from my quick look they don't seem to have any other feminist/Possibly Sexist (let's say controversial) projects on there. I think this was legitimately just a naive WU idea to do good.. just they were unaware of the toxic nature the topic had here on good Ol' youtubes.

Автор Tommy Puttrich ( назад)
what's the song they used?

Автор Yosama Kommy ( назад)
Thank Western Union for letting me know never to use your service again.

Автор Rosy H ( назад)
I am a girl


Автор Jaspar CJ ( назад)
Why is it not girls and boys? Why are you trying to fight sexism with sexism?

Автор Kurt Mason ( назад)

Автор Tide Bleach ( назад)
I didn't see one Kekistani woman.

Автор Grant Williams ( назад)
I guess it's not good enough that 60+% of college and university enrollment, in the G7, already is female?

Автор Joshay 321 ( назад)
Excuse me quick question
Are you only concerned about the education of woman and girls?
Don't you think it's possible that men and boys have serious issues with education that they need help with, that you don't give a care about?

Автор Owen ( назад)
Why do people feel the need to make it a competition between men and women to be the first to do stuff, that not equality, that's trying to be the best sex

Автор Frankie Brown ( назад)
Okay I know there's loads of different races but that doesn't mean you can exclude white people because we're "privileged" because I live in poverty

Автор Ma Nithyashakthimaya Ananda ( назад)
education is a thing which suppose help there life directly in life it should avoid to b theory which is now

Автор Killrodmanny ( назад)
I thought women were already allowed to do these things.

Автор Arkardor B. ( назад)
I have no problem with this, but please stop shoving this propaganda down my throat. Especially when the aspirations in this video are almost all pointless and hilariously stupid. The single exception is the first female President of the United States. The other three were downright hilarious. Firstly, the Secretary General position of the UN is a joke, and there's only been nine. Secondly, no country is currently running missions to the moon, nor will they in any foreseeable future. Thirdly, we won't make it to Mars in any person currently alive's lifetime.

Автор Mr. Edwards ( назад)

Автор That Guy ( назад)
Oh boy. (Wait did I say boy? Triggered lmao)

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