Larry Bird and Bill Laimbeer have genuinely hated each other for over 30 years

  • Larry Bird and Bill Laimbeer stood in the middle of an intense Celtics-Pistons rivalry spanning the late 1980s and early 1990s. But the individual feud between those two wasn't just a battle within that war. It was personal. It was beef.
    Starting with his trade to the Pistons in the early 1980s, Laimbeer built a reputation as not just a strong rebounder and scorer, but a relentless pest. On one hand, he'd make dirty and dangerous plays, then act like nothing had happened. On the other hand, he'd flop and whine to bait the referees into calling fouls on his opponents.
    Nobody despised Laimbeer for this quite as much as Bird did. Bird's public campaign against Laimbeer's style of play dated back to the Celtics-Pistons playoff series in 1985, and really took off after Laimbeer started a brawl by fouling Bird hard in the 1987 playoffs. Bird accused Laimbeer of intentionally trying to injure him, and never withdrew the accusation. Even decades later, these two NBA legends maintain an icy distance because of how things played out on the court.
    This beef might never end, so in this episode, we learn about what built it.
    Written and produced by Seth Rosenthal
    Directed and edited by Jiazhen Zhang
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Comments • 80

  • SB Nation
    SB Nation  2 months ago +198

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    • MountainOf Everest
      MountainOf Everest 24 days ago

      Good aggressive working for position under the boards is good tough basketball. Deliberate elbows, trying to conceal deliberate elbows is just plain dirty play. I'm surprised Lambier was not decked on multiple occasions.

    • Jason Edwards
      Jason Edwards Month ago

      Bill Simmons isn't just a fan interviewing Bird. I thought that was a strange description of Bill otherwise I like the beef video.

    • Cory Cybulski
      Cory Cybulski Month ago +1

      Definitely keslowski vs edwards!!!

    • 91bix 2Mont3
      91bix 2Mont3 Month ago

      Thumbs up☝ good 1

    • Jacob Davis
      Jacob Davis Month ago +2

      can we get Brad Keselowski vs Carl Edwards, the most destructive beef in sports history?

  • Dexter's Finest
    Dexter's Finest 10 hours ago

    Screw the haters. Bill Laimbeer deserves to be in the Basketball Hall Of Fame. Years later people are still sore about the Pistons slaughtering the NBA's sacred cows. Get over it, whiners...💪

  • sküll düggery
    sküll düggery 11 hours ago


  • Donald Williams
    Donald Williams 11 hours ago

    They were the original WNBA team and Laimbeer was the biggest b% tch on the team!!

  • No Name
    No Name 13 hours ago

    Like it or not, those guys were real men. Bird is bleeding but not crying like todays NBA Kids.

  • wpollock1
    wpollock1 14 hours ago

    Typical Celtics fan summation.....glossing over the back to back Pistons owning of the Celtics, by concentrating on the winning years. Maybe when you agitate Laimbeer, that’s what Larry got....

  • Berkeley Bill
    Berkeley Bill 14 hours ago

    Laimbeer did what he had to. Love that bad boy.

  • Steven Barry
    Steven Barry 15 hours ago

    Bill works for WNBA while Bird works in NBA lol

  • Steven Barry
    Steven Barry 15 hours ago

    Before Harden... There was Laimbeer

  • Walt Schmidt
    Walt Schmidt Day ago

    Laimbeer was a goon...

  • robotnik77
    robotnik77 Day ago

    Have you done Mo Lucas? He was the prototype enforcer bad-guy for guys like Mahorn, Artest, and Matt Barnes, among others. The adjectives surly & explosive come to mind

  • jeff t
    jeff t Day ago

    I gotta say I do lose a tad of respect for bird. If lambieer tries to shake your hand after he lost. I know lambieer is dirty as hell but still. You won bird. Shake his hand

  • jeff t
    jeff t Day ago

    I think kids don't miss this NBA because they don't know what they are missing. If they played like this 1 season. Instead of watching harden dribble 60 times a possesion then getting a free pass to run to the hoop he would get killed and I promise everyone would LOVE IT

  • jamvan2k
    jamvan2k Day ago +1

    One of the reasons I loved watching Laimbeer play. Dude would physically get in your head... not just mentally. 🤣🤣

  • Vy Pham
    Vy Pham Day ago

    sorry but parrishs punch was so satisfying

  • Kaizaro123
    Kaizaro123 Day ago +1

    Always thought Bird was a class act through and through, but... oh well.

  • Paul Nu
    Paul Nu Day ago

    Everybody hated and hates DB Lamebeer!!

  • azpowerhitter
    azpowerhitter 2 days ago +1

    The only reason Laimbeer will ever be remembered is because of bird

  • Bob
    Bob 2 days ago

    Poor Jordan both Celtics and pistons give him a 5 year beat down. Pistons were so good that Chicago has to try to get their players like Rodman. I hated Bird but he was so good had to tip my hat to him.

  • Samuel Young
    Samuel Young 2 days ago

    Michael Jordan was Racist Hypocrite himself !!!

  • Samuel Young
    Samuel Young 2 days ago

    Isaiah Thomas was a RACIST HYPOCRITE and a PUNK !!!

  • Cyn Hicks
    Cyn Hicks 2 days ago

    Bill was that jock that made all jocks look bad. The snobbish, self centered spoiled brat that was "fortunate" to be born with money, looks and athletic prowess but unfortunately an arrogance that has no room for any humility. It's no wonder he rubbed so many in the NBA the wrong way. There's a lot of bravado and confidence with all of them for sure but that dude genuinely seemed to think that he was a god among us and didn't have the good sense or empathy that would tell him to not say it out loud. Basically, he was sociopathic.

  • Otis Wilson
    Otis Wilson 2 days ago

    "Where's your broom now, guy?"
    You're Canadian, aren't you?

  • boscoco
    boscoco 2 days ago

    Larry Bird was awesome! from 1983-1988, he was the best all around player in the NBA! Bill Laimbeer was a piece of crap scum! he was a decent player, but, a dirty one! he had no class! Bird is in the top 10 players off all-time! Laimbeer ... not in top 300!

  • Chris Warrick
    Chris Warrick 2 days ago

    It's great basketball when you see Parrish knock out Laimbeer !

  • michael hayes gregory

    Oh geez...sorry about that guys!
    Dropped the ball, er phone, and ...sent inc. Text.
    ANYWAY, i insist that you (Seth) incorporate MORE "Seth" into these presentations.
    You are a obviously witty and clever, and I sense that you gravitate towards the absurdity of some of these self-important petulant "beefs".
    And I suspect that you can barely restrain yourself from tossing in a few more tasty zingers!
    For this SB fan, a more 'SETH' flavoured edge is the future!

  • michael hayes gregory

    Superb work gentlemen (Seth + J.Z.)! Very entertaining; I enjoyed this immensely. You captured the evolution of Bird's attitude toward Laimbeerc sly 'aw shucks..' humor in interviews

    I was in grad school during the 80's, but never missed those Sunday afternoon NBA on CBS broadcasts, squeezed together with 7 or 8 buddies in front of a tv set in a tiny apt. Good thing we were all so skinny back then! We would play pickup every day of the week, the excitement building towards Sunday for the "NBA on CBS game of the week". Yup, that's right: ONE game.
    Per week.
    Until the playoffs; then we would have to totally restructure our weekday evenings, and lives, until David Stern awarded the trophy to the utterly exhausted victors.
    The anticipation created by those 6 days of waiting between games made EVERY game seem like the Superbowl! Sometimes 'less' really is 'more'.

    egular season matchups

    "NBA game on TV

  • Dejai Davis
    Dejai Davis 3 days ago


  • big cliff
    big cliff 3 days ago

    dirty players lol

  • Brian Craig
    Brian Craig 3 days ago

    fun fact: Boston hates laimbeer
    fun fact #2 : laimbeer was born in Boston

  • G Knight
    G Knight 3 days ago +6

    “..good, now I don’t have to worry about him saying hi Larry ...and me saying f-u Bill ....” lmao ..this man is a legend for many reasons!

  • BM20
    BM20 3 days ago +10

    Meanwhile Dennis Rodman sat on the bench watching this taking notes and studying women's outfits in the crowd

  • Maulen. IDC Florez
    Maulen. IDC Florez 3 days ago

    I mean who didn't hate Bill back then. Other than of course Pistons fans.

  • Dugan Fry
    Dugan Fry 4 days ago

    I still hate Bill Laimbeer.

  • michael byrne
    michael byrne 4 days ago

    I remember when Laimbeer retired and bunch of sportswriters all wrote comments of his retirement
    My favorite was Bill Laimbeer basketball playing crossed all race, colors and creeds he was hated equally! CMTFU!

  • Boxcar Ent.
    Boxcar Ent. 4 days ago

    Old old old freaking news another rehash RUclip video.

  • Haryadi Suryonoto
    Haryadi Suryonoto 4 days ago

    The Jordan interview in this video isn't complete. He said very different things about these "dirty Laimbeer" vs "dirty Bird" :
    'dirty' Laimbeer = “Holding, pulling, hard fouls - Laimbeer is very dirty in terms of he doesn’t jump well, he can’t block a shot. If we were on the fast break, he is not going to block my shot. To see him coming at me full steam ahead, it’s only to knock me over, knock me out of balance. I already said he couldn’t block my shot. That is the type of thing he does, and people don’t appreciate it because we know he can’t block shots.”
    'dirty' Bird = "Larry is good with playing you kind of slow, but all of a sudden, he will grab you by your pants, get open for a layup, or a three-point play. That is smart. It’s not really cheating, but it’s smart. He overcomes a lot of the things regarding natural ability that he doesn’t have. He is not the quickest guy, he can’t jump, but he overcomes it really well.”
    See? He praised Bird.

  • Timothy Spencer
    Timothy Spencer 4 days ago

    If you ask people about Bill Lambier most don't know who he is. But ask them about Larry Bird , everyone knows who he is .

  • warren3427
    warren3427 4 days ago

    Laimbeer was a charter member of the Nasty Boys

  • DJaySplitSecond
    DJaySplitSecond 4 days ago

    The Refs favored Bird and Jordan back then, but those days was mayhem in the 80’s

  • Bobby’s World
    Bobby’s World 4 days ago

    Wow, rivalry is far worse than Ali and Frazier!

  • Best Player Never
    Best Player Never 4 days ago +1

    Submitted to Jordan’s dominance my ass those teams were depleted by injuries and a expansion draft that’s the only reason

    • gil n
      gil n Day ago

      haha this is ancient history give it up

  • Kana Beats
    Kana Beats 4 days ago

    if jordan thinks you're dirty, you're definitely dirty lol

  • Andrew Lee
    Andrew Lee 5 days ago

    Bill Simmons is just a fan, he said it right.

  • Terrill Wyche
    Terrill Wyche 5 days ago

    Interesting note: when Larry Bird doesn't shake Bill Laimbeer's hand it didn't cause him to be excluded from the Dream Team in '92. Isiah Thomas refuses to shake Jordan's hand, and he gets called unsportsmanlike and it causes him to be excluded from the Dream Team in '92.

  • Blade_ [C0NFIRMED]
    Blade_ [C0NFIRMED] 5 days ago

    instead of everybody hates chris , everybody hates bill

  • Blade_ [C0NFIRMED]
    Blade_ [C0NFIRMED] 5 days ago

    one rule, Never . Mess . With . Larry, greatest trash talker of all time

  • Kevin Murdock
    Kevin Murdock 5 days ago

    The narrator keeps saying that Laimbeer was a great player which is absolute garbage!!! You are not a great player if your entire skill set consists of committing flagrant fouls and trying to injure other players.

  • Michael Keane
    Michael Keane 5 days ago


  • Ryex 76
    Ryex 76 5 days ago

    Lame Beer Pissed Ons

  • pendletondrew
    pendletondrew 5 days ago

    Bill Laimbeer had zero talent and only made a career out of cheap shotting mfers and crying at refs.

  • Bon Louis
    Bon Louis 5 days ago +1

    Laimbeer has had the better post career. The great tragedy was Thomas and Laimbeer being excluded in the Dream Team. They were easily better than Stockton, Malone, Mullin, Laetner, Ewing and Barkley

    • Bon Louis
      Bon Louis 10 hours ago

      Mr- GimmeDatShxt! No I don’t think so. I think he was a solid player. Similar to Detlef Schrempf or Jeff Hornacek but nothing special.

    • Mr- GimmeDatShxt!
      Mr- GimmeDatShxt! 10 hours ago

      Bon Louis so Steve Nash isn’t deserving to be in the Hall of Fame?

    • Bon Louis
      Bon Louis 10 hours ago

      Mr- GimmeDatShxt! Steve Nash is in the HOF also. The HOF is a joke because of the political nature of its inductions just like the Dream Team selection. Laimbeer will be inducted anyway for his coaching career in the WNBA

    • Mr- GimmeDatShxt!
      Mr- GimmeDatShxt! 10 hours ago

      Bon Louis so he’s better than two guys in the Hall of Fame? Why is he not in the Hall of Fame?

    • Bon Louis
      Bon Louis 10 hours ago

      Mr- GimmeDatShxt! Laimbeer was better than both Ewing and Mullin definitely. His combination with Thomas was better than that of Stockton and Malone. Barkley I think was highly overrated but is a coin toss with Laimbeer.
      Laimbeer’s post career as a coach and in business indicates he had a better brain than most of the Dream Team including Bird

  • Anjo Mendoza
    Anjo Mendoza 5 days ago

    The irony is both are white people...

  • Maria Orsic
    Maria Orsic 5 days ago

    Really well done!!

  • Marvin Sannes
    Marvin Sannes 5 days ago

    Bird was the greatest - he made the popcorn girl better - all those guys he brought with him into the Hall of Fame - that wouldn't a made it without playing with the best ever.. "The Steal" is the greatest moment in basketball history - Isiah, Bill, Larry, and DJ - I've watched it 1,000 times - at least - hahahahahaha

  • Copious Doinks LLC.
    Copious Doinks LLC. 5 days ago +10

    Bird: "I really don't like this Laimbeer, let me carry on a Cold War with him for 30 years"
    Parish: "HULK SMASH"

  • APJinks
    APJinks 5 days ago

    Interviewed by a fan... shows Bill Simmons... hahahahaha

  • Stormdog12
    Stormdog12 5 days ago

    I couldn't stand Laimbeer but he was a good player. Averaged a double-double for seven straight years and another three with double points and 9+ rebounds. But he made his reputation with the dirty stuff so few outside of Detroit remember that.

  • Duke Leroy
    Duke Leroy 5 days ago

    Who doesn’t hate bill laimbeer

  • Billy Hughes
    Billy Hughes 5 days ago

    Man -- 80's NBA -- so good.

  • Sima025PT
    Sima025PT 6 days ago

    Bro Larry Bird genuinely looks like one of those cartoon birds!!

  • Robert Eversz
    Robert Eversz 6 days ago

    To be fair, it wasn't just Larry Bird. Nobody liked Bill Laimbeer.

  • Brian Cline
    Brian Cline 6 days ago

    Truth be told hands-down the greatest 7 foot shooter the NBA to ever seen at that time he would have worked out great today's game

  • Stephen Cho
    Stephen Cho 6 days ago +10

    1994 Retired Bill Laimbeer: Yes I've done it! I'm going to go down as the dirtiest player in NBA history
    1994 High Schooler Ron Artest: ...Hold my beer

  • carl thronson
    carl thronson 6 days ago

    Asome beef

  • Matthew Heywood
    Matthew Heywood 7 days ago

    Like how you skipped over the fact that the Celtics cheated and drafted Bird a year early

  • chris pappaterra
    chris pappaterra 7 days ago

    Got to love the Bird man and Bill wasn’t the most like able dude

  • Bob Guerrero
    Bob Guerrero 7 days ago

    Magnificent vid. Thanks for this!

  • Erick Valero
    Erick Valero 7 days ago +1

    80's!!! The best basketball generation of all TIME. MY GENERATION...
    In between the past and future...
    Past generation bill RUSSELLLL THE KEEL future generation GSW onwards...THE HULL...
    3242020 TUESDAY 407PM

  • S.S.5
    S.S.5 7 days ago

    What a time to be alive back then!!!! Nba was so entertaining

  • Cedric Scarce
    Cedric Scarce 7 days ago

    um yeah, I don't remember the Bulls beating the Celtics in any series.

  • Mark De Guzman
    Mark De Guzman 7 days ago

    9:20 referees: yeah Parish give him that shot!

  • mansisity
    mansisity 7 days ago

    Honestly Bird threw that ball with perfect Percision

  • Dr. TJ
    Dr. TJ 7 days ago

    Laimbeer really was the dirtiest, the biggest crybaby, and the biggest flopper of all time. If you freeze this at 9:20, you can see how far Laimbeer has his arm extended and his elbow in Parish's throat. That's why Parish belted him. I would have done the same. While a lot of people don't like the rule changes that have been implemented since that time, I for one am in favor of them. Hard fouls were really getting out of hand and thug teams like Pistons ruined the beauty of the game.

  • kingwleung
    kingwleung 8 days ago

    Both hard foulers! Both deserved what they got! 🤣
    However, I feel had bird played less physical, maybe his career would have been longer and less injuries?

  • Daniel Mizrahi
    Daniel Mizrahi 8 days ago

    always pause when they show quotes and read the rest.

  • Craig Donaldson
    Craig Donaldson 8 days ago

    Just because you have may capacity to forgive and forget, that doesn’t mean you must make friends with your opponent. One of life’s greatest gifts, you get to choose your friends.

  • newerafrican
    newerafrican 8 days ago

    5:54 Larry calls 'em like he sees 'em. Love it!

  • Mark Depa
    Mark Depa 8 days ago

    A Detroit fan during that time and I liked Bill but also like Bird a lot. Both were loved when they played for you and hated when against. The rivalry was real, unlike teams today, and they did hate each other. Bird, one of the best pure shooters of all time and on the team you had to get past to win and Bill, a good player himself, but probably the biggest thorn in any stars side during his playing time. he would do whatever was needed to set a tone, throw a player off his game or just rile opponents up. You expected bird to put up numbers on you, but it bothered teams and players even more when Lambeer acted like he did and put up decent numbers also. Just 2 guys who hated losing, would not take a step back and saw the other as someone blocking them from playoff success

  • Katie Dawn Jacobs
    Katie Dawn Jacobs 8 days ago

    Imagine if John Starks was a Piston.