World Gyro Eating Championship 2016 (Chestnut vs Stonie)

  • Published on Jun 2, 2016
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    Joey Chestnut and myself hadn't competed together for over 7 months prior to this event, so neither of us knew what to expect going in.
    I won't spoil anything, but we destroyed it...

    Full Contest Footage of the 2016 Niko Niko's World Gyros Eating Championship. This contest was held at the Houston Greek Festival on May 15th, 2016, sponsored by Niko Niko's Resturant, and sanctioned by Major League Eating. All footage was captured on personal cameras and owned by myself.
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Comments • 4 939

  • Akshay Kadam
    Akshay Kadam 3 hours ago

    When you had not eaten for years 😂😂

  • Lennon Perry
    Lennon Perry Day ago


  • Stuff with Music
    Stuff with Music 2 days ago

    I go for Matt Stonie Because the lady didn’t even flip it in the last one

  • Blondi 1980
    Blondi 1980 4 days ago

    Naaaa that chick stuffed up on that joeys count I swear she started turning them numbers even before he had finished some.

  • Udbhav Tiwari
    Udbhav Tiwari 5 days ago

    how the the dumb staff can be fking reckless giving free points away man wtf

  • Jakob Sime
    Jakob Sime 7 days ago

    no one:
    announcer: *we are about to step into another universe*

  • Jakob Sime
    Jakob Sime 7 days ago

    I thought you guys were wearing gloves in the thumbnail lmfao

  • Terry Terry
    Terry Terry 9 days ago

    They cheated matt. He had 1 that they didnt count and they counted on of joeys twice

  • Leoni Ben
    Leoni Ben 11 days ago

    Aww u were so close good job for being 2nd place Matt!!!

  • TrykZ
    TrykZ 11 days ago

    Fuck no win... 😭

  • Mahmoud mohamed
    Mahmoud mohamed 15 days ago

    wtf, the other guy's counter, she changed the counter three times (from 6 to 9 at one sandwich)

    CEN CAL 16 days ago +1

    Matt stonie got spanked

  • Andrewchan Suchoin
    Andrewchan Suchoin 16 days ago

    I want to kick joey girlfriend butt because she increase the number 7 to 9!?! So she cheated for his little pony bf ugh stonie shoyld be the winner

  • Relexious -
    Relexious - 17 days ago

    4:19 they have one job to change the number and they can’t even do that right 🤦🏻‍♂️

  • حمدي صالح
    حمدي صالح 17 days ago


  • Daniel Timbs
    Daniel Timbs 18 days ago

    I didn't even watch the video because the weird white guy in the dumb hat at the beginning acting like he was praying to the eating gods. Seriously? Wtf....go home to your wife ya weird old man

  • Naps Asibih
    Naps Asibih 18 days ago


  • DJ vixboy
    DJ vixboy 21 day ago +1

    Matt stone and furious Pete should go against each other

  • Eevee gamer TV
    Eevee gamer TV 22 days ago

    atleast u got 2nd place thats not bad

  • X.X
    X.X 23 days ago

    Fuck this dude

  • Dionisis GR
    Dionisis GR 27 days ago

    Ποσο τζατζίκι τους βαλανε ρε;😂

  • Lx Limbu
    Lx Limbu Month ago

    This sucks ....Matt stonier is the real winner ..that cheater shithead chick

  • amy eminem
    amy eminem Month ago

    Fuck you chestnut!!! You are a cheater and loser!! Matt deserve be on number one!

  • Παναγιωτης Καζηλιερης

    Boy: Come to my house to watch a movie
    Girl: Ok
    Girl after 5 minutes in his house: 7:06

  • Trixiefam
    Trixiefam Month ago +2

    Matt will always be better that’s why we all support Matthew

  • TheWalkingRed
    TheWalkingRed Month ago +3

    4:05 he's on his 7th gyro. After he finished it, his counter slowly went to 7. While he was at 7.5, his counter went to 8. When he finished his 7th, his counter went to 9 instead of staying at 8. This gave him 1 free one with a final count of 28.5 (he clearly stuffed in the rest after it ended, so it shouldn't count as a full gyro). Matt was also on his 28th, but left half on his plate.
    Final score: 28.5 to 28.5
    Should have been a tie

  • 陳恩宇
    陳恩宇 Month ago

    Cheating ! They did not eat the aluminum foil

  • Takia Brown
    Takia Brown Month ago

    Cheating ass, Matt won

  • Ron Swanson
    Ron Swanson Month ago

    Man that made tzatziki sauce gloves.

  • Elena a
    Elena a Month ago


  • Расул Китенбаев

    2nd Matt Stonie😎👍

  • Malthe00
    Malthe00 Month ago +2

    You are so fast to eate

  • tuguldur tuku
    tuguldur tuku Month ago

    Noooo matt

  • cihangir- BCH
    cihangir- BCH Month ago

    Az ye ayı

  • Marley and me
    Marley and me Month ago

    I think the counter is cheating

  • Marley and me
    Marley and me Month ago +1

    Joey won match Matt won heart

  • new steel khalil
    new steel khalil Month ago +1

    Matt won other dude cheated

  • SP nick07
    SP nick07 Month ago +1

    Σουβλακι και 'τσι ματ εεε;;

  • amir anass
    amir anass Month ago

    ولد الكحاب

  • Rodrigo de la Cruz Conde

    Todavía no se había acabado el tiempo

  • Rodrigo de la Cruz Conde

    El que ganó se comió 29 quedaron empate

  • Rodrigo de la Cruz Conde

    Cuata mierda va a hacer

  • yunus emre aslan
    yunus emre aslan Month ago


  • igor buttskin
    igor buttskin Month ago +1

    lmao the speaker guy sounds like JFK

  • Sebastian Pasker
    Sebastian Pasker Month ago

    Why tf was the girl at stonies score fucking slow with changing the score?

  • tanda0410 yo
    tanda0410 yo Month ago

    Fuck that hillbilly

  • Sean M
    Sean M Month ago

    This announcer deserves a raise

  • J4maar 3dW4rd
    J4maar 3dW4rd Month ago

    Nooooooo the girl with joe ay chestnut cheated bc chestnut had 28 eaten and she changed it to 30 WOWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWW

  • *Cheese Cake*
    *Cheese Cake* Month ago

    Wish the counters could start school again

  • Sadrak Lalropuia
    Sadrak Lalropuia Month ago

    If i jion
    I won't mind winning

    Free food....😂😂😎

  • Arsen Zhanbirbay
    Arsen Zhanbirbay Month ago +1

    I hate you Matt 2nd

  • Iskandar
    Iskandar Month ago

    Finally something i can win

  • RetroRgv __
    RetroRgv __ Month ago

    Nigga is trash not mat the other one😂

  • Jazmyn Siolo
    Jazmyn Siolo Month ago

    His mouth was to full for more.

  • Gloria Melendez
    Gloria Melendez Month ago

    Sorry Matt Stonie

  • QuicQ XD
    QuicQ XD Month ago

    The woman at the left of matt is at11

  • Liam Morton
    Liam Morton Month ago

    Stupid bitch can’t Evan count

  • Gury Singh
    Gury Singh Month ago

    feeling sick after watching this madness 🤧🤣

  • AL
    AL Month ago


  • iivyii }{
    iivyii }{ Month ago

    ugh. matt won tho. These people can’t count.

  • وليد البقمي

    Ks amk

  • It is your boi, OOOFMAN

    At 12:08 Matt stonie would’ve won

  • KubA TO ja
    KubA TO ja Month ago

    You got 29.5 gyros

  • MaykelDan12 Amo
    MaykelDan12 Amo Month ago

    El ganador uso trampas comio 28 y las chica le puso 3p

  • sergen D.
    sergen D. Month ago


  • The KillerBear7084
    The KillerBear7084 Month ago

    F*** Joey he got 2 gyros by a random person f*** them

    NOT— AIMIS Month ago +1

    I’m from Greece

  • left8em
    left8em Month ago

    Matt im sure you have seen this footage over and over, clearly you should've won this title. At (4.20) joey's counter mysteriously goes up 2, its rigged its political don't waste your time going to these events stick to youtube. Or even better a video between you and Joey doing a challenge..

    • Puia Ralte
      Puia Ralte Month ago

      Also at 7:25 the girl didn't even count matt's 20th gyro

  • unknownins 23
    unknownins 23 Month ago

    The fuck?! Matt is the real CHAMPION FUCK OFF FAT IDIOT

  • mikenzee barnes
    mikenzee barnes Month ago

    I think Joey cheated 😂

  • mikenzee barnes
    mikenzee barnes Month ago +2

    I challenge you to eat 4 pounds of crawfish

  • BAAM 25th
    BAAM 25th Month ago

    It's like those mmorpg characters that spam pots.

  • Sargent Pugsley
    Sargent Pugsley Month ago

    Were they good gyros?

  • Elite Swag
    Elite Swag Month ago

    Mmmmm sour cream

  • King Liam
    King Liam Month ago

    Gyros are disgusting 🤮🤮🤮🤮🤮🤮🤮

  • الامبروط رومان

    Six months later this post is written and forth between the ages of my friends house and then Hugh

    XBG SHADOWS Month ago

    This is the first time Matt has lost to a eating comp

  • ahmadoski gamer
    ahmadoski gamer Month ago


  • Mark Anderson
    Mark Anderson Month ago


  • 77 Blitz756
    77 Blitz756 Month ago

    He only one because he has nuts on his chest

  • ILuvPotaetoes Gacha

    I wonder how many dicks he can fit in his mouth ?

  • GreenEyedGirlTx
    GreenEyedGirlTx Month ago +1

    What?!? Is this for real? Matt was leading the WHOLE time! I'm confused. Who counts the plates and all the food that falls from their mouth, like Joey? Do they rely on the girls to accurately count? I hope not bc they are never really paying attention. What a mess.

  • Joey Lor
    Joey Lor Month ago


  • Mustafa al sayad
    Mustafa al sayad Month ago

    Fuck she is stupid

  • I am sorry Little one

    The man girlfriend cheated here 4:14

  • Troystermvp
    Troystermvp Month ago

    Every time he eats he turns into Matt stoner

  • Andrew DaBest322
    Andrew DaBest322 Month ago +3

    Gyro is the traditional food of greece. And I live here and just ordered gyro

  • Celtic Fc
    Celtic Fc Month ago

    How is he not fat after all that

  • Fahd
    Fahd Month ago +1


  • Mhardy Hicana
    Mhardy Hicana Month ago

    Chestnut is only on 29 and they give him 1 more point and stonie is on 29 the girl did not flip it in 29

  • Mhardy Hicana
    Mhardy Hicana Month ago +1

    Chestnut fuck you

  • Erlangga005
    Erlangga005 Month ago +1


  • rakesh jain
    rakesh jain Month ago +1

    Well done the show much you eat I can't so it's ok good job

  • Αλεξάνδρα Βουρδούνη

    I Come from Greece and gyros Come from it

    *CHURR KUSZH* Month ago

    If I was in this competition I would of just ate for free food cuh there's matt stonie

  • Logan Collins
    Logan Collins Month ago

    Fat l

  • Votex Gamer
    Votex Gamer Month ago +15

    Out of the whole crowd of contestants


  • Perished rift83
    Perished rift83 Month ago

    I feel bad for the girls that are competing -_-

  • Meekle
    Meekle Month ago

    i haven;t seen anyone talk about this yet but some lady pours Gatorade on her head 1:49

  • Christopher Pacheco

    Contest of gluttony and pride