Steph Curry reacts to Kevin Durant's comments on the Warriors not accepting him | The Jump

  • Published on Sep 18, 2019
  • Rachel Nichols catches up with Golden State Warriors guard Stephen Curry at the team's $1.5 billion new arena, the Chase Center, to talk about Kevin Durant leaving for the Brooklyn Nets and KD’s recent comments to the Wall Street Journal about being accepted by teammates and the team’s motion offense. Curry also reiterates his commitment to Team USA for the 2020 Summer Olympics in Tokyo and gives Rachel a tour of the arena.
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Comments • 4 401

  • Obras y arreglos

    without Durant they will not win another title, after be beaten by cleveland in 2016

  • edgar ruvalcaba
    edgar ruvalcaba Day ago

    Forget the warriors they not only traitors on teammates but Oakland as well

  • hast face
    hast face Day ago

    react the song Semen Wizards

  • hast face
    hast face Day ago

    maybe review Skitz NPCs

  • George Blizerkerman
    George Blizerkerman 2 days ago

    durant dont like to be second but he might be because leonard wont get bossed around by durant.

  • 1k sub with no videos

    my man snake always wanted to be the first

  • Ervin Joy Barquio
    Ervin Joy Barquio 2 days ago

    Despite the trashtalking kd threw on the warriors, steph remained cool and composite and did not say anything bad against his former teammate whom he thought was his friend. Kudos to steph!

  • a r
    a r 4 days ago

    Lol he just wanted those rings man

  • Shawn Wenzel
    Shawn Wenzel 4 days ago

    Imagine lebron and curry on the same team...

  • John Thomas
    John Thomas 4 days ago

    Warriors will finish 40-42 this year

  • SilentGas
    SilentGas 4 days ago

    5 consecutive finals appearances, won 3 of them and you called them "Underdogs"? You high woman.

  • Tenibiaje Miracle
    Tenibiaje Miracle 4 days ago

    Typical curry
    Class personified
    The GOAT
    Messi of bball


    Steph Curry is a real man

  • A.K.A KOBE'
    A.K.A KOBE' 5 days ago +6

    KD joined kyire because both of them think the world 🌎 is flat🤦🏻‍♂️🤷🏻‍♂️🤷🏻‍♂️🤷🏻‍♂️

  • A.K.A KOBE'
    A.K.A KOBE' 5 days ago

    KD knows he will never be the main man of GSW but he has to joined them because he want that title but now time to move on for him and expressing all the hate he had of that team.

  • Vtek 10
    Vtek 10 6 days ago

    missing warriors cavs in the finalssss

  • Calvin J
    Calvin J 7 days ago +1

    Rachel: He talked about it working for the first few rounds of the playoffs but not as much after that
    Curry: *surprised pikachu*

  • YAHVISION Rowles
    YAHVISION Rowles 7 days ago

    You can see it in 'Step face! Curry is upset about the 'Locker room shower's because it does not have (THE UNIVERSAL BACKWASH & MASSAGE UNIT) I don't blame him. Clean and Stress-Free!

  • YAHVISION Rowles
    YAHVISION Rowles 7 days ago

    What a Locker room 'shower without (THE UNIVERSAL BACKWASH & MASSAGE UNIT) it all about getting 'Clean and being 'Stress Free! The animated Video...

  • YAHVISION Rowles
    YAHVISION Rowles 7 days ago

    Nice building

  • DevilsToast
    DevilsToast 7 days ago +5

    I didn't even care about the KD thing, the main point I took from this is how dope that facility is

  • Gary Nickerson
    Gary Nickerson 7 days ago +1

    I use Biofreeze also Max freeze love these cooling gels

  • Estieky Porma
    Estieky Porma 7 days ago

    You cant blame kd thats how he feels outside of the court

  • Lung Ming
    Lung Ming 7 days ago


  • Jonas Legend
    Jonas Legend 8 days ago

    Steph, go for mvp !

  • Corey Robinson
    Corey Robinson 8 days ago +1

    Curry, class act, hands down. Favorite player next to D.Rose!

  • Noemi Rodriguez
    Noemi Rodriguez 8 days ago +2

    Who else wanna give Rachel head?

  • Low Tech
    Low Tech 8 days ago

    Facial recognition on the hardwood...Big Brotha's eyes are everywhere.

  • Talha Ahmed
    Talha Ahmed 8 days ago

    Thunder fans could never

  • Daniel D
    Daniel D 8 days ago

    5:06 If WHAT doesn’t work out? 🤦‍♂️

  • Jeremy Cruz
    Jeremy Cruz 8 days ago +8

    This girl said “after 3 years” like they weren’t in the finals the past 5 years in a row smhh.

  • 35Jeff
    35Jeff 9 days ago

    Thus, the irony in KD who never felt embraced by the Warriors and fans when he never embraced them with a long term deal.

  • the real Ali A
    the real Ali A 9 days ago

    I have 69 subscribers can you change that NOT LYING

  • 5cent27
    5cent27 9 days ago

    Rachel low key a stone cold FOX!!!!! 🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥

  • 2pac
    2pac 9 days ago +2

    if were gotta be honest, steph is the face of the warriors but that doesnt mean hes better then kd, kd is the better nba player.

  • OG Uncle Ben
    OG Uncle Ben 9 days ago

    I wished they stayed in Oakland but goin to gay San Fran is coo

  • Iyabinghi Ashanti
    Iyabinghi Ashanti 9 days ago

    KD should have gone to the Lakers!

  • NBASelect 5M subscribes no video

    KD is better than Steph and Draymond put together.
    Subscribe if youn know I'm lying.👇

    No I wasn't.

  • Larry Shores
    Larry Shores 9 days ago


  • Accient Weeb
    Accient Weeb 9 days ago

    Off topic for once. I give my respect to Scottie Pippen the guy who just doesnt care being number 1 he cares about winning even Jordan left he tried carrying the team didn't quite work but he keeps to the public he would be willing to help Jordan I again. And thats I want nowadays just play the game it doesnt matter if your going to be 2nd behind someone.

  • It’s Me
    It’s Me 10 days ago

    I’m not really a basketball fan but I am a Steph Curry and Lebron James fan. I like these two especially because as great as they are at what they do they have remained humble and genuine, similar to Kobe Bryant... completely opposite of Kevin Durant.

  • I_Am _Yunique
    I_Am _Yunique 10 days ago +1

    That’s dirty what kd said it actually made steph pause for a moment because my jaw drop when she said kd said motion play works a lil but don’t work in the later of the playoffs he wants iso ball clearly to be back that’s why he teamed up with a kyrie that’s just a better Westbrook if you ask me but they won’t win a ring together it’ll just look good until it gets boring like the Westbrook days

  • B Ball
    B Ball 10 days ago +1

    Who y’all got for mvp
    👇comment below

  • Jasmine Davis
    Jasmine Davis 10 days ago +2

    KD is a typical mama’s boy. Spoiled, whinny, and always complaining. Man UP

    CHALI CC 10 days ago

    the water gets cold by the time it gets to me lol

  • Dirk Burns
    Dirk Burns 10 days ago +14

    Love this guy, he's always himself, stay healthy bro.

  • solofiness Fall
    solofiness Fall 10 days ago

    Most humble player in NBA

  • Dan Jackson
    Dan Jackson 10 days ago

    KD a great player but exhibits significant insecurity and an inflated ego. Thus he isnt able to share accolades and accomplishments with other NBA colleagues be they teammates or not. A deep seated emotional insecurity

  • gregory malone
    gregory malone 10 days ago

    Exactly why basketball sucks nowadays. Spoiled stars big egos. Team game you won multiple championship now you crying. Will never reach that level again K.D. Classy curry.

  • ZupDrake
    ZupDrake 10 days ago

    I wanna experience a 1 week access to that biofreeze center. Super cool

  • youwitwho
    youwitwho 10 days ago

    Steph is the best!

  • Calleigh Lin
    Calleigh Lin 10 days ago

    The NBA 2Ks in Brooklyn thinking they can win another ring :))) smh

  • nick persad
    nick persad 10 days ago

    is curry the faker of NBA?

  • llharr3
    llharr3 11 days ago

    Pure class! He is not here to speak ill of KD! He chose his words carefully and stayed above the fray! Awesome! Best wishes to him and the Warriors! They are still going to be good!

  • Blak Roze
    Blak Roze 11 days ago

    If KD feels this why did he risk his career for them. Now he never be the same again. No one to blame but himself. Also he is not going to be able to handle the NY press.

  • seven stars
    seven stars 11 days ago

    The downfall of durant will be this year.

  • MiketheYung God
    MiketheYung God 11 days ago

    white girl trying to rile up two black kids. just like in the ‘hood.

  • Human Human
    Human Human 11 days ago +1

    Kyrie and Durant are perfect for each other. 💕

  • D Laws
    D Laws 11 days ago

    Get ready Brooklyn, KD is needy af

  • Jonathan Ibanez
    Jonathan Ibanez 11 days ago

    Steph your my MVP