Sound Proofing your Home from Outside Noise

  • Published on Aug 17, 2014
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    My findings in creating a Quiet environment. Dampening outside street noise in a busy city. Utilizing Bass Traps, Area Rugs, Tapestries, Acrylic Magnetic Windows.
    Answers some questions like :
    Are acrylic magnetic windows effective?
    Do Acoustic Curtains block low frequencies?
    Can Bass Traps be used to absorb the sound of street noise?
    Do Blinds effectively absorb sound?
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  • James Knox
    James Knox 14 days ago

    great video,cheers

  • FixItYerself
    FixItYerself 3 months ago

    need earplugs for this vid

  • Ibex Firelord
    Ibex Firelord 4 months ago

    Am I the only one around here that liked the intro? Haha maybe cos I put it on 1.5x speed from the start.

  • sha sarah
    sha sarah 4 months ago +1

    LOVELY!! I love the cute patterns. But I have bought one from Amazon and I have no time to do. It's nice and elegant. You can have a look.

  • sha sarah
    sha sarah 5 months ago +1

    Good and useful ideas!!! It helps a lot to hang on the new curtain. It is very beautiful and nice, you can have a look.

  • Mary V
    Mary V 5 months ago

    thats really cool! thanks for hints

  • Mariella Delores
    Mariella Delores 6 months ago

    Where did you buy the acrylic windows?

  • Mariella Delores
    Mariella Delores 6 months ago

    Jeeez cut the intro music!! LOUD.

  • RKielTV RK
    RKielTV RK 6 months ago

    This video should be very nice if you go directly to the topic and reduce all the talking. To be honest, I got bored listening to all the non-sense talking while waiting for the solution that I am looking for. For your next video please talk less.

  • James Stup
    James Stup 6 months ago +1

    Misophonia is real.

  • Halim Khan Pathan
    Halim Khan Pathan 8 months ago

    Please change the intro...

  • oldschoolwaverider
    oldschoolwaverider 8 months ago

    How about those metal horizontal blinds for noise reduction?

  • Channel of Blessing
    Channel of Blessing 8 months ago

    You talk far too much

  • Eric Wang
    Eric Wang 9 months ago +10

    Where do I go to buy these acrylic magnetic windows??

  • Freedom
    Freedom 9 months ago

    Horrible intro music

  • Jennifer
    Jennifer 9 months ago

    Great video thank you! Considering getting an apartment right on the highway. I don't know if I'll regret. It's a nice apartment.

  • DeepNine
    DeepNine 9 months ago

    wtf this intro made me sick

  • ShadoWolf
    ShadoWolf 9 months ago +11

    Start at 0:30
    You are Welcome.

  • mominik
    mominik 9 months ago +1

    Yes tomorow i may do carpet cover, stupit neighgboor non stop complain why baby cry! because baby! how idiot people there is in the universe!as if they didnt cry when baby! how a humen complain only baby sound!

  • FlightSimMovie
    FlightSimMovie 10 months ago

    Very very very noisy intro....

  • - KogenoDo -
    - KogenoDo - 10 months ago +27

    Your intro is earrape.

  • Ashutosh Shrivastava
    Ashutosh Shrivastava 11 months ago

    What is the distance between ur TV and couch. N what's size is ur tv.

  • Buddy Jesus
    Buddy Jesus Year ago

    your intro is horrible ...

  • San Antonios Web Design

    is there an add version?

  • Bruce Devaux
    Bruce Devaux Year ago

    Ur intro is BS 2x as loud as ur voice
    Why would think anyone wants to hv their ears bomb with that loud music

  • Emil Ram
    Emil Ram Year ago

    That car hum is the killer.

  • Kong Phyllis
    Kong Phyllis Year ago +2

    hi, thanks for posting, wondering where can i get those Acrylic Magnetic Windows online, thanks!

  • Earl Harewood
    Earl Harewood Year ago

    never spent so long looking at someone's fucking floor jesus christ.

  • Anna S
    Anna S Year ago +2

    Your video makes me dizzy.

  • Anna S
    Anna S Year ago

    WHat a fxxxing shxxxing intro

  • 101perspective
    101perspective Year ago

    Do those corner foam pieces actually do anything if you have them covered?

  • Kondorf
    Kondorf Year ago

    i need to take a ear exam now

  • Deborah McCafferty
    Deborah McCafferty Year ago +2

    Sometimes planning what you're going to say in a video helps the video be more concise and effective.

  • Gran Torintino
    Gran Torintino Year ago +47

    First i need to sound proof my ears from your terrible intro sounds

  • 120paj
    120paj Year ago +4

    e have neighbors that moves and drags furniture in our apartment building 2 am everyday or drilling sounds, what can we do to drown out that level of noise.

  • Siriusluke1989
    Siriusluke1989 Year ago +1

    Great tips, I also use a product call MACK'S Soft Foam Earplugs (they have different noise reduction ratings, I got the best rated ones available). Used to live near a family for 3 years, they have 2 babies who would scream their guts out 1AM-5AM, this product kept my sanity. If you decide to use it regularly do make sure to clean your ear canal for earwax though.

    • Kathryn Willette
      Kathryn Willette Month ago

      Siriusluke1989 I’m going to try them for my boyfriend’s snoring! I don’t have any ear wax! I wish I did!

  • Danchen Xu
    Danchen Xu Year ago

    I love ur video! Thank you

  • Mcmuffin
    Mcmuffin Year ago +11

    intro not necessary

  • Sarathy
    Sarathy Year ago

    Where do you get your base traps? the foam ones.

  • Aditya
    Aditya Year ago +4

    wtf is the intro goddamit

  • robert clark
    robert clark Year ago

    Great Ideas really helpful.

  • meditating010
    meditating010 Year ago

    I have to soundproof a small room that has no windows, actually its a small closety (not closet) but a small space where I have setup stuff for myself to read etc. it has these doors that have a lot of open edges - where sound leaks from outside - i currently stick makeshift cloth etc in the door to prevent sounds - any suggestions?

  • Tommy Mai
    Tommy Mai Year ago +1

    Hey dude how were these curtains and dealing with this company ? There’s not much reviews on the company

  • Danchen Xu
    Danchen Xu Year ago

    what kind of curtain is ur regular curtain? where do u get them

  • js100serch
    js100serch 2 years ago

    1st Step - Buy an aparment.

  • sixpackbinky
    sixpackbinky 2 years ago +1

    Your floors look so nice, what do you use on them? Is that laminate in your living room?

  • chriskila
    chriskila 2 years ago

    how can you even watch something on that tv you have there lol, update to a more modern bigger tv. U will thank me later.

  • Itsasecret
    Itsasecret 2 years ago +1

    montreal's appartments fucking sucks. when you can hear the toilet flush and the neighbors talk. happen with all of my appartments so far. thats 4 different appartments. cant take it anymore

  • CrazyGamer120
    CrazyGamer120 2 years ago

    Your just making shit up out your ass.

    • Nomaden
      Nomaden 2 years ago

      All of this is legit.

  • MrsJAZack
    MrsJAZack 2 years ago +1

    Thanks for taking the time to do this video!

  • cantz007
    cantz007 2 years ago

    Made topics video games and martial arts
    Dune2 for life lol

  • cantz007
    cantz007 2 years ago

    Sweet electro used for your Intro sounds like 8bit or 16but sounds

  • Texas_Raised_ Texas _Made

    BEAUTIFUL condo 😮😮😮😮😮😫😫😣 and yeah i just moved to wood flooring LOOKS nice but lordd i feel bad for downstairs neighboors😑😑 so i have ALOT of nice area rugs😁

  • xx xx
    xx xx 2 years ago +2

    Dat music man...ohh yeah

  • Mike Corn
    Mike Corn 2 years ago +7

    I live in Jakarta and your part of town looks like a ghost town compared to this place. For sound it looks like heaven. Strait outside my window there is rush hour 24/7 and I have about 5 mosques blaring 5 times a day, sometimes more (they are the reason I'm looking for tips to keep sound out). Wow I wish I had your problems with sound.

    • Zapper Zapped
      Zapper Zapped Year ago

      India is hell, unless you can spill out money like crazy to get what you need. Kids screaming will torture you to death.

    • Adi Kalich
      Adi Kalich Year ago +1

      NeedToKnow same here mate I am from hyderabad and recording vocals in my bedroom apartment is like a nightmare for me lol

    • NeedToKnow
      NeedToKnow Year ago +3

      welcome to third world, if u want some more torture come to india.

  • D Dluhy
    D Dluhy 2 years ago

    the love the house

  • chris j
    chris j 2 years ago +5

    love the video. but the intro music bro..

  • IP Man
    IP Man 2 years ago +1

    Nice...those curtains help BIG TIME!

  • Rankle Rave
    Rankle Rave 2 years ago +31

    I had to stop the video at the 20 second mark, that "music" was about the most annoying thing I've ever heard. This video needs to be sound proofed off the internet.

    • cantz007
      cantz007 2 years ago

      Rankle Rave I liked it lol

  • Steve Harman
    Steve Harman 2 years ago +25

    This guy has some very helpful advice, but too wordy. Get to the freaking point already!! Goodness! the 18 minute vid could have been like 5 minutes.

  • zakarisz1
    zakarisz1 2 years ago

    I really need that kind of magnetic windows. Where did u get them?

  • mk c
    mk c 2 years ago

    just found your helpful vid im having a big problem with neighbor noise, any recommendations for the wall? i think the noise also comes from the jointed wall 😥😥😢😢 thx so much

  • JGIFT WadsWorth Productionz

    against the grain: hit me up for a beat.. free u need a new beat for that intro (way too corny) peace

  • Meg Griffin 666
    Meg Griffin 666 2 years ago +1

    I Think I Will Just Use Bed Sheets To Put On My Bedroom Door

  • Egyptian_Jeweller
    Egyptian_Jeweller 2 years ago

    fat music intro luv that

  • Shitcuntz
    Shitcuntz 2 years ago +3

    a quiet house, dont want people outside to hear u butchering your next vistim hahaha

  • Pogo1977
    Pogo1977 2 years ago +3

    very good tips. Thanx for posting.

  • Jewel
    Jewel 2 years ago +4

    Thanks very helpful, I never knew anything about bass absorbers!! Fantastic!!

  • primepants
    primepants 3 years ago +1

    Thank you for the information, i am having the same problem with my new house. All the best from Scotland.

  • Snehi Karmacharya
    Snehi Karmacharya 3 years ago

    What was the song you played in your ipod ?

    • primepants
      primepants 3 years ago +1

      Song was " Meet Hoobastank" Band are called Hoobastank.. hope this helps :)

  • iden123
    iden123 3 years ago

    why the stupid music?

  • eRic Siu
    eRic Siu 3 years ago

    Nice overall solution! BTW your voice sounds like Giovanni Giorgio. ;P

  • Thessam Maranan
    Thessam Maranan 3 years ago +12

    We have the worst, most insensitive irritating neighbors in the world. I even called the police for them to shut the f up but they just don't care because they think they already bought our street. Will try these tips, thank you so much!

    • mohd khamis
      mohd khamis 3 months ago

      Hire a hitman.give your eighbour an eternal peace.

    • Bboy Darky
      Bboy Darky 8 months ago +1

      @The Phoenix I feel you bro...

    • The Phoenix
      The Phoenix 3 years ago +4

      I (try) to record videos for youtube and my bedroom(also my makeshift recording studio) overlooks the road leading onto my street which also happens to be the road leading into the highstreet one way and the local primary school the other so cars are constantly driving past and my next door neighbour, no word of a lie, feels the need to mow his front lawn every single day. That combined with living in a semi-detached house with neighbours on either side and having a family of six including a 7 and 9 year old the struggle is far too real

  • Austin Mao
    Austin Mao 3 years ago

    Sounds like a very good "magnetic acrylic" boom box right there.. I think my blanket block more

  • dogon3
    dogon3 3 years ago

    Maybe it's insanity, but I think it is pretty silly to move into a city and then complain about noise.
    My life in the country was horribly silent, to the point that I hated, particularly, winter nights. Snow absorbs sound like you cannot imagine.
    I hated it. I need to be where other humans are.

    • meditating010
      meditating010 Year ago +2

      dogon3 where did you live? I need such country life and quiet