How To Be Confident

The fastest route to confidence is to stop being so attached to one’s dignity and seriousness; and plainly admit that one is – of course – an idiot. We all are. If you like our films, take a look at our shop (we ship worldwide): https://goo.gl/MFnpKd
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“The topic of confidence is too often neglected by serious people: we spend so much time acquiring technical skills, so little time practising the one virtue that will make those skills effective in the world...”

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Автор kathaofdisaster ( назад)
so we are all idiots :D i like that !

Автор melv douc ( назад)
You're only what life allows you to be. You don't get to choose whether you're confident or reserved. You can fool yourself for a while but reality will always come back to hit you in the face.

Автор Tan Onay ( назад)
I'm so glad I found this channel.

Автор Camryn Prater ( назад)
i love how they used a cat as an example

Автор Empatik ­ ( назад)
I love this channel! keep it up the good work :)

Автор Jennifer Taylor ( назад)
This is what is so refreshing about most Seniors. They have given up being so one dimensional and egotistical. No wonder ageism exists as those elders might teach us to relax and realize life is very short. What a dangerous concept. Wisdom might just mean having a good time and not caring too much about what others think or waste their time focusing one.

Автор Alicia Ingalls ( назад)
sometimes, when I'm trying something new, and I'm not sure about it, I stand in front of the mirror and insult myself with all the words and aspects I can think of. I do this, and when someone does insult me, it doesn't hurt, or surprise me, because I've heard it before, and I can joke about it.

Автор Mert selvi ( назад)

Автор Butterfly Snowy ( назад)
hahahahahahaha 😂😂😂😂😂 this is so me

Автор Moraru Lucian ( назад)
Its no so healthy to lie to yourself everyone else its like you ; an idiot.
you will overestimate people and utilimately you will fail at everything..

Автор Grace Webb ( назад)
This is fantastic!!! I love it. So absolutely true. 👌🏻👌🏻

Автор Space Squid ( назад)
It's nice to know that I can stop looking for the point in my life where I'll stop messing up, doing embarrassing things and, generally being awkward. I used to frequently joke with my sister, asking if The Queen has actually farted in front of people, or ever peed herself as a three year old. I always look back at my younger self with disdain, grateful that I'm nowhere near THAT anymore- but I'll never be smarter, or kinder, I'll just have gone through more I guess. Just because I'm an eternal meathead doesn't mean I will never accomplish anything

Автор Good-Stuff ( назад)
We're all fools!

Автор shawarmageddonit ( назад)
The message in this video will only be fully valid once Hugh Hefner is no longer with us.

Автор Roel Robles ( назад)
we are stupid.

Автор Vault-Dweller Atheist ( назад)
i fucking hate myself.

Автор Ronnie Roberts ( назад)
Who's been here since 100,000

Автор Danny ( назад)
So I get told quite often that I am good looking by girls (and some guys as well) but I literally have 0 confidence at all and feel like anyone I speak to won't want to speak to me; what is going on and what should I do hahahaha

Автор Jacqueline Nicoll ( назад)
I've subscribed 😁this was awesome :-)

Автор Eduardo Barbosa ( назад)
That's comforting.

Автор Father Louis Williams Suga Adams Junior the third ( назад)
I'm an idiot to think that everyone cares what I do 🌚

Автор Josheel Patel ( назад)
i think that you should die

Автор Isaac McCormick ( назад)
Thanks a lot,, Ima give it a shot

Автор Valerie Buenafe ( назад)
Wow, I have never looked at self-confidence in that way.

Автор YRN PrettyBoyNazi ( назад)
I used to be cocky then I got jumped by 5 black kids now I'm shy and low self esteem now I'm watching a video how to be confident 😒 I wish I still had the cocky 2012 version of me but now my 2017 version of me is so lame

Автор simon rylance ( назад)
Your video just helped me I think

Автор Yeah Way ( назад)
I think this is my favourite video from you guys

Автор Severus Snape ( назад)
Isn't that kind of a fatalistic view that will eventually result in not caring enough to take care ? ...

Автор Liz S ( назад)
i am a knitwit.

feels good.

Автор Ms. ConFidentiality ( назад)
There is some logic in this video, but I don't entirely agree with it. I have my own ideas when it comes to confidence and you can find it in my channel. Plus just because we make mistakes does not make us dumb. It means were human. There is a differents.

Автор TheZebra ( назад)
I just uploaded my first video, I'd anybody wants to listen to the turth, I recommend you watch it

Автор olamide macjob ( назад)
You're a cretin!

Автор M Adia ( назад)
Why can't they teach us these life skills in schools instead of the so called knowledge of the universe when we struggle to find ourselves?

Автор Evan Edelman ( назад)
Thank you so much for this :)

Автор digitalsoultech ( назад)
Haha. I love you school of life!

Автор staywithme ( назад)
This one made me laugh a lot! Great video

Автор mishal muneer ( назад)
OMG really addicted to this channel

Автор shreeti badhani ( назад)

Автор Šone Zver ( назад)
accept that you are an idiot. lol wow.

Автор MultiSciGeek ( назад)
We should also realize other people are idiots and not make fun of them when they fail because it anyways happens to most of us.

Автор Axton404 ( назад)
Basically, humans are stupid...

Автор MysticalTechno ( назад)
Whenever I feel like an absolute idiot for something stupid I've said or done (and I feel like that pretty often), I watch this video and I feel better about myself :)

Автор Toni MonoS ( назад)
telling myself how dumb i am is indeed part of my daily routine.

Автор Michael Yhwh ( назад)

Автор Peyton Dracco ( назад)
Superficially this seems like good philosophical advice, but it may also serve as direction to romanticise failure and to celebrate mediocrity. While too much attachment to anything is bad, ignoring the fundamental importance of constructs like dignity and the self-restrain they beget in us as social beings is dangerous. We can even get into how opposite to the understanding of what it takes to be successful in fields of high-performance this is. I may have more to say on this issue.

Автор HeAteMyPencil ( назад)
The animation in this video straight-up blew me away. Great advice too.

Автор Michael Jackson ( назад)
This video doesnt help me at all

Автор Maria Obscure ( назад)
The warm way they speak to us, that's what touches our hearts.
Maybe our parents and teachers could do the same 😊

Автор Indy D ( назад)
Oddly freeing message

Автор adrian feyen ( назад)
That awkward moment you finally understand Radiohead's "Creep" :)

Автор Bluelincolnpark ( назад)
Well fuck me. Where were you guys when I needed you in my struggles of relationships.

Автор 7andala95 ( назад)
This channel is GOLD

Автор Bystander232 ( назад)
I like the art design (? I mean the styles and how they're mixed together.) of this video. And the bunnies!

Автор Hadja Mobile ( назад)
I have watched and read so much about confidence. I think this might have been the thing I needed to hear.

Автор comment971 ( назад)
Calling yourself a muttonhead is all fair and good if it's in a loving "oh, silly me!" kind of way. Otherwise, it's self-depreciating and with have the exact opposite effect than bringing you confidence.

Автор Michelle Li ( назад)
It's so weird how he is calling everyone imbeciles but his accent (aside from the message) makes it not offensive at all. Btw loved the animations and the great quality of the videos <3

Автор BTS Fangirl 카디 Queen ( назад)
Remember! No matter what you do or say , you'll be judged either way! So just shine and be youself and let the haters hate as that will make you stronger, knowing they are intimidated by you will make you realise you are YOU- a beautiful person- and they look up to you so they judge so they can be on top again! Be you and you'll never fail!

Автор nickmullo ( назад)
haha @ 2:25 - 2:35

Автор Derpycat flicks ( назад)
"looking like a prick" *banana walks in* *slowly dies under bed*

Автор Derpycat flicks ( назад)
I failed the first step... and hid under my bed. The underneath of beds are nice...

Автор Kasbian Vaulks ( назад)
The "looking like prick" made me spit my tea.

Автор Lily Annarosa ( назад)
"I am a brilliant nitwit."

Автор Darth Vader ( назад)
Erasmus had the best face at the dinner table

Автор TheMightyWhite ( назад)
2:22 - Brilliant.

Автор David B. Salkeld ( назад)
I Iove this channeI because instead of bombarding you with the same useIess advice you have seen too many times before, it expIains to you, in a rather caIm and funny way, a new perspective of how you couId see things.

Автор Laque Off Brains ( назад)
I presumed the painting was a comical representation of people acting out old dutch proverbs.
Like a duck holding a leek.

Автор Great Job Ty! ( назад)
I have a self improvement page! COME CHECK IT OUT! Hope ya enjoy!!

Автор Holly Firebolt ( назад)
I liked that a lot! Earlier today I was just thinking that when you acknowledge and accept your weaknesses you just gained a strength.

Автор str8 shooter ( назад)
Horrible advice, Yeah go tell yourself every day that your a fuckup... great for your subconscious and your self worth.

Автор Tuko Pomwene ( назад)
I find that the most interesting, coolest, down to earth, people I've ever met are usually people that are not afraid to show their flaws or embarrass themselves

Автор Yanick Landry ( назад)
This is awesome and should be taught in schools.

Автор Iheardloveisblind ( назад)
I wish it was as easy at that

Автор Joseph Miungi ( назад)
Very importantly and it is educational thanks Gods blessings

Автор Bharti Kumaria ( назад)
who is the guy who does the voice over??it's sooooooo soothing

Автор Yovessel ( назад)
Great video! I needed to hear this

Автор Niklas ( назад)
Started of my job interview with a "Good morning" today. It was 4 pm. I needed this.

Автор Theblacksheep ( назад)
This might be one of my favorit videos of all time.

Автор jboyler1 ( назад)
One or two more acts of folly shouldn't matter too much... But they do. This episode would be more helpful if it acknowledged that our errors can be ruinous, especially when the rest of the world demands perfection and punishes people for their errors.

Автор Karan Malhotra ( назад)
It's almost like god vlogging for the betterment of human race! :) keep up the good work!

Автор Frank Harr ( назад)
I'va actually been told that I'm delusionally arrogant.

Автор Procrestinatorable ( назад)
this made me feel better about myself already, thanks so much!

Автор The Lone Dreamer ( назад)
This really helped. Thank you so much.

Автор carloscoronaa ( назад)
This video gave me so much anxiety

Автор Johnny West ( назад)
Nah, de Botton, you're the only idiot.

Автор jimi jack ( назад)
All the self help books out there suggest the opposite, which makes gaining confidence even more out of reach.

Автор THOMAS ( назад)
So calling myself an idiot every day when I wake up will make me more confident.? 🤔

Автор Abraham Kann ( назад)
Calamari said it best, it does feel like a hug. i needed that

Автор Ash Cash ( назад)
Was wondering why I never got updates I was unsubscribed😡thanks YouTube

Автор princess tolentino ( назад)
Great content, The School Of Life!! I'm so glad I found your channel.

Автор Luke Brown ( назад)
i feel you get more confidence by telling yourself positive traits about yourself,not negative,just my opinion

Автор FABRIZIO Amberti ( назад)
very nice ;)

Автор Tafari Lanclos ( назад)
This video helps. It really does. Sometimes you just gotta hear someone else say it to make it seem so simple.

Автор soltan alosmi ( назад)
That's it i know the answer is its ok to look like i fool but I didn't realize it, I always feel scared or afraid to go to strange office in some government building i want someone to tell specifically how and what and when to go there and ask beforehand, but now i will try it I'll go and do thing and ask we all stupid and we all look idiots no matter how good we hold ourself, some time we have the answer buy we need a little push

Автор Kat Infectixn ( назад)

Автор lol ( назад)
yeah guys, it's ok to be an idiot.

Автор The Mario Fiend ( назад)
What of those of us who find parting with our dignity impossible? I swear, you never say anything of value in anything I've watched so far.

Автор Stefan Nincetovic ( назад)

..and I am a fucking imbecile myself ^.^

Faults, mistakes, errors, and all other "wrong" actions are actually the perfect imperfections that make us human, and help us grow and prosper, every day, in every way, throughout whole life.

Every single one of us is a nitwit,
and every nitwit is special and amazing in his own way.

..what kind of a nitwit are you? 😃

Автор Nousenesp ( назад)
I was an unconfident person and so shy, i was taking attention to other "cool" persons and all have their strange things and moments of ridiculous. It is in our hands to change that moments of shame in funny moments. Our attitude can change the way which others see us.

I know is difficult, but keep going and making things out of your confort zone where you can lose your "dignity"

Thanks to the video i will try to kiss a person when i feel that it could matters

Автор Mahak Sharma ( назад)
Absolutely love your work :) It is such an amazing page. Keep up the Good work. Always looking forward to new videos from your page :)

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