Milwaukee vs DeWALT 12V Brushless

  • Published on Aug 7, 2019
  • Let's talk about the 12V tools from Dewalt and Milwaukee.
    We will have a head to head shoot out in another video.
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Comments • 90

  • Joey Fossa
    Joey Fossa 7 days ago

    Milwaukee is Ford because Henry Ford started the Milwaukee tool company !!!! and DeWalt blackdecker Stanley is Chevy GM lol Chevy sucks lol so does default lol

    • Donovan Tavera
      Donovan Tavera 3 days ago

      Joey Fossa oh god you are the dumbest person in the planet right now

  • jacob mileg
    jacob mileg 11 days ago

    I see alot compared to the Milwaukee for brushless and battery life and more 12v versatility in tools but if we are really comparing DeWalt and Milwaukee the big for the 12v class on drill drivers was because of the 1/2" Chuck . Does the new 12v DeWalt also have the 1/2" Chuck??? (Milwaukee fan)

  • energy phocused
    energy phocused 26 days ago

    Been electrician for 20 years.... dewalt has dominated with power and robustness, even through the 18v lithium flop

  • target index
    target index Month ago +1

    I love the dewalt led light on that new tool, almost as cool as the full led ring like on the ingersoll rand cordless always made me feel like I should be working on spaceships and i love it

  • cal ainsworth
    cal ainsworth Month ago

    All red to the other guy on the right lol

  • DougE
    DougE Month ago

    I would choose Makita 12 v way before DeWalt...I'm a Milwaukee guy through and through but there's only one brand I don't fk wit when it comes to cordless tools and that's DeWalt. Their warranty service is shit and you are going to use it when it comes to their cordless. DeWalt saws(table, miter) are great but go with their cordless at your own risk

    • DougE
      DougE Month ago

      I have a DeWalt saw, Ryobi cordless nailers, Hercules miter, Makita and Milwaukee cordless, and some others mixed in. This is not just coming from some Red fanboy so don't get it twisted

  • David Howard
    David Howard Month ago +1

    Milwaukee is geared more toward technicians, DeWalt is geared towards builders and Carpenters.

  • I hate Yeremy
    I hate Yeremy Month ago

    I have nearly every 20v tool dewalt makes, but they lost me when they abandoned the 12v line. I was looking to gather a cheap set for the work truck and didn't need huge 20v stuff (comercial kitchen repair/generator repair) so I bought into the m12 pretty heavy and I think im just gonna stay there and start replacing 20v with m18 as they break

  • Mike Morgan
    Mike Morgan Month ago +1

    From a tool for tool standpoint both are really great tool lines. It just comes down to user preference. I had dewalt for years and loved it. It all got stolen, so I looked at the available tools in each line and went with Milwaukee a couple years ago. I love them now as well. But I don't think anyone who's used multiple tools from both lines can honestly say that one line is better. Some Dewalt tool are better than the equivalent Milwaukee and vice versa. They all get the job done. I'm personally glad to see more competition. It makes them all better and cheaper.

  • Woot Exclusive
    Woot Exclusive Month ago

    Milwaukee fan boys make it tuff to join team red. Talking about the guys that come on to job sites with the Milwaukee packout, Milwaukee impact, Milwaukee hat and shirt, milwaukee pencils, markers and milwaukee trash bags. They friggen drive me nutts. But for 12 v tools they are the New England Patriots right now. Kinda hard to bet against them. So thank the Lord for the 18v and bigger hilti line. But Milwaukee has crushed the 12v class. Well done.

  • Grant Van Riesen
    Grant Van Riesen Month ago

    Both are really proud of their products. They need to dial in their price point

  • Nathan Hamler
    Nathan Hamler Month ago +2

    Why are you comparing an automotive focused M12 impact WRENCH with double the torque of the DeWalt 12v impact DRIVER.....!? of course the M12 is gonna be bigger, it's double the balls!!! The M12 fuel driver on the left is the one you should compare the DeWalt to if you want to compare apples to apples and size

    • Mike Morgan
      Mike Morgan Month ago

      I noticed that too. Since they didn't go into any specs and just raved about how much they love slide packs and skinny grips I have to assume they got a package from Dewalt and in return they threw them a bone with this "review"? On the other hand, I'm sure the Lowes folks are pissed that they keep mentioning Home Depot first. I really like these guys, and I think they are straight shooters, so not mentioning specs kept them from having to be blatantly dishonest. Or maybe I'm just jaded from all the paid shills on youtube who ooo and ahhh over every craptacular POS that arrives on their doorstep.

  • Sup Sup
    Sup Sup Month ago

    Love both, if dewalt made everything that milwaukee does then I would definitely buy only dewalt. More comfortable, less vibration in the hand, faster, and better quality in some tools. Milwaukee just has so much fucking tools witch makes it super convenient.

  • Wild Goose
    Wild Goose Month ago

    I actually like the Milwaukee M12 grip better. I know that is not typical, but it feels right in my hand. Maybe it's muscle memory at this point. Unfortunately for Dewalt, there is no comparison in the 12v line. If you are going to buy 12v, you probably don't choose Dewalt as they have an extremely limited 12v line. Oh, and TOOL FIGHT!

    • Wild Goose
      Wild Goose Month ago

      @Mike Morgan agree 100%

    • Mike Morgan
      Mike Morgan Month ago +1

      Yeah, I've used both and have big hands. I love the M12 grips. I think youtube must have a lot of tool reviewers with small hands, because I see it a lot, but it's a complete non issue for me. I REALLY like the M12 3ah compact batteries too. Makes the tools much more compact and easier to maneuver in tight spaces. I have a LOT of M18 and M12 tools, but I always seem to reach for the M12 first unless I really need big power. So most of my M18 stuff has very few hours on it. I'm getting the M12 die grinders and multi head installation drill driver when they come out as well. Dewalt, Makita, Bosch, Hitach Metabo ALL make solid tools too. The variety of available tools is what tipped the balance for me choosing Milwaukee.

  • e luquette
    e luquette Month ago

    Alien VS. Predator !!!

  • ImaITman
    ImaITman Month ago

    I'm a DeWalt guy, BUT check that breaking torque between the wrenches. I'd bet Milwaukee is 50% or higher over DeWalt.

  • Anthony Diaz
    Anthony Diaz Month ago

    Milwaukee is king in 12v. A battery platform is only as good as its line up. Even if dewalt has a lot more power, it is only 3-6 tools. Milwaukee covers everything and everyone.

  • 4thewin
    4thewin Month ago

    milwaukee has better tool lineup for 12v, but will definitely need more warranty work. Where as dewalt is tough, and needs less warranty work. It's pretty rare, that anyone is truly only in one platform. Most of the people I see, know, or have met are usually in more than one line up. You're only shooting yourself in the foot by being brand loyal fan boy/girl.

  • Trevor Phillips
    Trevor Phillips Month ago

    With only a handful of 12v tools, they already lost. Milwaukee 12v already have like 50 tools out. DeWalt already gave up on 12v once. What makes you think they won't give up again on it?
    Wasn't the atomic line supposed to replace the 12v? It's like they're throwing stuff at the wall to see what sticks.

  • Andrew Davis
    Andrew Davis Month ago

    The Milwaukee wont smoke out on you

  • Mike Ruthford
    Mike Ruthford Month ago

    Bought my first 20v combo in 2013. Since then the drill broke, so then I got the gen 2 Milwaukee 12v combo. I use both platforms. I just bought an M18 sander kit this week. I now have three cordless platforms. Very happy with all.

  • Daniel Gomez
    Daniel Gomez Month ago

    Milwaukee all day everyday dewalt is a atomic bomb waiting to explode

  • Mike Z
    Mike Z Month ago +1

    I’m a dewalt guy love my black n yellow but damn! Milwaukee does put out some nice freaking tools also!

  • Lloyd Christmas
    Lloyd Christmas Month ago

    Basement? I wish! Im in my moms attic, bitch hates me! And milwaukee better cause i hate yellow!

  • Brad Ishler
    Brad Ishler Month ago +1

    the new dewalt xtreme kits for 99 right now aLSO AND CANT BEAT THAT

  • Tom Jones
    Tom Jones Month ago

    Godzilla vs king kong common

  • pallet chop-shop
    pallet chop-shop Month ago

    M12 all day, I dont care if its bigger, it's still small and has more power. I don't need a cute little toy, I need a tool that gets shit done

  • RC Ward
    RC Ward Month ago +2

    DeWalt all the way

  • Joseph Davis
    Joseph Davis Month ago

    Both brands have never let me down. However Milwaukee is the way to go because they are usually priced very well around Black Friday and the battery style hasn’t changed in forever so you can get more distance out of your tools.

  • Tools-cars- Guitars

    Milwaukee is better. Dan you kept saying how short the dewalt is but when you held it up the Milwaukee was shorter but the dewalt was not as wide.

    • Tools-cars- Guitars
      Tools-cars- Guitars Month ago

      I’m a plumber so Milwaukee has a far better lineup for plumbing

  • Gorgeousbronze -Madison-

    My big brothers I never got. Bringing me the new, new

  • Aaron Repper
    Aaron Repper Month ago

    As a auto mechanic and turf equipment mechanic ,Milwaukee all day from stubby impact, ratchet,ECT

  • Brent
    Brent Month ago +1

    I was very excited to see DeWalt come out with the new 12v max. I'd love to see other tools in that line up in the future. I'm not going to hold my breath or anything but it would be awesome.

  • Chris Lopusky
    Chris Lopusky Month ago +1

    dewalt sucks all the way in everything

  • Brien
    Brien Month ago +1

    Do the old Dewalt 12V batteries fit the new Dewalt tools?

  • iamtimyeater
    iamtimyeater Month ago

    Milwaukee has too many options it doesn't matter how much DeWalt try if they don't put out a selection

  • Robert Barcus
    Robert Barcus Month ago

    Im a arm chair basement dweller you so speak of. I heard that Dewalt is going to make a 12 volt ratchet wrench to compete with Milfukie buy years end.

  • Cody Robertson
    Cody Robertson Month ago +1

    I like the new 12 dewalt line ergonomics. Also don't forget about the makita cxt 12 volt line and metabo also have a a nice compact 12 volt line.

  • Ed Haskell
    Ed Haskell Month ago

    Lots of talk. How about showing the tools in use?

  • Larry Cook
    Larry Cook Month ago +1

    Can't comment as I use Makia and love them.

  • JDP 03
    JDP 03 Month ago

    Chevy and Milwaukee

  • The Truth
    The Truth Month ago

    It is super funny that they mention that Milwaukee is tailored for the trades and then say electrician. The three tools that I use the most often that are not drills or impacts, flashlights, oscillating multi tool and lasers.
    Flashlights; best in the industry my hardhat light is a Milwaukee light
    OMT; is arguably the worst 12v OMT offered
    Laser; 🤷🏼‍♂️
    Say I’m working on high rise and my Hilti sleeve has become damaged or wasn’t installed let me grab my M12 ground penetrating radar, oh wait they don’t have that either...
    Would I like a Bosch or Hilti 12v mini bandsaw? YES! Is it a deal breaker? No

  • Mean O’ Dustino
    Mean O’ Dustino Month ago +1

    Milwaukee just has to make more fuel m12 stuff. Such as jigsaw and circular saw and a couple others that are long over due. The m12 stubby does 250ftlb im sure that Dewalt isn’t anywhere near 250😂

    • Rob Shipley
      Rob Shipley Month ago

      @Mean O’ Dustino Sorry ,I misread, but You Can Bet That They're Coming Very Soon !!! Your Right, My Bad Sorry I Read That Wrong bud ...

    • Mean O’ Dustino
      Mean O’ Dustino Month ago

      In fuel? I wasn’t aware they did a jigsaw in m12

  • MustangLab 302
    MustangLab 302 Month ago

    Dewalt though and though roofing everyday

  • Joachim Johan
    Joachim Johan Month ago

    i wonder where the F is IR at???

  • Tanner J
    Tanner J Month ago

    I do believe you guys are a bit of corpo shills but this video actually had some useful insight. More videos like this that touch on the negatives as well as the positives. E.g. the Milwaukee handle does suck a bit, but Dewalt doesn’t have a massive 12v line.

  • Carp Notes
    Carp Notes Month ago


  • Don Elias
    Don Elias Month ago

    Both, I started with DeWalt 20V because it could charge 12V's as well, but there 12V went no where, have a few key tools, but switched to M12 due to the amount of tools, then just recently got into the M18 so I think I have all my basis covered, these Dewalt 12V's are nice and might pick some up depending on pricing and sales.

    W3TFART Month ago

    Dewalt is the best Milwaukee is just red ryobi

  • Beto Mendoza
    Beto Mendoza Month ago

    Need18v tools to get the job done. 12v for around the house.

  • Joe Framer
    Joe Framer Month ago +2

    For 12v tools.. M12 has a big line and powerful but Bosch has 12v tools Milwaukee does not and the Bosh tools are higher quality.. M12 for auto is the best. ..
    ....... Milwaukee is still for plumbers, HVAC, and auto... For construction, building nothing beats flexvolt , not even close..

    RICH REVIEWS Month ago +2

    I state it time and time again Milwaukee is simply the best power tools on the market whether it be 12 V or 18.... just picking them up tells you they are heavy duty you don’t even need to start it up to realize this....They are in a class all by them selves

    • Top Tools
      Top Tools Month ago +1

      @Joe Framer Dewalt They are good. But being argumentative in posts then saying God bless on your videos. IDK, Thats not a good representative of your faith and others who follow God.

    • Joe Framer
      Joe Framer Month ago

      Disagree... Nothing beats flexvolt for construction . Milwaukee is great for plumbing , HVAC, auto...

  • Big Whane
    Big Whane Month ago

    This vid was pointless hook them together boys

  • Logan P
    Logan P Month ago +2

    Dewalt should of done this years ago

  • KCTech
    KCTech Month ago

    M12 all the way, Currently the line has so many tools that are only offered by Milwaukee. Been enjoying the new m12 Cut off tool and the PVC cutter for new HVAC installs.

  • Elizabeth Colon
    Elizabeth Colon Month ago +1

    Dealt flex fuel the best tools

  • 100SpokeRiderz
    100SpokeRiderz Month ago

    I think Milwaukee make good products but I just dont like how everything in the lineup is red. I know the color of a tool doesn't effects the performance in any way but if I'm going to be using it & have to look at it for hours I would perfer any other color than red

  • Eoghan Fla
    Eoghan Fla Month ago +1

    When I was choosing a brand it was between Milwaukee and metabo. Dewalt never even came into it. I decided Milwaukee based on their batteries. I’m glad I did now just for the pure choice. I think they have over 200 tools between m12 and m18. That all said the better dewalt become and the more options they provide the better milwaukee will become. Having one dominant player is not good for us the consumer so even though I wouldn’t buy dewalt I hope the keep innovating.
    And just on point. I’d own Chevy and Ford..!

  • brutisking
    brutisking Month ago +11

    Definitely Milwaukee here👍👍Auto or construction it's a winner👌

  • Prince
    Prince Month ago

    What are your thoughts on the 20v for both of these? I got a home warming gift for the $599 dewalt 5 tool kid 20v but before I open it I want to do some research and see. So what do you guys think? I'm just a weekend warrior. Let me know what you think

    • Joe Framer
      Joe Framer Month ago +1

      I'd return it and get Ryobi.. if your not using tools that much