Top 5 Most Mysterious and Powerful Secret Societies

  • Опубликовано: 25 май 2016
  • Did you know that Katy Perry and Madonna are allegedly part of the Illuminati? Here are five of the top mysterious real life secret societies and organizations ever in the history of the world. Find out more about the conspiracy theories surrounding these scary groups and how they influenced politics on earth. Illuminati, Skull and Bonus, Freemasons, Rosicrucians, Bilderberg group, they may be responsible for the new world order and some of the weirdest attacks in history, like the shooting of JFK and John Lennon .
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    Conspiracy theorists are right about 1 thing: secret societies do exist and they are pretty scary! Watch your back, your neighbor might be one of them!
    We start off our top five list with the Freemasons which you’ve already heard about if you’ve seen National Treasure, or the Da Vinci Code. They are the secret society that discovered a huge treasure and hid it in historical monuments around the United States. Keep watching if you want to know what they really do…
    Number 5
    The Freemasons
    Did you know that the Masons actually faked the moonlanding?

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    It is China that I am afraid of.

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    Old mason are not quite good but masons now a days are so much good because I AM HERE NOW lets fuck the THE EVIL POPE AND THE EVIL PRIEST, masons have power on there own capacity what i mean is magic, but im more powerful than them they must follow THE GOD THE FATHERS ORDER, or else this world will be destroyed.period.

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    The Skull and Bones is basically the American branch of the Illuminati. Or, at least the theory about this makes sense.

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    Being a Mason myself I find your "Explanations" Humorous at best.

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    I'm not one to jump at conspiracy theories but, as I've studied the book of Revelation in the Bible, a "new world order" is one of the topics. I actually see this influence in the United States and it is getting more visible. Just saying. You be the judge.

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    Really enjoy your video but I think they are still all together! And when they seem to be at odds it is staged! Also one last point the teaching of Constantine actually came from Balaam! who taught Baalack to cast a stumbling block before the children of Israel! Also do you know why when you look at the Masonic orders at the very top of all orders are the Catholic orders? And the Catholics I have more orders ,, when all of the others

  • Michael Foe of Evil
    Michael Foe of Evil 23 дня назад

    I'll make it simple between Masons vs Catholics. The Catholic Church knew that if masonry spread they would try to establish an earth of people filled with "knowledge" of almost everything that would discredit Jesus Christ. It so happens that in the 60's masonry under their true god Satan infiltrated the Vatican and is using it for it's own purposes of global domination. The Freemasons, worship Lucifer and are controlled by Jews who await for their messiah to come, ignoring that Christ was not the Jewish Messiah. The Catholic Church is 2,000 years old and yes you can make video about the "evil" Catholic Church all you want, but without the Catholic Church and the wars we fought there would be be no Christians. The masons are in control of the Vatican, but they won''t be able to destroy the faith because God promised his Church would never cease to exists. What is happening is a great purge....God is shaking the tree and all that falls will rot away and never be of use again, but that which remains on the tree will go and preach the TRUE GOSPEL, of Jesus Christ and HIS TRUE CHURCH....and no more manmade religions.

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    The dragons family who serve the Serpent as god fight for power among them selves . They control your world. And you your history is all lies proof lookup TARTARIA

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    The Bilderberg isn't that secret or that secure. I'm a nobody and live 10 minutes from the hotel in Chantilly they've met at a few times and even announced their meeting before they had it. It's only secret because people like us aren't invited. By that standard if Diddy has a private party once a year it must be because everyone in attendance is trying to start a New Rap Order.

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    And the prevalence of the number 13 is a commemoration of friday the 13th when the glorious slaughter of templar scum came to pass.the people who started the concept of friday the 13th being a bad day were templar or sympathisers,too bad they aren't here to be punished now

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    Novus=new,ordo=order, secular order.or new order of nonreligion

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    Hexagram?? You mean star of david?? So Jews are evil lol??? I actualy heard a crazy conspiracy that the Jews are actualy reptilians that came here to control our planet and take advantage of our resources n shit. And I guess Hitler knew that and that's why he caused the holocaust.. Sounds pretty insane until you realize they own over 90% of the world's wealth and media. Kinda trippy.

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    Dude.. the Catholics back in that day though women who could read were witches. They killed millions in holy wars. Killed scientists because... science is evil I guess.. And apparently they called the masons evil for spreading knowledge... who's the real evil?

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    Once again Katrina
    A little Helter Skelter Benjamin Franklin was known as the Fox George Washington was known as The Wolf both of them were Masons. The foundation borders of DC form a Perfect Square with an Imaginary Pyramid. And on the back of the Dollar Bill all the Symbols are Mason. The words in Latin their meaning He(God) Has Smiled On Our undertaking. A New Cycle of the Ages. One out of Many. The Rosy cross many who belong to it are Christian Scientist. Skull and Bone their Symbol is the ∆ z ∆ with Skull and Bone an Amethyst in the Eye Sockets. There you will find Scientist Researchers Engineers and Illuminati's

  • Nitro Shortbus
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    I don't know if the eye on the capstone of the pyramid is an Illuminati symbol? I definitely find it disturbing that it's on the roof of the Israeli Supreme Court that was funded by a Rothschild. Creepy!видео.html&t=359s

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    My old man was a Master Freemason, and at one point was master of his local lodge. Another Mason described it to me as a "fraternity for grown folks", which my dad disagreed with (too simple) but said that was a way to explain it that most people could understand. BTW any man over 18 (might be 21, can't remember) can become a Freemason, but you have to ask them, they can't invite you in by their laws. The schooling you get is pretty intensive, and you have to remember it because nothing is written down. A lot of people don't make it through.
    From what I know, it's mostly a group of people trying to improve themselves and their lives while helping others do the same. Far from being any kind of evil or satanic group, from what my dad told me, most of what the Masons teach is in the Bible, if you know where to look (I don't). Their history is oral, not written, and they keep most of their business secret as tradition from the very early days when Freemasons could be (and were) executed for teaching poor people to read and write. I guess they could or maybe should come off with the truth to shut down a lot of loudmouth internet assholes, but it's a private organization and they can run it however they want.
    I guess people dream up crazy conspiracies about the Freemasons mostly because they can't stand being told that what goes on inside the Lodge hall is none of their damn business, and let's not forget the conspiracist point of view that they love having "inside information" on whatever, even if it's some farfetched nonsense.
    BTW when my dad passed in 1998, the local Lodge sent a couple of representatives to perform the past-master honorary service at his funeral, and he was buried with his apron and that. Pretty touching for his boys to remember and honor him like that at the end of his life

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    Unfortunately people only know half the story. The truth is that these 13 families who influence and rule the world are not Jews through any coincidence. The fact of the matter is the Jews Worship and calibrate Satan. They made a deal with Satan and you hear this all the time with Hollywood celebrities ‘making a deal with the devil’. Why not a nation making a deal with the devil?
    ‎‏So the deal goes like this: the Jews believe that they are the chosen people led by their own ambition to rule the world. It is an ancient ambition, but being 14 million among 7 billion it’s a pretty difficult task to achieve so scripture states that Satan offered the solution to the Jews; he would help them control and rule the world with the help of his disciples (his followers from the parallel world) and in return the Jews must destroy the culture and religions of the world to permit the creation of a new religion where Satan is worshiped by all humankind instead of God.
    ‎‏This is why you see the rise of Satanism around the world, as the power and control become more and more in the Jewish hand; this is simply the deal believe it or not.
    ‎‏Jews are a race, Judaism is a religion. The only Jew who is not a threat to humanity is the one who doesn’t practice Judaism. So he’s either converted to Christianity or Islam or any other religion. It’s the ideology of Judaism that is the problem, and the followers of the Talmud. They are referred to in the Bible as the ‘synagogue of Satan’. When you hear the comment that the Jews are ‘waiting for the arrival of the antichrist’, to them it means using the technology, media, the politicians and military to fulfill the prophecy for Satan to appear in person.

    And they say, "None will enter Paradise except one who is a Jew or a Christian." That is [merely] their wishful thinking, Say, "Produce your proof, if you should be truthful."
    The Jews say "The Christians have nothing [true] to stand on," and the Christians say, "The Jews have nothing to stand on," although they [both] recite the Scripture. Thus the polytheists speak the same as their words. But Allah will judge between them on the Day of Resurrection concerning that over which they used to differ.

    A J

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    OK I will break the Secret about your Secret. These groups evolved from what the Romans learned through what happened to Jesus and the actions of the Jews. So from Jesus death, they went underground from mainstream Society. Their picking of founding America was what you understand to be of the NWO! However the dream was destined and is destined to fail because Satan is using the one side of their group to bring them down, yes, these people think they are so invincible, through secrets Satanism and simple human desire, they too have been blinded from the truth, so they will suffer the same consequence we will will, the slaves if you like of the their plan. You see they have learned from Jesus but its the other side??????
    Good luck with your RUclip channel you gave me a smile and have proved women have not changed either. Shalom

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    I'm from a family of Freemasons. It's not only for men ... each order also has branches for women and children. It's not at all the nefarious thing people imagine it to be. The majority of it IS about charity work, community service, being an upstanding citizen of good character, and striving to make the world a better, kinder place. The rest of it - the "secrets" - are simply the specific secret rituals (again, nothing nefarious, mostly just pomp and circumstance), signs, and symbols of each order, which you learn about if you join, and anyone of good character who believes in an Almighty Creator is welcome (encouraged, even!) to apply for membership. They actually need members, because fraternal organizations are going out of fashion, so membership is dwindling, not only for the Masons, but for other groups like Elks, Odd Fellows, Lions, etc. These days, they're mostly thought of as "old man" things by the younger generations, so most groups are happy to have new people interested in membership and there are a lot more clubs to choose from than just Freemasons. The guys at my grandfather's lodge spent a lot of time just playing cards and shooting the breeze. My grandmother did charity work. My mom said she and her friends mostly ran around inside the hall playing hide and seek when they weren't also doing charity work. I inherited all my grandfather's Freemason stuff, including his ritual book (which is mostly in code, so I can't read it, but it looks pretty harmless - no pictures of baby sacrifice or anything, LOL). For people who are interested in joining, the only warning they need is this: if you want to join just to learn about the secrets, you may as well save your time, because there honestly isn't anything juicy or salacious there, no secret orgies or Satanic rituals, and you'd probably just get bored and disappointed really quickly when you find out it's just like a more elaborate version of the Boy Scouts if that's the only reason you're there. But if you want to make lifelong friends who will be there for you through thick and thin (because you're "brothers") and you truly care about getting involved in doing stuff to help your community, then it may be the thing for you. And you will learn secrets through the rituals, like the moral lessons behind symbols like the square and compass and what they represent. There will be work and study involved, though, so you need to be serious about your commitment.

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    Fake ,hysterical news again.Some people make a good living producing such alarming videos and conspiracies.Believe it or not, lol.

    GARTH WALKER Месяц назад

    well you almost got it, the Rosicrucian are the good people working with Cosmic Law to uplift humanity. They were responsible for bringing people out of the Dark Ages. Some notable Rosicrucian's areAvicenna, Marcus Aurelius, Black Elk, Christian Bernard, William Blake, Catherine of Siena, Meister Eckhart, Albert Einstein, Mahatma Gandhi, Johann Wolfgang von Goethe, Hafiz, John of the Cross, Hazrat Inayat Khan, Martin Luther King, Jr., Carl Jung, G.E. Lessing, H.Spencer Lewis, Ralph M. Lewis, Plotinus, Cecil A. Poole, Pythagoras, Sri Ramana Maharshi, Tukaram, Rumi, Louis Claude de Saint-Martin, Thales of Miletus, Validivar, Boy have they got their work cut out for them. Now the Bilderbergs are the Evil as Evil Gets wanting New World order where they control every aspects of our lives, and the are in full swing of implementation, the final steps taking place now. They own all the news, and banks, and are one with Skull and Bones. World Peace begins knowing who is controlling the misinformation, the Bilderbergs/skull and bones

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    U talk bad about John Wayne u will pay 5000

  • jamesy baby
    jamesy baby Месяц назад


  • Sky Lily
    Sky Lily Месяц назад

    Wait what my school is Roosevelt elementary school so my school is named after one of the famous mason people just 😲 whoa