Top 5 Most Mysterious and Powerful Secret Societies

  • Опубликовано: 25 май 2016
  • Did you know that Katy Perry and Madonna are allegedly part of the Illuminati? Here are five of the top mysterious real life secret societies and organizations ever in the history of the world. Find out more about the conspiracy theories surrounding these scary groups and how they influenced politics on earth. Illuminati, Skull and Bonus, Freemasons, Rosicrucians, Bilderberg group, they may be responsible for the new world order and some of the weirdest attacks in history, like the shooting of JFK and John Lennon .
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    Conspiracy theorists are right about 1 thing: secret societies do exist and they are pretty scary! Watch your back, your neighbor might be one of them!
    We start off our top five list with the Freemasons which you’ve already heard about if you’ve seen National Treasure, or the Da Vinci Code. They are the secret society that discovered a huge treasure and hid it in historical monuments around the United States. Keep watching if you want to know what they really do…
    Number 5
    The Freemasons
    Did you know that the Masons actually faked the moonlanding?

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  • Prashant Kerung
    Prashant Kerung 5 часов назад

    I would loved to join one of them.

  • Egharevba Eghosa
    Egharevba Eghosa 19 часов назад

    I would loved to join the freemason

  • Billy Johnson
    Billy Johnson 21 час назад

    Several people have commented that they, their father, grandfather, etc are apart of this or that society and that there's nothing sinister & they just sit around and play cards or golf.....
    Those local branches of society are at the bottom of the "secret society" food chain....they are not told of anything that the higher-ups discuss. Theyre not part of the real plans. From what I have read, you have to be very high up in those societies to be invited to participate in the serious meetings/ discussions. They don't extend their secrets to every little town's would be too risky

  • Sweet Serenity
    Sweet Serenity 2 дня назад

    Music is too damn loud

  • Scheena Farmer
    Scheena Farmer 3 дня назад

    There are no secrets oh wait there is one. It's you have you been good or bad or both. Did you fix your mistakes? Hmmm, if you didn't God will know cause he allowed people to use him and those that used him know the work it took to do so that they can show what god did when they stated true to the game. Know thyself. Don't get caught up with playing the same old dirty games and then lie on God cause you didn't play fair.

  • Josh Havey
    Josh Havey 3 дня назад

    Freemasonry is Judaism for the Gentile. Mystery solved.
    I'm a Mason, and the vast majority are completely clueless.

  • Paulana Enterprises
    Paulana Enterprises 3 дня назад

    Masons are Secretive (not Secret) Society. They spend $20 Mil a year on the Children's Hospitals around the USA. The masons are the large contributors in their communities. They welcome all men with no discrimination in race or religion. However, there are certain conditions: the person should believe in Supreme Being (read: God, Yahweh, Allah, etc.), should have no criminal past, and be a "good standing" member of the community. What's wrong about that? After you will become a member of the Fraternity, all "secrets" will become known to you. Indeed, the three things are prohibited from discussion at their meetings: Religion, Politics, and Race. And yes, after the meetings they have a meal together. What's wrong about all this?

  • Paxxxable
    Paxxxable 3 дня назад

    sugar ... u sudnt really dig this topic wit ur cute voice .. they dont match ..
    there are loads of secret societies around the world by the way

  • Isaac Ortiz
    Isaac Ortiz 4 дня назад

    Keep doing this... Regardless of what people say and think about you. Just remember that the all mighty is watching. He is watching over you and his chosen ones. What a sad destiny for those who die without Christ in their heart.

  • Isaac Ortiz
    Isaac Ortiz 4 дня назад

    Thnks to the Almighty because i am awake and aware of what's going on!

  • Will Weatherly
    Will Weatherly 4 дня назад

    Lmao yep good on ya I use to be in the Masonic lodge. This is mostly B.S it is about the brotherhood of man under the fatherhood god. It has been around from King Solomon. To help fund the less fortunate, Also race money or charity for other members family members of the lodge who's father or husband who has passed. A big part of the lodge nowadays has lost meaning hence I have left the lodge due to it has become like every other business out there money orientated. Some members are still out to help others but a lot of the grand lodges are just looking for money yes there are grand lodges in every capital city. Most small Masonic lodges in towns are just a master Mason lodge or 3rd degree lodge. The meetings held once a month is about is about what can be done to help the fellow man. Or in some country towns how to keep the lodge open due to the dewinderling members. You need at least 6 to 7 members to hold a meeting and keep the lodge open.
    The grand lodges go up to 33rd degree what is known as the royal arch who where in the day King Solomon's head architect. As for all the bs people say about it load of crap. If you truly want to find out what it is and all about go to the bible and read all about King Solomon the lot is in there. The 2 names on the pillars are 2 of the main words in the lodge as for the hand shake yes it exists and depending on the grip is depending what degree you shake the hand of the Tyler at the outer door of the open lodge is if you get in. Also you need the word to go with the degree as well. Also still of there not happy with the lettering or half the word with him they can ask for the papers you have after joining if you can not provide it they can deny you entry. Also have you black listed in the lodge.

  • Marcy Carson
    Marcy Carson 5 дней назад

    just like any other large group of people.... secret groups of Adults always has to do with money, personal success AND influencing politics and laws to favor these groups. It's all about money.

  • Tigerz
    Tigerz 5 дней назад

    #1 should have the goverment!!!

  • Dill Dar
    Dill Dar 6 дней назад

    Iblees ko Europe ki mashino ka sahara,
    Allah ko ha pamardiye momin pa bharosa.
    Poet: Alama Iqbal.

  • -', B l o s s o m b u n n y ,'-
    -', B l o s s o m b u n n y ,'- 7 дней назад

    Are u stupid??? These secret societies are behind all the destructions of the world and use their power to make a New World Order (most of the famous people in america are born jews) so they have power over everyone. Then they will summon the Dajjal

  • Mc Cine
    Mc Cine 9 дней назад +1

    You exist in an intellectual vacuum, your neighborhood...

  • Sidnie Chapman
    Sidnie Chapman 9 дней назад

    The one with 120 ppl

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    your background music is wayyyyy too loud it was so difficult to watch this video

  • its Foxilnda
    its Foxilnda 10 дней назад

    Illuminati I would be apart it

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  • Frizl My Nizzl
    Frizl My Nizzl 13 дней назад

    I feel like these facts you've presented are jumbled up. And that you're romanticizing these groups.

  • Frizl My Nizzl
    Frizl My Nizzl 13 дней назад

    Nobody else was allowed to join? Are you kidding? Anybody can join, you just need an invite.

  • Karla Charles
    Karla Charles 13 дней назад +1

    the numder 13 standes for the first colonies in the U.S. I learned this in History class

    • Josh Havey
      Josh Havey 3 дня назад

      Everything we, as Americans, are indoctrinated with in the public school system is absolute garbage. Be your own history teacher.

    • Josh Havey
      Josh Havey 3 дня назад

      America was built upon occultism.

  • Oleg Petelevitch
    Oleg Petelevitch 13 дней назад +1

    Only in America ah!

  • maxwell joe
    maxwell joe 14 дней назад

    Hello!!! Do you want to be a member of the great Illuminati and start
    receiving 2,000,000,00USD monthly and be popular among others and have
    riches and fame,,this is the only chance of being of the Illuminati..I was
    sent by the Freemason high chief to bring 52 members into the Illuminati,I
    have gotten 32,so we looking for 20,,so try and be among the twenty people
    to be rich and famous, Whatsapp us no; +2347031524375

  • Adrian McNair
    Adrian McNair 15 дней назад

    All going to hell who cares

  • Akhigbe Priscillia Isi
    Akhigbe Priscillia Isi 17 дней назад

    Good day are you a business man or a politician and you want to be famous rich and become powerful and reach the peak of your career, we are recruiting new member, join the great brotherhood of the Illuminati. As a new member $100,000,000USD we be giving to you as a monthly salary Do you agree to become a member of this Illuminati new world can contact the Grand Lodge master on WhatsApp +16302169674 right now.

  • aslambhatti bhatti
    aslambhatti bhatti 19 дней назад

    spare them for zikeryia sake....double jewish aid...thanks

  • Patrick Wentzell
    Patrick Wentzell 19 дней назад +1

    Disney has been sexiest towards females long enough it needs to stop right now!

  • Umer Shah
    Umer Shah 19 дней назад

    Dont join any Society like this. These are against Jesus and Muhammad Saww. Means they are against Christians and Muslims

  • Prashant Dhanuk
    Prashant Dhanuk 19 дней назад

    Thnkxx for this

  • bawain
    bawain 19 дней назад

    notice all these secret societies are Jews

  • bawain
    bawain 19 дней назад

    on the other hand, Muslims trying to spread their religion yet everyone else wants them to be hidden

  • ali veli
    ali veli 19 дней назад

    Şimdi de illuminatiye geçtik

  • Brian Frost
    Brian Frost 20 дней назад

    Hexogram?? Jews symbol?? JEWS ARE BAD? No No No, don't be racist RUclip should delete this channel

  • Kuichi Tomoe
    Kuichi Tomoe 21 день назад

    Illuminati is demons
    Fullfilling the Phrophecy of Revelation of Jesus.
    7 strong countries is the illuminati
    Now were on the chapter 13 of Revelation.
    Unfinish phyramid symbolize means temple of solomon after they finish it they will reign the world
    Satan will sit on that temple as a fake god

  • mena seven
    mena seven 22 дня назад

    according to USA president Franklin Delano Roosevelt the world today and in the past is control by secret society.

  • Timmy King
    Timmy King 22 дня назад

    (1) Which of the 5 groups are against government? (2) Also are any of these groups racist? (3) do you have to be rich to be a member of any of the 5 groups?

  • Tyler
    Tyler 23 дня назад


  • Valu Vivao
    Valu Vivao 23 дня назад

    Thanks for your video information two thumbs up... 😎😎😎😎😎

  • WizardofCause Hoc
    WizardofCause Hoc 25 дней назад

    The Illuminati has been around for thousands of years- not hundreds. And here is the etymology.
    (Sanskrit. Vedic)
    illu= gods
    minati=prayer, the number 3, chaos and destruction.
    gods prayer. gods wrath.
    illuminati=prabuddha i.e. awakening.
    cognate is also found in sumerian as Illu
    and hebrew is elohiym. (pronounced illu- him)
    Got it? Good?
    PS. The Order of the Illuminati came into being in the 18th century. I will not go into that subject here and now because there is just too much disinformation out there to sort through. But i will share something fun. By typing in the word illuminati backward and then .com you will be directed to the NSA (national security agency) website. Its a public domain so nothing to fear..
    Try it!
    One more thing. The civil war was between the York Rite and Scottish Rite. John Wilkes Booth was a York Rite Confederate. The South was funded by the English Rothschilds.

  • IAmJustJoey YT
    IAmJustJoey YT 27 дней назад

    C.I.A get rekt

  • Zaragoza Delgado
    Zaragoza Delgado 28 дней назад

    Oh my god!

  • Musthafa Mohamed
    Musthafa Mohamed 28 дней назад

    Origin explained I subscribed and love this vid

  • Musthafa Mohamed
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    I want to be myself

  • Fearless tongue
    Fearless tongue 29 дней назад

    I wouldn't belong to any of them you stunned cunt.

  • Jason Cerda
    Jason Cerda Месяц назад

    I thougth the dollar bill was from the mason and I thougth George Washington was a mason not in the illuminati 🤔🤔?U make no sense at all😂

  • MiaVictoria Flores
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  • MiaVictoria Flores
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  • Jayshreevarma555 Varma
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    What the fuck is going on with american presidents.fuck i am a bit angry cause my wife is stroking me very slowly

  • Pedro Chery
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    I will like I would like to belong Illuminati

  • Jason Erb
    Jason Erb Месяц назад +1

    What about the Knights of Columbus, the Moose Lodge, the Lions Club etc? How are they any different?

  • Jason Erb
    Jason Erb Месяц назад

    Yes, the Masons will be planning the overthrow of the world, right after the pancake breakfast.

  • Jacob Black
    Jacob Black Месяц назад

    Who else came here to watch boobs of Katy Perry

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    Jonathan Aisel Месяц назад

    What about bohemian grove?

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    Wait my name is mason

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    Anugoro so agradu a batire pane a bengrere in su agrare in su enere mi che Lapo manigadu bimboi bai ola vinisi a cun so machinese tue ono

  • Harrison Yancey
    Harrison Yancey Месяц назад

    The G in the mason symbol does not stand for god, technically, it actually stand for The Great Architect of the Universe.

    AMENRAMUXIK LLC Месяц назад


  • Amirizham Taj
    Amirizham Taj Месяц назад

    All of it are DAJJAL’s work . It is the LEADER

  • Manoj Mattsson Altberg
    Manoj Mattsson Altberg Месяц назад

    I would like to one of the Illuminati because I was born when they where starting :)

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    We’ll get Geronimo’s skull back..

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    I love your narrator!

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  • Kevin Savard
    Kevin Savard Месяц назад

    I am all of these societies in true secrecy, we are begging to reveal our selfs! Double meanings intended. Every fake version is filth and sterile which is why they claim to be one of us “the causes of us” all is as so

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    Please don't forget that Rothschild and Rockefeller are one of the powerful elite families who is planning for New World Order

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    You forgot the Christians cock suckers and the catholic church, the Zionist bastards and the entire Muslim oil terrorist that love to talk bad about America but sell them the power to maintain it, sort off and finally the biggest fucks of them all THE AMERICAN GOVERNMENT FEDERAL ASSASINS LIKE THE CÍA FBI NSA KKK AND EVERYTHING IN BETWEEN

  • Dollface 1
    Dollface 1 Месяц назад

    First rule of Fight Club: Don’t talk about Fight Club
    PS- My grandpa was a 32 degree Mason... maybe he didn’t get to 33 because he broke the 1st cardinal rule ... 🤷🏽‍♀️

  • New Watchmen Ministry
    New Watchmen Ministry Месяц назад

    Conspiracy actually means Truth in Hebrew Now we have many Freemasons that are pastors in The Big Popular Churches

  • steve lawrence
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    After growing with my mom i got blamed for everything so my preference would most likely be Bilderberg :)

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    well that sounds like a perfect secret

  • North cote
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    By the way was walking thru the comment section and to my observation ppl talked so candidly on those groups doing community work, spreading knowledge. charity and all for the greater humanity but why the secrecy? Am i stupid to not realize there is something more sinister to the obvious?

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    I love you but i sadly say bye bye!

  • Derrick McAdoo
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    Katy Perry, like Carrie Underwood started off with Christian songs like, ' Jesus Take the Wheel..', and soon made songs saying ' I don't even know my last name' (drunken marriage). What role models these women are. Glad I don't I have daughters!

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    I can't stand this girls voice 😕😕😕

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  • Karlo Luebbert
    Karlo Luebbert Месяц назад

    Honey you have it all wrong
    First and for most the rosicrucians are not the enemy of the illuminati in-fact they work side by side another thing is that masonry is tide directly with degrees in rosicrucian and illuminati degrees after the first 33 degrees
    Another thing you forgot to mention about benjamín franklin , Washington, newton is that they where all masons❗️❗️❗️
    Of course they were rocicruciana too like i said before its a degree in masonry
    There several inaccuracies in this video but you got the concept a little correct
    But please do not confuse any of our
    Orders to be against each other because we are all one

  • Scott Wagner
    Scott Wagner Месяц назад

    Just leave it at "I have NOOO idea." This reminds me of parody skits my favorite morning radio show does making fun of Millenials teaching history. The Walton And Johnson Show with Producer Ken Webster Jr. Don't pretend you know a damn thing about the Freemasons if you don't have an iota of facts.

  • Ethan Easterwood
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    I'd like to be in the free mansions see my great grandfather was 1 of them and asked my father to join but he honestly declined but I agree with the mansions.

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    All is Jokes. Nonsense. Fakes.

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    I wouldn't like to be in any of them you're not doing anything wrong you don't need to be doing anything in secret.

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    All money have illuminati eye not only USA money

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    It's not a secret if you know about it. duuuh

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    If fact the letter G stands for the grand architect, and do you know who is the grand architect? There is a long story behind that.

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    P.S. my family is part of the masons
    P.S.S . You got most of it right....don’t tell anyone I said that

  • Michael Wiggins
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    I for one would be a freemason out of all the secret societies mentioned I would choose to be a freemason

  • Chloe Rose
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    The secret society was actually formed in Ancient Persia (Iran🇮🇷)
    But were forced to hide in secrecy for the last 800 yrs. Because they were blamed for many unfortunate event's

  • Alicia Barnett
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    It is a satanic cult.

  • leon dillon
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