Top 5 Most Mysterious and Powerful Secret Societies

  • Published on May 25, 2016
  • Did you know that Katy Perry and Madonna are allegedly part of the Illuminati? Here are five of the top mysterious real life secret societies and organizations ever in the history of the world. Find out more about the conspiracy theories surrounding these scary groups and how they influenced politics on earth. Illuminati, Skull and Bonus, Freemasons, Rosicrucians, Bilderberg group, they may be responsible for the new world order and some of the weirdest attacks in history, like the shooting of JFK and John Lennon .
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    17101.gif By Unknown - According to Manley P. Hall's Secret Teachings of All Ages, this is from the 18th-century work Geheime Figuren der Rosenkreuzer. Public Domain
    Conspiracy theorists are right about 1 thing: secret societies do exist and they are pretty scary! Watch your back, your neighbor might be one of them!
    We start off our top five list with the Freemasons which you’ve already heard about if you’ve seen National Treasure, or the Da Vinci Code. They are the secret society that discovered a huge treasure and hid it in historical monuments around the United States. Keep watching if you want to know what they really do…
    Number 5
    The Freemasons
    Did you know that the Masons actually faked the moonlanding?

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  • Daniel Schaetzle
    Daniel Schaetzle 3 hours ago

    This thing is full of lies, and I only had to watch five minutes to figure that out.

  • BarefootShaman
    BarefootShaman 13 hours ago

    i wouldn´t want to join any secret society. All the ones you have listed practice Satanism in one degree or another - especially the higher you go up the scale of membership.

  • Brenda Lanza
    Brenda Lanza 13 hours ago

    They are demonized and they worship Satan

  • jose garza
    jose garza 17 hours ago


  • Capt Bill
    Capt Bill 18 hours ago

    If you do a little research you will learn that those groups have something in common, they are devil worshipers.

  • Craig Narramoore

    I love the people who don't know anything about the Mason talking like they know about the Masons.

  • D. Paul Gladstone

    If you believe the Free Mason's are evil, then you are just a typical ignorant liberal who tells lies about everyone. Did you know some of the greatest American Leaders were and are Mason. How pathetic it is to spread these lies. At least we know what your intelligence level is.

    MISS CARSDEN Day ago

    Honey you're an idiot!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Linda Chene
    Linda Chene Day ago +1

    The background “music” is annoying.

  • The Merc
    The Merc Day ago

    Illuminati or not they are all fing you basic

  • Ruben Gutierrez
    Ruben Gutierrez Day ago +2

    I wouldn't want to be apart of any these luciferin groups!

  • Froggy Mitch
    Froggy Mitch Day ago +2

    So their target now (well since few years ago) is China.

  • Pinoy
    Pinoy Day ago

    Japanese Buddha vs Chinese Budda

  • Pinoy
    Pinoy Day ago

    American Satan vs Filipino Satanas

  • Patricia Shaw
    Patricia Shaw Day ago +2

    Free Masons are for low asteem men their secrets are a excuse for evil, it's a load of Codswollop

  • JJ Sundra
    JJ Sundra Day ago

    The secret societies arose because the Jews were not allowed to practise their religions during the early periods of the establishment of the Church of Rome.
    Many of the prominent household appeared to convert to Catholics to save their families as nd communities.
    They also.took office in the Chuches and the Church of Rome. ..
    They first met to continue their religion and to discuss and plan their prophesy..
    They work within the church which was the most powerful presence.
    If you have connection with the Church of Rome, then you can be rich and powerful.
    The Jews sought after Science and Maths and astrology to prove the Churches doctrines and beliefs wrong.
    They work from within the Vatican when it was established and met secretly .
    I believe there were hundreds, if not thousand of such secret societies all over Europe.
    Only a few continued till today as the Chuch began to slowly allow the practise of other religions.
    And the World began to embrace Science and Maths which incidently were languages that was very familiar to the Jewish community.
    There Jews were still needed to plan for the prophesy to come.
    And si a few of the secret societies still exist till today.
    Most work within the Govt.
    Many prominent and powerful prominent people were recruited but they were kept from the very real agenda.
    There was another core of only Jewish.
    From very early on the Jewish community had planned to establish the USA as their HQ.
    Abraham Lincoln did not work with them, and he expired before his time.
    What ever said and done, credit must be given to the Jews because,
    1) They persevered.
    2) They were the pioneers of the Science and Maths we enjoy today.
    3) They got the World to work in a systematic way.
    4) International trade and commerce,, though started with the Indians, Arab and Chinese was perfected by them.
    The Jewish contribution to this World today is priceless.
    During the WW2, the Germans advanced exponentially, the fields of biology, Chemistry, Physics and Maths via the Jewish brains (most).,
    Many of these brains also escaped to the USA and created an even stronger USA.
    They are indeed an elite race but not. "chosen",..!
    But the sooner they drop certain of their beliefs, the better it is for everyone to live in peace...

  • Edward  Elkins
    Edward Elkins Day ago

    what about the psychedelic hippie Reptilian cluster crotch rocket society for gay aliens?. I
    don't know which one is better. If your into creepy the Illuminati is probably the worst, but Freemasons are illuminati as well. My grandfather was member of all the lower level lodges like Eagles, and Elks. My mother and step father were moose lodge members. I went through the Elks initiation but never attended again. I know some of my family were freemasons or still are , I can tell you it ruins families. I met a guy who said his father was 16th level freemason and to go up a level he was told for initiation he had to do some strange creepy things for initiation to the next level, in the ceremony he was going to have to drink the priests urine, then he was going to have to sleep with an old woman his mothers age and do gay sex acts with the priest. He was married with children and left freemasonry. The same guy I talked to told me he had video's of privates in the military being initiated into freemasonry, according to him he was in the navy 9 years and had friends who worked at the pentagon. He said in the video's the privates were in uniform doing gay sex acts in their initiation. I didn't want to watch the video's. This guy worked at Disney for 11 years and was employed at Cartoon Network when I met him. I met another guy who's stepfather was a strawberry farmer with a 400 acre farm , and the farmer was a freemason. According to the guy I met , his stepfather had a friend who caught his wife committing adultery and killed the guy she slept with, he got thrown in prison and wrote letters to the farmer because he knew the farmer was a freemason and had contacts in high positions. He kept asking the farmer in letters to help him get out of prison. The farmer finally asked one of the judges if he could help the guy. The judge got the guy out of jail. The guy killed his wife two weeks later and then got thrown back in jail. So strange corrupt things happen because of freemasons loyalty to their lodges oaths.

  • Dave Vencatasamy

    Your introduction is missing the sinking of the TITANIC.

  • Dave Vencatasamy
    Dave Vencatasamy Day ago +3

    You've forgotten the most important of all, the society that controls the whole pyramid,..,The JESUITS.

  • Shammi
    Shammi Day ago

    Jesus save us.

  • Lennox
    Lennox Day ago

    But you missed the Greatest Satan Illuminati of All , the Sucker Zionist RothChild family .
    They are controlling the World , with their Wealth which is beyond imagination .
    It is time people of the World Rise up and destroy the Capitalism and the MONEY itself
    and use another method of trade , such as cooperation and Sharing resources with
    each other .
    I suggest look at Michel Tellinger's Videos in RUclip for some good ideas .

  • Avizoon
    Avizoon Day ago

    Rosicrucians are no longer a secret society either... you can freely go to their lodges, they are now giving membership to everyone that's willing to pay a yearly membership... Everything they teach you can find easily on youtube .. this is why they are also a dead secret society!

  • Avizoon
    Avizoon 2 days ago

    lol, freemasonry as we know it is pretty much dead, that's why you are able to make this video about them... The secrets have been transported to other secret groups.. and the day you find out about that new group is when the secrets will be moved elsewhere... Now scull and bones is different, I guess you can say they are powerful..

  • Michael Cook
    Michael Cook 2 days ago

    My own society ! Mac88

  • Chris Bova
    Chris Bova 2 days ago

    All these secret societies answer to the pope.

  • Corey Falls
    Corey Falls 2 days ago

    The Freemason claim to originate from stone builders but it was proven they were not and that they were no stone Masons today back in the 1800's when my cousins, real stone masons, built their house in town on solid rock, it had a giant limestone rock foundation as big as pyramid stones from Egypt, then a double red brick shell and the floors were held up by the brick walls alone, it was eventually stolen by Freemasonic Lawyers from my handicapped cousin after his mother became seriously ill and they said had to be put in a home and convinced him he needed the money to pay for both her and his later in life Handicap needs, he only got around $250,000 and today is worth 3 million (you know his investors will get most of that "Future Investment" needs.) They brought in a giant wrecking ball and it just bounced off it, then he moved the machine to a weak spot between the windows and only punched a hole in the wall the size of the ball leaving the windows intact on either side and brick still standing, you could now see the second floor and the structure of the brick wall, the operator then left and they had to figure out a new plan of attack, it wasn't coming down easy, those foundation stones were only moved a few feet to make a wall beside a public parking lot next door and the Cosh Brothers Stone Masons moved them back in the day by horse or oxen?

    • Corey Falls
      Corey Falls 2 days ago

      Margaret (Reade) Lake (Reade derived from Dalriada) is George H. W. Bush, 41st President of the USA's 8th great grandmother. Her sister Elizabeth (Reade) Winthrop is John Kerry, 68th U.S. Secretary of State's 7th great grandmother. John Kerry, 68th U.S. Secretary of State is George H. W. Bush, 41st President of the USA's 8th cousin via George Alexander of Edinburgh Scotland as well and they are quite aware of this History as much or more than I am, their 9th cousin separated by the 1776 war where half my family marked in blue brother vs. brother and cousin vs cousin were Conservative Christians came to Canada and the other half were Liberal Freemasons marked in red in America.

  • Martha Whaley
    Martha Whaley 2 days ago +3

    God knows everything what is done in secret will be brought to light

  • Marty Wardwell
    Marty Wardwell 2 days ago


    • gerg
      gerg 16 minutes ago

      Marty Wardwell 2 days ago
      How embarrassing for you

  • Dr.Raghavan. R.Panicker

    The talking speed is very low.
    So please increase the speed little more higher and then nobody will understand what you are talking about.
    Another Illuminati.

  • Charlie for auld lang syne

    LOL This video just hit the right.

  • Pete  Miller
    Pete Miller 2 days ago

    Ever hear of The Day The War Stopped celebration in St Francisville in Louisiana. The northern and southern Masons got together for a day for a funeral. All hostilities ceased until the following day when they all went back to killing one another.

  • Ang Walker
    Ang Walker 2 days ago

    Trump. Obama. And every president we ever had, the media, fb, heads of all major corps, the US military and all alphabet agencies...they plan war and depopulation and implement it daily. Train up, ask for redemption. Be ready for war. This info is full of lies btw. Satanists..the illuminated worship themselves and Lucifer

  • Ice !
    Ice ! 2 days ago

    I have two friends who are freemasons.

  • Boo
    Boo 3 days ago

    Jesuits are #1

  • alan mcclure
    alan mcclure 3 days ago

    You forget a society who runs all five that you mentioned, plus other societies that are even over them. In truth, there is only ONE society who has complete control over all these puppet groups. I could tell you more, but I am not allowed to say anything else, other then if Follow White Rabbit, the hole will open, leading all the way back to very first Annu, and (It's) offspring, going back 450 Million Years. One more hint, It is worldwide, represented by the Dragon, Serpent, or Eagle. Remember to follow white Rabbit.

  • Hornet 1022
    Hornet 1022 3 days ago +4

    George Washington wasn’t a Rosicrucian. Have you ever opened a school book and seen George in his Masonic Apron. You oughta try it sometime.

  • Ocotillodavid
    Ocotillodavid 3 days ago +7

    My dad went through the Mason’s indoctrination, and the initiation ceremony scared him so bad he never returned. Kept his apron,though.

  • hfjdksb jppsldkfps
    hfjdksb jppsldkfps 3 days ago

    LoL. You know what more dangerous than secret society? Christianity and Islam.

  • Sherif El Kadi
    Sherif El Kadi 3 days ago +1

    Listen up ! Ask an Egyptian how they built the Pyramids , They would tell you due to their poor English, : - It's a secret
    So studying this kind of stuff which are Mysteries , are always a secret because they are studied in secret because they would have to go against all main stream science only to discover by themselves. So It's a Mystery and Mystery does indeed exist ... Can't go out and say I know a mystery and I have solved it. Because if a mystery is solved , it's not a mystery any more.
    So what makes a Mystery a Mystery ? Not that it is a secret , A Mystery is because it cannot be explained , so it is as if it is already behind bars. Not even a quantum Computer can explain it.
    But of course they cannot tell you that they are studying mysteries , and that's why they say it's a secret, even though it's the total opposite of being a secret. Because Mysteries are everywhere and in everything. They try to get to it and be so well , sometimes that they even can make murders and turn them into mysteries. Because they have studied so well the destiny of things in general. 911 for example and to say the least. It's a bash out right in front of all of you. Internal affair for sure. It seems that they want to put you on a timer... Because a lie like this even if a mystery, it's not gonna stand for very long , Yes , Even if it was linked to your Favorite movie when you were a kid , like Back to the future... because it doesn't bring prosperity to the world and the world is watching you. This is almost like spanking yourselves with Mysteries. Just above the eye in the triangle there are waves of Clouds. these wavy clouds are now a new phenomena. or were they always there ? fetch THAT ! Explain to me why you have deja Vú ? and what can Deja Vú Be used for ?

  • Swirl AndTwirl
    Swirl AndTwirl 3 days ago +3

    Freemasons are everywhere in the world. And members are very rich and professionals.

  • Cinde Silkey
    Cinde Silkey 4 days ago +1

    I tried watching but the horrible, loud background music drowns out the person talking!

  • M Alex88
    M Alex88 4 days ago

    I will like to be a Iluminati

  • john moses
    john moses 4 days ago

    I'll show U humans whom the powerful one is gods only son U see my wrath across the globe but if U love my father Ur life will be saved but if your not your dead already but iam here as U can see buy the wrath of gods son around the globe there's no money in gods son kingdom U Understand what im saying human

  • john moses
    john moses 4 days ago

    Gods club no humans allowed

  • john moses
    john moses 4 days ago


  • mike tomlin
    mike tomlin 4 days ago

    Always a head spinner as to how these ''secret societies' are known about. In fact the conspiracy loons seem to know everything about them. And many of them can barely read and write. Hmmmmm..

  • Ogr Nrn
    Ogr Nrn 4 days ago

    Hey, we should make a new secret society named “free losers” against free masons 😂😂😂

  • Joe Smith
    Joe Smith 5 days ago

    Guess madona & katy learned to move & control their illuminati boys with their thing down der!

  • Chunky Romano
    Chunky Romano 5 days ago +2

    You got the members of Freemasons mixed up, they are not accurate.

  • hank fontaine
    hank fontaine 5 days ago

    Alistor Crowley's children Anton Lavey's dumbed down society building

  • hank fontaine
    hank fontaine 5 days ago +2

    They call the Almighty a liar for eternity they'll know Hell's Fires

  • Nelson Vargas
    Nelson Vargas 5 days ago +3

    My society is God , Jesus christ , family .

  • Jermaine McKenzie
    Jermaine McKenzie 5 days ago +1

    Freemasons are not a secret society. Or you wouldn't know that they exist. Smdh

    • Jermaine McKenzie
      Jermaine McKenzie 3 days ago

      @Durrell Hairston IBM Nike ect meeting are held in If you believe in the Bible and good to Church you hear Freemasonry. Its all biblical

    • Durrell Hairston
      Durrell Hairston 3 days ago

      Their rituals and their acts are held in secret...yes we know they are secret societies and we heard of other secrets societies but we don't know what they do because their secret! In case you didn't know yes they're evil and they are the ones that or behind the evil there satanic devil worshipers. You never hear them talk about what they do. So therefore it is a secret! They do exist.

  • Octavio Garcia
    Octavio Garcia 5 days ago

    especulacciones..siegos a tientas...

  • Danny De Leon
    Danny De Leon 6 days ago

    Don't matter cause people are lady stupid and selfish

  • saurav ligal
    saurav ligal 6 days ago

    G stands for gravity ... i am from open society...

  • Random8kid
    Random8kid 6 days ago

    I rather be in rose cruf

  • John Anthony Fingleton

    Who Cares?

  • Klen McRock
    Klen McRock 7 days ago

    They're fukin tools!

  • Ana Wilson
    Ana Wilson 7 days ago +2

    I order all the time, through out of the ages 😄

  • Kareen Montes
    Kareen Montes 7 days ago +1

    Oh so the Illuminati is real

  • Paddy Carr
    Paddy Carr 8 days ago +5

    They are not powerful power is found in truth not in secrets!

  • Aiko Doyle
    Aiko Doyle 8 days ago

    what about the thirteen olives?

  • lasandra tiara
    lasandra tiara 8 days ago +1

    Secret societies not bad after all. Trying to help the world in one way or the other..I think

  • Bryan Oviego
    Bryan Oviego 8 days ago


  • Linda Moize
    Linda Moize 9 days ago

    Why a hand full of a few think they are above the rest should say it all. No!

  • bitcodexx
    bitcodexx 9 days ago

    Bohemian Grove should be on the list

  • Jean Falco
    Jean Falco 9 days ago +1


  • wael albargouthi
    wael albargouthi 9 days ago +2

    💙Freemasonic 💙👁🖖💫

  • Napo Ponoane
    Napo Ponoane 9 days ago


  • Bee Cy
    Bee Cy 10 days ago +4

    Howard Taft was Governor -General of the Philippines , when the country was still under American rule.
    A very important road running through Manila, Taft Avenue was named after him.

  • C.I.A
    C.I.A 10 days ago +3

    Skull and bones? We never heard of them...

    • Luke S
      Luke S 2 days ago +1

      Thanks for your honesty. I thought they existed till you just confirmed they don't.

  • Lanie Rose
    Lanie Rose 10 days ago

    Try to watch FROM BABYLON TO U.S.A

  • Saify
    Saify 11 days ago +4

    U forgot The Peaky Fokin Blinders🤣🤣⚔️⚔️⚔️

    • Luke S
      Luke S 2 days ago +1

      We don't talk about them. 😉

  • MyEyesBled
    MyEyesBled 14 days ago

    Where's the secret society of *_Large Mammary Glands_* and are you a member? (Hard to keep tucked in and hidden) (PS... get rid of the stupid annoying scary music 3:50 and I'll watch the rest)

  • Atoms Apple
    Atoms Apple 14 days ago +8

    That moment, you realize, when a robot's voice doesn't sound that bad...

  • Mark McFarland
    Mark McFarland 14 days ago +4

    That background music is a takeaway... To loud and distracting!

  • Robert Mooking
    Robert Mooking 14 days ago

    Your information is wrong Do your homework.

  • O S
    O S 15 days ago

    Obvious libtards

  • saint supernatural
    saint supernatural 15 days ago

    illuminati is no longer secret here is proof

  • saint supernatural
    saint supernatural 15 days ago +56

    I would rather be a member of GODS family, brother of JESUS CHRIST

    • Chris Bova
      Chris Bova 2 days ago

      If You let someone convinc3 you you need anything to be in God's society, they are affiliated with one of the secret societies you don't agree with all stemming from Rome.

    • Jeremy Mann
      Jeremy Mann 4 days ago

      @the Pomarva palmyria templespirts vs petra

    • the Pomarva
      the Pomarva 4 days ago +2

      brotherhood in faith

    • Jeremy Mann
      Jeremy Mann 5 days ago

      Me too brother cic brothers in Christ

  • Kaustav Mitra
    Kaustav Mitra 15 days ago


  • ? B
    ? B 16 days ago

    Nether. I am a free mind. Sorry

  • Paola Dentamaro
    Paola Dentamaro 16 days ago

    I really liked this episode because my dad was a member of the Rosicrucian. I remember as a young girl about 8 years my dad used to prepare where he’s going to do whatever he did, with candles and other stuff. My dad never ever talked about what he did or what it is. He passed away not uttering a word about it. However, he had a kind of special powers because he was quite high up in the hierarchy. I pestered him time and time again just to tell me one small thing and he never did.

    • Male Isac
      Male Isac 15 days ago

      Paola Dentamaro I think saved you from being killed if u knew their secret. He couldn’t trust u

  • George Gutierrez
    George Gutierrez 19 days ago

    Sorry to bust your bubble but all S.S. are stepping Stones to the next level, and at the very top is the bottom inverse, so who are thy., Top secret a.

  • MarshWalker YT
    MarshWalker YT 21 day ago

    13 berris in the stem

  • Sussex Sculptors
    Sussex Sculptors 21 day ago

    you are talking giberish .good luck.

  • MzNaeture MzNaeBae
    MzNaeture MzNaeBae 22 days ago


  • Aaron Hill
    Aaron Hill 22 days ago

    I don’t think the Freemason’s are a secret society because I have seen many buildings that have the name and logo it and I’ve seen many people wearing shirts, rings and other jewels with the logo on it so I would just call it a society that has secrets. The others you presented sound like secret societies because I’ve never seen or heard anything about them before.

  • REDRUM : l
    REDRUM : l 23 days ago

    I'm a Mason. It's no big deal. Community service, and networking.

  • Melia Stockdale
    Melia Stockdale 24 days ago +1

    I need bacon now

  • Melia Stockdale
    Melia Stockdale 24 days ago +1

    Wait is the reason there is a eye on the triangle on the pairimaid because who ever is in the tomb can see all

  • Chidi Maponya
    Chidi Maponya 26 days ago

    I'd join the masons

  • Ken Thorne
    Ken Thorne 26 days ago +1

    All secret societies are part of the 33 levels in masonic

  • Natewatl
    Natewatl Month ago +5

    Yeah we need to know about the Illuminati is that Donald Trump is the Grand Dragon of the Illuminati

  • ObieJPM
    ObieJPM Month ago +1

    so some of them are in 3 of the top 5 bleaders/destroyers of
    the world

  • casefile101
    casefile101 Month ago

    speaker sounds like she has an IQ of 12

  • mike avery
    mike avery Month ago +1

    I'm related to Thomas Jefferson how come the Illuminati haven't called me up LOLand I'm related to Winston Churchill so where's the Masons with my invite hahaha

    • Martin Eastburn
      Martin Eastburn 29 days ago

      If you want to be a Mason, you have to do the Biblical thing and ASK. Ask a Mason about becoming one. They don't by law ask others to join the non-member petitions the Lodge and they investigates and then votes. It takes time. The best thing is to keep in touch with your sponsor and they can keep you posted. Lodges hold open to the public meetings like installations but the degrees are held behind doors. If one wants to have a Society or a Club or something, maintaining the process and procedures private or secret or why have a group if everyone knows everything. If you believe in a supreme being that opens a door. If you believe in Christian that opens other doors. Members have local lodges. There isn't a National one or a World wide one. In the USA, each state has their top level.

  • 13mike Asher
    13mike Asher Month ago

    Was there anything George Washington couldn't do. Haha

    • Daniel Ponce
      Daniel Ponce 3 days ago

      13mike Asher
      Yeah, evidently he could not father any children (or maybe that was just Martha's fault).

    • Julius Ikhuoria
      Julius Ikhuoria Month ago

      13mike Asher I love to hear from you

  • Elohim Yuhawah
    Elohim Yuhawah Month ago

    Freemasonary is a kind of society that one God and a partner of illuminate.....shame on those people who accept that all of them are GOD.......Jesus is Lord King of All Kings....THE ALPHA AND OMEGA THE FIRST AND THE LAST THE BEGINNING AND THE END.....JESUS IS OUR SAVIOUR NOT A RELIGION...................Keep always praying our soul ....GOD BLESSED TO HIS PEOPLE WHO BELIEVE AND IN HIM.☝☝☝🙏🙏