3D-Printing My Own Custom Face Masks

  • Published on Aug 23, 2017
  • I saw this machine that 3D prints custom face masks on Facebook, so I had to try it! This machine will make you pretty much any kind of face mask you want so you can ~customize your skincare~. I tried a few different recipes for my skin concerns, what do you guys think? Is this the future of skincare and sheet masks?
    I got my machine here! www.groupon.com/deals/gg-maskerade-duet-facial-steamer-organic-mask-maker
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  • Safiya Nygaard
    Safiya Nygaard  2 years ago +11212

    HELLO bbs! happy hump day! here is a ~weird~ video but i had a ton of fun making my own masks! what do you think of this machine? would you try this? xo, Saf

  • Ransley Hernandez
    Ransley Hernandez 6 hours ago

    7:00 the girl in the background 😂 she’s looks cute eating whatever she’s eating 🍽 😵 😂

  • Marissa Pancake
    Marissa Pancake 10 hours ago

    With the yogurt one she looked like mr monopoly

  • Meike Oplaat
    Meike Oplaat 19 hours ago

    1:15 iell grose 🤢🥴😂

  • Delilah The doe
    Delilah The doe Day ago

    I was expecting her to use a monster drink or a Red Bull and now im sad she didn’t

  • peach pie
    peach pie Day ago

    9:00 Australians arise.

  • #747 Queen of the skies

    9:01 best part of the video
    *cough cough*

  • Overwatch Queen
    Overwatch Queen Day ago

    2019 anyone

  • Jaydelyn Rincon
    Jaydelyn Rincon Day ago

    Next time you should do milk

  • Fear Kitten
    Fear Kitten Day ago

    Coffee or tea might be cool.

  • Kayla Perry
    Kayla Perry Day ago

    Is it bad that I want her to try it with a 50/50 mix of water and mountain dew. I wonder if it would still work while adjusting the ratio.

  • Grace Kim
    Grace Kim Day ago

    coffee would have been better thn mt.dew for the "caffine" part

  • Andrew46290 YANGGANG

    IDK why, but to me all of safiya's thumbnails with the facemasks look like Oderus Urungus from Gwar's face close up to the mask lmao

  • FreE Spirit
    FreE Spirit 2 days ago

    That's so cool

  • charlie cant chin chin


  • Beth The Lazar Shooter

    Do gelitin in that thing

  • Nabilah Othman
    Nabilah Othman 3 days ago

    that mountain dew n its sugar

  • Bunny Games
    Bunny Games 3 days ago

    Who else would just put vodka

  • Sophie Grace
    Sophie Grace 3 days ago

    No joke at the beginning of this video I thought: I really hope they do a Mountain Dew mask

  • Mary Keating
    Mary Keating 3 days ago

    She protecc

    She attacc
    But most importantly

    She make cakes from lipstack

    Ik this meme is so old and I hate it but I had the idea and wanted to use it

  • Kawaii French Fry
    Kawaii French Fry 3 days ago

    I have dry and oily skin too!

  • zonk
    zonk 4 days ago

    piss face mask

  • The Twinset
    The Twinset 4 days ago +1

    1:25 safiay sounds like a vsco girl sksksksk

  • Hillary Mayberry
    Hillary Mayberry 4 days ago

    you should not say bad words i'm just saying

  • Jackie Clarke
    Jackie Clarke 4 days ago +1

    You should crush bathbombs together!😃#🇨🇦

  • Jackie Clarke
    Jackie Clarke 4 days ago +1

    I would do coffee every day

  • Olivia Aker
    Olivia Aker 4 days ago +1

    she kind of looked like Dwight Schrute in the ‘First Aid’ episode

  • Sarah Joseph
    Sarah Joseph 4 days ago

    I think you look better without make up you look so pretty when you don’t try to cover up your natural skin ❤️

  • i will steal your kneecaps

    Texas chainsaw massacre: Flesh pore cleansing

  • Adele Burger
    Adele Burger 5 days ago +1

    You should put some essential oils in there

  • Marion Smith
    Marion Smith 6 days ago

    A little bit of camp Granada in the back ground...

  • Ariel Haro
    Ariel Haro 6 days ago

    Ok so I’m watching this on Friday the 13th and Tyler says the joke about the Friday the 13th person

  • hayat mourad
    hayat mourad 6 days ago +3

    2019? When I saw the title I watched the vd because I have the Quick twist

  • Astral Panda
    Astral Panda 6 days ago +1

    Anyone else thinking chocolate milk

  • Kitty Splash
    Kitty Splash 6 days ago

    You should have put coffee in it

  • Finding Fireflies
    Finding Fireflies 6 days ago +1

    Does anyone know the name of the song at 2:45

  • Molly Te Grotenhuis
    Molly Te Grotenhuis 7 days ago

    she should test this with just wter

  • Aerin Macatula
    Aerin Macatula 7 days ago +1

    Wait... when you tried it didn’t you eat the fizzy bath bomb thing??

  • Mint chip And fries
    Mint chip And fries 8 days ago

    last thing you want, a pee face mask.

  • Simply A Tater Tot
    Simply A Tater Tot 8 days ago +1

    *pokes hole in last mask.*
    theres a huge hole in my forehead, i have no idea why.

  • Elle Riva
    Elle Riva 8 days ago +3

    She should mix all of the liquid lipsticks at Sephora then make it into a face mask! Like if u agree

  • Mia McShanag
    Mia McShanag 9 days ago +1

    “I wanna press the button Ted!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!”

  • • daiii •
    • daiii • 9 days ago

    7:00 the little girl eating is me

  • veggiesaremurder
    veggiesaremurder 9 days ago

    That's super cool! I want this! I would use it all the time with all kinds of things because I am really into homemade skin care.

  • Dino flipper
    Dino flipper 9 days ago +5

    Clicked the video then got a 3D printing Ad

    Gosh darn it Google!!

  • kitty icecream
    kitty icecream 9 days ago

    Part 2...?

  • Yulia Ningsih
    Yulia Ningsih 9 days ago

    Indonesia mana suaranya

  • Mackenzie Smith
    Mackenzie Smith 9 days ago

    When's the wedding?

  • xXGachaWolfieFoxXx
    xXGachaWolfieFoxXx 9 days ago

    Try puting coffe in it

  • Jasmine Anspach
    Jasmine Anspach 9 days ago

    Ddddddd day would you mind getting your own business to buy the car you have your money and your account your company has your first bank and your tax return your credit card and

  • Jazzine Mae Andres
    Jazzine Mae Andres 10 days ago

    Like this everytime Saf raises her eyebrows

  • I got Copyrighted
    I got Copyrighted 10 days ago

    Fandom Names
    James Charls~sisters

  • Potato 123
    Potato 123 10 days ago

    Yu sould make a water face masj

  • Cici Anonymous
    Cici Anonymous 10 days ago

    All the sugar in that Mountain Dew mask has gotta be horrible for your zits

  • Alexandra Lozano
    Alexandra Lozano 10 days ago

    This was awesome

  • Bethany Rickwood
    Bethany Rickwood 10 days ago

    If you unfocus your eyes, then the first one looks like lord voldemort

  • xoxo 3920
    xoxo 3920 11 days ago

    Try just water

  • OrEOZ GaNG
    OrEOZ GaNG 11 days ago

    Who her Safiya’s vsco sksk

  • Landon New
    Landon New 11 days ago

    next vid top 10 best nose hair removers {gone WRONG}

  • The Smith Family Fun Channel

    I was eating at 5:56 😖