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    You're a wizard, Harry. Not a very good one, but a wizard, definitely.
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Comments • 80

  • yeray diaz
    yeray diaz 6 days ago

    "Ahhhhhh..... Potter you fool" xD

  • JohnGabe #2006
    JohnGabe #2006 8 days ago

    Why on earth nervill always get hurt..

  • ItsPixPlays
    ItsPixPlays 12 days ago

    Beastiality would be if I was a human f***ing a deer
    But im a DEER f***ing a deer

  • Possum7250
    Possum7250 14 days ago

    0:58 reminds me of travis the monkey in the 2009 incident

  • Riley Holden
    Riley Holden 14 days ago

    Are we going to bone or what

  • mo_ Mgr
    mo_ Mgr 19 days ago

    Potter you fool

  • Ulfang999
    Ulfang999 22 days ago

    Funny, but why did British kids end up at an American high school?

  • Vir Khanna
    Vir Khanna 24 days ago +1

    my dad looks like voldemort and its scray when he come to tuck me into bed

  • john steel
    john steel 25 days ago

    Potter, you fool!

  • blind side 2005
    blind side 2005 Month ago +1

    2020 anyone?

  • andrew sutherland
    andrew sutherland Month ago

    James potter always was a swine

  • Emma Rose
    Emma Rose Month ago

    C-minus? Shouldn’t it be Poor? Also, who gets grades in Quidditch?!

  • Jonathan Monaghan
    Jonathan Monaghan Month ago +1

    “Her-my-one Granger hung herself”

  • Adamison - Roblox
    Adamison - Roblox 2 months ago

    The f*ck is deer

  • Adamison - Roblox
    Adamison - Roblox 2 months ago

    F*CK this sh*t of videos because all times ALL F*CK the nose UGHHH my F*ck nose and deer says f*ck deer f*ck

  • I.Z
    I.Z 2 months ago +1

    if you keep replaying the first 1 second it looks like harry is painfully jerking it

  • blazodeolireta
    blazodeolireta 2 months ago +2

    0:56 that sound like an Italian swear, almost.

  • ReDiculous22
    ReDiculous22 2 months ago

    I love the little detail that Orcchidius is an actual spell in Harry Potter and does essentially the same thing. They actually read the books, very nice.

  • Numatic Hades01
    Numatic Hades01 3 months ago

    The way the hat looked at her at the end 🤣

  • Ashraf Zahin
    Ashraf Zahin 3 months ago

    3:56 that was the momment I realized the hat was actually penis foreksin

  • Oliver Hills
    Oliver Hills 3 months ago

    Her my one Granger

  • Antyxe
    Antyxe 3 months ago +1

    "Potter you fool"

  • Abby Brustad
    Abby Brustad 3 months ago

    McGonagall’s animagius form is a CAT. Get your facts straight, Robot Chicken.

    • JarHead
      JarHead 8 days ago

      Abby Brustad it’s called a joke 🤦🏽‍♂️

  • Running up The stairs
    Running up The stairs 3 months ago

    Wait but McGonagall can only turn into a cat she’s not a metamorphmagis

  • Phoenix North
    Phoenix North 3 months ago

    Ugh........... potter you fool!

  • BDub_30
    BDub_30 3 months ago

    Technically Harry didn’t attend his 7th year.

  • Cat_0n _0ne_520
    Cat_0n _0ne_520 3 months ago

    Robot chicken is my favourite show

  • martial arts,music and history

    That ot twist though

  • NeNe Jordan
    NeNe Jordan 4 months ago +16

    "HER-MY-ONE" 😂💀

  • Dragons LeagueGaming
    Dragons LeagueGaming 4 months ago +6

    “drowning in poontang” has me crying 😂😭😭

  • Robert Huntington
    Robert Huntington 4 months ago +1

    You need to do a sketch about Voldemort having s cold because he has no nise 😂

  • Lornie Plays
    Lornie Plays 5 months ago

    Potter u fool

  • The Queen Of Moons
    The Queen Of Moons 5 months ago

    Oh my God

  • Ian Manning
    Ian Manning 5 months ago +3

    Can we get the clip where Voldemort gets shot by Harry?

  • Кайена Арельяно


  • Danny
    Danny 5 months ago +7

    You know you've really got a problem when Sirius is the voice of reason.

  • NieMonD
    NieMonD 5 months ago

    Professor mcgonigal is a cat not a deer u chicken nuggets

  • Patrick Noel
    Patrick Noel 5 months ago +2

    Peroxide ,calcium pills, marijuana for later, cigarettes, coffee with milk shakes. ( bit of the weed, for the big kid that know, copper, zinc, fruit acids, high quality jam and mineralized water from a miners spring or the more vibrant the spectral microwave hye but hell feel better knowing he's just gotta keep cool looking at the sky) is kind the same formula to achieve exactly without acid what they where talking about

  • Patrick Noel
    Patrick Noel 5 months ago

    Why not by hand?

  • Patrick Noel
    Patrick Noel 5 months ago

    That poor ans nose

  • Northumbria Bushcraft
    Northumbria Bushcraft 6 months ago +1

    I guess if you turned into a deer you would fuck a deer... Or professor mcgonagall...

  • Pathetic Dart
    Pathetic Dart 6 months ago +15

    3:22 "What a twist!"

  • Chloe Vampirica
    Chloe Vampirica 6 months ago +116

    “This isn’t shrooms! It’s bestiality!”
    “No, bestiality would be if I were human f*cking a deer!”

    • Albertus Chandra
      Albertus Chandra 5 months ago +13

      "but I'm a deer f****n a deer. Now, if you'll excuse me"

  • Goodest boah In the West

    This went 0 to 13

  • Mathys Guernon
    Mathys Guernon 6 months ago +1

    I hate Harry Potter with a flaming burning passion

  • Conner George
    Conner George 7 months ago

    Best part 3:30

  • CharlesOffdensen
    CharlesOffdensen 7 months ago +2

    We need Harry Potter special.

  • warren byrne
    warren byrne 7 months ago


  • warren byrne
    warren byrne 7 months ago


  • GeorgeMonet
    GeorgeMonet 7 months ago +2

    I think it's important to point out that the deer scene would have occurred back when Mcgonagall was the hot young teacher all the male students wanted to bang.

    • Marcus Porter
      Marcus Porter 4 months ago

      Eh, I feel that even a few students would still bang an old McGonagall.

  • GamerFreak 3110
    GamerFreak 3110 7 months ago

    To be honest i'll bone any animal as an animal and even if they are not the same

  • Hunter Wilder
    Hunter Wilder 7 months ago +1

    1:28 Well, when you do literally the same thing in every single movie, it's kinda hard not to be

  • Sam Rogers
    Sam Rogers 8 months ago

    That Voldemort doll looks awesome

  • Golden Fazbear Green
    Golden Fazbear Green 8 months ago +2


  • cakey
    cakey 8 months ago +4

    "We usually don't start until you insult Harry!"

  • Leo Castro
    Leo Castro 8 months ago

    Hey no nose 😂

  • just a potato
    just a potato 8 months ago

    *_that was disturbing_*

  • Theresa Ellis
    Theresa Ellis 8 months ago

    um Professor McGonagall turned into a cat not a deer. Clearly they've never read Harry Potter

  • Godzilla Games
    Godzilla Games 8 months ago


  • Daniel M
    Daniel M 9 months ago +1

    p O tTer yOU FooL

  • liberty rhyme
    liberty rhyme 9 months ago

    Ok how is the highschool one funny?

  • Tlaloc Guillen
    Tlaloc Guillen 9 months ago

    Dad stupid

  • Jackninja5
    Jackninja5 9 months ago +4

    "Potter, you fool!"

  • 4F Productions
    4F Productions 9 months ago +2

    1:41 when the caffeine/Red Bull hits...

  • Arthur Morgan
    Arthur Morgan 9 months ago +1

    Her my one granger

  • third aldrich sioson
    third aldrich sioson 9 months ago

    Not to be rude this is suck's

  • Poguemahion Mulligan
    Poguemahion Mulligan 9 months ago +3

    You know robot chicken ,deaf people would like to laugh too,,but you or RUclip doesn't close caption your skits

  • Hello Dear Elise
    Hello Dear Elise 10 months ago +1

    "HerMAi One Granger" *dies inside*

  • LimeGrass619
    LimeGrass619 10 months ago

    Potter you fool

  • _rossiegachacakes _
    _rossiegachacakes _ 10 months ago +5

    Yeses my 2 favorite things
    1.harry potter
    2.robot chicken

  • judd thweatt
    judd thweatt 10 months ago +2

    Drowning in poon-tang...haha

  • Butters Scotch
    Butters Scotch 10 months ago +2

    2:20 Actually happened at my school. Girls who cyber-bullies her got beat to shit after school in the amphitheater. Like hear ripped out, they were chocked, broken arm. Then of course they were expelled

  • Tarek Chamas
    Tarek Chamas 11 months ago


    I almost stopped breathing

  • Nelson Productions
    Nelson Productions 11 months ago

    3:27 that has to be a weird a fucking conversation between Harry and Minerva

  • Luke Lawson
    Luke Lawson 11 months ago +25

    The way he says James what the hell are you doing just gets me every time

  • Garrett Kocian
    Garrett Kocian 11 months ago +1

    Mcgonagall is a tabby cat, and not a deer. Or maybe there was another Mcgonagall while the Mauraders went to school...?

  • Gorem
    Gorem 11 months ago +1

    That bit with the animals, lol

  • Michael Rauch
    Michael Rauch 11 months ago +1

    That ending though

  • Video Stealing099
    Video Stealing099 11 months ago


  • tijmen131
    tijmen131 11 months ago

    'Potter, you fool'