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Автор BradDoesBanter ( назад)
Stop doing facecam

Автор _Nuclear_ Games_ ( назад)
Sounds exactly like GradeAUnderA

Автор Paris Whilby ( назад)
Your just spreading your legs,why do you have to put man in front of spreading.💁🏽😐❗️

Автор Jenna Cervantes ( назад)
honestly, you dont look that bad

Автор Prime Time ( назад)
His voice though

Автор nic gender ( назад)
I Fkng love your videos hahahaahahahah

Автор yaya ( назад)
they don't have dicks jfc you don't have balls

Автор Chunky Lord ( назад)
You remind me a lot like pyrocynical.

Автор Antonia Watkins ( назад)
Don't be so sexist and disgusting. You are Horrible loose some weight

Автор Random Things Combined ( назад)
Woman do not understand why we do it, it's not like we think i'm gonna annoy anyone, it just happens automatically

Автор Drew Petersen ( назад)
Buzzfeed is just so cancerous.

Автор Luke Roberts ( назад)
instead of this they should have done putting a football in between their legs for a week. then they'd see why we have to sit like that. fucking cretins.

Автор Elijah Keen ( назад)

Автор FreakNationGaming75 ( назад)
How autistic can one be.

Men have this thing called balls, they are in between are legs. If we were to sit with our legs closed are balls would be getting crushed. We spread our legs so we don't have to crush our balls.

Love how she says "take up as much room as humanly possible". This is not true, when we sit on a bus, train, or plane. When we are at the seat with the window, are legs are spread, but it isn't even taking any room from the other seat, when we are on the other side, we put are legs hanging over the seat, giving more room for the person at the window seat, and if a person were to walk by we close are legs until the person had gotten by.

Most of the time they were not even "man-spreading". They were putting there legs on the seat. And they call that "man-spreading".

Gosh these people are stupid cunts.

How about we talk about women spreading. Where they put there purse or other items with them in the seat next to them. That's is way worse then a man spreading his legs to not crush his balls.

Автор Jackawacka 123 ( назад)
Wait these cunts r wommens?

Автор girlsdrinkfeck ( назад)
dark haired 4 eyed bitch feminist cunt, fuck off, buzzcuckfeed

Автор Nate Lush ( назад)
no spaghetti

Автор Steven Whitford ( назад)
"Are you sitting on a train or bus and your legs are squeezing your bollocks..." subbed

Автор GameWhipsTV ( назад)
You look like some guy in my school he is in six form and I always portray your accent to him and I swear he thinks I'm disabled

Автор GamingDude2000 ( назад)
1:27 "You can already tell she gets a lot of cock. Probably from her uncle, when she was 7." 2:39 "You should hear me mum talking on the phone - she's like a fuckin' retard." Just woke up from a 3hr sleep and my day is already made!

Автор La Muerte ( назад)
You sound like you have marbles in your mouth

Автор The Salmon of Capistrano ( назад)

Автор PowerSniperZombie 115 ( назад)
The worst buzzfeed video is every single one because it's clickbait

Автор Jorja Parks ( назад)
Dude shut the fuck up

Автор horribledudeboy ( назад)
Don't worry your not ugly I'd plow you any day

Автор Capri Moon ( назад)
I swear the people on buzz feed videos are just fucking retarded

Автор Disregard the constabulary ( назад)
Can we do a men try PMS for a week? Act like a bitch for a week and then be all self righteous because you don't do that.

Автор Lit'l Lissa ( назад)
his accent is so cool!

Автор JoeBroGaming ( назад)
It's a literal pyrocynical clone even his Twitter is pyrocynical

Автор Mr Z - WA 420 ( назад)
I bet they really stank the fucking place up

Автор Vlada Dediceva ( назад)

Автор Ethan Hou ( назад)
fuck you your fat and ugly

Автор Sky George ( назад)

Автор Sweet Pastel Panda ( назад)
i find men "man spreading" sexy... im sorry but if i see a man on the train with his legs crossed im going to find him a pussy.

Автор Kitty Krafter MC ( назад)
OKᗩY I ᖴᑌᑕKIᑎ ᕼᗩTE IT ᔕO ᖇᑌᗪE ᗩᑎᗪ ᕼOᖇᖇIᗷᒪE TO EᐯEᖇYOᑎE Oᖴ TᕼEᔕE ᒪOᐯEᒪY ᑭEOᑭᒪE GO TO ᕼEᒪᒪ

Автор CatQueenEEG ( назад)
This guy looks fine!!! Stop hating on him just because u have ur own problems!!!

Автор Preston Wherry ( назад)
he needs to give people a chance to understand what he's talking about and u don't tell people to die

Автор madison ma ( назад)
I sit in any position I please (including "manspreading", and some other weird ass positions like my foot behind my head or my leg on the desk) and no one ever judges me for that.

Автор Sean Conner ( назад)
Guys dont even need to man spread tho y do u all do it? I dont want ur legs touching mine gtfo

Автор Angel-Chan Gaming ( назад)

Автор LexiMae ( назад)
i actually don't think he's fat

Автор Alex Akin ( назад)
Wowza, someone is threatened by women. How much of a narcissistic asshole do you have to be to make a video like this? lol

Автор epicalisepic ( назад)
Your voice is glorious

Автор GoldenDragon TV ( назад)
Your not ugly, but your not pretty

Автор ObservantImp91 ( назад)
I don't want my nuts to be strawberry jam.

Автор OnlyMichaelJackson (Angel) ( назад)
I love this dude 😂😂😂 He pulls the words right out of my mouth.

Автор Random Human ( назад)
There are fucking galaxy minstrels in Africa dying of hunger

Автор EmilyStrange EKR ( назад)
I man-spread and I'm a woman. It's comfortable, fuck off! Buzzfeed -__- XD

Автор Violet Blak ( назад)
I think you look adorable. (you prob won't see this, but still wanted to say this.) Oh and i love your channel.

Автор Sorchia ( назад)
I never heard of 'manspreding'! WTF? I'm a woman and I do this all the time, it's comfortable. What the hell is the chick in the hat talking about? Ugh, I can't stand it anymore!

Автор Chloe Coale ( назад)

Автор ProGuy1 Gaming ( назад)
I'm wanted to comment and dislike the vid but the comments and ratings have been disabled good job buzzFeed

Автор Jim Brewer ( назад)
Guessing your from Yorkshire same as me lol

Автор Inferno Ducky ( назад)
U are a magestic specimen of beauty and grace. Don't let anyone freaking tell u you're fat and ugly

Автор George Ephrem ( назад)
I hate the fucking dike with the hat?! I just can't stand her.

Автор XXcheesyeyeballXX Z ( назад)
stop doing facecam9

Автор FizzyNightShade ( назад)
In Buzzfeed's defense, there are guys out there who do "manspread" that extra bit just to be an asshole. I know. I went to high school with about half of them.

Автор Cammyb 123 ( назад)
you're not fat😊 ps 1k people are butthurt

Автор Blazein Boarder ( назад)
I didn't even know "manspreading" was a thing!

Now that i think of it. I do that shit all the fuckin time!

Women should take note of this! and USE IT!

If i go on a train or a bus and see a chick doing it.. I'm just going to laugh!

Автор Blazein Boarder ( назад)
A scottish Jaba the hutt? That would be awesome! Aye Ya cunt! Your Jedi mind tricks arent gonna werk on me ya fuckin cunt!

I hope you are scottish lol! Just a guess.

Автор Karina Garcia ( назад)

Автор lakefog podcast ( назад)
I hate the human race

Автор Emberlee Messer ( назад)
I manspread and im not even a man wtf its just comfortable.

Автор Gabriel R ( назад)
i would compare you to lispy jimmy

Автор Mr. Italy ( назад)
sup jabba

Автор mean bean ( назад)
he's.... so cute??? like he's really cute, how could anyone think hes ugly or fat?

Автор Wolfy Rider ( назад)
These feminists are clearly so angry cuz they go for men who don't "manspread" aka have no cock, therefore no sex life. Hate feminists

Автор SynC Clan ( назад)

Автор endermaniac246 ( назад)
you remember me of pyrocinical

Автор WeeItsNookies ( назад)
Well the whole "manspreading" crusade proved one thing. Feminism has achieved it's goals and it's now obsolete and unnecessary in 2017 America. Feminism was about obtaining equal rights, the mere fact things like this is their main concern pretty much proves they have accomplished their original goals. So now they just need to make stupid shit up to fight for.

Of course being the typical regressives that Buzzfeed is they disabled comments and the rating. Instead of deleting that pile of garbage. They basically double down on the stupidity.

Автор WolFFixi ( назад)
Your pyrocynical v2

Автор Veganjedi97 ( назад)
if h3h3, idubbz and jacksepitic eye had a fat faced baby whos late on the trend

Автор Daniel Bourne ( назад)
This channel is full of sexist men, it makes me sick. You're all supporting each other for being rude to other girls, or that's what the comments look like. What is wrong with you guys?

Автор Daniel Bourne ( назад)
I know you're trying to come across as funny, but honestly I'm sorry but you just seem really rude. You need to calm the fuck down, I thought this would be funny, but the way you were shouting at those women just made me feel uncomfortable. Don't attack other people when they've done nothing bad in the first place.

Автор XBLBany [Hoster] ( назад)
M8 im not doing it for the fun pf it yea kys

Автор Victoria Silva ( назад)
I don't think you are fat or ugly.

Автор Mr Comment ( назад)
you remind me of pyrocynical

Автор Mg Ayyye ( назад)
he's at 12k likes [a]

Автор Julian R. ( назад)
dude sounds like a European version of Peter Griffin

Автор Reasonable Reaper ( назад)

Автор Zyphyn ( назад)

Автор I don't know what to call my channel ( назад)
when women take up space with bags and purses.

Автор Summertimesnow ( назад)
I love your voice

Автор mejw1 ( назад)
how the hell can Liberals be this stupid???   men have balls and a penis, we didn't choose them, they chose us.  we can't close our legs like girls can do.  it sucks squeezing your legs. if you had them, you would be doing the same thing and that is a fact!!!!

Автор Wilson Yeung Music ( назад)
I like this guy, i'm going to sub

Автор Ambar Hernandez ( назад)
You're hilarious. 😂

Автор Golem Tube ( назад)
I don't think you have a fat and ugly face

Автор Alexander Shpakov ( назад)
The Warriors blew a 3-1 lead

Автор Gina Drouse ( назад)

Автор Jules Sunshine ( назад)
You sound like Joe from family guy with an accent

Автор Omar Salloum ( назад)
kids in Africa could have eating their dignity.....

Автор Fariha K ( назад)
Is that really his voice? Why does he sound like a fat Kronk

Автор geneva marie ( назад)
I thought that video was a joke lol

Автор relationshipxthings ( назад)
these women give me cancer

Автор Levi heichou ( назад)
its time to stop!

Автор orla thornton ( назад)
Dude - sort out your camera focus

Автор STAY TURNT ( назад)
i dont like him

Автор Bella Rose ( назад)
buzzfeed is running out,of ideas

Автор Anna Black ( назад)
Love the video, have to agree with you on the "Man spread"

Автор its_cj 2003 ( назад)
"man spreading"didn't know there was a name for wanting to sit comfortably! also,I'm a female. so does man spreading make me a feminist? YEAH IT DOES! WOMAN SHOULD BE ABLE TO SIT HOW THEY WANT!! Obviously I'm kidding. that video is dumb and pointless

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