Ken Block Tests his NEW Fully Built Ford Raptor in Moab!

  • Published on Apr 18, 2019
  • Big thanks to SVC Offroad for this rad Ford Raptor Build! Can confirm - it rips on the kind of terrain I enjoy driving on. While still being great on the highway to get there. Absolutely love these trucks... they're the perfect daily driver.
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  • Syds TV
    Syds TV 12 hours ago

    I want those rims and tires bruh

  • Captain420Malone
    Captain420Malone 15 hours ago

    So controlled , super nice truck, beautiful truck actually. Really like the grey very subtle but when it’s noticeable it’s cool.

  • itsiluet ignatov


  • J M
    J M Day ago

    Sounds like shit, drives like a dream. Sorry I hate the sound of the 6 banger.

  • momo4077
    momo4077 Day ago

    Why even buy the raptor if you're going to put that much work into it?

  • KGB
    KGB Day ago

    Come on! Anyone can take a prius down Gemini Bridges! But only real rock climbers can take on Pritchett Canyon.

  • AllAroundKeenSagittariusAthleteWorker

    Only soy boys retards drive ford.

  • Timothy 1:1
    Timothy 1:1 Day ago

    That bumper is sick. What music u listen to while u HOON? I LISTEN TO HOLY HIP HOP. RIPPIN THE EARTH WHILE PRAISING GOD!

  • redneck racing
    redneck racing Day ago

    It rattles more than my 86

  • Jamie Burke
    Jamie Burke 2 days ago

    Want that bronco back there... geevus.

  • Jack Mc
    Jack Mc 2 days ago

    Ken cock

  • John Currie
    John Currie 2 days ago

    Did you ever put it in 4 wheel drive?

  • Gr3enV1sion
    Gr3enV1sion 2 days ago

    May i ask what's that PFFFF in the truck?

  • Dream Car Reality
    Dream Car Reality 2 days ago +1

    Nice 👍👍👍👍 love these trucks. The olny one i would buy. And it sounds great. 😎

  • Riley Corey
    Riley Corey 2 days ago

    Sends it off tiny jump
    Truck: bends bed

  • Michael Ortiz
    Michael Ortiz 2 days ago

    Incredible truck

  • Kuni Wata
    Kuni Wata 3 days ago

    You got a nice video with view of natures. So awesome.

  • Kuni Wata
    Kuni Wata 3 days ago

    Really I don't know it about that car truck much.well. but I just am interested in it very well.your driving looks so nice and amazing men too.

  • Connor Tatz
    Connor Tatz 3 days ago

    You should go on truck night in America

  • Connor Tatz
    Connor Tatz 3 days ago +1

    Wish you did more off-roading

  • Matt
    Matt 3 days ago

    Ken built Gladiator

  • James Anderson
    James Anderson 3 days ago


  • V N
    V N 4 days ago +1

    KEN BUILT Jeep Wrangler!!!!!!!!

  • SGCrawlers RC / MyHonchoSG


  • steve lazarewicz
    steve lazarewicz 4 days ago +1

    Needs a big V8, not that fart can air compressor...

  • Samman al hajri
    Samman al hajri 4 days ago

    Hi Mr Ken this modified can I do it in my hummer h2 sut ?

  • BlueDually4x4
    BlueDually4x4 4 days ago

    I know with some tuning and better exhaust the twin turbo V6 can haul ass, but it just sounds funny in a truck that long and wide.

  • Sebastián felipe Maturana Morales

    Porque suena así el motor y alguien sabe como instalar

  • Juanpa
    Juanpa 4 days ago

    Esta mas perra la de SALOMONDRIN

  • Seedless Grapes
    Seedless Grapes 5 days ago

    NO ROLL CAGE....


  • Seedless Grapes
    Seedless Grapes 5 days ago

    Thing works REALLY well

    • Seedless Grapes
      Seedless Grapes 5 days ago

      Doesn't even come off the ground... GREAT weight transfer

  • Iseewhat Youdid
    Iseewhat Youdid 5 days ago

    Hey look. My new favorite channel.

  • montanatru
    montanatru 5 days ago

    That blow off is love tho

  • montanatru
    montanatru 5 days ago +1

    I love the new raptor until i hear the exhaust 🤢 sounds like a rice rocket on steroids i guess the sound is a trade off for the better performance hope they throw a modified version of the 7.3 in the next gen

  • Julio Ortega
    Julio Ortega 6 days ago


  • Marcel S
    Marcel S 6 days ago

    I want one!

  • farah amelia
    farah amelia 6 days ago

    Simple modified but look furious. American style

    NEWYORK BOSS 7 days ago

    How many time can u say raptor 😂

    NEWYORK BOSS 7 days ago

    Sick but where the fuck is ken shop in 😂

  • Joshua Connacher
    Joshua Connacher 7 days ago

    SICK CAN AM BRO 🤣💪 badass raptor Ken, you're living the dream

  • Donnie Baynard
    Donnie Baynard 8 days ago

    Bend your hat bill

  • Alec Baye
    Alec Baye 9 days ago

    It’s very ugly now I think you ruined it

  • Wallacy Henrique
    Wallacy Henrique 9 days ago

    Algum brasileiro se tiver deixa o like 👍🏽😁

  • Hadley Spieckerman
    Hadley Spieckerman 9 days ago

    I don’t care what anyone has to say Ford majorly fucked up putting a v6 in these. Almost impossible to make more power with that motor. Where with a naturally aspirated v8 you can add all kind of go fast parts

  • Mohammed Shareef
    Mohammed Shareef 10 days ago

    Engine starts at 9:32

  • JCarlos P.Uribe
    JCarlos P.Uribe 10 days ago

    Nice 128 m

  • Sebastian Smart
    Sebastian Smart 10 days ago

    Ken sounds like that drunk uncle that all we have who always makes a scene at any family reunion...

  • Brando Bro
    Brando Bro 10 days ago

    Not gonna lie, that upside down camera angle was dope

  • GimpGunfighter
    GimpGunfighter 10 days ago

    Dammit Ken now I have to buy some 52 wheels , truck looks freaking sick that hoonigan wrap is on point

  • Thomas Riley
    Thomas Riley 11 days ago

    Seriously no one is talking about that sexy ass sound of that turbo????

  • Mike Anderson
    Mike Anderson 11 days ago

    Big over built trucks = small dicks

  • Anonymous
    Anonymous 11 days ago

    Thanks ken, now we can learn more from your channel and how to kill more tires 😁👹🙏

  • ThatTreeGuy
    ThatTreeGuy 12 days ago

    Can someone please stop ford from ruining all the cool cars and trucks with this eco boost engine. Nobody asked for it...

    AMG LOVERS 12 days ago

    Nice build ken block. The best drifter in the world.

  • LJ Prep
    LJ Prep 12 days ago

    That's quite a truck, but the vid didn't even start until after 11 minutes went by, when we got 4 minutes of HOLYSHEET!

  • Rehan Perera
    Rehan Perera 12 days ago

    My soul master! Love you a lot! God bless you ken you and your family! Wah... 🌍🚗 I need to be a rider likes you! I mean I do!🔱✊☝💗🌎🌐💪👼⏰✋

  • Shawn Martin
    Shawn Martin 12 days ago

    If you need a kidney or other body part bro, I'll swap you for the truck. That thing is sick!!

  • Marsh Youn
    Marsh Youn 12 days ago

    Que ford es?

  • Philipp
    Philipp 13 days ago

    that suspension works great

    • abibo malate
      abibo malate 11 days ago

      Hey K.Block u are amazing man.You have to come to my country to show us how to drive and drift. Mozambique

  • American Overland Vehicles

    Great build with the SVC Raptor. We would be thrilled if you could make one of our Rigs & Coffee events!

  • Rage Da realist
    Rage Da realist 13 days ago

    Let me have a drift car and you can make a video of me tearing up the streets of saddle lake

  • M Blake Jr
    M Blake Jr 13 days ago

    V6 has no power lol

  • FortyFourFitness
    FortyFourFitness 13 days ago

    All the city boys in their Raptors act like they do this same stuff. When in reality they might go over some loose gravel and that's it.

  • Daylin Taylor
    Daylin Taylor 13 days ago

    What is the exhaust you got on there? Also is the cab drone really really bad with the pipe ending right behind the cab?

  • Mr. Smith
    Mr. Smith 13 days ago +1

    I consider anyone who buys a 70k+ Raptor with an Eco boost crazy waste of money.

  • Hayden Colburn
    Hayden Colburn 13 days ago

    Dear Mr Ken block how much would a hoonigan hat cost?

    • LJ Prep
      LJ Prep 12 days ago

      Ten bucks Ebay.

  • Saif Ahmed
    Saif Ahmed 14 days ago

    Give me this raptor 😍😍

  • Semi-Charmed Life
    Semi-Charmed Life 14 days ago

    I want this truck....

  • hunter8793
    hunter8793 14 days ago

    Anyone else notice the leaky rear diff pinion seal?

  • Hayden Colburn
    Hayden Colburn 14 days ago


  • the human
    the human 14 days ago +2

    Random people in their rubicons, didnt knew that ken block was there

  • Roger J
    Roger J 15 days ago

    Finally a 3.5 Raptor that sounds decent.

    BORN TO HATE 15 days ago

    I think Ford needs to sell raptors with a Ken Block option, comes with Fifteen52 wheels, light bars, Ken Block wrap, engine upgrade option etc etc

  • Taka Yama
    Taka Yama 15 days ago +2

    Y'all boys gonna bust them lower lights to smithereens. I mixed up. Which one of y'all is which? Twins?

  • Angel Garza
    Angel Garza 15 days ago

    Basically did a gymkhana without even trying

  • Brian Modum
    Brian Modum 15 days ago

    SVC is best for all Raptors! Ken kicks serious ass!

  • Geronimo Caceres
    Geronimo Caceres 15 days ago

    Pure stile Men!!! Wow increible!!!

  • Mopar man
    Mopar man 16 days ago

    Horrible sound. RIP V8 - the fucking greenies win again and telling us what we need and want regardless.

  • Tanner Paxton
    Tanner Paxton 16 days ago +3

    can you imagine just casually driving past ken block and not recognizing him?!

  • New2ADV
    New2ADV 16 days ago

    annnnnnnd i just learned that hoonigan is based on the other side of the mountains from me... mind = blown

  • Psycho Seth
    Psycho Seth 16 days ago

    Fords are shit

  • Alan Demoulin
    Alan Demoulin 17 days ago

    Not the best road to cycle

  • Branon Fontaine
    Branon Fontaine 17 days ago +5

    The suspension on that truck kicks ass, stable and smooth no matter what he ran over....

  • Illumi Nare
    Illumi Nare 17 days ago


  • Nick Flewelling
    Nick Flewelling 17 days ago +11

    I like Raptors, but the EcoBoost motors just arent my thing.... I'd rather them have like a supercharged 5.0, or better yet a TT Coyote..

  • Payton witte
    Payton witte 17 days ago

    Those roads were weak. A stock truck could've done that

  • Flying Steel
    Flying Steel 17 days ago

    After a while it just felt like the truck was sneezing.

  • Rogelio Villanueva
    Rogelio Villanueva 17 days ago

    Cn u send me ur cup and shirt??

  • Patrick Libunao
    Patrick Libunao 17 days ago

    Anyone else driving would have cap sized that truck lol

  • Kiniferus Xj
    Kiniferus Xj 17 days ago

    It’s a 4x trail ...slow the fuck down !! There’s families out there..people also hiking ,riding bikes..don’t be an asshole

  • BluntzBlazing420
    BluntzBlazing420 18 days ago

    Its 12:38 video time. The raptor is slow... Bring the focus or fiesta out there

  • Hisham Kamal
    Hisham Kamal 18 days ago

    Why in the hell is it a f v6.. Sounds disappointingly shitty when you expect a v8 roar

  • Oceanic Dangernoodle
    Oceanic Dangernoodle 18 days ago +2

    Poor lil raptor has a cold. Keeps sneezing and stuffs

  • Gilbert Juarez
    Gilbert Juarez 18 days ago

    Beautiful mean truck but that sound coming out the pipes killllssss meeeee

  • ThElement
    ThElement 18 days ago

    You guys are awesome. Thanks for letting us live through you at such a deep discount!

  • MAX ME
    MAX ME 18 days ago


  • Mr Danny Lane
    Mr Danny Lane 18 days ago

    So, can I have your old parts?

  • Rj Hall
    Rj Hall 18 days ago

    its a ford

  • Rj Hall
    Rj Hall 18 days ago

    my gmc is better but ken could drive it better

  • David M
    David M 18 days ago