I Accidentally Came Out To My Parents Out Of Anger

  • Published on Mar 21, 2019
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    Ok, so me and my Mom, well, we’re sort of close. But she is very strong on her beliefs, so
    trying to get her to be open minded about different things is hard. So, it was a couple of
    weeks ago. Me and my mom are in a car during terrible traffic and we’re talking... And I
    brought up someone and I was like “Oh, you know what? They may be Bi. Or you know, they
    may be Pan and that’s ok.” My mom asked “What’s Pan?” And I was like “Oh, boy…”
    So, I tried to explain to her, but the more I explained it, the more NOT into the idea she got. And then she she started thinking that ALL gay people were very rude to straight people like “Oh, so we’re not special?” And I’m like “No no no, we’re not saying that…” But, you know, it kinda escalated into her being straight and thinking that gay people do not respect straight people. I tried to explain her that that wasn’t the case, but she would not believe me. At that point I was so infuriated that I didn’t want to deal with this conversation so I thought that if I told her that I was bi then she would, you know, be a bit more open minded to the idea. So I told her in a heat of the moment - “Well, I’m Bi” and she kinda just went “Why?”. And I didn’t know what to say to that. How do you reply to that? I was like - well, I’ve had crushes on other girls and I’ve been attracted to them and I’ve been thinking about this for a long time. And she’s just like “I think you’re just confused”. Yeah, no. I’ve been thinking about this for four years… Anyway, it was crazy and by the end we drove in silence.
    And then the evening went by… And I went to bed, laying, trying to go to sleep. Like, “Ok, I
    will sleep it off and see what happens”, but I overheard my parents talking and I knew I
    should not have listened, but I couldn’t resist and the anxiety I was feeling made me want to throw up, so I went and I kinda listened to them and my mom was telling my dad the whole conversation. My dad wasn’t really talking and she was thinking that “Oh, I think, they’re just confused at this point, they haven’t been in a relationship, they don’t understand what love is, they don’t know what they really are”. I mean, we HAVE been in relationships and YOU KNOW how you feel and we have thoughts going on in our “empty” heads.
    And after that, my dad’s reaction after her telling everything was… “Hmmmm. Kind of blows. I mean, she should know better. She knows our beliefs. She knows that it’s not ok with being catholic.”
    There are so many places in the Bible, you know, that is so questionable. That, I mean, at
    this point, is being Bi that big of a deal? Isn’t God supposed to love everyone? But even after I’ll try to explain it to my dad, he’s probably still gonna think the same. I hope that he will be understanding that, even though he has not really believed in being gay that, he will still care for me, and he’ll still hope that I can live on and find a relationship.
    At first I really did feel ashamed of myself, but then a lot of people gave my great advice and told me not to believe what my parents tell me and believe in myself. And in a couple of years I’ll be off to college. And I’ll be free.
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  • Kaitlan Corbin
    Kaitlan Corbin Day ago

    Same thing

  • Kaitlan Corbin
    Kaitlan Corbin Day ago

    Ur just confused

  • Kaitlan Corbin
    Kaitlan Corbin Day ago

    That’s every mom

  • Lydia Maldonado
    Lydia Maldonado 4 days ago

    I agree that God should love you no matter what.

    Like if you agree

  • Chayah McClelland
    Chayah McClelland 5 days ago

    I'm bisexual.

  • amelie willis-jones
    amelie willis-jones 6 days ago

    Omg my mum says I’m confused too
    It’s so annoying lol

  • Blackroseduh
    Blackroseduh 6 days ago

    That's a boring story

  • Briauna Myers
    Briauna Myers 7 days ago

    I'm bi to

  • Heart. Slurp.
    Heart. Slurp. 8 days ago

    But I'm kinda offended cause I'm Lesbian

  • Heart. Slurp.
    Heart. Slurp. 8 days ago

    This is great!

  • Oisin Reilly
    Oisin Reilly 10 days ago

    Life tip for homophobs :
    If your able to accept a POC
    Accept someone with a disability or disorder
    Then you can sure as hell accept the LGBTQ community

  • SANS
    SANS 10 days ago

    her : mom im bi
    mom :its because of that phone

  • History Army Productions

    Me: Im gay.
    Person: Why?
    Me: Same reason your Straight. ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

  • kharene n
    kharene n 12 days ago

    This animation is crazy smooth

  • H.I.B OwO
    H.I.B OwO 13 days ago

    Ya I wanna come out to my Best friend but she said that's descusting ewww and my sister said that to and my mom is very religious so every time she sees girls/boys together she looks at me and says pray for them, I get so mad at her like why WHY!!...

  • Alexandria Sprinkle
    Alexandria Sprinkle 14 days ago

    Seriously, this sounds similar to what I have to go through with my parents. I'm bi, and they aren't very happy about it. I've been told it is just a phase, but phrased differently to get away with it. My parents are conservative Christian, and I am also Christian. I was outed by my mom too, when she told my dad.... It has been a huge mess since then. My dad wasn't happy to hear this, and he and my mom have said super hurtful things. Although, now my dad is becoming more open minded. He is willing to hear me out, such as research done on clobber passages in the Bible. So I am praying He gets to full acceptance of me. I am very grateful they still accept me as their daughter, but it would be nice if they accepted my sexuality too. They believe it isn't wrong to have these same sex attractions, but it is wrong to act upon these attractions (dating, marrying, flirting, having sex with them, staring at someone you are attracted to of same sex). My dad is Catholic, and he says that a lot of Catholics have this belief. I am getting closer to accepting myself, as I have prayed to God for help, getting therapy to help this happen, and having support from friends and some family.

  • mel saturn
    mel saturn 14 days ago

    people accidentally told my mother I’m lesbian;-;

    she did not believe and I faked that they were

  • Devan
    Devan 14 days ago

    yo why's this comment section gay people who wanna say it?

  • Bella das shy one shyer than an average human

    Anyway doesn't the word Bible have bi in it. lol

  • XA44
    XA44 17 days ago

    Ok to be fair pan is just a fancy word for bi, it's kinda dumb

  • MsHinataHyuga
    MsHinataHyuga 17 days ago

    I once tried explaining being panromantic to my mother. She believes it is someone who will date just anyone who comes along. But that is not what I said at all.

  • Eva Skyes
    Eva Skyes 17 days ago +1

    One thing that I hate, is that people just assume your straight...

  • AtomPlayz 😂😂
    AtomPlayz 😂😂 17 days ago

    Me: Mom I am bisexual
    Mom: *kicks me out of the house*

  • turtle Mellor
    turtle Mellor 18 days ago

    I'm bi.

  • turtle Mellor
    turtle Mellor 18 days ago

    She looked like the girl in profile pic. hehehehe

  • Victoria Kenderdine
    Victoria Kenderdine 18 days ago

    Yeah god put lesbians gays for a reason to be happy that’s what he would want

  • LittleDevil
    LittleDevil 19 days ago

    Just say “Okay Boomer” to her

    Actually don’t I mean Idk you can if you want to

  • Wolf Noir *wolfissimo*

    Hw do I come out as all of these?
    Come out as bisexual
    Come out as transgender
    Come out as pansexual
    Come out as asexual
    Come out as agender
    Come out as zoosexual
    Come out as slightly queer about all of this

  • Ruby Rose
    Ruby Rose 19 days ago

    Same 👍👍

  • Chloe Boriel
    Chloe Boriel 19 days ago

    3:00 she is definitely RIGHT!!! Like seriously

  • Some random stranger
    Some random stranger 20 days ago +1

    I'm bisexual, I've dated both genders, but my parents support me.

  • Claire Kim
    Claire Kim 20 days ago

    I thought u were American

  • Marusia Gacha
    Marusia Gacha 21 day ago

    I am Bi too...and my mom know!And ...she is ok with that❤

  • Lana girl noëmy
    Lana girl noëmy 21 day ago

    Its oké TP be bi ik bi to

  • Alice Chan
    Alice Chan 21 day ago +1

    I told my mom i was bi-

    My mom said: go ahead, because it's your life and you can do anything you want to

  • Hernando Malinche
    Hernando Malinche 22 days ago

    Fuck Catholics. Down with opium of the masses.

  • RaisinsBran
    RaisinsBran 22 days ago

    This is my favorite👌

  • Amber133 Xo
    Amber133 Xo 22 days ago +3

    I’m Pansexual and Proud 💗💛💙
    Pansexual Squad 💗💛💙

  • Amber_pops133 Xoxo
    Amber_pops133 Xoxo 22 days ago +1

    I’m Pansexual and Proud 💗💛💙
    Pansexual Squad 💗💛💙

  • Amber134 Xo
    Amber134 Xo 22 days ago +1

    I’m Pansexual and Proud 💗💛💙
    Pansexual Squad 💗💛💙

  • love gacha girl
    love gacha girl 23 days ago

    Oh wait... sorry I was confused T^T

  • love gacha girl
    love gacha girl 23 days ago

    Are you actually bi?

  • Lizzy Queen
    Lizzy Queen 23 days ago

    Are you BI or LES

  • LPS cookie
    LPS cookie 24 days ago

    Me and my mom are bi when I told her she told me

  • Emily. Lets end BSL in the UK

    I have no issue what so ever with anyone be them straight or LBGT but one thing that does sometimes make me wonder if some LBGT are only "coming out" to cause a scene in their family or.group of friends, I've never seen why everyone makes such a huge scene about "coming out" it's not like straight people feel the need to tell everyone about their sexual preferences so I can never understand why LBGTs.feel they need to make it such a huge issue, sadly in this world your always going to have people who don't like or agree with what you think of.believe and i ro feel that sometimes by making such a huge deal of."coming out" this can rub many a back up the wrong way and so cause problems
    Let's hope one day people don't feel like they need to expose to everyone what their sexual preferances are unless it is to a potential partner 💜💛💜

  • Rawen The black wolf
    Rawen The black wolf 25 days ago

    I’m bi to

  • disney 135
    disney 135 25 days ago

    This is similar to what happened to me when I went vegan

  • purple flame
    purple flame 26 days ago


  • Fiona Mollika
    Fiona Mollika 27 days ago +1

    *this is a true story*
    seems legit

  • Smile, Eilish
    Smile, Eilish 27 days ago

    Bro if I ever did this I would be decapitated

  • Kedda kedda
    Kedda kedda 27 days ago

    I ounce told my parents I was bi turns out they were making bets if I would grow up liking boys or girls

  • Skelimanter
    Skelimanter 28 days ago

    “I think you are just confused” what every homophobic/transphobic says to their child that just came out to them

  • Mel B
    Mel B Month ago

    My friend’s cousin is gay it’s sickening actually that sin is an abomination to the Lord.

  • 聖徳伝説
    聖徳伝説 Month ago

    Today my mom and I argued about the looks of a punk girl. I was like "why do you have to say that about her. Why do you need to be so mean. Why do you have to judge others". And she basically said "because she looks bad". Like... bad according to who? Does that give you the right to judge others?
    I was so heartbroken, because today I was planning on coming out to my mom and tell her that I was bi. But now I realize that its better if I don't. She'll probably judge me. It hurts so much.

  • Ella Miller
    Ella Miller Month ago

    I told my mom and dad that I liked a girl even though I have liked boys in the past and they thought I was confused(I didn’t know what bi meant at the time). It’s been about a year and I don’t know how to tell them I’m bi

  • gacha chan
    gacha chan Month ago

    I'm also BI but I did not tell anyone yet......I'm to s ccx ared...

  • Pretty Depressed
    Pretty Depressed Month ago

    I think I’m bi but my parents won’t support me can someone please help me on Snapchat if you can text me @dezmond1020

  • sex bitch
    sex bitch Month ago

    I oneced got touched by a boy

  • Floarea Norocului
    Floarea Norocului Month ago

    Why don't all parents I understand what bisexual or gay is I'm bi too and believe me it was hard to explain that to my mother she brought god up too and i'm like AAAAAA YOU KNOW WHAT FUCH GOD no offense

  • Creeper Dude
    Creeper Dude Month ago

    Who’s they??