Calorie Countdown Challenge

  • Published on Dec 15, 2016
  • Who's better at guessing the calories of food items? GMM #1045!
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Comments • 6 189

  • verdatum
    verdatum 2 years ago +16970

    Rhett absolutely won round one. Because at the end of it, he had a banana peanut butter nutella and bacon sandwich, and Link didn't.

    • Moony
      Moony 2 days ago

      +TehDankKnight Someone didn't understand what he meant. He didn't say that Rhett should have won but he said that he won because he had a great Sandwich. (Though...I'd leave the Bacon away xD)

    • TehDankKnight
      TehDankKnight 5 days ago

      +Medli Props for originality. One love

    • Medli
      Medli 5 days ago

      +TehDankKnight thats not saying he was closer shut up you absolute melt

    • Hi How are ya
      Hi How are ya 10 days ago

      Jordan Maze r/Woosh

  • Yasss Queens
    Yasss Queens Day ago


  • SwedishMafia TV
    SwedishMafia TV Day ago

    I have watch this 10 times

  • SwedishMafia TV
    SwedishMafia TV Day ago

    My favorite video

  • Lexie Alicea
    Lexie Alicea Day ago

    How ironic is it that I like to watch them at night

  • Kez300
    Kez300 2 days ago

    Dislike because it's not called snackjack

  • Alex Yanosko
    Alex Yanosko 3 days ago

    I got the same crew neck as Rhett 😎 i am now officially a fashion mogul

  • Maria - Magdalena Müllner


  • Cassie Simpson
    Cassie Simpson 4 days ago

    That intro music is my happy place

  • Nivet Gajadhar
    Nivet Gajadhar 4 days ago

    how did u do ur intro?

  • nodnerb eiru
    nodnerb eiru 6 days ago


  • big dog
    big dog 7 days ago +1

    its like my grandfather used to say "there are no calories in cookie crumbs" so he would then proceed to smash his cookie into crumbs and then eat it that way.

  • Nutty .G
    Nutty .G 7 days ago

    This game is way to complicated for kids🥶

  • Ally Mills
    Ally Mills 8 days ago

    The 10 scoops of Boba looked more like 7 or 8 scoops

  • Jay Patel
    Jay Patel 8 days ago

    alexa logged the whole bag of miniwheats

  • Jani Laine
    Jani Laine 8 days ago

    Just thinking... those anchovies were in oil, but I believe that anchovies calculated were in water...

  • Neo Coldheat
    Neo Coldheat 9 days ago

    Rhett is the smoothest man alive

  • Doddle Destination
    Doddle Destination 13 days ago

    It should be called snackjack

  • Kat Hancock
    Kat Hancock 15 days ago

    The dessert round was more than I eat in a whole day

  • Austin P.
    Austin P. 15 days ago


  • Will Dotson
    Will Dotson 15 days ago

    Who knows fast food better Rett or Link

  • Ves tordi
    Ves tordi 16 days ago


  • Andy
    Andy 16 days ago +1

    I can tell you right now the alexa was improperly calculating calories.

  • chey cat
    chey cat 17 days ago

    lolololol yes

  • LSgaming420
    LSgaming420 18 days ago

    i don't think alexa took into account things like type of milk, size of the bacon strip , type of chips ( lots of chips are cooked differently some use veggie oil others don't some even bake them.

  • jazlyn Rust
    jazlyn Rust 18 days ago

    I come back to this episode so much

  • kinky mermaid
    kinky mermaid 19 days ago

    When you would eat ALL of the snack creations?! 🤣🙌🏻😅

  • Popnal 17
    Popnal 17 20 days ago

    When I was little I thought the reddi whip can was explosive lol

  • gearbox just gearbox 2

    See that fruit on top

  • Freddie Mercury
    Freddie Mercury 21 day ago

    That bacon strip cost him dearly

  • MrFelixify
    MrFelixify 21 day ago

    5:30 That is just unfair.

  • Nuclear Synthetics
    Nuclear Synthetics 21 day ago

    You spelled dessert wrong. You said desert

  • James Cooper
    James Cooper 21 day ago +1

    This should've gone to Rhett. In the first round, link was 300 under and Rhett was 5 over. And in the second round Link was over a thousand over and Rhett was 96 under.

    • Timothy Michael
      Timothy Michael 19 days ago

      James Cooper He would have, but they aren’t measuring how close they are to the calorie count. They explained the rules in the beginning; it’s whoever is closer unless you bust, then you’re out

  • Lyla Cin
    Lyla Cin 23 days ago

    I like this video, it's educational. More please!

  • Dory Da Fish
    Dory Da Fish 23 days ago

    Rhett: *aww, its a little gummi powwow*
    Me: *yes, adorable*

  • Fred Davis
    Fred Davis 24 days ago

    This was one of the best game ideas in the show's history.

  • Robby Templin
    Robby Templin 24 days ago

    Link are you so dumb and not read the calories on the box of shredded wheat

  • Directioner315
    Directioner315 25 days ago

    That was romaine not lettuce

  • Ed and Kay
    Ed and Kay 25 days ago

    But a leopard can!!

  • Captain Cookie
    Captain Cookie 25 days ago


  • Abby G
    Abby G 26 days ago

    Did anyone else’s Alexa go off

  • Renée Dubuc
    Renée Dubuc 26 days ago

    How do you guys know what Fluff is? I heard that doesn’t exist outside of New England!

  • Cactaclysm Games
    Cactaclysm Games 26 days ago

    Should’ve called it snackjack lol

  • Kris Smith
    Kris Smith 27 days ago

    3 scoops

  • Kris Smith
    Kris Smith 27 days ago


  • Kris Smith
    Kris Smith 27 days ago

    Dumb af

  • Mathew Cap
    Mathew Cap 28 days ago


  • Chandler Haigh
    Chandler Haigh 28 days ago

    Link: “I know what it feels like to bust... but still be happy” 😂

  • DeathcoreGamer
    DeathcoreGamer 28 days ago +1

    Rhett: Alexa ask the food tracker t-
    It’s 12 am.

  • Tommy Tsunami
    Tommy Tsunami Month ago

    Part 2 please?

  • Sean Ball
    Sean Ball Month ago

    Link: its called blackjack man.
    Rhett: it's called precision.
    Link: no, it's called bust!

    Sorry, love that part for some reason.

  • Sean Ball
    Sean Ball Month ago +2

    2:41 Hit me with my hand. I'm.surprised Rhett didn't jump on that one!

  • Matt Kenseth
    Matt Kenseth Month ago


  • Megan Barr
    Megan Barr Month ago +1

    I need a part 2

  • Sam West
    Sam West Month ago

    when will they decide to do this again

  • Saved By His Grace
    Saved By His Grace Month ago

    I count my calories on a daily basis and their desert category was higher calories higher than my whole daily allowance for Breakfast, Lunch AND Supper. Lol! I’m only allowed 1765 calories a day...

  • shadow fight
    shadow fight Month ago

    i miss the old 2014 intro

  • the Pink Kitty
    the Pink Kitty Month ago

    I want to know where they find all this food

  • Jackie Fritts
    Jackie Fritts Month ago

    Sail the sundae seas

  • Mary Ann Johnson
    Mary Ann Johnson Month ago

    wh wwth aserg yes checking

  • Drsnugglywugglybear
    Drsnugglywugglybear Month ago +1

    74 servings of Reddi Whip 😂

  • Xaor Verse
    Xaor Verse Month ago

    2:23 Dude it has a video of you stuffing your face with food!

  • Lil Shrimp575
    Lil Shrimp575 Month ago

    Still my favorite video.

  • Wolfy G
    Wolfy G Month ago

    S10 e100

  • Matthew C
    Matthew C Month ago +2

    I saw stevie on the thumbnail so I clicked.

  • Timur
    Timur Month ago


  • melanie irwin
    melanie irwin Month ago


  • Ella Roberts
    Ella Roberts Month ago +1

    *_THE_* best GMM episode.

  • Papa Swanson
    Papa Swanson Month ago

    Stevey is hot

  • defne C
    defne C Month ago

    *Rhett and Link trying to make Stevie laugh for 6 minutes straight.*

  • heinyml
    heinyml Month ago

    wait...Link actually thought that an ENTIRE box of mini wheats was less than 800 calories?!?!

  • I'm so sick I got ligma

    I know what it feels like to bust and damn it’s good

  • Ibn I love it Mushtaq

    Wasting food

  • Samara Dawn
    Samara Dawn Month ago

    missed opportunity to call it "SnackJack"

  • yomom chilly dog
    yomom chilly dog Month ago

    Haha you breath in 5 calories every time you breath 😅😂😂😂

  • PopCort27
    PopCort27 Month ago

    Can you make another one of these

  • mrcjd2001
    mrcjd2001 Month ago

    Stevie is sssoooo fine!!!

  • matt welsh
    matt welsh Month ago

    Stevie is the most beautiful woman I have ever seen

  • hillary billary colgag


  • Monkey Man
    Monkey Man Month ago

    Oh ya

  • Lance Isaac
    Lance Isaac Month ago +2

    Wow Stevie looks stunning haha

  • The slimmy Flame
    The slimmy Flame Month ago

    I just love this intro.


  • Carson Thornton
    Carson Thornton Month ago

    Do a part 2 of this

  • Geralgi Amsi
    Geralgi Amsi Month ago +1


  • Papi Launga
    Papi Launga Month ago

    Rehet spitting game 😉

  • Gage Kangas
    Gage Kangas Month ago

    Snack blackjack should be snakjack

  • Wittletaungy Marchbank

    I successfully logged *diabetus*

  • WaffleChef
    WaffleChef Month ago

    One day I will tell my kids what RUclip was like before there were 3 commercials in a 15 minute video..

  • BluePanda
    BluePanda Month ago

    That was clean!

  • Nahshon Daniel
    Nahshon Daniel Month ago

    Going just one round with Stevie without busting seems difficult already.

  • Alcat Smore
    Alcat Smore Month ago +2

    HI random person scrolling through the comments

  • Gianna Viggiano
    Gianna Viggiano Month ago

    The intro scared me

  • Tmb Gaming
    Tmb Gaming Month ago


  • kate behrends
    kate behrends Month ago +1

    Please make another one of these!!!! This is my favorite good mythical morning episode!!

  • Drake F
    Drake F Month ago


  • Graham Lent
    Graham Lent Month ago +5


  • Siena Schettino
    Siena Schettino Month ago +2

    Rhett should of won the first round

  • An Anonymous Person
    An Anonymous Person Month ago +2

    They missed a perfect opportunity to call it snackjack

  • Bigman Dennis
    Bigman Dennis Month ago

    He just had to add on the bacon in the first round. Good sandwich though

  • Sam Reyes
    Sam Reyes Month ago +1

    10:17 idk why but this part always cracks me up!!!!