Calorie Countdown Challenge

Who's better at guessing the calories of food items? GMM #1045!
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Автор verdatum ( назад)
Rhett absolutely won round one. Because at the end of it, he had a banana peanut butter nutella and bacon sandwich, and Link didn't.

Автор I Got my, Own Sauce ( назад)
Why does Stevie and Rhett have that we're fooling around on the side awkwardness!?

Автор Calista Colwell ( назад)
Do battle of the wits

Автор Rani Shin Shin ( назад)
Can you pls play this again?? I enjoyed this segment so much!! Like this comment if you agree!!

Автор Jose Rogel ( назад)
everything about Stevie is beautiful! The way she looks and her personality is amazing

Автор cosdead46 ( назад)
13:48 looks like he just did cocaine😂

Автор Super Hella High ( назад)
Stevie is so fine.

Автор Jojo Bean ( назад)
That is a nice rhettcipe

Автор MADELINE ZIPP ( назад)
Round one is the only time that bacon EVER betrayed Rhett

Автор Christina Britton ( назад)
LOVE you guys I loved your old haircut link

Автор Marco Monteagudo ( назад)
They should have named the game snackjack

Автор Richie Delgado ( назад)
1850-1808 = search up on google "the answer to life the universe and everything"

Автор Taylor Mitchell ( назад)
I really can't explain why this is one of my favorite episodes XD

Автор BudderWarriors ( назад)
"You take in 5 calories every time you breathe!"

Автор SaltSurfSoul ( назад)
I love you. You are the best and lm 10 years old

Автор Udai Gogia ( назад)
Keep this going.

Автор Charles Bronson ( назад)
kids in Detroit could have eaten that ME!!!!!!

Автор Oghogho Asemota ( назад)
Vanilla Ice..... cream. lol

Автор G ( назад)
Stevie is actually very cute

Автор Elfears02 ( назад)
Stevie is cute

Автор Vanessa Rosales ( назад)
do more back up plan

Автор Skips R ( назад)
This was a really cool concept

Автор Kaitlyn Hom ( назад)
Do MORE ! Please !!

Автор Zaccymo ( назад)
Stevie Levine kinda looks like Avril Lavigne... hot...

Автор Hello everybody ( назад)
Is she standing? They're almost as tall as her.

Автор Weeaboo _Viv 108 ( назад)
Link when asking 4 turkey = Dobby

Автор isebelle law ( назад)
i really like this episode !! i hope theres a whole series 🤗

Автор delaney rm ( назад)
guyssss i just found stevie's girlfriend

Автор Wesley Hall ( назад)
Stevie is a major cutie

Автор Isabelle desmit ( назад)
What is boba?

Автор Rachmaninov Piazzolla ( назад)

Автор Caleb Davis ( назад)
who else thinks this girl is really cute?

Автор Brocodile ( назад)
Should have named it snackjack

Автор Jammy James ( назад)
This should be a game show

Автор Jammy James ( назад)
one of my favourite GMMs

Автор ROBILYN Mayor ( назад)

Автор the mama mcnugget fanclub ( назад)
another one of theese pls

Автор Carissa Lai ( назад)
Do a part 2 video (please)

Автор samuel Chavez ( назад)
I actually really like stevie😆

Автор Frank Wu ( назад)
What happens to the food in back and the food they used?

Автор Matthew Vlogs and Gaming ( назад)
How much food did they use

Автор Matthew Vlogs and Gaming ( назад)
Rhett should win

Автор Matthew Vlogs and Gaming ( назад)
Google home is still better

Автор almas nizar ( назад)
DO THIS BLACK JACK GAME AGAAIN PLEAASE!! so much fun to watch hahaha

Автор Dan TDM ( назад)
U spld kwnt dwn rong

Автор Total awesomeness ( назад)
I <3 you GMM

Автор Isaiah Sanders ( назад)
what fruit do yall like best

Автор Black Attack ( назад)
Dessert round had cookies, donuts, licorice, cupcakes, jelly beans, cinnamon rolls, sprinkles, cherries, nuts, etc.
Rhett: Hmm...
*Chooses lettuce from round 1*

Автор Skelly HD ( назад)
Stevie 😍😍

Автор Borat Sagdiyev ( назад)
"You ready to get whipped?"

Автор Luna Fauzi ( назад)

Автор EJ ( назад)
Not cheese puffs

Автор Jane Akindele-Abe ( назад)
I wish this video was waaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaay longer

Автор Jane Akindele-Abe ( назад)
I wish this video was waaaaaaaaaaaaaaay longer

Автор Mini May Ham ( назад)
Plz do a part 2

Автор dunkinvideos ( назад)
Did everyone at Mythical Enterprise know about the C.I.A. (now conspiracy) at the time of this recording?

Автор Marco Monteagudo ( назад)
Rhett should not have had the bacon on round one

Автор 808sand Blvke ( назад)
stevie thou

Автор NormalGorl ( назад)
this is one of my favorite episodes idk why

Автор Dean Spence ( назад)
Bringing stevie in for dat extra cash

Автор SgtMerc ( назад)
-is stevie single-

Автор F4M1LY V1N3S ( назад)
Easily the best episode

Автор The Cat in the Cradle ( назад)
I want Stevie to step on me

Автор Heather Perry ( назад)
I was watching this in my room and it turned Alexa on

Автор Krazy Puppy ( назад)
Is this what take waiters so long at restaurants

Автор Abdulrahman Kurabi ( назад)

Автор Cass Thompson ( назад)
bro i would have won every challenge😂😂😂

Автор Mason Robirds ( назад)

Автор Eric Smith ( назад)
Are you making a sculpture or a sandwich. No he's making diabetes or Francis

Автор FuzzDerp 123 ( назад)

Автор GoodByeKittyGoodBye ( назад)
My Echo was so confused during this video. Granted, I made the mistake to sit right next to it lol.

Автор Kyle Barber ( назад)
Steveie is cute

Автор Bryant Gaming ( назад)
Please bring this back!!!!!!!

Автор FreudianLatte ( назад)
Stevie's visor is dirty and it makes me mad

Автор Esai Romero ( назад)
Do it again give a like if you agree

Автор Tyler Hoffman ( назад)
Why didn't they call this "SnackJack"? Missed opportunity.

Автор Ali Fennell ( назад)
Do a part two

Автор sam nikola ( назад)
This is an awesome game
They should make a second one

Автор James Ellis ( назад)
But why not snackjack? *googles it* oh snack jacks are a brand of crisps.

Автор Megan Wilson ( назад)
i don't like how competitive and arrogant link can get sometimes.

Автор Acid Cylo ( назад)
Who is she? She's really pretty

Автор Jack Marchetti ( назад)
You guys should do will it chip

Автор Forbidden Pyro ( назад)
they shouldve called it snackjack

Автор TheAwkwardBanana ( назад)
"Are you ready to be WHIPPED?!"

Oh my gosh I was laughing so hard.

Автор Emojipocalypse ( назад)
1:20 link saw the dealer without looking at her. Is link an Ailen

Автор Luke Kledzik ( назад)
Accuracy not precision, Rhett.

Автор Kelyn Lyon ( назад)
stevie levine

Автор Luv Soccer ( назад)
Link is awesome and Rhett is rhett

Автор TheAvenged7xGamer ( назад)
Hit me with...... YOUR BEST SHOT!

Автор RJ Robertson-DeGraaff ( назад)
really fun game, they should play it again.

Автор That FlowerGurl ( назад)
This is legit my fav episode

Автор Ethan Brumback ( назад)
this episode kept triggering my echo 😂😂

Автор Sourgirl101 PIGGYS ( назад)
I have 3

Автор Anne Sarath ( назад)
The collar of Link's jacket looked like hair extensions in the beginning when they say, lets talk about that

Автор Dran dDdd ( назад)

Автор Kobe Shields ( назад)
"I know what it feels like to bust and still be happy" - Link 2016

Автор Misspop77777 ( назад)
Stevie, I love your bow tie

Автор Scott Gurley ( назад)
Best video of the century

Автор PARADA ( назад)
yall should do another video like this.

Автор The Galaxy donut Show ( назад)
Not finished with the video but I hope Rhett wins

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