Deaths of everyone on Arya Stark List + Kill Count: Game of Thrones Season 1 to Season 8

  • Published on May 18, 2019
  • Arya Stark List and How They Died
    Polliver for capturing her and killing Lommy and taking Needle
    =killed by Arya in tavern fight (Season 4 Episode 1)
    Joffrey Baratheon for having Ned executed
    = poisoned by Littlefinger and Lady Olenna (Season 4 Episode 2)
    Rorge for threatening her
    = killed by Arya (Season 4 Episode 7)
    Ser Meryn Trant for killing her instructor Syrio Forel
    = killed by Arya in the brothel (Season 5 Episode 10)
    Tywin Lannister for orchestrating the deaths of her mother and brother Robb
    = killed by Tyrion (Season 4 Episode 10)
    Walder Frey for killing her mother and brother Robb
    = killed by Arya (Season 6 Episode 10)
    House Frey for killing her mother and brother Robb
    = killed by Arya (drugging wine) (Season 7 Episode 1)
    Littlefinger for betraying her father and trying to manipulate Sansa
    =executed by Arya (Season 7 Episode 8)

    Thoros of Myr for selling Gendry to Melisandre
    =killed by ice bear (Season 7 Episode 6)
    Beric Dondarrion for selling Gendry to Melisandre [removed from the list before death]
    =killed by white walkers to save Arya (Season 8 Episode 3)
    Melisandre for taking Gendry
    =took off her necklace and died after the war against the dead (Season 8 Episode 3)
    The Hound for killing her friend Mycah (the butcher’s boy) [removed from the ​list before death]
    The Mountain for torturing people at Harrenhal
    = the Hound sacrificed himself to kill the Mountain (Season 8 Episode 5)
    Cersei Lannister for having her Ned arrested
    = dies with Jaime under the Red Keep (Season 8 Episode 5)
    Ser Ilyn Payne for beheading her father
    = still Alive
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  • jdsol1938
    jdsol1938 6 hours ago

    concerning Polliver, I wonder , drowning in your own blood, would it be uncomfortable ?

  • Craig McCuistion

    Her most epic kill was when she went all Air Jordan on the Night King, crossed over with that dagger, and shanked his frozen ass.

  • Marcoantonio Castro
    Marcoantonio Castro 3 days ago


  • John Doe
    John Doe 4 days ago

    I never watched a single episode of this show but it was so nice watching that annoying kid die. Even his name is annoying. Fucking “Joffrey”

  • mountain holler
    mountain holler 5 days ago

    If I had a daughter , she would be it !!!

  • Meshal Lonely
    Meshal Lonely 5 days ago

    What about my list

  • C Irby
    C Irby 7 days ago +1

    Glad they showed the entire “House Frey” scene

  • C Irby
    C Irby 7 days ago

    Problem is that Arya didn’t kill Joffrey - the Dornish queen killed him.

  • J Magana
    J Magana 7 days ago

    Winter Came for House Frey, is should have also come for the writers and producers of season 8 of Game of Thrones.

  • jdsol1938
    jdsol1938 8 days ago

    Ol Meryn certainly got his money worth out of that S&M session

  • Ms D
    Ms D 10 days ago +1

    I Love Arya!!!

  • Jadore Thomas
    Jadore Thomas 12 days ago +5

    “Tell them the North remembers, tell them winter came for house Frey.”

    YOCOUB HAIDAR 13 days ago

    Spoiled little shit

  • Powell Lucas
    Powell Lucas 14 days ago

    Question one: Why doesn't Forel pick up one of the other weapons lying on the floor?
    Question two: When the Hound is travelling on board the ship with the Wyte why is it that the creature goes ape-shit when he touches the crate, yet it makes not a sound when the Hound is carrying it into the amphitheatre?

  • Patrick the Lion
    Patrick the Lion 15 days ago

    Thoros and beric dondarrion were only on that list for a short time after they sold gendry to melisandre. Their names like the hound's were not removed but rather faded from her list.

  • S Marie
    S Marie 18 days ago

    "Well what are they doing? Trimming their cunt hairs?" LMAO.

  • jakeworld
    jakeworld 25 days ago

    Figured Arya Stark fans would like this...
    makes her a really dynamic character.

  • Ralph Sunico
    Ralph Sunico 26 days ago

    Arya's Creed...

  • Joseph BenElohim
    Joseph BenElohim 26 days ago

    You know who was on Arya's list bunch of cunts that's who!

  • Legendairy
    Legendairy 27 days ago

    5:48 funniest shit ever said in GOT

  • Brad Holt
    Brad Holt 27 days ago


  • Reedly
    Reedly 28 days ago

    -Lots of people name their swords.
    -Lots of *cunts*

  • The Universal Union Elites

    How was arya able to immitate lord freys voice?

  • T Money
    T Money 28 days ago +2

    Arya was such a badass an a hottie

  • zhuozi wang
    zhuozi wang 28 days ago


  • Benjamin Lezaeta
    Benjamin Lezaeta 28 days ago

    I was very dissapoint with the death of Thoros of Myr

    • Dai'Ja' Worthy
      Dai'Ja' Worthy 4 days ago

      Benjamin Lezaeta I was very disappointed by the death of Cersei

  • Dilan D
    Dilan D 28 days ago +4

    Joffrey dies.
    This put a smile on my face.

    • Desi Sill
      Desi Sill 26 days ago +1

      Dilan D sameeeee! I was screaming:

  • Paxus
    Paxus 29 days ago

    i thought it would be their deaths not their whole back-stories 😡👎
    You didn't even do it consistently... The 1st one, you show the back-story then show Arya killing him... but the 2nd one, (Joffrey) you just skip on the the next one (Rorge)....

  • ps3ud0nym
    ps3ud0nym 29 days ago +1

    Cerceis death was so lame

    STONECOLD1988 29 days ago +3

    That bs that starts at 8:08 is why I was cool with Daenerys killing everyone in King’s Landing

  • She Fain
    She Fain 29 days ago +6

    Hated what they did to her charecter in season 8. She was just running most of the season. No clever use of her powers. But also glad she got a brand new power. *Plot armor*
    Why even make a supernatural assassin. If it's useless like bran.

    • Viktor
      Viktor 28 days ago +1

      What do we say to D&D : Not today !

  • Кирил Митков

    Why Ilyn Paine has escaped?That's a dumb..

  • Cameron Moreno
    Cameron Moreno Month ago

    The thing about Trants death is it was some what excessive, sure he deserved to die for what he did but it should have been a few stabs to the chest then a his throat being cut. It’s just rough haha

  • Jeremy Huang
    Jeremy Huang Month ago +29

    Arya Stark endured a crazy life and her revenge on those who killed her family is oh so sweet!

  • Brigadier General
    Brigadier General Month ago +4

    IF, I was in Got the most important thing is my kd ratio

  • Jeremy Holmes
    Jeremy Holmes Month ago +5

    How baller do you have to be for you to be a child and have no issues telling a grown man that is bigger, stronger, and tougher, than most men that you're gonna kill him. Then, as if that's not gansta enough you say it after you turn your back to him.....and then you sleep?

  • Duskplains
    Duskplains Month ago

    The hound was removed from the list but the mountain was on it, so I’ll let it slide.

  • Mohammad Rasool
    Mohammad Rasool Month ago

    The girl is dangerous

  • sulabh ghimire
    sulabh ghimire Month ago

    wow, it went so fast

  • Rayna Ramsay
    Rayna Ramsay Month ago +11

    1:37 the moment he realised he was travelling with a psychopath

  • Scarlett Toney
    Scarlett Toney Month ago +1

    43 minutes of Arya stacking bodies.

  • Trainee Pianist
    Trainee Pianist Month ago +1

    The hounds last word BLYAT

  • Trainee Pianist
    Trainee Pianist Month ago

    What the fuck’s a lommy 😂😂😂

  • Trainee Pianist
    Trainee Pianist Month ago

    If you turn captions on where it says Thoros of myr it says something odd...

  • Rhiannon Rise
    Rhiannon Rise Month ago +5

    The way the hound looks at her when she says his name

  • Ant Man11
    Ant Man11 Month ago

    This video was way longer than necessary

    • MikaylaRayne020
      MikaylaRayne020  Month ago

      This video is to show the reason and then the death as per the description. If you just want the killing I have a separate kill count video.

  • Nia Stevens
    Nia Stevens Month ago +2

    Whatever happened to Illen Payn

  • HeyCrabman14
    HeyCrabman14 Month ago +1

    I wouldn't mess with that bi*ch! 😳

  • BradiKal61
    BradiKal61 Month ago +1

    a better ending for Arya would have been for her to intercept Jamie after his fight with Euron and take his face after he dies from the TWO fatal stab wounds he took, then take his face and kill Cersei right before the Mountain fatally wounds her, and then Sandor kills the Mountain and has to put Arya out of her suffering.

    • Mr.D.
      Mr.D. 8 days ago

      Yours is a much better ending! I would be very sad to see Arya go but what would be more GOT.

  • lisa Arkwright
    lisa Arkwright Month ago +1

    So many exciting and satisfying scenes, but the further along you get the more empty and unsatisfying they get.

  • Prequel Memes
    Prequel Memes Month ago +2

    the saddest moment in the whole series - season 8

  • pyoyoyo
    pyoyoyo Month ago +2


  • plamen ivanov
    plamen ivanov Month ago +14

    Arya child we are done whit dancing for today.... run to your father... some of my top 5 favorite lines in season 1

  • KhsPaderick
    KhsPaderick Month ago

    Cersie needed to be tortured by everyone she did wrong like been stabbed by hundreds of people like they did with jon snow, not fucking die with the love of her life/brother lmfao.

    • plamen ivanov
      plamen ivanov Month ago +1

      Cercei died way to fast for my taste

    • KhsPaderick
      KhsPaderick Month ago

      plamen ivanov.. yes, that would have been perfect for her.

    • plamen ivanov
      plamen ivanov Month ago +1

      she deserved a Death by a 1000 cuts from The 100 series as in everyone she wronged should be allowed to cut her whit a knife and after that slit her throat

  • vickee vikash
    vickee vikash Month ago +1

    Why she didn't kill ser Ilyn payne

  • Hybrid Trolls
    Hybrid Trolls Month ago +3

    Aryan was my favorite character by far, watching her heart darken through the seasons was thoroughly enjoyable

  • Johnny Cajon
    Johnny Cajon Month ago +3

    I love that I watched this whole thing - only to be disappointed by season 8 all over again.

  • DaBinChe
    DaBinChe Month ago

    What about them chickens!?

  • Pete Pete Gaming
    Pete Pete Gaming Month ago

    so the kill count was where

  • T Webb
    T Webb Month ago +1

    Littlefinger wasn’t on Arya’s list

    • MikaylaRayne020
      MikaylaRayne020  Month ago

      Just one of the many things poor writing without George left out

    • MikaylaRayne020
      MikaylaRayne020  Month ago

      I feel he would have been added when she found out he was part of Ned being executed

  • Naila Al Rajhi
    Naila Al Rajhi Month ago +4

    Arya slaughters house frey
    *_it's what she deserves_*

  • Ysabeau99
    Ysabeau99 Month ago +28

    To this day I still CANNOT watch the Red Wedding......but I LOVE when Winter comes to House Frey!!

  • JiZz2Xtreme
    JiZz2Xtreme Month ago

    fuck arya.. and fuck sansa

  • C Rizzy
    C Rizzy Month ago +2

    The scene with Syrio Forel makes me so annoyed every time I see it. SO STUPID. He had at least 10 seconds to grab a REAL SWORD from one of the dead bodies around him but instead just stands there like an idiot with a wooden sword in his hand so he can deliver his "what do you say to the god of death" line. The first sign that D&D are total morons.
    On a side note, did Arya kill a little girl so she could steal her face to kill Meryn Trant? I am sure D&D never even thought about that because they don't think about plot and making sense, just subversion and shock value. Arya must have killed an innocent girl to kill Walder Frey as well. Would Walder Frey know what Arya looked like? No but that doesn't matter. Surprising the audience is what matters. NICE writing D&D, you rule! I can't wait to never see your crappy Star Wars movies.

    • David Carter
      David Carter Month ago

      C Rizzy or it was all ready on the face wall.

    • MikaylaRayne020
      MikaylaRayne020  Month ago

      But nope David and Dan killed the show and then insulted all the fans (specifically episode 4-6)

    • MikaylaRayne020
      MikaylaRayne020  Month ago

      I agree 100% with the Syrio thing! I literally said it to my mom when I made this video. I also thought (wishful thinking I know) that perhaps when Arya left he picked up a real sword and escaped. Which would have been easily explained for him to return in season 8

    • MikaylaRayne020
      MikaylaRayne020  Month ago

      I think she just took those faces (since she knew she would need it) from the hall of faces in the house of black and white before she left

  • TehSaccade
    TehSaccade Month ago

    They sure make it seem easy to slice a throat on TV.
    Still. Wouldn't want it to be Edu-tainment for kids with kitchen knives.
    "C is for Carotid"

  • Lilia I
    Lilia I Month ago

    Anyone to write the list she says and why she has to kill them please? 🙏

    • Lilia I
      Lilia I Month ago +1

      @MikaylaRayne020 oki

    • MikaylaRayne020
      MikaylaRayne020  Month ago

      From what I was told the actor left the show due to needing treatment for cancer

    • Lilia I
      Lilia I Month ago

      @MikaylaRayne020 thanks. Why did she not killed Ilyn Payne? 🤔

    • MikaylaRayne020
      MikaylaRayne020  Month ago +1

      It’s in the description

  • TehSaccade
    TehSaccade Month ago +5

    "What's West of Westeros?"
    Arya is the only character in the entire series who has a journey and an ending that isn't exactly what was expected of them, or exactly the same thing as they were doing at the start.
    Arya is the only character in the entire series who lives a life that is more than a single way, leading to pretty much the same place as where they started.
    She's the only character that has an "open ending".
    She is true (and the only character in the series who is) Chaotic Neutral - she does what the fuck she wants, when she wants to, for her own reasons.
    People play the game, but Arya has her own rules.
    Bran is one evil motherfucker. He is the one who used and manipulated people, (especially Hodor - what kind of evil bastard does that to the bullied kid? Turns him into a useless donkey and very well written Deus Ex Machina..?) using his "powers" to ensure his survival.
    Called it that he'd be "king", bring about the end of a feudal system, install an Elective Monarchy - while the idea of a democracy is laughed at (because, democracy is a joke) - paving the way for a Senate.
    He's lawful evil. He's a step up from
    While - during the showdown series of GoT, it was obvious that Snow (Lawful Good) had to kill Dragonbitch (Lawful Evil), because she was fucking insane, Hound would fight Mountain (Chaotic Good vs Chatoic Evil), Incest Queen and the guy with the dildo attachment for his severed hand would die together (her Neutral Evil and him Chaotic Neutral), Midget on the scooter - it wasn't obvious that the guy with no balls was to be sacrificed (but he was Midget's only rival, and there couldn't be two Lawful Neutrals)... that was a surprise, but what Arya was going to do at any time was a most often a mystery.
    Hers was the best story out of all of them.
    She could've been anyone, other than the person who sits on the Iron Throne.
    In this regard, she's the kingmaker - simply by being herself.
    If it wasn't for her, there would be no West of Westeros, because her pivotal actions - although downplayed to be trivial in the grand plot - meant there is a West for them to be East.
    It's a shame that she's going to be typecast as Ayra Stark in every acting job that she ever gets (if she ever needs to work again after this).

    Also - stop with the manga drawings of Arya. They look shit and you're not an artist - you draw manga.
    Do you think Arya draws manga..?
    No. No, she doesn't.
    She cuts off your face and stabs the biggest girl, and biggest baddie in the throat, after murdering whoever's pissed her off - including the person who taught her how to murder people.
    The only reason I stuck with watching Game of Thrones after Joffrey's death (cos that was "the end" for me) was because I wanted to know Arya's story.
    Because she's a rare alignment of character, and it's a shame that she did nothing more than rode off into the sunset - but that's what these people in life do.

  • Ankur Patel
    Ankur Patel Month ago

    What a garbage show. No heroes, make it Realistic like a great Fantasy should be. We all fail at being heroic, great aspirations there game of thrones.

  • Kristi Moore
    Kristi Moore Month ago

    Everyone has a purpose

  • Edward Morley
    Edward Morley Month ago

    u missed the fat boy in kings landing tho

  • Surviving Millennial

    Can someone explain why Theon wasn’t on her kill list

    • MikaylaRayne020
      MikaylaRayne020  Month ago

      Season 8 especially episode 4-6 was horrible

    • Surviving Millennial
      Surviving Millennial Month ago

      MikaylaRayne020 you’d think they’d have a bit of dialogue if any. Season 8 was awful

    • MikaylaRayne020
      MikaylaRayne020  Month ago

      Tbh I don’t think him taking Winterfell ever fazed her

  • Mia Vale
    Mia Vale Month ago

    Why did u show the parts non-important 😐 I’m so confused 🤷‍♀️

    • Mia Vale
      Mia Vale 27 days ago

      MikaylaRayne020 ok thanks

    • MikaylaRayne020
      MikaylaRayne020  Month ago

      If you want to see only the kills I have that in another video

    • MikaylaRayne020
      MikaylaRayne020  Month ago +2

      If you read the description you’ll find the answer to your question. The video is showing the how people got on her list and the death scene

  • Blake
    Blake Month ago +1

    The way they finally busted and executed Littlefinger, was certainly one of the more satisfy moments on the series. He thought he was so That, along with Jon beating up Ramsey Bolton, and then Sansa later feeding Ramsey to his own dogs. Loved it.

  • AvantTemps
    AvantTemps Month ago +1

    Meryn's death was very satisfying. Not for Syrio but for that ugly pedophiliac and violent attitude towards little girls.

  • Eremodo Kalivetau
    Eremodo Kalivetau Month ago +3

    I wonder how Ser Ilyn Payne dies? Motherfooker still might be running around Westeros somewhere...he may have gone West of Westeros for all we know, I hope Arya catches up to him before the Many-Faced God

    • Akabeche
      Akabeche Month ago

      The real reason that we never saw his death is that Illyn Payne's actor got cancer and they didn't want to find a replacement

  • Joshua Long
    Joshua Long Month ago +1

    Cersie deserved the most brutal death of them all. They gave her a soft death. Pathetic

    • Virgo Queen
      Virgo Queen Month ago


  • Justbrowsing4lunch
    Justbrowsing4lunch Month ago

    Did she ever kill Cersei????

  • angelo arcangel
    angelo arcangel Month ago +2

    Ser Ilyn Payne has probably died too. Remember Daenerys burned the entire Kings Landing.

    • angelo arcangel
      angelo arcangel Month ago

      @MikaylaRayne020 we'll never know. As you can see there's a lot of secret tunnels and passages going in and out according to Tyrion. Adding the fact that Jon Snow show some sympathy on the locals on the latter part to the point of saving some of them.

    • MikaylaRayne020
      MikaylaRayne020  Month ago +1

      I doubt anyone from kings landing survived

    • Lilia I
      Lilia I Month ago +1

      He better

  • Rob Dast
    Rob Dast Month ago

    Rorge was Errol in SNATCH

  • noactionsnotrust noservice

    is it odd that i felt no pity or sorrow when robb and catelyn died. i felt terrible for the pregnant wife but i actually felt relieved when cat and her son died

  • ladycplum
    ladycplum Month ago +57

    It's not shown on here, but one thing I noticed during Ned's execution was that the entire Small Council, and Cersei, all ran to Joffrey to get him to stop what he was doing....but Littlefinger stood there and did nothing, that perpetual smirk of his planted on his face.

  • Gavin Wise
    Gavin Wise Month ago

    Nobody wants to realize in the beginning that the Hound didn't really enjoy being the Dog of King Joffrey. But when he had to kill that butcher's son you see the weariness in him.

  • Mariah McCray
    Mariah McCray Month ago +30

    She’s just a bad ass from the beginning and savage af no mercy

  • tradmin
    tradmin Month ago

    Berrics die to live Arya, the hounds swear to throw stone to the wights

  • Samuel Ďurík
    Samuel Ďurík Month ago +3

    Joffrey: *starts coughing*
    Me: Yehee boii

  • Samuel Ďurík
    Samuel Ďurík Month ago +1

    8:50 why there is death of Ned, was he on her list?

    • MikaylaRayne020
      MikaylaRayne020  Month ago

      Ya exactly! I did the reason why and then the death scene

    • Ellis
      Ellis Month ago +2

      Samuel Ďurík it’s showing why Joffrey is on her list :)

  • Tread Wisely
    Tread Wisely Month ago +14

    8:50...After flashback to this scene...I think people of Kings Landing deserve what Dany did to them.

    • Tread Wisely
      Tread Wisely Month ago

      @Wasch Karte well zero fuck given.No love for the new king after all.

    • Wasch Karte
      Wasch Karte Month ago

      No, you're wrong. Think about being in that situation. No google. No newspaper. Nothin. Just a guy standing up there admitting to crime, to betrayal to your king. What would you do?

  • Tamara W.
    Tamara W. Month ago

    Arya DIDN'T kill Joffrey!!!

    • MikaylaRayne020
      MikaylaRayne020  Month ago

      Ya exactly! It’s also in the description!

    • joaquinya hansen-bailey
      joaquinya hansen-bailey Month ago +1

      The title said the death of everyone on aryas kill list. I don’t think they are saying that she killed him.

  • Mohamed samsudeen
    Mohamed samsudeen Month ago +8

    How tf she imitates their voices

    • Mike Walsh
      Mike Walsh Month ago +2

      a man may never know

    • MikaylaRayne020
      MikaylaRayne020  Month ago

      It’s part of the faceless men magic when you put on the face you essentially become that person

    • Cringe Police
      Cringe Police Month ago

      Mohamed samsudeen I think you get their voice with the mask

  • Christian Scott
    Christian Scott Month ago +95

    I really wanted to see arya cut Cersei"s throat

    • TheRealist 811
      TheRealist 811 Month ago +1

      @MikaylaRayne020 That's why D&D fucked up, they veered show Jon too far away from book Jon, who is a very good swordsman and maturing very quickly. Season 5 Jon looked set to be the one to challenge the NK. From season 6 it wasn't the same Jon and by season 8 he was reduced to a bystander. Arya became indestructible all of a sudden, wouldn't be surprised if season 8 Arya could kill Drogon by herself.

    • MikaylaRayne020
      MikaylaRayne020  Month ago +1

      I associated brute strength with knowing how to use a sword. Essentially he’s the same or worse than an unsullied as he is more emotional. Look back at every major battle he let his emotions cloud his judgement. Specifically the battle of the bastards without Sansa he was losing because he was rash and did exactly what Ramsay wanted. Yes he killed a white walker but so did Sam and thousands of soldiers now. They had a staredown but it amounted to nothing as David and Dan killed the story without explaining the connection. And Arya is all of the above she didn’t have to decide between being strong and swift or graceful and quick. Plus Arya has what they both lacked! Logic, intelligence, and the ability to think calculating and in the long term

    • TheRealist 811
      TheRealist 811 Month ago +4

      @MikaylaRayne020 Actually Jon didn't just have brute strength, he had speed and skill. Remember when he killed that WW and the NK saw it? Remember that staredown between the two in S5? Also in the books it says "Jon was slender where Robb was muscular, dark where Robb was fair, graceful and quick where his half brother was strong and fast". Jon was supposed to be the swift one.

    • Christian Scott
      Christian Scott Month ago +2

      @MikaylaRayne020 Yep👌🏾

    • MikaylaRayne020
      MikaylaRayne020  Month ago +7

      8 seasons and Cersei Lannister is killed by rocks

  • Himiko Toga
    Himiko Toga Month ago +2

    Has anyone ever died of old age in GoT

  • Himiko Toga
    Himiko Toga Month ago +4

    When you hear Lannister theme song in a wedding


    • TheTradge
      TheTradge Month ago

      Amazingly I have played at a number of weddings where they've requested Game of Thrones music, including the rains of castamere. XD

  • Himiko Toga
    Himiko Toga Month ago +4

    What do we say to the God of death...

  • Himiko Toga
    Himiko Toga Month ago +248

    I remember Daenerys burning everyone in Kings Landing...THEYRE INNOCENT 😨

    Then I remember them cheering for Ned Starks death..THEY DESERVED IT 😈😈

      EMPEROR PALPATINE 26 days ago


    • Cameron Moreno
      Cameron Moreno Month ago

      Himiko Toga The thing is yes they deserved it but at what cost, the innocent should have never suffered

    • Random Things
      Random Things Month ago +4

      Bitch, they also cheered for Cersei when she’s doing her walk of atonement

    • Trainee Pianist
      Trainee Pianist Month ago +5

      Their cheer turned to ashes in their mouth and they knew the debt was payed.

    • Sebastian Nongrum
      Sebastian Nongrum Month ago +2

      Well their cheer brought them to ashes

  • Himiko Toga
    Himiko Toga Month ago +314

    "Leave one wolf alive and the sheep are never safe"

    • Cameron Moreno
      Cameron Moreno Month ago

      Himiko Toga A WHOLE DAMN FAMILY gone in a flash, Frey is no more due to one BADASS girl named ARYA ;) Hahahaha

    • SynapticSqueeze
      SynapticSqueeze Month ago

      @C Rizzy I happened to watch another video of all the faceless men kills right after this one, and it caught my eye =)

    • C Rizzy
      C Rizzy Month ago

      @SynapticSqueeze Was it? wow. good observation

    • SynapticSqueeze
      SynapticSqueeze Month ago +2

      @C Rizzy The face she uses for Meryn Trant is the face of the girl she gave the water from the well to in the temple, after the girl's father brings her there to end her suffering.

    • MikaylaRayne020
      MikaylaRayne020  Month ago

      Plus there is the time in between from when she leaves Jaqen and is at the Twins so Arya is too smart to leave without getting everything she would need since she knows she’s not going back

  • ssbbSephi
    ssbbSephi Month ago

    Wtf Salami

  • Gabriel Amaya
    Gabriel Amaya Month ago

    Everyone in 2012: Wow, I bet it's going to be really satisfying when Arya kills Ilyn Payne, the man who cut off Eddard's head.

  • Julius
    Julius Month ago +59

    It was so damn satisfiying when arya killed littlefinger

    • BUNTA
      BUNTA Month ago +1

      yeah that one useless piece of trash deserved to be killed.

    • Randall Flagg
      Randall Flagg Month ago +4

      @TheRealist 811 - Plus, it's not like Sansa & Arya actually outsmarted him, and we could have a nice "girlz powa!" moment. They needed Bran to use his superpowers to find out that he betrayed Ned all these years ago to corner him...
      That trial was a bad joke, why couldn't the Star girls take him out by themselves?

    • TheRealist 811
      TheRealist 811 Month ago +7

      Nah it was cringey for a once-genius character like Littlefinger to be killed off so pathetically. Same goes with Varys. Littlefinger & Varys were the two best players of the Game of Thrones in the first 4 seasons.

  • Mary Beaird
    Mary Beaird Month ago +5

    Cersei for ordering Lady put to death as well. Arya already hated Cersei even before Ned was arrested.

    • MikaylaRayne020
      MikaylaRayne020  Month ago

      Ya but I think hating and needing to kill someone for justice are different

  • Master of Fire
    Master of Fire Month ago +11

    Syrio could’ve picked up one of the knights swords and killed meryn and survived