12 Things NOT to do in Japan

  • Опубликовано: 21 дек 2017
  • What not to do in Japan! Learn the etiquette before you get here!
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  • NecessityLilac
    NecessityLilac 6 часов назад

    When it came to the chopsticks part and he said don’t rub your chopsticks together
    I pause the video. People rub their chopsticks together?
    I never knew that, I just thought people dug right into their food. To me that’s so unnecessary. Probably because I’m half Asian idk

  • Average Mom
    Average Mom 7 часов назад

    I just close my eyes and listen to him talking lol 😂

  • Yan Tan
    Yan Tan 9 часов назад

    What not to do in Japan.... Logan paul

  • L.B. BEE
    L.B. BEE 9 часов назад

    I just discovered you channel and am really enjoying it! It's on my bucket list to travel to Japan.

  • Edgardo Davila Marcano
    Edgardo Davila Marcano 11 часов назад

    Thanks for the info me and my wife are planning for the future to go for a vacation in Japan this was very helpful do you have other evise for not to do down in Japan great video

  • Sarada Uchiha
    Sarada Uchiha 12 часов назад

    The things Jake Paul did also aren’t what you do either.

  • yn_seok
    yn_seok 12 часов назад

    The crossing the road one.. I often see people crossing the road on red light where I live...
    I can feel the weird stares when I wait for the green light even if there are no cars or there are 2 seconds left and the cars stopped..
    And the tipping one, I always find it awkward to tip, idk.. it's not a problem to others, because they see it as an obligatory thing and it's normal.. but I'm always paying the exact amount, and I'm scared about people thinking that I'm rude...
    I think it's just my slight obsession with being an organised citizen, which is rare where I live because people just ignore everything. That's why I'm really amazed by Japanese people and their manners.

  • SylphidUndine
    SylphidUndine 14 часов назад

    1. too lazy to walk
    2. don't know how to use chopsticks
    3. never tipped before and never will
    4. lost my phone
    5. don't do business
    6. immune system is ultra high
    7. hate any forms of contact
    8. or talking
    9. repeat no. 1
    10. repeat no. 1
    11. repeat no. ok this is getting ridiculous
    12. can't sing
    i automatically qualify to go to japan!

  • Jarel17-
    Jarel17- 14 часов назад

    About the eating while walking and taking calls on the train I'd break those rules but pretty much everything else about Japan I like

  • Razurac the Dragon
    Razurac the Dragon 16 часов назад

    Really like your channel and videos. You earned yourself a new subscriber^^

  • jureila
    jureila 16 часов назад

    ... and in Dk when I wait for the ligth to turn green people stare or think that I'm wierd, and even people I know, laugh or joke about it...

  • Twon Games
    Twon Games 18 часов назад

    Do you get into fights every corner like in yakuza?

  • ZERØ
    ZERØ 20 часов назад

    Give me more reasons to go to Japan

  • Spaghetti
    Spaghetti 21 час назад +1

    You forgot one more thing...... *just don't be logan paul*

  • Oohri Queen
    Oohri Queen День назад

    Thanks for the info, this will help me a lot 😯

  • Downunder 069
    Downunder 069 День назад

    I just came from Japan a couple of days ago and I find true EVERYTHING you just described. There is one you missed - do not smell bad, specially in public transport. I used almost all the public transports available in Japan and I noticed that the Japanese smell there own arm pits all the time to check if they are smelling bad and they use to change clothes twice a day in Summer.

  • Rez Spectronium
    Rez Spectronium День назад +1

    In the philippines we(not all maybe) dont cross when its still red too even the road is clear as crystal.

  • chookalatemuffin
    chookalatemuffin День назад

    The shoes thing is actually the most important rule in every asian country lol

  • MinhTIHD
    MinhTIHD День назад +1

    Did Logan Paul misread this video title
    Oh wait...

    Logan Paul can't read

  • voxo
    voxo День назад

    remember that these are only the GOOD things that happen in japan

  • Matt Pannell
    Matt Pannell День назад +1

    Great info but I can honestly say that the Tips situation is very much dependent on where you are. Many young people in the food sector in Tokyo would gladly take a tip. I say this, just Tip. If very rarely that a restaurant doesn’t like it then ok. I have the feeling that the restaurants he visits think he’s a real tight arse. Lol. 😃

  • Johnathan Sanchez
    Johnathan Sanchez День назад

    The grandma from kimi no na wa ❤️😂

  • Minako Aino
    Minako Aino День назад

    A big LIKE for you going to a vegan restaurant! T's Tan Tan is amazing.

  • Shani Haddad
    Shani Haddad День назад

    The rules are understand able and very smart wish they would be accepted all over

  • Russ Jones
    Russ Jones День назад

    So why did you write glass twice on your card isn't that rude ? Lol

  • renragged
    renragged День назад

    I have been in love with Japan and the Japanese culture since High School (back in the 80s). This video just reinforces my admiration for them.

  • Ortho- Epic63
    Ortho- Epic63 День назад


  • Tony Flamingo
    Tony Flamingo День назад

    jaPONese samYUREai

  • tdstudd1996
    tdstudd1996 День назад

    4:14 Japanese lady on her phone on the train, bottom left corner. is it just talking on the phone? or phone use in general?

    • tdstudd1996
      tdstudd1996 День назад


    • redfish337
      redfish337 День назад

      Talking. Noise. And that's a Korean lady cuz he was lazy and just took some screen off the internet.

  • Peaking Mantis
    Peaking Mantis День назад

    Number 8 is bullshit. I couldn't live there for that reason.

  • bumble345
    bumble345 День назад

    Id love to live in a place where people didn't blow their nose and show public displays of affection 👌🏼

  • Susan Chapman
    Susan Chapman День назад

    I cringed in #2..... when you stabbed the rice

  • LennoX
    LennoX День назад

    that reminds me of London. once i bought a coffe, and wanted to dispose it, but just couldnt find any bins, because there are almost no. but the streets are pretty clean

  • sports craze
    sports craze День назад

    who can b so circumspect

  • Sunbeam
    Sunbeam 2 дня назад

    Wow I love all these rules.. except the crossing road on the red light one. Drives ne nuts waiting when there's clearly not a car in sight

  • The Mountie
    The Mountie 2 дня назад

    This is why i don’t go to Japan

  • Mark Jared Magalong
    Mark Jared Magalong 2 дня назад

    Don't freeze

  • Ash Lim
    Ash Lim 2 дня назад

    if people stares at you when you eating walking , stare back and nom
    i don't care about a don't talk on phone, what if parent's call, you gonna ignore it?
    and about blowing nose, screw that . I'm blowing my nose in public .

  • Ninguém
    Ninguém 2 дня назад

    in brazil the DRIVERS are the ones that doesn't care if the semaphore is red or not
    so we kind of need to run and cross the street whenever we can

  • MinecraftGaming04
    MinecraftGaming04 2 дня назад

    On the contrary, I went to visit someone in the netherlands once and took my shoes off before entering the house. everyone looked at me weird xD

  • liam199417
    liam199417 2 дня назад

    Is 'not littering despite the frustrating absence of bins' really a tip? Surely it's wrong to litter anywhere.

  • RK Acuyong
    RK Acuyong 2 дня назад

    This is what Japan is known for:
    D I S I P L I N E

  • ino
    ino 2 дня назад

    Don't be like Logan Pual.

  • Jade Today
    Jade Today 2 дня назад

    And of course a Japanese ad

  • matthew grant
    matthew grant 3 дня назад

    Sounds better than shitty UK

  • Dre S
    Dre S 3 дня назад

    one more rule: even you walk in one lane, always walk right side

  • Wes
    Wes 3 дня назад

    I would love to see Japanese people deal with social justice warriors, they would shame them into oblivion.

  • ChristianDogLover
    ChristianDogLover 3 дня назад

    Maybe it's just an area difference, but where I live (suburban Tokyo) I've seen quite a few people cross at a light in the absence of traffic. It's still more common for people to wait but walking is definitely not rare here.

  • Maya soulless Gamer
    Maya soulless Gamer 3 дня назад

    Can u pls take me to japan im to scared to go there by myself nor with someone that has never been there so pls take me there plssss

  • ShakeAndBake
    ShakeAndBake 3 дня назад

    Omg your name reference 💗

  • Lucia Sinclair
    Lucia Sinclair 3 дня назад

    Well half the people in my school can't go to Japan 😂😂😂

  • John Calvin
    John Calvin 3 дня назад

    is that a tokyo neighborhood ? the one where you crossed the street ?

  • Danvil
    Danvil 3 дня назад

    Asians generally aren't a pack of Libtard idiots and invite half civilized tribal people from the Middle East and Africa into their orderly societies to wreak havoc, as we see in Europe and the USA.

  • Usui Takumi
    Usui Takumi 3 дня назад

    12 Things NOT to do in Japan: DON'T BE LOGAN PAUL!

  • Aubrey Martinez
    Aubrey Martinez 3 дня назад

    Does he speak japanese?

  • NightFire
    NightFire 3 дня назад +1

    Maybe the reason they have these strange rules is because Kim Jong Un is secretly watching them and they don’t want him to come for them 😂



  • Copy & Paste
    Copy & Paste 4 дня назад

    Emoji Movie could watch it for days

  • Kigito kun
    Kigito kun 4 дня назад


  • Azarina Lavoie
    Azarina Lavoie 4 дня назад

    You never EVER stab chopsticks in ur rice

  • celestial squirrel
    celestial squirrel 4 дня назад

    I only cross the road when the sign says too...

  • Akeem Meade
    Akeem Meade 4 дня назад

    Rip he had to do all these things to show what not to do

  • Tomás Pereira
    Tomás Pereira 4 дня назад

    i think i need to move to japan. everything that is annoying to me is “frowned upon” there

  • Judy Sowell
    Judy Sowell 4 дня назад

    Please excuse me, I don't mean to sound like a rude American. Why do so many Brit's I hear on the internet and in movies sound like they are congested?

  • Kirk Kramer
    Kirk Kramer 4 дня назад

    Being American, we don't give a shit what other countries think about us, don't like what we do, we don't care we are better than all other countries.

    • AA610
      AA610 3 дня назад

      And this is exactly the kind of shit that embodies the American stereotype.

  • Rhi 8
    Rhi 8 4 дня назад

    One of the rules should be don't be Logan Paul

  • Justin Hage
    Justin Hage 4 дня назад

    why is the title dutch?

  • ThanosK
    ThanosK 4 дня назад +1


  • Lise Magnusson
    Lise Magnusson 4 дня назад

    When it comes to this shoe issue here. I don't understand and never will understand why people use their outside shoes INSIDE. EEEEW...!

    • redfish337
      redfish337 3 дня назад

      Do you have a separate pair of shoes for the bathroom? What about one for the kitchen?

  • Alexandra Yatsko
    Alexandra Yatsko 4 дня назад

    Tip 1- Don't film dead bodies

  • Miguel Flores
    Miguel Flores 4 дня назад


  • J Z
    J Z 4 дня назад

    If you cross on a pedestrian red light here in Australia, you are liable to receive an on the spot fine from the police for 6 trillion dollars.
    But if you obey one every time, you will waste 22% of your lifetime.

  • Luke Tipping
    Luke Tipping 5 дней назад

    No.8 We desperately need that in western society!!

  • nnightmareg owo
    nnightmareg owo 5 дней назад

    in nz we dont even tip so

  • hong li
    hong li 5 дней назад

    Really the emoji movie? That was one of your best picks??

  • PhebeMun 46
    PhebeMun 46 5 дней назад

    I have another rule you missed.
    When you eat ramen do not be quiet unless the ramen is bad, the cook or waiters will think the ramen is bad if you dont slurp

  • Brechum
    Brechum 5 дней назад +1

    I never understood the necesity of hand-drying facilities. Everytime I just shake my hands a bit and, in less than a minute, they're dry.

  • Irene Chanti
    Irene Chanti 5 дней назад

    Idk why but the sound effects give me anxiety

  • Joel Strauss
    Joel Strauss 5 дней назад

    When I first got to Japan, I was with our group and an interpreter on the train to Kyoto, I blew my nose. The interpreter actually broke into tears out of embarrassment.

  • Tuomas Hoffrén
    Tuomas Hoffrén 5 дней назад

    Japan might be a comfortable place to travel as a Finn. Many of the things are the same; no shoes indoors, no crossing the red light, no loud speaking in puplic transport, not speaking one's mind.. And one in particular: no touching. I was 22 and abroad the first time someone kissed me on the cheek as a greeting. Terrifying experience, I felt violated.

  • leroy
    leroy 5 дней назад

    4:19 the woman on the left is on her phone

    • redfish337
      redfish337 5 дней назад

      I've never seen a general prohibition car like that before, but I guess they're using it in some Kansai Lines in particular. But that's what it is... just one car of the train.
      Also, the screenshot from 4:19 appears to be Korea so it really shouldn't be examined for details anyway.

    • leroy
      leroy 5 дней назад

      redfish337 well you do bring up some good points the sign says no smartphones please turn them off but you can see the woman is still on her phone even though she is one of the many citezens of the country she is still breaking the rules and she is not an outsider so the rules may not be enforced they are still there and so the lady should not be using her phone even if she is just browsing or doing whatever in addition to that you also said that in class they say dont use your phone they might mean dont play games or browse but the rules are still there and if you use your phone in class guess what you get in trouble. Also in the uk you are allowed to use your phone in class in 6 form so your rules fo not apply to all

    • redfish337
      redfish337 5 дней назад

      Because the people who invented the smartphone didn't come up with a separate name and people are lazy so smartphone ---> phone.
      Teacher comes up to you and says "No using your phone in classss!" he probably means no texting/games, because you'd have to be a damned idiot to actually call someone in class.
      And in this case "no phone on the train" means the actual phone feature of that handheld personal computer called a phone.
      No noise. It's that simple.

  • AkelasanAK
    AkelasanAK 5 дней назад

    ... that's what i'd call a civilized world... ... agree on all 12 things [more or less] .... great country and culture ...

  • Tiemen Sikma
    Tiemen Sikma 5 дней назад

    number 13. film a dead body

  • Lanzo
    Lanzo 5 дней назад

    Where are my immature braindead logan and jake paul fans?

  • Foot Fungi
    Foot Fungi 5 дней назад

    What not to do in japan: absolutely do FUCKING NOT WISH FOR BITCHES IN THE FRONT OF A WISHING SHRINE
    Don’t randomly throw giant pokeballs at cars
    Don’t record a FUCKING DEAD BODY
    Many more to that,but if one does not do those specific shit that i put out,then its probably fine
    *Sees logan*
    Fucking hell

  • Danny The Dane
    Danny The Dane 6 дней назад

    mission im-paws-ible!
    Had to pause the video, could not stop laughing!

  • TAD Lord
    TAD Lord 6 дней назад

    Screw chopsticks, fork master race!

  • Sarah Verzonilla
    Sarah Verzonilla 6 дней назад


  • K.C. B.A
    K.C. B.A 6 дней назад

    The reason you see people fighting in Singapore but in Japan there’s no one it’s because they’re not a dick (not all people)

  • capo200christian
    capo200christian 6 дней назад

    thanks to anime i already knew this

  • Katsumi Kitagawa
    Katsumi Kitagawa 6 дней назад

    But oh well you can do what your want

  • Katsumi Kitagawa
    Katsumi Kitagawa 6 дней назад

    You can blow your nose in public. Idk how he knows this but half of these are wrong.

  • Toujours Belle
    Toujours Belle 6 дней назад

    I'm new to this channel. Please do more videos regarding Japan

  • The very depressed person On the internet

    I came here to see if anyone would make a Logan Paul joke

  • Enex player43
    Enex player43 6 дней назад

    What's life in japan

  • Brian
    Brian 6 дней назад

    Just last year my son was convicted in Japanese Court for stealing a clock from our hotel room in Tokyo. He was arrested, sentenced by judge to be executed and then killed by injection in just eight days. Legal system very fast

  • lllwarchildlll
    lllwarchildlll 6 дней назад

    Don't have more than one baby. Don't sniff the panties from the vending machines that sells soiled panties while walking. Don't eat the food. Don't live in third world countries.

  • Eddi Haskell
    Eddi Haskell 6 дней назад

    Shower twice a day, especially if you are doing business and it is hot out. Do not use any cologne or strong smelling soaps. Smell as neutral as possible.

  • Carlos Dinglasan
    Carlos Dinglasan 6 дней назад

    They don't cross red light cuz they are afraid of the infamous truck-san

  • Unstruck
    Unstruck 6 дней назад +3

    #12 don’t be Logan Paul
    #11 don’t be Logan Paul
    #10 don’t be Logan Paul
    #9 don’t be Logan Paul
    #8 don’t be Logan Paul
    #7 don’t be Logan Paul
    #6 don’t be Logan Paul
    #5 don’t be Logan Paul
    #6 don’t be Logan Paul
    #4 don’t be Logan Paul
    #3 don’t be Logan Paul
    #2 don’t be Logan Paul
    And finally #1,
    don’t be Logan Paul