12 Things NOT to do in Japan

  • Опубликовано: 21 дек 2017
  • What not to do in Japan! Learn the etiquette before you get here!
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  • Swiss6Made
    Swiss6Made Час назад

    so basically same as England,

  • Dingle Barry
    Dingle Barry Час назад

    Don't fart in an elevator, they hate that

    HELLO HELLO TESTING 123 Час назад

    OMG... I think I've done all of these on a regular basis! LOL

  • Chronorust
    Chronorust Час назад

    2:12 Got chills admittedly.
    7:28 I'll love Japan. :)

  • FBI inc
    FBI inc 2 часа назад

    I love this vid so much im going to share it.

  • Justin M
    Justin M 2 часа назад

    so if you hug someone in public in japan you have to jab a samurai sword into them as they die to save their honor. : P

  • goulashsoup
    goulashsoup 2 часа назад

    12 reasons NOT to visit japan... ever.

  • Julia Johansson
    Julia Johansson 2 часа назад

    I always bring a handkerchief for my hands to public bathrooms. I don't like the blowdryers that take ages to dry your hands, or the flimsy paper towels that turn to mushy shreds (if there even are any - they tend to run out). A clean handkerchief is a lot nicer! :>
    Also, not taking off your shoes indoors is gross.

  • Pantsu God
    Pantsu God 3 часа назад

    What the fuck. I didn't even know that people rubbed chopsticks together.
    Also tipping is gay and barely done outside of the USA.

  • Rex Kenny
    Rex Kenny 3 часа назад

    Now I want Japan to come here to Sweden, we already take off the shoes at home, but I hate to shake hands and all that blow the noses, and I have always take home papers and so, just for it so damn easy to do so and I am so strong that I can do so, throwing junk around are for sissies.

  • B3astE8
    B3astE8 3 часа назад

    If u watch anime u wouldn’t even dare to cross the street in red light.
    Cuz in Japan trucks magically appear from nowhere

  • FizzyElf
    FizzyElf 4 часа назад

    Who wear shoes in the house ?

  • Sherlodin
    Sherlodin 4 часа назад

    Don’t say where the thots are

  • Steven James
    Steven James 4 часа назад

    How about picking up ladies

  • DMan Stickguy
    DMan Stickguy 4 часа назад

    tips for weebs

  • MoolahNasreddin
    MoolahNasreddin 4 часа назад

    A field of pitfalls :)))
    I agree mostly with all "chopstick routines" but completely disagree with "no clean your nose in a public transport" and "don't eat while walking"... If it's not a crispy cookies then why not? :) I can eat an apple or drink a juice while walking without littering even a bit. And usually I take few plastic bags with me to take litter in a garbage.
    And "don't cross a road on red" is stupid... I agree it's the national thing but we're violating this about 1-2 times per day. Especially when the road is short and clearly no cars in visibility (~100m).
    I'm not shouting "let's violate all of this!" :) It's just "IMO" things.

  • GonG108
    GonG108 4 часа назад

    hahaha that´s all , dude travel to bulgaria , first when you visit someone always bring something with you some pralines or a bottle of wine , something little but nice , they will tell you ten times that they can´t take it , you must insist after the 10th time they will agree to take it as a gift , if you stop insisting before that will annoy them , then you have to eat no matter what you can tell them 20 times you can´t or what ever they expect that and think o.k. he must do that , don´t accept the meal after the second time they ask it must be around ten times aprox. eat everything that is important otherwise you will annoy the women who cocked it .
    if you have a date , never ever let the woman pay , that will make a joke out of you so don´t accept it ( they know that but there are the usual ten times and so on ) if she says 6 times no i will pay and you say yes because you think 6 times is enough you will probably never see that woman again .
    these are some basics but it goes much further .
    don´t ever carry a back pocket for money it will mark you as a tourist and automatically as a victim for the well trained gypsies they will empty your pockets if there is something in just out of curiosity what it may be .
    don´t start flirting with very beautiful women you usually would not get in contact with , be realistic nothing has changed you are only in a foreign country so know your league otherwise you could end up naked on street bank , don´t believe that they don´t know english german french or russian these languages are basic in bulgaria´s schools but they pretend not to know just to hear what you will say about them to your friends .
    never go into gypsy areas and or turkish ones , the police does not do it too so don´t try to be smarter then the police , vice versa if you see bulgarians beat the shit out of those two groups stay away don´t try to help just mind your own business.
    And so on and on and on

  • Thomas
    Thomas 5 часов назад

    1 thing NOT to do in japan: go to japan

    • InsaneLiving
      InsaneLiving 3 часа назад

      technically thats not IN japan XD

  • РУЛА
    РУЛА 5 часов назад

    Бля, почему англоязычные блогеры гораздо приятнее, чем русскоязычные? Вроде бы, он рассказал всё то, что я уже слышал у похожего автора. Но это видео было в сто раз приятнее смотреть. Подача не раздражала. И не было сраных вставок из каких-то мемчиков. Дай Бог здоровья

  • DarkVortex
    DarkVortex 5 часов назад

    These are rules you should apply to all countries...

  • Brisey18 Gaming
    Brisey18 Gaming 5 часов назад


  • Adrian SH
    Adrian SH 5 часов назад

    Valarian and the city of a thousand planets is better than The Emoji Movie. Technically anything is better than the Emoji Movie.

  • Freiya2011
    Freiya2011 6 часов назад

    Don't forget to change your shoes going into and out of the toilet in public buildings.

  • MKlargekarp
    MKlargekarp 6 часов назад

    with incredible titles such as the *Emoji Movie*
    tf bruh

  • Peter Anderson
    Peter Anderson 6 часов назад

    If you look at 6.00 there are two using their mobile phones on the underground train.

    • redfish337
      redfish337 4 часа назад

      As an aside, Japan was quite a bit slow to adapt smartphones. And that's because their phones already had such robust features (since everyone had to text, and keep busy on the trains without talking on a phone), that it wasn't seen as something that needed to be replaced right that second like all the really @%%# mobile phones in the US, for example, that were basically just phones with a very limited extent of other features.

    • redfish337
      redfish337 4 часа назад

      It's quite unfortunate that they called them smartphones... which shortens to phones... so that people just call them phones even though they are basically personal computers. No calling. Don't use the phone feature of your device.

  • Hunt3r v2
    Hunt3r v2 6 часов назад

    Just first (do not do ) already keeps me away from japan

    • Hunt3r v2
      Hunt3r v2 6 часов назад

      But actually point 4. Should be a law everywhere

  • Mirkiens
    Mirkiens 6 часов назад


  • PotionWolf
    PotionWolf 6 часов назад

    Some of these are just human decency lol

  • David G.
    David G. 6 часов назад


  • Menstrel
    Menstrel 7 часов назад

    Goofy sound effects, and it is irresponsible to even joke that you went to Japan knowing so little.

  • Kim Jong Il
    Kim Jong Il 7 часов назад

    Bah, the Japanese just need a healthy dose of multiculturalism!

  • MP Reviews
    MP Reviews 7 часов назад

    13. Don’t be an xbox fan.

  • XWurstbrotX
    XWurstbrotX 7 часов назад +1

    *Don't* eat the remains of your dead friend who just crossed the road on a red light.

  • Little Gamer
    Little Gamer 7 часов назад

    Wow!!! Japanese people are so amazing.

  • Gisa W Slonim
    Gisa W Slonim 8 часов назад

    If you act modestly and politely you will be acting correctly in any country in the world. If you're going to act like a slob and be rude you will not be accepted anyplace

  • Pfsif
    Pfsif 8 часов назад +1

    The Japs seem very touchy.

  • Tom Miller
    Tom Miller 8 часов назад

    I've always thought Japanese people were strange my uncle is Japanese I've only met him a handful of times but each time I though he was very rude and in capable of having a good time. He would take a 12 hour flight to England and spend his stay in his room. I would try my best to make him feel welcome when he and my aunt came to visit but he would always seem very quiet and sometimes wouldn't speak at all even when spoken to. my aunt would translate to him what we said despite him being able to speak perfect English himself. I'm glad they are divorced now he was an asshole haha.

    • redfish337
      redfish337 4 часа назад

      I think your final statement is more correct than your first.

  • sebastian langley
    sebastian langley 8 часов назад

    why should we take into consideration their customs lol

    • sebastian langley
      sebastian langley 4 часа назад


    • redfish337
      redfish337 4 часа назад

      Top 3 reasons:
      1) Police can detain you for up to 23 days for no reason.
      2) You can get free stuff.
      3) You can avoid getting kicked out of places.

  • Í Màìñ Jhìñ
    Í Màìñ Jhìñ 8 часов назад

    Ofc they don't cross street on red,maybe some JDM tuned monster is coming 180mph and u can't dodge it ..

  • AkiDena Vlogs
    AkiDena Vlogs 9 часов назад

    Are you AmosDoll Music?

  • Scully69
    Scully69 9 часов назад

    i had a friend over from japan visiting..she said to everything "I DON'T KNOW" .. you like green or red more? - uuuh idk, how about tea or coffee? - uuuuh idk.. L I T E R A L L Y. i must admit i got a bit annoyed :D

  • Clifford Driver
    Clifford Driver 9 часов назад

    Don't eat your oatmeal with sticks, gets rather hideous!

  • Clifford Driver
    Clifford Driver 9 часов назад

    I personally wouldn't be interested in going anywhere where it's illegal to smoke pot.

  • XxGolden GlarexX
    XxGolden GlarexX 9 часов назад

    5:17 humpty dumpty is very important in Japan! 👍

  • dylanserioustuber
    dylanserioustuber 9 часов назад


  • Pat Vavra
    Pat Vavra 10 часов назад

    Wow! The Chinese could learn a lot from these people.

  • Shoegaze forever
    Shoegaze forever 10 часов назад

    So have physicists finally decided whether Schrodinger's cat is alive or dead?

  • hewho livesbythechallenge
    hewho livesbythechallenge 10 часов назад

    I acually did not know this stuff. Such as blowing your nose in public honestly i hate that here let alone were its dissapproved.

    BIG STURAT 10 часов назад


  • F C Burgner
    F C Burgner 10 часов назад

    How about a list of things not to do when making a video - like playing annoying music at a high volume to separate subjects.

  • Rodrigo Buzetti
    Rodrigo Buzetti 10 часов назад

    Japan has became so sissy that they don't even fuck anymore.

  • M vdp
    M vdp 11 часов назад

    eating and drinking whike walking looks stupid anywhere in the world though? atleast to me it does

  • Vo Khanh Hoang
    Vo Khanh Hoang 12 часов назад

    1. Don't be Logan Paul

  • KiloOscarZulu
    KiloOscarZulu 12 часов назад

    Don't use chopsticks with your left hand.

  • Paul Jean Mondobel
    Paul Jean Mondobel 12 часов назад

    Can I if I'm in a train and must sneeze and of course my hand in front of the nose hold then wiping the spit on the fabric seats?
    Or would that bother someone?

  • LegendOfLegends19100
    LegendOfLegends19100 12 часов назад

    Don't become a tentacle pornstar!😂

  • Ronald Ellis
    Ronald Ellis 13 часов назад

    Drone society

  • Andrea Del Bene
    Andrea Del Bene 14 часов назад

    "don't cross on red" also apply in most of the Germany :-)

  • Ruud the Diamond
    Ruud the Diamond 14 часов назад

    Won't anyone nick my new Ferragamo's if i left them outside?

  • Steffen Gevers
    Steffen Gevers 14 часов назад

    As a german i would fit in so goddamn well

  • potaterjim
    potaterjim 14 часов назад

    So in order to get the footage for the tipping bit, he went out in public and ordered food, and then put money on the tab, _and then put it back into his wallet_ right? How mortified would you be if you saw someone doing that out of context?

  • Kate Goldkamp
    Kate Goldkamp 15 часов назад

    For #1, there’s usually small streets/towns or festivals with food stands that makes it more acceptable to eat/drink and walk at the same time! It is more acceptable to drink and walk at the same time but you should never eat and walk!

    • Kate Goldkamp
      Kate Goldkamp 15 часов назад

      Being overly opinionated can come across as VERY rude especially to people with a higher status than you (aka an elderly, parent, boss, anyone older than you even by a year, etc.) A common phrase in Japan is “えんりょう” (En-ryo-u) which means to put your desires and opinions aside so you don’t come across as rude. Being a girl who was raised in Japan and now living in the US, this is something that effects me on a daily basis! Because of the etiquette of not saying your opinions, I’ve been “conditioned” to basically not have desires or opinions. During debates in classes or when my friends ask me what I want to drink at their house, I’ve noticed my first thought is “I don’t care” or “whatever is easiest”. This thought is inside of my brain constantly so I can make sure that the others aren’t suffering or are upset about my actions! How wild LOL

    • Kate Goldkamp
      Kate Goldkamp 15 часов назад

      Also for public transport, they have a special mode on phones called “manner mode” that basically silences the phones! You can use it to send texts or play games but you should never talk on the phone on public transportation. Another interesting thing about cell phones in Japan is that even if the phone is silenced, the camera shutter sound will ALWAYS go off! This is to prevent the prevalence of perverts who try to take pictures underneath girls skirts especially in crowded trains or busses!

  • WorldThief Podcast
    WorldThief Podcast 15 часов назад

    I find it rude to eject tips

    • WorldThief Podcast
      WorldThief Podcast 12 часов назад

      redfish337 I get why people feel like its the same. But to eject is like you don’t want money. Which in my eyes as an greedy Dutch guy is weird

    • redfish337
      redfish337 15 часов назад

      What's the difference between a tip and a bribe? You may be able to differentiate them a bit... but I hope you can also see how someone could find them to be quite similar.

  • Гриша Василев
    Гриша Василев 15 часов назад

    12 things not to do in Japan - 9-10 of them are same as in my country but 2-3 would make me never visit Japan at all cuz this is terribly disappointing.

  • Markus Sanatana
    Markus Sanatana 15 часов назад


  • LeChi Bao
    LeChi Bao 16 часов назад

    Wait so u cant talk on ur phone or u cant use it at all?

    • redfish337
      redfish337 5 часов назад

      Topic is the phone. No noise. There are even notices up these days reminding people to make sure that their headphones are not leaking music. No noise. Use the handheld computer we (unfortunately ambiguously) call phones these days all you want. No calls. If someone calls, all you can do is embarrassingly pick up as soon as possible and in a hushed voice say that you're on the train and will call them back ASAP.
      If the topic is NOT your devices, then sure, a certain amount of noise is allowed. It's not like you can't talk at all... nor is it like you're at the movies where you can talk a little bit but your leash is limited before other patrons get annoyed. It's more like a fancy restaurant. Regular, moderated conversation is fine... but pretty much any noise from a device or phone conversation is frowned upon
      And you see, while the device noise is almost universally frowned upon... your allowance for other noise greatly depends on the kind of train and where you are in the country. A commuter train deep in the countryside taking essentially a whole high school back to their home stations was noisy as @$!#%. Many of them were playing games on their devices, and not a beep or boop was heard from them. And no one was talking on their phones. It was all just lively chatter you'd expect from high school students.

    • Gensuke Haneda
      Gensuke Haneda 8 часов назад

      LeChi Bao Phone must be off. When you exit use the phone all you like.

    • Gensuke Haneda
      Gensuke Haneda 8 часов назад

      It is not no noise. You can talk of course but make quiet talk. Do not shout. Do not chatter and make a scene. Only babies do that.

    • redfish337
      redfish337 15 часов назад

      No noise.

  • RixAuzr
    RixAuzr 16 часов назад +2

    Thank you for making this video. Unfortunately, there's one rule in Japan I wish didn't exist, because it's existence has prevented me from even going to the country. I take medication for extreme chronic pain on a daily basis, but in my research on potentially taking a trip to Japan, I found out they are very, very strict about certain medications, seemingly EVEN if I have a doctor's note explaining that I have been on the medication for more than 5 years. It's very frustrating, because I want to go to Japan more than anything in the world. Any advice on this? Is there some way to visit Japan and still be able to bring my medication over? I would appreciate any insight you can provide. Thank you.

  • Markus Sanatana
    Markus Sanatana 16 часов назад

    You have no clue..As a foreighner maried to a Japanese and living in Japan for 11 years your waay of point here bud.Japanese are noisy.super racist.selfish as fk and piss on the sidewalk when drunk..They drop there garbage anywhere they please..Dump there used crap all over the side walk when they leave there apartments ans truly hate westerners..NEVER TRUST A JAP TO KEEP THERE WORD. They are the bigest piece of shit liars on the planet

    • redfish337
      redfish337 14 часов назад

      Yeah some things can be harder. But yeah, I've got lots of free stuff BECAUSE I'm a foreigner. I've lived there before and some things can be a pain, but when I'm just staying there a few weeks to months at a time being a foreigner tends to be an advantage. So works both ways.

    • redfish337
      redfish337 14 часов назад

      Maybe they just don't like you?

    • Markus Sanatana
      Markus Sanatana 14 часов назад

      Defend these scum all you want but there past history speaks volumes and they never change. Thats why the current leader of Japan visits war memorials to ww2 war criminals.. shame of Japan !

    • Markus Sanatana
      Markus Sanatana 14 часов назад

      MY UK bud..Get real for gods sakes..If Im in the UK I can rent a place anywhere without hearing gaijin nai..But in Japan almost 99 % of the time as foreigner you will be refused tor rent a place because your not Japanese regardless of whether you can speak Nihongo. Japanese are the worlds biggest racist ! Ive been all over aisa and only in Japan do i see no foreigners allowed in clubs or renting apartments. Japanese are FKING RACIST PIECES OF POW MURDERING SHIIIT !

    • redfish337
      redfish337 15 часов назад

      So you're calling them racist Japs then? You do know "Jap" is a racist slur right? Sure, some of them may be racist. But you definitely are.

  • ItsFrostbyte
    ItsFrostbyte 16 часов назад

    The Logan Paul jokes omg....

  • Caner ERBAY
    Caner ERBAY 16 часов назад

    You should've told him "MAYBE you should grow a pair".

  • skylanders the cool boy and roblox 2.0
    skylanders the cool boy and roblox 2.0 17 часов назад

    This why the creator of Nintendo move to the United states no rules

  • skylanders the cool boy and roblox 2.0
    skylanders the cool boy and roblox 2.0 17 часов назад

    Japanese people are so crazy they're the only countrie in the world that doesn't tip I'm 11 and tip

  • nathaniel williams
    nathaniel williams 18 часов назад

    Lol who eats and walks anyways? Weird... if i caught someone walking down the street dining on a meal, i would be confused too.

  • Hammerfall541
    Hammerfall541 18 часов назад

    Well it might make a trip to Japan more fun.

  • Stuart Mashaal
    Stuart Mashaal 18 часов назад

    Public debates considered rude in japan... that's gotta be healthy for society.

    • redfish337
      redfish337 4 часа назад

      He would know better, but in my impression, the difference isn't so much in your core group of family and friends. It's that in the West how freely you share your inner thoughts kind of gradually goes down as you go further and further out from your core group. In Japan there's a bit more of an in or out wall going on. It grades down from their inner circle toward their outer circle, and then just drops off much more significantly. Not to say that Japanese won't talk about deeper stuff and opinions to outsiders of their circle if prompted, but it's much less likely to be offered without prompting like some quite chatty and opinionated employees around these parts. And a much more sizable minority do indeed not want to talk at all.
      As a foreigner, you're actually advantaged into getting into the outer circle for many of them, which makes it a lot easier to more freely give out opinions and have them be accepted well. But you probably won't be able to get much further in.

    • Stuart Mashaal
      Stuart Mashaal 8 часов назад

      Gensuke Haneda alright happy to hear it! I'm opinionated but polite, and always wanted to visit, but was now worried I'd be unwelcome. Thanks for the info. Arigato gozaimashita

    • Gensuke Haneda
      Gensuke Haneda 8 часов назад

      Stuart Mashaal Yes it is fine. Believe me, most people here value need for opinions even if it is to disagree. It is hoped that feel, well Japan does not want to scare off visitors just because they express different, especially today. As long as something does not get too carried away. Bars hate to call police over loud arguments or fight, because this is bad for business.

    • Stuart Mashaal
      Stuart Mashaal 8 часов назад

      Gensuke Haneda ya that's fine. Just wanted to be sure that being opinionated among friends in a bar or at a public debate is not considered rude... that would lead to a repressed and slow-to-evolve society.

    • Gensuke Haneda
      Gensuke Haneda 8 часов назад

      To be clear, public debate is done in a place where this can be hosted. Debate in streets public centers is okay if simple and quiet. But if you argue, you are going to make a scene.
      You want to be respectful to the public.

    ZEPHYR 18 часов назад

    I like 2:03

  • N Potter
    N Potter 19 часов назад

    Scenario you’ve parked your vehicle and it’s a tight fit. How do you exit your car? Throw the door wide open and slam the doors edge into the neighboring automobile or gently open door and do your best to shimmy out without nicking the other car. If you answer the latter, I’m moving to Japan.

  • Undertale Fan
    Undertale Fan 19 часов назад

    stop recording dead bodies

  • Micah Silago
    Micah Silago 19 часов назад

    I like number 8. I wish that was here. So I wouldn't feel the need to "get physical".

  • LastGamer 64
    LastGamer 64 19 часов назад

    You forget about rule 13... Rule 13: Don't flim a dead body

  • JoAnne Denison
    JoAnne Denison 20 часов назад +1

    easy solution to the trash bin problem. go to the nearest business or public place and just as someone to throw out your trash. I don't see it as any big deal. I guess that's the first phrase you learn, "can you please throw this out for me?" thanks. have a good day.

  • pthompson108
    pthompson108 20 часов назад

    Don't mention the war.

  • Andres Doria
    Andres Doria 20 часов назад


  • Lady D
    Lady D 21 час назад

    How do you learn the rules of etiquette if nobody will speak their mind?!

    • Lady D
      Lady D 3 часа назад

      Gensuke Haneda
      Ok, good! Thanks! I have a very hard time with things like: noticing when someone's hinting at something, recognizing faces, identifying facial expressions, picking up on body language, etc - all this combined makes indirect communication extremely difficult for me!!!

    • Gensuke Haneda
      Gensuke Haneda 8 часов назад

      Actually, a lot of times this tends to be how many learn. It is not that we do not speak our mind this is an exaggeration. To put this way, in public places everyone does not need to know everything you think all the time. At times if you say "this is cool" or "that is stupid", we do this too. Because the logic is if we did not we would not know what people like. But it is kind of considered rude to do this so much. If someone say "we get the point already!" they are annoyed with you a little.

  • clapoutloud66 clapoutloud66
    clapoutloud66 clapoutloud66 21 час назад

    These manners apply internationally in USA there are many rude people who ignore basic manners about phone usage, in public areas.

  • Tenshi
    Tenshi 21 час назад

    I'm glad I was born here and taught these things already

    NATSUICHIJO 24 22 часа назад

    8:54 Kimi no na WA lol

  • Codelink :
    Codelink : 22 часа назад

    Remind me to do all of these things when

    NATSUICHIJO 24 22 часа назад

    Very near to one million good job

  • Gino
    Gino 22 часа назад

    Seems extremely conformist.

  • KingDogeGamez
    KingDogeGamez 22 часа назад

    This would be 13 things if this video was uploaded a month later.

  • King Brndn
    King Brndn 22 часа назад

    With the amount of respect they would show to me and me to them would get me pissed easily
    Just the thought of always having to suck someone’s nuts normally is astounding

  • Versaiis P
    Versaiis P 22 часа назад

    Can I move to Japan? I don’t like America that much.

    • AA610
      AA610 19 часов назад

      There are multiple companies looking for employees on temporary contracts (primarily English education). Might be worth looking at, especially with the demand for ESL services growing as the Olympics draw nearer.

  • CincoJayMaio
    CincoJayMaio 23 часа назад

    how about everything Logan Paul did

  • Vincent Meade
    Vincent Meade 23 часа назад

    also dont film a dead body

  • Daimon
    Daimon 23 часа назад

    12 Things Not to Do in Japan
    #1: Be Logan Paul

  • Men Going Abroad
    Men Going Abroad День назад

    GREAT vid. ALL new, fresh, stuff, not what you see elsewhere. Thanks!

  • DYOM Mod bemutatók/végigjátszások

    First: Don't go around in traditional clothes and put dead fish on people's cars and shove it in their face

  • Tony
    Tony День назад

    Turns out the cat is definitely dead! I died when he said that hahahaha

  • JediDojo
    JediDojo День назад

    So how are kids born in Japan if no fucker even hugs????