iTrain Hockey - Picking Up The Puck

iTrain Hockey - Picking Up The Puck

Music: Archie Drum - Box With The Sky
iTH Director: Sean Walker
Video Producer: Graeme Skinner

Просмотров: 158073
Длительность: 3:40
Комментарии: 39

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Автор Carl Pinson ( назад)

Автор Lukas Wolfson ( назад)
I was never able to do this but after watching this I went out on the ice and I can do it

Автор Jeremiah Laird ( назад)
Tanks your video helped me a lot

Автор CheshiRrRskiy ( назад)
wery cool!!!

Автор Dylan Boss man ( назад)
This really helped me I'm in the atom league I did it at practice my team mates were like how did you do that

Автор BIT - Tremz ( назад)
question. can this be used during a game for a cheap rush across the ice? or is it against the rules.

Автор Doge Productions ( назад)
Impossible for me

Автор Xavier Freeman ( назад)
Can you do this with a stick that has 60 flex

Автор Rj Donahue ( назад)
you cant do this in roller hockey because normally in roller hockey you use a ball and a ball is not flat

Автор Brian Cane (1646 лет назад)
Excellent Video, I'll show my kids!

Автор Agility Bolt ( назад)
This guy knows his hockey. Probably the best tutorial videos out there.

Автор Vadim Bkov (990 лет назад)
Очень все понятно. Спасибо!

Автор Aesthetic JB ( назад)
the keys to this are: wax on the stick, smooth ice

Автор sean alexander ( назад)
nice video thank you !

Автор Kid Legends ( назад)

Автор Logan M ( назад)
Are you able to do this the same way in roller hockey?

Автор Erika Margaret ( назад)

Автор OilersFan97 ( назад)
will it work if your stick does not have flex?

Автор Jay H. ( назад)
Nice video, but whats the name of the song?

Автор Mike Smith - SylaR ( назад)
Its called the Michigan 

Автор sam reister ( назад)
I have played on that rink

Автор Patrick Gullia ( назад)
Awesome video Sean!

Автор HockeysnipesX18 ( назад)
You said middle of the blade

Автор Vadim Usik ( назад)
Thank's!!! Super Video!

Автор Blake Lueck ( назад)
Dude you helped me pick up the puck you rock

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