Most Bizarre Arrests of All-Time

Sometimes people get arrested for some pretty weird stuff. GMM #1028!
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Автор Dexis ( назад)
That spider was no ordinary spider... He was in on it...

He was a spy-der

Автор tacodestryr 118 ( назад)
at the intro i was like

Автор Tammy Steenburg Gray ( назад)
damn it, now I want spaghetti-o's

Автор fachh 101 ( назад)

Автор NathorianGlowdie ( назад)
Everyone! drop your spaghetti'os and run!! The police are on their way!

Автор Clara Oi ( назад)
Portland is fun…

Автор Joules Green ( назад)
Who else thought about Fall Out Boy when it said the name of the game?

Автор Minty Frozen ( назад)
I <3 gmm

Автор rockerman03 ( назад)
So everyone is going to ignore that the guy in the thumbnail looks like Keith from buzzfeed?

Автор Syrian Sugar ( назад)
*slowly raises spaghetti-o's to mouth*

Автор Juj Par ( назад)
Hi Rhett and link 😂

Автор Juj Par ( назад)

Автор Rhys Taylor ( назад)
A Tree man what!!!!😂😂😂😃😃😂😂😂😂

Автор Abraham Gussler ( назад)
I would love to have a jacket I would sent 15$ for size 8

Автор Iliaz Sabatarov ( назад)

Автор swag penguin ( назад)
but I eat a ton of spagittios

Автор Alyssa Mabry ( назад)
I want to yell at trees when they don't hold up my tree houses through hurricanes

Автор Shadow_Yeti ( назад)
I'm pretty sure by the time that the spider ransom story was over the 2 friends were no longer friends

Автор Lei Gaming ( назад)
Highly funny.
I laughed so much I pretty much had an asthma attack.

Автор Genious Buthead ( назад)
i got locked up for 24hrs.

Автор Nora Longest ( назад)
Tot mom was the best

Автор Muddy Dino Girl ( назад)
Can I get 10 subscribers???

Автор Holly Kat05 ( назад)
at the start when they said "did you know you could get arrested for eating spaghetti - os?" i was literally eating spaghetti os...

Автор THE ZOOKEEPER ( назад)
I would not like someone to hold my tarantula for ransom

Автор kasda ( назад)
Who else thought the guy in the thumbnail looked kinda like Keith from buzzfeed...

Автор Aidan Blanco ( назад)
My name is Asher

Автор Kal's Guitar Lessons ( назад)
??????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????? ????????????????????

Автор Hungry Hippo ( назад)
This should've been a "Is this arrest real or fake?" episode

Автор Plasma Specter ( назад)
Ash Woodworth!

Автор Plasma Specter ( назад)
Asher Woodworth could be a Pokemon Trainer.

Автор AcentricOm ( назад)
I don't see why Edna got arrested. If you throw something into another person's property how is it their fault if they don't give it back?

Автор An actual Unicorn ( назад)
Guess what,
It's okay to make fun of mourners outside a graveyard
Yeah that's okay
But it becomes unacceptable to do it in their faces

Автор Zach Parker ( назад)
Link you should have said the friend said "I'm not afraid of a pasty white guy with my spider

Автор Marjorie Ruiz ( назад)
that tree guy gets more attention than me :(

Автор XxRoxinatorxX ( назад)
*Police crack down a meth lab* What is this?!?
Everyone in meth lab: it's just spaghettios

Автор Undead Pedestrian ( назад)
"Did you know you could get arrested for eating Spagetti-os?"
Me: ...I just made some with grilled cheese... dammit Rhett! XD

Автор Julio Pena ( назад)
guy got arrested for flashing the trees, tree got arrested for running away from it and relocate at a near by intersection

Автор Nurse Ham ( назад)
Just noticed the musicman in the back B)

Автор Tech Girl ( назад)
Don't mess with spaghetti o's

Автор Tech Girl ( назад)
"It turns into ash-er

Автор Landon Stammer ( назад)
THE SANDLOT !!!!!!!!!!! BEST MOVIE EVER!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Автор Evan the Great ( назад)

Автор Yuri!!! Chan ( назад)

Автор Yuri!!! Chan ( назад)
I subscribed

Автор Keira lazo ( назад)

Автор Crystal Aphmau ( назад)
I live in Maine there have been murders

Автор Epic 3li ( назад)
The puns in the comments

Автор Panda Girl Pony ( назад)
Spot the difference


Автор Voller Leben ( назад)
Did anyone else here Rhett say don't get anywhere near my rhettwoods.

Автор Alisa Betz ( назад)

Автор TheFangirlMusician 0990 ( назад)
"Hi, babe. How was work today?"
"I arrested a plant."
"Really? What happened? Did the plant break any laws?"
"It was a guy in a plant suit."
"Oh. Welp...."

Автор Flame 66306 ( назад)
The tree guy should have said "I am GROOT!" When he was getting arrested.

Автор banter beast ( назад)
P. T. I. G. H. A. G. L. R. Y. A H a. V. H. Vgfg. B. Bh. Jk. Fg. O. Khfg. B bjj. Jhh. Okl.

Автор banter beast ( назад)

Автор Mysterie Man ( назад)
LOL! i have eaten spaghetti 🍝 before! i have commited a crime

Автор Kevin Cass ( назад)

Автор Cadet Kitty ( назад)
Who here is from Maine!!!!!!

Автор leah charron ( назад)
Dat video ending tho
*trumpet playing*
*everyone clapping along*
Link: WHOO

Автор Geekly Grace ( назад)
He is an Ent.

Автор Nicolas Ceresoli ( назад)
like, i made a woodsworth comment. It seems my comment about woodsworth was not worth as wood so it was arrested and senteced to deletion by youtube cops who saw it not worth as woodsworth.

Автор Entity101 ( назад)
Well I was arrested.....

For getting a C on my math test...

Автор Josh Foster ( назад)
Now this kinda show is better than will it food.

Автор The animator Freak ( назад)
In Kansas it's illegal to put ice cream on cherry pie lol

Автор wilson's vlogs of the week ( назад)
i live an hour and half from portland maine

Автор Timothy Helchowski ( назад)
5:32 why is there fingers on the rail

Автор Matthan Stafford ( назад)
the picture of Anthony has random fingers by his crotch.

Автор Luis Ortiz ( назад)

Автор Stardust I ( назад)
You are under arrest for treeson against humanity

Автор Marissa Naylor ( назад)
I just got my hoodie for Christmas!!!!!!

Автор RandomAnnie101! ( назад)
im from blue ash ohio

Автор Nora V. ( назад)
My friend tried to plant some dog poop to grow a dog... it didn't work. ) :

Автор Kootra The Gambler ( назад)
14 months for stealing a spider..........

Автор Amy Verschoor ( назад)
The spider knew to much

Автор Buttercup Estes ( назад)
I haven't had spaghetti o's in long time. Do they taste the same? Last time, I had them was back in the 90's.

Автор DEE EL ( назад)
"Yeah I know him" ... 😅

Автор Emilia Gunther ( назад)
action the video really looks like deeply grotesquhought ! !

Автор ThomasRedstone ( назад)
so if peeeeeter parcker got bit by a raydioaktive spy-der he would be spy-der mann

Автор RedSkyFalcon ( назад)
link needs to chill a bit on the forced jokes.

Автор shoezomaku ( назад)
I'm not big on how everybody gets sued for everything, everywhere, all the time nowadays. But if I spent a month in jail because of spaghetti-o's, someone would be getting sued.

Автор Katiebug7🐞 ( назад)

Автор Han Nightwalker ( назад)
when the cops were escorting the "tree" the cops face was like "I don't get paid enough for this"

Автор Reluctant Conquistador ( назад)
That tree guy is my roommate's old teacher~

Автор Toki_Kitty11 Mew ( назад)
Next arest, Silent but Deadly

Автор CheesecakeLasagna ( назад)
Why is Link in the thumbnail?

Автор wheresmyjuicebox wheresmyjuicebox ( назад)
Your shirt looks delicious, Link.

Автор Elle R. ( назад)
If I ever get pulled over in Georgia I'm going to way it was the spaghettios fault

Автор PSYCHO ( назад)
I ain't afraid of no pasty white dude

Автор Mia carr ( назад)
you guys love to ryme dang

Автор joquer16 ( назад)
The guy in the thumbnail looks like Keith from buzzfeed

Автор L Haynes ( назад)
Maine has a wealth of weird crime. Personal favorite was a man charged with the illegal use of a migratory bird.

Автор Reptilian Brother ( назад)
Lately, the show has become more and more awkward.

Автор Talha khan ( назад)
Do a draw my life

Автор Ray McDonnell ( назад)
He was ash-rested. anyone? No?

Автор Kaztab ( назад)
"Honey when will you be home"

"When I am done arresting this here cereal bowl"

Автор DeadSkillZ ( назад)
I want someone to pretend to be a ghost by my grave

Автор mad hatter ( назад)
Really? In LA they seem to stop on the freeway for a bunch of spoiled millennial dirt bags?

Автор Adam _ 9001 ( назад)
I was arrested for disliking PewDiePie.

Автор puppy kid ( назад)
hey Maine it's a fun place to go I live 45 min away from the state

Автор Lazy Fat Panda ( назад)
But those aren't handcuffs those are branch-cuffs

Автор Anabella perez ( назад)

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