Kawhi Leonard Gave Some Words Of Advice To Kevin Durant On Achilles Recovery Process | NBA Finals

  • Published on Jun 12, 2019
  • Kawhi Leonard gave some words of advice to Kevin Durant as he begins his recovery process for an Achilles tear.
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Comments • 691

  • Padraig Maree
    Padraig Maree Month ago

    He said ‘you know’ 15 times

  • Ccrein
    Ccrein Month ago

    wow. he said the words "you know", 12 times in a 1:28 secs interview. hahahahah love this man!

    THE HOLY ATHEIST Month ago

    Durant's injury is the reason why Kawhi wins this NBA championship.

  • GearsDemon
    GearsDemon Month ago

    you know

  • Sports Cookies
    Sports Cookies Month ago +1

    This is going to affect the nets offseason.

  • CatalyXt
    CatalyXt Month ago +3


  • Lazar Juričević
    Lazar Juričević Month ago +1

    You know 😂

  • Marquez 916
    Marquez 916 Month ago

    You know 8x

  • adithya jainani
    adithya jainani Month ago

    After this interview.
    I now think that....

    I know

  • Steven King
    Steven King Month ago

    It's how you know most women are faking it, politicians are lying, and these overpaid, dumb basketball players are talking. "Like", "And", and "Um or "You know". How one of the most cerebral languages, the English language has de-evolved into what we have today! Ebonics, Spanglish, and Airheadbonics.

    FLOATS the WORLD Month ago

    Flint mighigan still has no clean water but yall praying for kd foh

  • Sero El mero
    Sero El mero Month ago

    u know ... x 12

  • PFflyer
    PFflyer Month ago

    The thing about Leonard is he would say. " I feel good" when with the Spurs and then he would have the recurring issues, after a few times you just don't know what to believe. So, if the doctors tell you he fine, a team can be confused on this matter. Does he really feel good, he did not and he should have said that and nothing more. Still things could easily been repaired between him and the Spurs, I believe he truly never wanted to continue with the Spurs, if he ends up in Clipper land, I stand by my belief.

  • Taras Dudka
    Taras Dudka Month ago

    Kawhi "you know" Leonard

  • Cerebro Mind
    Cerebro Mind Month ago

    Advice to kd
    Kawhi:”you know”

  • Robert Walters
    Robert Walters Month ago

    I said before the playoffs and finals he was the best player in the world.

  • Gick Djoud
    Gick Djoud Month ago

    K Leonard is overrated, P Siakam outplayed him in game 1, 3 and 5. Kyle Lowry and Vanvleet outplayed him in game 6. He doesn't deserve this final MVP award.

  • The Man, Sean.
    The Man, Sean. Month ago

    Lol you sucks

  • David Macdonald
    David Macdonald Month ago


  • Tybalt
    Tybalt Month ago

    Congrats to the raptors for beating the warriors second string... just hurt everyone, have your fan cheer for players to get hurt and you will get the W... can’t win on talent apparently

  • Rooster D
    Rooster D Month ago +1

    They almost blow 4 injuries lead 😩

  • Pvp Lord
    Pvp Lord Month ago +3

    wow he really is a fun guy

  • Ghost ft
    Ghost ft Month ago +1


  • Kp Zero
    Kp Zero Month ago

    Spurs deep down

  • Nickey Morris
    Nickey Morris Month ago +2

    Kahwi Leonard Says More "Ya Know" Than Me In A Month

  • GRD7
    GRD7 Month ago

    He needs to come out with one of those audio tapes that help you go to sleep at night.

  • GHOZT G37
    GHOZT G37 Month ago

    Fun guy you know

  • Dee Prits
    Dee Prits Month ago

    Cyborg Leonard gonna kill tonight

  • GINNO !
    GINNO ! Month ago +3

    Greg Pop, LeBron, and Kawhi tried to tell y'all but people didn't want to listen...😒

  • Adi Always Winning
    Adi Always Winning Month ago

    Yall stop making excuses and blaming everyone else for KD's injury. You can't be risk-averse if your career and your money depends on you going out there to play. If KD managed not to get injured and played fine... no one would've said a thing. Remember nobody was holding a gun to KD'S head. He ultimately had a choice and could have said no. It was his decision to play at the end of the day. He played and got injured. It happens. It's happened to many people before him. Derrick BEEN injured and still found a way to come back. This is just an unfortunate event.... let's just leave it at that. Quit all this media talk tryna build drama and looking for a scapegoat. I can't with some of yall. Change yall mindsets or you'll forever be blaming an external factor for an issue you're experiencing. Take some ownership. Snowflake ass generation being taught by the media how to think. Got damn.

  • Samuel Tabares
    Samuel Tabares Month ago

    "... You know"

  • King Reg
    King Reg Month ago

    Dey use kd

  • Baltimore Charm City

    He basically letting kd know he sold out to thd devil for those chips,his career prolly wont never be the same,kawhi smart

    • Rambo Dogg
      Rambo Dogg Month ago

      Lol "sold out to the devil" KD earned those chips along with the rest of the warriors stop with your hating ass.

  • Bjmw Kids
    Bjmw Kids Month ago +1

    Advise Don't trust team doctors!!! Smfh 🤦‍♂️

  • Tommie Mccarthy
    Tommie Mccarthy Month ago

    I heard Durant might not play next year is that true

  • OkaaxFN
    OkaaxFN Month ago

    Raptors in 6

  • Rubin Saffy
    Rubin Saffy Month ago

    Warriors gonna win series lol :-)

  • Benito Frappaolo
    Benito Frappaolo Month ago

    U know kd u gotta u know be u know a player u know gotta feel right u know

  • oz
    oz Month ago

    kawhi is genuinely one of the nicest people ever, dude is humble

  • KJ
    KJ Month ago

    Everybody out there trashing Spurs fans, saying they are salty, you need to to realized the facts. Players took less money so he could receive his max contract, and then half way through it, he demanded a trade, and still had his hand out for that pay check. Was he really hurt? Maybe. But you're telling me if you are paying somebody 20 mil a year to play basketball, and you let them sit out basically the entire season (All but 9 games) and then ask them what their plan is, and he flips out and demands a trade? How is that fair to fans who pay his pay checks?

  • King KY
    King KY Month ago +1

    Kawhi your robot is showing 🤖

  • Andres Martinez Orozco

    He didn't give out advice to KD, he was asked to but he onley spoke about his own experience because Leonard is smart and knows that you're not supposed to give advice to someone that is not asking you for it.

  • Rodas Rollins
    Rodas Rollins Month ago

    Well I admired him as a player and a person. If Raptors will win nba title, well they deserve it even I am a gsw fan. Well hell if we know who is gonna win.

  • AdamBruins
    AdamBruins Month ago

    You know

  • Q the Pharaoh
    Q the Pharaoh Month ago

    An Achilles injury is NO JOKE, ruptured mine waiting on a rebound, I was about to jump next thing I no I'm on the floor. I hope KD heels properly. I wish him the best.

  • e
    e Month ago

    KD is hurt👍👍👍

  • Aggeliki Taskoudi
    Aggeliki Taskoudi Month ago

    You know...

  • Basiru Jabbi
    Basiru Jabbi Month ago

    Kawhi is a honest dude people’s forget team doctors are on the team payroll

    • KJ
      KJ Month ago

      They let him sit almost the entire season! Its impossible to not heal up over that much time. He wanted to go back to LA and did it in the most bitch way possible.

  • JOSE Zamora
    JOSE Zamora Month ago

    He the best
    "You know"

  • Uh Oh
    Uh Oh Month ago


  • sanyog shenlong
    sanyog shenlong Month ago

    I don't know.

  • Ν Β
    Ν Β Month ago

    You know...

  • Cue H
    Cue H Month ago

    Stop downing him, "you know" is his simple word whisker. Would you rather him say "see what I'm saying," or any of a dozen other euphemisms? Public speaking is very hard, have you ever tried it? We've waited all this time to hear this exceptional but introspective ball player's voice and opinions so cut him some slack. I think some would enjoy him misspeaking, perhaps downing his old team, coach, shoe company (meaning it's owner) and others. People are always looking for the negative today!

  • XxaaccoolL
    XxaaccoolL Month ago

    you know

  • DistortedV12
    DistortedV12 Month ago

    This is sad but the way he’s saying it makes it kind of funny 😂

  • Sem Kn
    Sem Kn Month ago +1

    This is how many times kawhi said : "you know"

    • Je Cr
      Je Cr Month ago

      You know?

  • c c
    c c Month ago +1

    Fake Scripted WWE Injury...
    Fake Scripted Storyline...
    .All Elite Fake Scripted Sports..

    • Jayy Styles
      Jayy Styles Month ago

      It very much appears that way! How did I know they're gonna win in Game 6... W Drake's Satanic ass...😒

  • 黃大仁
    黃大仁 Month ago

    You know you know you know

  • Frank Hernandez
    Frank Hernandez Month ago

    He meant to say get a 2nd and 3rd opinion before you step foot on a court again

  • Jaytha6ixgod
    Jaytha6ixgod Month ago +3

    Count how many times he said “you know “

  • Kevin Nguyen
    Kevin Nguyen Month ago +1

    you know

  • epikcyne
    epikcyne Month ago

    I hope for a speedy recover KD!

  • Juanito Alfonso
    Juanito Alfonso Month ago

    How many "you know" did he mention?

  • John Jr Gonzalez
    John Jr Gonzalez Month ago

    Hey KD!
    No more leg 🦵 day for U

  • Sean Mariani
    Sean Mariani Month ago +1

    Real 1 🙏🏼🙏🏼

  • fladdada mean
    fladdada mean Month ago

    i know the black reporter from somewhere

  • Belac Orendain
    Belac Orendain Month ago

    You know 😎

  • Joshua roja
    Joshua roja Month ago

    12 times "you know" said

  • Omkar Kasar
    Omkar Kasar Month ago

    You know

  • Ring 007
    Ring 007 Month ago +3

    He is Roger federer of basketball....doesn’t take much effort, no stress no worries but always on top...

      PANGLIMA WARRIOR Month ago

      nadal beat him almost all time

      PANGLIMA WARRIOR Month ago

      @Ring 007 start earlier ... he goat but nadal better than him...he win most grand slam coz he play earlier ..in grand slam nadal 11-3..nadal 5 year younger mark my word he win most

    • Ring 007
      Ring 007 Month ago

      Dyg Fauziah Abg Abdullah 20 grand slam that’s wat speak...

      PANGLIMA WARRIOR Month ago

      roger not on top coz djoko n nadal

  • Pounce Boi
    Pounce Boi Month ago +1

    Do you know where kawhi got it from

  • S. Davis
    S. Davis Month ago

    I don’t even know where you sitting at.... heeeerr heeeaaa.

  • Sina Alipour
    Sina Alipour Month ago

    Ahh... you know... ah.... you know... hes a bit slow this guy. But he can ball

  • Pulling the Strings

    Kahwi sure as hell don't go right with that shitty Canada crowd.

  • james selloria
    james selloria Month ago

    you know hahahaha

  • Chris
    Chris Month ago

    Kawhi is the best. This is spot on. I fractured my tibia plateau and it's a long recovery but the Achilles is the worst.

  • L3THAL-PixelEX
    L3THAL-PixelEX Month ago

    He sounds like a robot

  • Kyrie Irving
    Kyrie Irving Month ago +1

    Kawaii is underrated

  • Al Wong
    Al Wong Month ago +1

    Kawhi smart, KD dummy

  • TheMGhandi
    TheMGhandi Month ago

    I think the GS front office did this on purpose so whatever chance KD had at leaving would increase. Also, this way they can pay Klay what he's worth and prevent a narrative that they're morons for letting KD AND Klay leave their organization. Also, most teams KD will go to won't win a championship and he's out for a year and needs 2 years to get back to top form. By then, he'll be a 7 ft forward at age 32/33 going on the downturn of his career. His injury risk will have increased incredibly and will probably never be as good.

  • marlonious76
    marlonious76 Month ago +2

    Alright Kawhi, your my wingman just keep her occupied while I holler at her friend.

  • CorruptionGt
    CorruptionGt Month ago

    the amount of times he said "you know"

  • Redtan Sonyeondan
    Redtan Sonyeondan Month ago

    Kawhi 'you know ' Leonard

  • Joshua Hu
    Joshua Hu Month ago

    Who r u? How do u have the right to give advice to KD????????? Might as well tell KD to fake an injury for a year and then request a trade mr kawhi the🐍🐍🐍

  • NormMacdonald Clips

    I bet if he had 3 years left on the deal they wouldn’t have played him. Y’all knew he was leaving and didn’t care. 💯 💯💯💯💯

  • Jeremy Johnson
    Jeremy Johnson Month ago +1

    Be honest. Who just heard someone playing a bass?😁

  • ZinoAmare
    ZinoAmare Month ago

    Take a shot whenever he says "you know "

  • LegionSlaughter
    LegionSlaughter Month ago +1

    Starts grabbing his face lol a little bruise 😬

  • Jason Wang
    Jason Wang Month ago +1

    you know

  • Chrome Child
    Chrome Child Month ago

    Kawhi Leonard is way too emotional man, this guy needs to calm down he's acting crazy on the mic.

  • Zaza Demetrashvili
    Zaza Demetrashvili Month ago

    You know...

  • VeinyDickTracy
    VeinyDickTracy Month ago

    Those were words of advice?

  • RE H
    RE H Month ago

    That's your assignment to take every day and attack it.....and let others including Uncle manipulate your mind and career... Oh yeah I forgot...Hey Kevin make sure you throw your beloved helpful father like coach under the bus and then get your agent to tell your whole team to go Fly a kite!

  • fat dude
    fat dude Month ago +1


    I know!

  • らジャスティン

    Toronto fans doesn’t deserve this man

  • Mark Vasquez
    Mark Vasquez Month ago +1

    Im a fun guy

  • Joshua Quidayan
    Joshua Quidayan Month ago

    How many times does Kawhi say “you know”?

  • Kevin Olson
    Kevin Olson Month ago

    Lol what a useless answer. “When you hurt your leg, it’s hard to move....it’s important to come back when you are healthy” ummm love Kawhai but why do we waste our time w these stupid Q/A sessions?

  • Supreme Superior99
    Supreme Superior99 Month ago

    How does KL keep a straight face all the time I think he spots something on the wall and focuses on it Lol