Creating Saturday Night Live: Cold Open to Monologue Set Change

A behind-the-scenes look at the unseen two-minute set change that went down during the opening credits to transform SNL's set from the cold open to Casey Affleck's monologue stage.

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Автор sidowninc ( назад)
Wow had no idea!

Автор xxxvelocityxx ( назад)
This is why I want to go to a live show

Автор Faith Wong ( назад)
A lotta respect for these guys

Автор Jorge Luis ( назад)
Those last 40 seconds almost gave me a panic attack.

Автор Bree Linton-Rafko ( назад)
as a techie this makes me so happy seeing ppl who do what i do in the real world

Автор MommyTeacher 123 ( назад)
I got super nervous.had no idea

Автор gafeht ( назад)
"Just get out of there"

Автор Haifisch NZ ( назад)
It made me wonder....Have you ever dropped or hit anyone in the audience and gotten sued...."Bigly"


Автор HB Radke ( назад)
WOW! That's awesome!

Автор Jenn Jenn ( назад)
That gave me so much anxiety
Awesome work guys!

Автор MyNamesCamila ( назад)
I know this is a long shot, but I'm an architecture student looking to get into set design and was wondering if anyone knows of internships opportunities available at SNL? This video is fascinating!

Автор George Mason ( назад)
Now I know why they do that long intro

Автор Phil Strahl ( назад)
Did I just break a sweat watching this?! I did.

Автор Triston Rogers ( назад)
Everybody's saying "my anxieteh!!1! lol XD" but who else watches this video and yearns for the life it puts on display?!

Автор Sarahcate Roberson ( назад)
I would love to see more videos like this!
Maybe costume changes would be cool, too c:

Автор Wendy W ( назад)
You guys are amazing! that was so much work!!! I appreciate your hard work guys wow!!!! inspiring. Maybe 2 stages would be better though so as one is being used the other is being redone for the next scene?

Автор Sim ( назад)

Автор Patricia Machín Rosich ( назад)
Great teamwork everyone!!!

Автор What's a good display name? ( назад)
Oh god that was stressful 😰

Автор Aidan McLeod ( назад)
I've never been more nervous in my entire life

Автор Ivory Adeline ( назад)
daaaaamn your crew ROCKS!!!!!

Автор Lerkero ( назад)
Couldn't SNL be better off if they just switched to a non-live format? Dave Chappelle's show went very well with a semi-live format.

Автор Ανδρέας Χούνδρης ( назад)
holy crap, that's intense

Автор Henry Shi ( назад)
The only word I wanna say is... wow!

Автор Witch ( назад)
All these years I thought they do sketches in individual rooms created specifically for a scene. I'm astonished by this :O

Автор birdorienteering ( назад)
That seems like unnecessary stress.

Автор Austin Green ( назад)
I need an entire episode like this. It's very entertaining.

Автор YoshiPeach Mario ( назад)
that wall looks tougher than the one Trump will not build.

Автор Philip Green ( назад)
I love seeing the behind the scenes videos! x

Автор virgen fj ( назад)
theh should put this cornered on the screen when aired live. it wojld make more people tune it! believe me!

Автор El Kabong ( назад)
Anyone that gives this a "thumbs down" knows absolutely nothing about staging live shows or, really, any kind of production. These people are pros and they do it every week!

Автор fernando fuerte ( назад)
man, that alec is fuunnny as the Donald.

Автор Jeannie Weasly ( назад)
Now I understand why the opening seems so long

Автор randomnobody playthrough ( назад)

Автор Bryanna Basilio ( назад)
Wow remarkable. Thanks for sharing

Автор Bryanna Basilio ( назад)

Автор noybw333 ( назад)

Автор George Michas ( назад)
Simply amazing.

Автор Quentin Bell ( назад)
I wonder if the sets ever fell down during airing

Автор Alfred Barrera ( назад)
Progress defendant economy zehrpc away divine sector up shake.

Автор cclayhammer ( назад)
More of these set changes please, thank you!

Автор Manda Gee ( назад)
this gave me so much anxiety, and like, I've seen the episode and knew they would get it done but dang

Автор Susan Z ( назад)
When everyone cheers, we think it's for the "host", but really it's for the incredible crew!!! That was awesome!

Автор Kelly Mcgrath ( назад)

Автор elguapo 12 3 ( назад)
Can't believe someone farted at the 2:46 mark

Автор C B ( назад)

Автор Isobel Blanchard ( назад)

Автор blueringoctopuss ( назад)
Nobody cares about your set change skills. Suck a fart!!!

Автор vamps4me ( назад)
So cool.

Автор CrazyWedz ( назад)
Instead of reruns, which don't get nearly the same ratings as the live shows, SNL should simply broadcast the entire dress rehearsal for the show they were going to rerun. I think that would be interesting, and get me to tune in where I wouldn't otherwise.

Автор MeatHook ( назад)
Oh, no new SNLs.  I guess for the new years they're crying in their milk over Trump now that all of their attempts to stop him failed.  Liberal tears are delicious!

Автор Jennifer Murdock ( назад)
This reminds me of a set change I did when I was in the crew of a local production. 3 huge platforms with tall walls, set pieces & props all over it. Thankfully we could wheel them offstage instead of breaking them down like they did here, but it was still like a ticking bomb to get them off before the curtain went out.

Автор Melvina Wilson ( назад)
Please Do Soulja Boy & Chris Brown!!

Автор tommi atkins ( назад)
Americans working together. Unified. Organised.
If trump was in charge of this he would have stood in front of the camera and required applause.

Автор The Alina Hornet Show ( назад)
Where are the newest videos at?????

Автор Richard medina jr ( назад)
those guys are teamsters..

Автор scott alwood ( назад)
Very cool to see. Thank you for this.

Автор Andrea Fryer ( назад)
How many of you wished that last guy arranging the flowers would have gotten his butt outta there? :-D

Автор john doe ( назад)
show sucks hard

Автор kkk bbb ( назад)
love the last part where the director said "you're the best". what a cool bts!

Автор Jim Richards ( назад)
Here is the practical guide to surviving the Trump presidency.. Wait for it.. Crawl up into a ball and bring plenty of food and a diaper because it's going to be a long 4 years. You will need other supplies: 1400 boxes of Kleenex.. 400 gallons of ice cream (your favorite flavor) a very very sad fucking novel and a shit load of self help books. Actually, you're going to need to double everything because it will be 8 years instead of 4. Then try to understand the smugness that is Rachel Maddow.. see if you can see through your own shitty party to understand why the democrats are literally dissolving in front of us. Part 1 of a 3 part saga.

Part 2 of the survival guide includes an introspective look at why the Democrats thought that open borders would be a great thing, when they clearly took jobs away from already poor Americans, let un-vetted refugees in, who are now ravaging Europe, with crime wave and gang rape statistics, off the charts.. then there's the whole running over Europeans with buses thing + mass slaughter of innocent people on a weekly basis. We take a look at the trade deficit with the world and ask ourselves why we let China have all our manufacturing, all while we double our nations debt by $11 TRILLION to $22 TRILLION. We go further into the U.S. funding of ISIS, and take a good hard look at the reasons Obama felt it beneficial to fund the rebels, (now ISIS) to foster a regime change in a country that isn't ours. We dive deep into Obamacare and ask ourselves "did our government really just tell us that we had to pay for something (or we get fined), that costs $4,600 to cover free healthcare for their illegal immigrants?" A sane reporter rebounded with.. "Wait.. they are doing this all for votes so they stay in power??!!!" and the masses decried "but we were programmed to hate Trump!" and the Crying Games which are now known throughout the world as the new Hunger Games began.. The end.. of the beginning.. of the end. Part 2 of a 3 part saga.

Автор Veronika Douglas ( назад)
The snl crew is so amazing. They should have Melanie Martinez on snl, anyone agree?

Автор 诚橙程 ( назад)
seriously, did SNL shut down by DT?

Автор Monirul Hasan ( назад)

Автор Dank Harambe ( назад)
They need new skits...this is getting boring...

Автор dogeo ( назад)
im a trump supporter and I find these funny as hell

Автор Calixo ( назад)
i wish they didn't allow big production companies to upload here, go back to your dying platform

Автор GrotrianSeiler ( назад)
Very cool. We get to appreciate the show that much more seeing this kind of stuff.

Автор Grey Fox ( назад)
I don't why but I love the part when he says : "and.. dissolve, announce."

Автор Coppercrusader ( назад)

Автор XsVTooL ( назад)
Lets all lick the crews asshole because the cast sucks so bad and we care about jobs so much.

Автор Cobalt Malone ( назад)
Why is Snl's set looks like a holiday theme in the background. This offends my religion allah achobar and my lover muhamma because it shows my religion was not added.

Автор CuckleBerry Finn ( назад)
Terrible terrible channel. How do I keep getting here?

Автор Derek Williams ( назад)

Автор tbpunk ( назад)
Amazing what you can do in two minutes.

Seen Ashley?


Автор Anna Rounseville ( назад)
Look at all the set crew hustle, so many of them. So absolutely needed for that transition. Good job!

Автор Manny P ( назад)

Автор kittttygirl5 ( назад)
this is so cool

Автор Momo Domo ( назад)
I felt my stress levels increasing watching this-

Whoever is on the mic has the patience of a saint.

Автор Henry Lee lll ( назад)
SNL are fart joke

Автор Sam Sam ( назад)
This was fun! Its cool to see how you all operate behind the scenes. Good job everyone!

Автор 1966bluemax ( назад)
Do wall removers have minimum wage?

Автор Stakhanovites ( назад)

Автор Foot Ball ( назад)
the crew are fast as fuck

Автор Hannah NappoJackson ( назад)
this shit gave me anxiety

Автор tad casper ( назад)
waaaaaaaa i need my mommy my hillary lost waaaaaa i am fucking butt hurt cry baby hillary loving brain dead brainwashed TURDLARY.

Автор Jink Asaurus ( назад)
that's the most exciting thing I've seen in a while

Автор highlander723 ( назад)
does anybody remember when Saturday Night Live used to be I don't know....funny and not such a political shithouse.

Автор Richard Memminger ( назад)
Please keep showing things like this, super educational!!!

Автор George Jones ( назад)
I wished that SNL's Debbie Downer sketch was made into a theatrical movie back in 2008.

Автор George Jones ( назад)
SNL should have made the unmade Sprockets movie adaptation in the first place and the other old released SNL films like It's Pat and Roxbury Night deserved making lots of money at cinemas.

Автор George Jones ( назад)
SNL TV show should been cancelled back in 2000 and SNL movies should have continued in the first place, Adam Sandler should have turned his SNL character like Lunch Lady Land and Opera Man and Hanukkah Song into movies back in the 2000s decade between 2002 and 2004.

Автор George Jones ( назад)
SNL, go back to making movies based on your sketches and characters, Stuart Saves His Family never deserved to fail at the box office back when it hit theaters in 1995, That movie never deserved to be forgotten, it deserved a remake movie just like Total Recall wad remade.

Автор yoyojoe618 ( назад)
Love how the guy on the radio repeatedly complimented his set workers near the end.

Автор Dmitriy Aristov ( назад)
Fascinating! So much work goes unto just this piece!!

Автор Ryan Wright ( назад)
Get off trump and politics show sucks now!!

Автор 7armedman ( назад)

Автор mark busch ( назад)
Don't see many thumbs down like I do here. SNL sucks, but the brain dead love it.

Автор Danyal Lodhi ( назад)
All the great behind the scenes work done on a great show! Thank you!

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