Top 10 Hardest Positions in Sports

Every sport requires talent and natural ability, but some positions are much more difficult than others. Join http://www.WatchMojo.com as we count down our picks for the Top 10 Hardest Positions in Sports. Suggestion Tool►►http://www.WatchMojo.com/suggest Subscribe►►http://www.youtube.com/subscription_center?add_user=watchmojo Facebook►►http://www.Facebook.com/WatchMojo Twitter►►http://www.Twitter.com/WatchMojo Instagram►►http://instagram.com/watchmojo Channel Page►►http://www.youtube.com/watchmojo

For this list, we are focusing on the positions from a variety of sports that are toughest to play from both a physical and technical standpoint.

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Автор Anne Eggebrecht ( назад)
Libero (volleyball) is sooo hard to play too.Or the setter, its a very difficult position as well.

Автор The EpicBoss ( назад)
I play Pokémon go ever-yday

Автор Keanan Januarie ( назад)
I know

Автор Genesis SB ( назад)
My dad and I play scrum half/half back

Автор Jaylon Gaming ( назад)
I'm a goalkeeper and it isn't really that hard I just get a little scared of tall and strong people

Автор connor martin ( назад)
Feeling of saving a penalty kick > feeling of scoring a goal

Автор luke mccarthy ( назад)
I'm a goalkeeper #1

Автор TheOneSensible ( назад)
Sweeper in curling shoulda been number 1, the amount of horsepower put into your shoulders is immense. I once pulled my herniated disk in my right shoulder blade during a championship game.

Автор Owen Basich ( назад)
I don't think soccer goalie should be #1 because they only get 2 shots a game hockey goalie should be #1 and hockey goalies get 30+ shots and I'm a hockey goalie it's way harder then soccer goalie

Автор Deadpool ( назад)
glad I'm a goalkeeper

Автор POKE CARDS ( назад)

Автор Mohamed Amiin ( назад)
criticism is the worst thing sometimes you wonder why you just came to this world

Автор Mohamed Amiin ( назад)
if you are not speedy enough to play at full back position don't dare do that coz i am sure you are going to be beaten for pace (not always but mostly(

Автор Antun Vuk ( назад)
thumbs up if you don't understand baseball rules

Автор SnapShot 2286 ( назад)
I think it is goalkeeper (football) because you need quick reflexes

Автор char _8 ( назад)
I think hockey goalie is hardest

Автор nildhara gadani ( назад)
cricket because a bowler can bowl almost 150K

Автор Jack Moerschel ( назад)
I've played a lot of sports and a lot of positions, including a goalie in soccer...but I've recently started lacrosse and let me tell you, lacrosse is really hard to play: physically and mentally exhausting.

Автор Mason Howerton VLOGS ( назад)
first base baseball

Автор Ben Speyer ( назад)
Goalie in ice hockey is harder than goalie in soccer

Автор Zachary James ( назад)
I play lacrosse goalie and HOOLLLYYY mother of god it's hard! It's natural human reaction to duck,turn away or just protect yourself but when you play goalie you have to step into the 90mph shot coming right at you.Its literally a gamble each time the ball comes toward you.Theres a 50-50 chance you'll save it and then if you do save it you have 5 seconds before you have to get out of your safe zone and be subject to a beating.Its one of the hardest positions ever

Автор TheLandFish ( назад)
No defense for Hockey? We have to get the puck out of the zone, keep it in the offensive zone, and stop players from getting goals.

Автор neelis warrock ( назад)
i think goalkeeper in feeldhockey is super hard

Автор Mr.Raven red ( назад)
I'm a utility player in base ball and ever one thinks I can't fail

Автор Ricci Humphries ( назад)
A fullback in rugby is easily one of the hardest positions in sport

Автор YeahItzZach15 ( назад)
I'm pitcher for my baseball team and I won our teams tournament and we won gold medals and we were champs

Автор Filippos Litz ( назад)
Handball goalkeeper

Автор Mr Sports ( назад)
1 nba

Автор Dan Bacon ( назад)
When she tried to talk about English sports, the terminology is just painful

Автор the baseball and wrestling kid extreme ( назад)
ive ben soccer gollie

Автор the baseball and wrestling kid extreme ( назад)
ive ben pitcher too i like it better than catcher

Автор the baseball and wrestling kid extreme ( назад)
ive been a catcher it is hard

Автор BBandSelin Luvdomo ( назад)
the hardest position is dance. i've done soccer, basketball, football and volleyball and still dance is the hardest. not even gonna question that

Автор POKE CARDS ( назад)
I understand that goalie is a pretty tough spot, but I think its not the hardest. Because when I was a goalie for my soccer team , I could read the eyes of the attacker and tell where the ball was going. But in pro soccer its a whole different ball game. Those things are faster as heck.

Автор Mike Abdoo ( назад)
Hockey goalie is by far the the hardest position. Getting 30-40 shots faster and harder to track than soccers 7-10 a game :/

Автор Supermies ( назад)
The feeling when you let one easy goal like every 100 game and you still get so much hate for that

Автор MusicAndSongs ( назад)
I'm a goalkeeper. Yet I don't get any saves a game due to my team being so good

Автор G MarTin ( назад)
What about American Football Lineman they have brutal contact every play?!

Автор NateMMDLX ( назад)
Wide receiver should be at least 10 :/

Автор Andrew Selway ( назад)
in rugby it's a no 8 because you have to be where ever the ball is also pushing 7 players foward because you are at the back of the Scrum

Автор Elias Nef ( назад)
I'm a goalkeeper. it's very difficult

Автор Stefan Arendt ( назад)
Be a Goalie in Handball... Then you know what tough means

Автор Uyi Odeh ( назад)
I understand what u guys mean as a center back it is my job to save the goalie and one time this kid got past him but he stalled long enough for me to sprint back me and my goalie always communicate and when a goal goes in we just shake it off and keep playing because in our school game we were losing 4-2 by halftime and in the end we ended up winning 5-4 in an upset

Автор Benjamin Barnett ( назад)
Middle in volleyball, or libero

Автор Conor Quaid ( назад)
number 8 rugby

Автор Fizzi Coke ( назад)
Hardest position is soccer goalkeeeper.

Автор Carlos Castillo ( назад)
where is the batter in baseball

Автор Thomas Dixon ( назад)
Hardest position in baseball is 3rd base. (Hot corner). Sure, not a ton of action at 3rd, but often when it happens, he has a fraction of a second to react, compose himself, and gun the runner at first.

Автор Bella Garfield ( назад)
I'm surprised that Crew/rowing wasn't in the top ten.

Автор Joey Vermaas ( назад)
Of flanker rugby

Автор Joey Vermaas ( назад)
Rugby flyhalf

Автор NotTheStatusQuo ( назад)
Point guard is harder than center.

Автор The Skeleton gamer ( назад)
WR American football

Автор The Goalie Gamer 30 ( назад)
Offensive linemen have the hardest position in sports

Автор Fidel Martinez ( назад)
Safety??? Where is cornerback? 🤔

Автор Erik Howard ( назад)
Want to gamble safely online? Go to 👉 gamblewithease. com

Автор Comedy Football ( назад)
What about midfielder in football they have to run loads in a match and be able to read the game well and pass and shoot and defend

Автор galaxy 101 ( назад)
i am a waterpolo player

Автор Zecronite Gaming101 ( назад)
I'm always goal keeper on my team and when the enemy got a score they said "You can't play football"

Автор matthew plater ( назад)
i feel you bro i play defence and im captain. i know that its never the goalis fault and if anyone bags the goalie i get them to be subbed next.

Автор CTG M21 ( назад)
you ain't accurate broski

Автор Mark Euske ( назад)
DS for volleyball?

Автор MainTime ( назад)
Y'all wrong for showing hayward get blocked

Автор The Red Bull ( назад)
Neuer has it easy with his defense

Автор GK ShowCaseHD ( назад)
Its Sucks How Soccer goalkeepers dont get much credit and everyone just things its easy.

Автор Bud Grasley ( назад)
the spotter in nascar

Автор Benjamin Lagrandeur ( назад)

Автор Sports master 18 ( назад)
My team only accuses me if I let in a goal in practice not games

Автор Juan Parranda ( назад)
Batting is the hardest thing

Автор RUBILEx 007 ( назад)
I'm a goalkeeper I'm 11 and I ve been scouted fer Liverpool

Автор Eli McConnon ( назад)
half back

Автор Zach Schulzeck ( назад)
halfback rugby leauge

Автор Zach Schulzeck ( назад)
what a runout by wade

Автор Earshad Hossain ( назад)
Wicketkeeper is truly a very hard position in cricket. I'm one myself wicketkeepers need good reflexes, good technique,good concentration,good communication and flexible body. It's really tough

Автор TheGaminController ( назад)
I honestly thought that goalie (lacrosse) is the hardest. It requires strong reaction time, and to be tough because you have to react to 100mph rubber ball most likely aiming for your head

Автор Felix Salonen ( назад)
linebacker in football is hardest

Автор Felix Santana Jr ( назад)
Shortstop in baseball

Автор Ryan Hogan ( назад)
The only other harder position than hockey goalie is MMA fighter. Soccer goalie? Get the f**k out of here lmao

Автор Alyssa russo ( назад)

Автор francargeric1 ( назад)
I think the hardest position to play would be quarterback, not only you need height (+5ft10) weight (+200 pounds) at the very minimum, speed and arm strenght, you also need to be accurate in 40 to 60 yds throws in the exact position that the defender cant reach, and your receiver can make a play, add in reading the defense, adjusting the protection, audibling, escaping sacks, throwing on the run while getting hit and it makes it the hardest by far. Goalkeepers (any sport) need to have good reflexes and 0 fear of the ball + reading where the shooter is going to shoot. Making a mistake as a goalie is equal as to making a mistake as a qb (see mark sanchez butt fumble), Midfielder is also hard, you need balance, speed, ball control and an amazing amount of stamina + accuracy, but doesnt compare to the complexity of being an NFL quarteback

Автор Cj Tube ( назад)
Where's point guard

Автор ZelfGamedJay ( назад)
pg is harder then center

Автор Bro Gamers ( назад)
1 should be fly half and scrum half

Автор Sid Cutts ( назад)
Tight head prop in rugby is the hardest position in rugby and that's coming from a scrum half

Автор This wallpaper sux ( назад)
I play 3 of these positions

Автор Aaron Williams ( назад)
Irish hurling goal Keeper

Автор taivasily1 ( назад)
Lol reserves in soccer

Автор Caden Baumeister ( назад)
hockey is the hardest

Автор Musthafa Ibrahim ( назад)
i played as a goalie but its not that hard

Автор This channel is for commenting only if you ( назад)
Every one is just commenting saying there position is the hardest. Tbh all sports positions are hard and you need to be fit and athletic for each one.

Автор Andres Robles ( назад)
the hardest position in any sport it the water boy

Автор cooper bashaw ( назад)
qb should be #1

Автор Jaely Gamming ( назад)
Rugby...... Fullback, seriously

Автор Manic ( назад)

Автор mitchell nugent ( назад)
Playing full back in AFL up to 20 or more goals or more can be kicked per game with each goal equaling 6 points. Or if the opposition scores a behind 1 point it is the full backs job to kick the ball from the opposing teams goal square up to 50 or more meters to one on his team mates

Автор Mikey Grove ( назад)
Where is AFL at??

Автор Oexo Tekkaz ( назад)
hurling goalie in hurling a ball goes 100 miles an hour pure leather 6 feet goa

Автор OsciGamer 2 ( назад)
Im a hockey goalie

Автор John Mendoza ( назад)
What about American football center or all the linemen we protect the qb ( if u have a good line) and the running back or full back( when it's a running play) but wether u think we're needed or not it's still my fav position both defense guard and center

Автор Shop2it ( назад)
What about center in American football

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