Top 10 Hardest Positions in Sports

  • Published on Apr 26, 2016
  • Every sport requires talent and natural ability, but some positions are much more difficult than others. Join as we count down our picks for the Top 10 Hardest Positions in Sports. Suggestion Tool►► Subscribe►► Facebook►► Twitter►► Instagram►► Channel Page►►
    For this list, we are focusing on the positions from a variety of sports that are toughest to play from both a physical and technical standpoint.
    Special thanks to our user Godslayer79 for submitting the idea using our interactive suggestion tool at
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Comments • 31 613

  • blackandblue10
    blackandblue10 7 hours ago

    How about a team handball goalkeeper? It's tough to keep balls out of the net A good goalkeeper will still give up more goals than they save.

  • Liverpool 6 times

    Let's just be honest Alisson is the best GK in the world talk about Loris Karius

  • Sameer
    Sameer Day ago +1

    Why do you write "SPORTS" in the caption? Instead, write "AMERICAN SPORTS" or "NORTH AMERICAN SPORTS".
    90% entries are from the games played mostly in USA and CANADA (Barring a single sport CRICKET).
    And how the hell is PITCHING in Baseball a difficult "Position"?

  • Thebazooka_ Boy
    Thebazooka_ Boy Day ago

    I’m a goal keeper and it’s not as hard as u think

  • Funes
    Funes 2 days ago

    Midfielder should've been in second. Midfielders are the ones who control the game, they have to do quick plays and decisions because everyone is pressing them. One bad pass could cost you the game. I can tell you as a CDM and Captain its pretty hard

  • The True Tank
    The True Tank 2 days ago

    #10 I’m one of the tallest guys, with the highest basketball IQ, i was one of the best centers in the state in primary school, and if someone says that basketball isn’t physical. They should play a 1v1 against me and see how physical basketball is.

  • Paul Beirne
    Paul Beirne 3 days ago

    Goalkeepers in Gaelic football

  • Paul Beirne
    Paul Beirne 3 days ago

    What about the GAA

  • Josh Jones
    Josh Jones 3 days ago +1

    Hockey goalie

  • Josh Jones
    Josh Jones 3 days ago +1

    Playing on the New York knicks

  • Unforgettable Football Matches

    Where’s manager of Manchester United 😂😂😂

  • Gavin Lee
    Gavin Lee 3 days ago

    Nah qb is the hardest

  • Freddy Fox
    Freddy Fox 3 days ago

    Catcher is much more physically demanding than pitcher, and mentally just as tough

  • Nikhil Lowe
    Nikhil Lowe 3 days ago

    Lax goalie for life

  • Midnightreaper45 boi

    Wheres ol and dl

  • Vlogs Nearly Every Day

    I’m a wicketkeeper and the gloves don’t help

  • Peter Montagnon
    Peter Montagnon 4 days ago

    I've played played all the sports except cricket and polo. I know the hardest is the tender in hockey!!!!

  • Caiman Araújo
    Caiman Araújo 4 days ago

    Novolleyball libero on honorable mentions?

  • Luke Duffy
    Luke Duffy 5 days ago

    Goalkeeper in Irish sports both gaelic and hurling is so hard!!!

  • ZachAttack1
    ZachAttack1 5 days ago

    Quarterback is the toughest.

  • Snoop The Dog
    Snoop The Dog 6 days ago

    AS a goalkeeper i disagree on the number one pick

  • Camille Bates
    Camille Bates 6 days ago +1

    I hate how she says that some people need to be fearless, but most sports everyone needs to be fearless if you're scared your not gonna be a very good player.

    and it would've been nice for every sport to get a mention, I play field hockey and it can be very very demanding at times and scary. I mean look at the short corners being a first or second runner!

  • Ansley Schaak
    Ansley Schaak 7 days ago

    midfield and forward in soccer 100%

  • Ram G
    Ram G 7 days ago

    Where's silly point

  • radical bradical
    radical bradical 7 days ago

    center in american football is extremely tough too.

  • harshit shukla
    harshit shukla 7 days ago +4

    Lol wicket keeper is on no. 9...150 kms of speed and u only see the ball when it passes the swings spins...

  • da man
    da man 7 days ago

    Play catcher and pitcher you have to be very tough to play catcher

  • Lucas Viana lol
    Lucas Viana lol 8 days ago

    Goalkeeper and midfield is not too hard for me in football

  • Gobogi
    Gobogi 8 days ago

    Cmon. Volleyball setter or libero should’ve at least gotten a mention. It’s so underrated I swear. I’m not saying anything listed is easy, but in terms of control, mental strength and skill, a setter or libero should be higher than a center for basketball. Not bashing on basketball, but in basketball a player gets to hold the ball as long as they need to make a shot or dunk, etc. while a libero or setter have a fraction of a second to perfectly put the ball into the air to make a perfect spike. Passing in volleyball is a skill that comes with years of experience to get really good at. To always perfectly pass a 50-70 mph spike to a specific area in a fraction of a second requires enormous amounts of practice and skill.

  • Painkiller95
    Painkiller95 9 days ago

    Goalkeeper for handball?

  • Mad Dog Ruffing
    Mad Dog Ruffing 9 days ago


  • Jack DB
    Jack DB 9 days ago

    This is all wrong

    REPLAY ALL DAY 10 days ago

    Center in American Football.
    You have to get the ball to the QB accurately and you have to worry about someone to block that has the jump on you.

  • Fantom Boy
    Fantom Boy 10 days ago

    The toughest position is getting out of bed in the morning

  • People's Republic of Youtube

    Outfielder for Baseball?
    Good outfielders require a fast reaction time, good speed to catch a pop up, and good predictability to catch the infielders mistakes.

    • SunSpin YT
      SunSpin YT 9 days ago

      People's Republic of RUclip and an amazing arm

  • Abtron sh
    Abtron sh 10 days ago +6

    In cricket that is silly point really dangerous position which requires great reflexes.

  • Wolfless
    Wolfless 11 days ago

    Yes I agree with goalkeeper football because i am one and I'm 12 and once I let in a bad goal on training and now I only come on the field in the last couple of minutes and if you don't warm up your hands or fingers you could easily break them which happened to me. And ya if you don't set up your defence well strikers can get past them and score

  • Blazen Blade
    Blazen Blade 11 days ago +1

    Goalkeeper in hurling (irish sport)

  • Aiden31tampa Torrance
    Aiden31tampa Torrance 11 days ago +1

    8man or prop rugby always putting their heads in on the tackle plus in the Ruck people stepping on you that Weights 200 pounds with metal cleats and all the concussions they’re taking

  • Dogba 07
    Dogba 07 12 days ago

    Ever heard about hurling

  • Jay Blackburn
    Jay Blackburn 12 days ago

    Nahhhhh y’all got it all wrong. Inside/Middle linebacker is the hardest position in American football. You have run and pass responsibilities. You are the dude. You’re the baddest SoB on the field. And that being said you have the utmost responsibility, and adversity. The opposing offense is doing everything in their power to make sure you can’t fuck up their play. Chip blocks to double teams, crack blocks from Tight Ends, cuts, chops, and extreme miss-matches weather it be with speed or size, middle linebacker is the hardest. You’re commanding a squad of 10 guys, you have to make damn sure they’re doing their job to the best of their abilities because if you’re not, Coach is gonna rip your ass first. Damn near every run play you’re gonna be making contact with somebody, weather it be a 300+ pound lineman, or you’ll be on a collision course with the running back. You usually have to cover either extremely big and fast Tight Ends, or an extremely fast and shifty receiver in the pass game. Neither is easy. And on top of all of that, you’re watching the most film on the defense. Or, you had better be anyways. Good LB’s watch 4 to 6 hours of film a day. You should know the other teams offense as good if not better than them 2 days before the game. Linebackers are the ones man. That’s the toughest position by far. Again, in American football. All I’m saying is that should be #3. Water polo looks insanely hard😂

  • rydog 345
    rydog 345 12 days ago

    From a lacrosse goalie I can day that it is not a easy task to have. Tuff, fast reflexes, and good hand eye coordination. It is no easy task

  • Kaleb S
    Kaleb S 13 days ago

    They 4got linemen American football

  • ROTC drill team NMB
    ROTC drill team NMB 15 days ago

  • bruh moment
    bruh moment 15 days ago +1

    It should be goalie: all sports

  • ibrahim Anjum
    ibrahim Anjum 15 days ago

    Why Quarter back (NFL)is not #1?

    • Ricardo
      Ricardo 10 days ago

      because it's so easy to throw a ball with your hands!

  • Jack Goddard
    Jack Goddard 15 days ago

    Water polo goalie is way harder than soccer

  • Archie Wiki-Bennett
    Archie Wiki-Bennett 15 days ago

    Every position in Rugby 🏉

  • um52
    um52 16 days ago

    MLB catcher might be #1. idk, bending on your knees, calling every pitch and catching 95-100 mph fastballs for 4 hours almost every day maybe the hardest thing any athlete can handle.

  • Christos Christodoulidis

    Props and generally forwards in rugby are one of the most difficult positions in sports

  • The Real Sheep
    The Real Sheep 16 days ago +1

    Give played goalkeeper in football and hockey and hockey is much much harder

  • Varder player
    Varder player 16 days ago

    Driver - Any motorsport :)

  • Bailey Smith
    Bailey Smith 16 days ago +1

    how is catcher 8th. the catcher should be top 4. baseball and softball were named the hardest sports. batting is including in catcher as catchers are required to bat as well
    pitcher should be 10th if even on this list. it is hard to throw pitching but some pitchers either dont bat because of DH’s but also only pitch a couple innings, where as other players play full games from 9 - 20+ innings

  • speedy hunter
    speedy hunter 17 days ago

    I'm a football (soccer) gk I would know

  • Gaming with atiq
    Gaming with atiq 17 days ago

    Football goalie is easy

  • peruna
    peruna 18 days ago

    Quidditch seeker is hardest

  • Nathan H
    Nathan H 18 days ago

    All positions gymnastics

  • Hundret Blitzball League

    What about a f****** lacrosse goalie.

  • TheGenericSwede
    TheGenericSwede 18 days ago +1

    Catchers take a beating definitely the hardest position, playing catcher when it’s 90 degrees is just hell

  • Sumer Rana
    Sumer Rana 18 days ago

    Striker in football is one of hardest, always marked by huge centre backs, beating the off side trap, and had to make decisions in fractions of a second.

  • MrJackOfAllTraits
    MrJackOfAllTraits 18 days ago +4

    As a football goal keeper I will say that ice hockey goal keeping sounds like a nightmare to me.

    • Gage Cox
      Gage Cox 16 days ago

      It wasn’t that hard though

    • Gage Cox
      Gage Cox 16 days ago

      I use to be an elite hockey goalie but I quit for football

    • Jessica Evans
      Jessica Evans 17 days ago

      same bruh

  • liam vanderwyk
    liam vanderwyk 18 days ago

    Wow, I can't get a read if people are genuinely salty if there position wasn't mentioned. It doesn't make a difference to me but I have been scrolling for a while and i haven't even seen my sport in chat. Though who am I to complain; what'd I expect anyways?

  • Cave Explorer Adventure Game Official Channel

    Goalie and pitcher are hard

  • Imas 23
    Imas 23 19 days ago

    No, #1 should be ‘nhl live the life goaltender.’

  • Melissa May
    Melissa May 19 days ago


  • Parker Bass
    Parker Bass 19 days ago +1

    I am a catcher and picher

  • Ryan Ward
    Ryan Ward 19 days ago +1

    What about Kicker it is hard to kick it through the uprights plus you have to get your timing down with the holder and the long snapper plus the kicker is always Blamed if the holder messes up causing the kicker to miss then there is the wind and the rain the ground conditions if the ball is slippery and don’t forget the crap of fans if he missed a kick maybe like the bears kicker which was blamed for the playoff lose and no one talks about how the holder gave a bad hold or the fact that the line didn’t do it’s job by blocking the lucky man the got part of his hand on the ball

  • Vickers 22
    Vickers 22 19 days ago +2

    Football is the most beautiful sport in the world. Change my mind

  • Maxi FUNG
    Maxi FUNG 19 days ago

    I’m a goalkeeper and that is very true

  • Ziyaad Patel
    Ziyaad Patel 19 days ago

    Dummy half😂😂😂

  • the SAVAGE LLAMA!!!!!!!

    Ice skating should have been on there

  • Alpha Hylian
    Alpha Hylian 19 days ago

    Hockey goalies getting some recognition! It puts tremendous strain on your ankles having to throw yourself around in all the heavy gear.

  • Sam B
    Sam B 20 days ago

    I play catcher on my baseball team.

  • Sam B
    Sam B 20 days ago

    5:52 that wasn’t a breaking pitch, that was 69 mph.

  • 6_times
    6_times 20 days ago

    linesmen football isnt a position but if the goal keeper is beeten you have to run on the line and stop the ball without your hands

  • The Fresh Prince from Bel Air

    My school Canceler used to play water polo

  • Riley Besler
    Riley Besler 20 days ago +2

    Where's the point guard at? You need to be able to dribble past defenders, pass the ball accurately, and score efficiently

    • Fantom Boy
      Fantom Boy 10 days ago

      Riley Besler plus your the smallest player on the court

  • Riley Besler
    Riley Besler 20 days ago +1

    I'm a center and all I have to do is just post up on the 5'2 kid guarding me (I'm 6'2)

    • Fantom Boy
      Fantom Boy 10 days ago

      Riley Besler how old r u because I’m 11 and I’m 5’11

  • Man Bear Pig
    Man Bear Pig 20 days ago

    Quarter back is the hardest, they basically carry and control the whole team

  • Carson Stamm
    Carson Stamm 21 day ago +1

    Disagreed and disappointed

  • Carson Stamm
    Carson Stamm 21 day ago +1


  • Carson Stamm
    Carson Stamm 21 day ago +1


  • Cnj Brady
    Cnj Brady 21 day ago

    scrum-half in rugby.... you guys need to get your facts straight scum half and wing are the least hardest positions
    you should have mentioned the front row in rugby

  • Duper Animator
    Duper Animator 21 day ago +1

    Manchester United fans? They suffered a lot... is very hard to be a man united fan...

  • Monster Studio
    Monster Studio 21 day ago

    It is hard to be goalie, you are putting your safety in danger. The puck could hit your mask and still make your head take damage. It also takes lots of practice. In player and goalie. Love ya, hockey! ❤🏒🥅
    We hockey players, whether you're in training or not. It's hard. Cause you can fall if you lose your balance or just started to learn to skate. You also have to be in a position for about 10-15 minutes. Depends what happens and when the refs call it. I, myself am not a goalie, but my dad is and I'm in a program. YOU HAVE to have leg strength. Otherwise its gonna be hard to skate and stop.

  • Ali - K
    Ali - K 22 days ago

    Cool vid👍 But in cricket, bowling can be extremely painful. I sprained a ligament just by bowling a few overs. Also it can be very hard to bowl different lengths to every batsmen and still not get a wicket due to different kinds of pitches.

  • Hman521
    Hman521 22 days ago

    All positions in baseball cause you need to be able to hit a 90 mph fastball consistently

  • Devren Anderson
    Devren Anderson 22 days ago

    What about a linemen in football. Aint no football game with out the line

  • HowToSports
    HowToSports 22 days ago +1

    1. HOCKEY, GOALIE! There are many techniques to do it right. I could go on the soccer field and flop.

  • CalebIsABongoCat
    CalebIsABongoCat 22 days ago +1

    Soccer GK’s don’t really need padding I hate the padding on my arm and there’s not really anywhere where you would want padding.
    Maybe on your head but it’s very rare a shot hits your head or a knee/foot

  • Rugby Productions
    Rugby Productions 22 days ago

    You don’t know anything a bout rugby

  • King JMAN
    King JMAN 23 days ago +26

    I think catcher should be higher up then eight because (as a catcher) you must be fearless to put your body in front of pitch in the dirt it in less than a second and having proper form and also having very quick hand eye coordination

    • King JMAN
      King JMAN 2 days ago

      it hurts right! Before the game I was warming up our pitcher with no gear on besides a helmet and there was a wild pitch and I drilled me in the ankle. I had no fear so I couldn’t block so it really sucked

    • Xenova
      Xenova 3 days ago

      Chaos Gaming I've been hit in the nuts, hands, and feet. It hurts

    • Freddy Fox
      Freddy Fox 3 days ago

      I've done both pitching and catching and i can tell you catching is more difficult.

    • Chaos Gaming
      Chaos Gaming 4 days ago

      But we wear gear, so not necessarily fearless, but you can’t be a pussy. 😂

    • UltraBigJimbo
      UltraBigJimbo 6 days ago

      Hockey and lacrosse goalies got it worse imo

  • Emily Mulinski
    Emily Mulinski 23 days ago +1

    Yes goal keeper is the hardest i know because i play it

  • florence mwela
    florence mwela 23 days ago

    goile hockey

  • Justice Maciejko
    Justice Maciejko 23 days ago +51

    Catcher:Basball. P.S. I am a catcher and it gets really hot in that gear all the time.

    • Justice Maciejko
      Justice Maciejko 5 days ago +1

      And you have so much pressure on you being a catcher, pitcher and quarterback.

    • Justice Maciejko
      Justice Maciejko 5 days ago +1

      I also pitch and a quarterback.

    • Justice Maciejko
      Justice Maciejko 5 days ago +1

      Yeah the only time I get subbed is if my thumb or wrists gets popped out of socket, broke or bent back/hyperextended.

    • Jimmy Hurson
      Jimmy Hurson 6 days ago +1

      Justice Maciejko try warring hockey equipment

    • God The_best
      God The_best 7 days ago +1

      @ツm o l e fucking exactly I almost passed out in a game

  • Jack Clarke
    Jack Clarke 23 days ago

    It’s not hard if you put the work in.

  • Killian Fallon
    Killian Fallon 23 days ago

    Junior c full back

  • karen team
    karen team 23 days ago

    Soccer football

  • Nano 0509
    Nano 0509 23 days ago

    Wheres Wide receiver they get hit hard

  • Sock Twister
    Sock Twister 23 days ago

    Did she call the head on a lacrosse goalie stick a “cross”??????? It’s called a head, omg I hate this channel so much. Goalie should be 3 or 4 cuz u legit have to stop shots that you don’t know where they are going and your entire bottom half of your body is unprotected and if it hits your legs, it hurts like hell.