Joe Rogan Experience #1242 - Tim Pool

  • Published on Feb 9, 2019
  • Tim Pool is an independent journalist. His work can currently be found at and on his RUclip channel:

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  • chad starkey
    chad starkey 6 hours ago

    Absolutely this is a game in the military! I’ve been in 16 years and it still goes in. You hold it below your waist if you can break the circle in it you get to punch them. You get bored on deploy,ents. We come up with dumb stuff.

  • John F
    John F 12 hours ago +1

    Hey Jamie, if you're reading this then fuck you newfag

  • matthew warren
    matthew warren 19 hours ago

    Milos followers criticized Leslie Jones they called it attacks.

  • Scott Carlon
    Scott Carlon 19 hours ago

    On Assange, both are lacking facts, therefore, their views are mute.

  • Mysticfox2010
    Mysticfox2010 Day ago

    If you remove peoples ability to peacefully address their grievances publicy, they will be pushed to violence. People will always find ways to network with people of similar ideals. If they are pushed into isolated bubbles, the most extreme voices will radicalize the rest without outside opinions. If you think banning people prevents them from connecting with others of their kind, consider the plague of pedophiles inhabiting the internet despite being banned from everywhere.

  • Chuck Jett
    Chuck Jett Day ago

    I still play the "made you look" game. Everybody trying to ruin my childhood.

  • Consis Grim
    Consis Grim 2 days ago

    this video getting blocked in portland oregon

  • Archie Bendall
    Archie Bendall 2 days ago

    posted a comment on the racial equity clauses on tim pools videos asking what the clauses are cause i seriously don't know and i fell looking up BBC articles on it not very reliable, i don't want to spend 2-6 hours of my life reading the whole green new deal, can someone sumerise these supposed racial equality clauses

  • Tau12us R
    Tau12us R 2 days ago

    Jamie really stretching to paint police officers as white supremacist from a vague picture and no knowledge of the people in the picture, I've seen people use a picture with the OK symbol to catch people off-guard.

  • D
    D 2 days ago

    Pool seems to be pretty wise for his age.

  • Andres Columbus
    Andres Columbus 3 days ago

    Harvard & Yale is for freemasons...and Kubrick staged the moon landing.

  • jorge espinha
    jorge espinha 3 days ago

    I'm right wing, conservative , etc....More than a year ago I left facebook. So I looked at Gab after listening to this podcast. I got a sample of crazy! Aparently National Review is a left wing magazine! They are of course Cucks. In Portuguese the feed isn't much better. If Gab is the answer to FB, I prefer to be away from social media

  • The Roach Den
    The Roach Den 3 days ago +2

    No citizen in the United States should ever pay more than half of their total income to the government. Ever.

  • Brian Stoltz
    Brian Stoltz 4 days ago

    Excellent show!

  • Elliott Schellinger
    Elliott Schellinger 4 days ago

    So, a swat-team is playing a "punching game" while posing for a photo?!

  • Mrs Press
    Mrs Press 5 days ago

    The 👌🏽 is supposed to symbolize 666 also...maybe all the guys in that picture are satanists???

  • Brendan Scully
    Brendan Scully 5 days ago

    Why be beholden to twitter? I don't see it.......

  • Jahleel
    Jahleel 5 days ago

    I don't agree with people having too much power if you earned more money then the average person that's a personal problem.

  • Joshua Tupper
    Joshua Tupper 5 days ago

    The FreedomToons version is funnier.

  • Legend 5T
    Legend 5T 5 days ago

    Two guys trying so hard not to be associated with anything right. They have to add a caveat to everything they say. Joe seems to be missing a lot of softballs. Maybe a few less edibles before you have a sharp guy like Tim on.

  • chekk onetwo
    chekk onetwo 6 days ago

    "Wikipedia said I was Bryan Callen's brother for like a decade." 😆😆

  • Chuck Cannon
    Chuck Cannon 6 days ago

    I can understand "hate-speech" is distasteful, but to whom? The problem is, who gets to decide. Google? Facebook? Twitter? The Government? GAB has a certain percentage of "hate-speech" and Twitter has another percentage of "hate-speech?" Who decides what hate speech is? Once we get past calls to violence and doxing we are in the land of opinion.

  • Jack Lucente
    Jack Lucente 6 days ago

    Crazy listening to this knowing that that today Assange was arrested and Chelsea Manning is in jail. Crazy times

  • Fyodor1917
    Fyodor1917 7 days ago

    At the time of this post, the highest tax bracket I could find in the world is Portugal at 61%, not 80%. If that's correct, that was a pretty significant error on Tim's part that he asserted with confidence. Disappointing because he seemed really awesome :(

  • John Schauder
    John Schauder 7 days ago

    UBI...aka, massive rapid inflation!
    How is this not obvious to everyone?

  • John Schauder
    John Schauder 7 days ago

    Tim is explaining how Gizmoto lied about the Covington story even and told people not to believe the truth...
    Toe Rogan says, "That's hilarious..."
    Seriously is wrong with you?

  • Hei
    Hei 7 days ago

    Jfc, Jamie, shut the fuck up, you dumbass.

  • Red Rocket
    Red Rocket 8 days ago

    Being pro self-defense is not a call to violence. Gavin is a hero.

  • lil mayo
    lil mayo 8 days ago

    young fucking jamie....... Get Redban back in here for fucks sake.

  • DadPlayerPro
    DadPlayerPro 8 days ago

    jack dorsey is such a piece of garbage.

    OATHKEEPER 3P 8 days ago

    The "ok" symbol is an old game from the 90s. You get 2 (punches) for looking. It is also big now in the guns/military/law enforcement groups. It is an online game to get people to look at a picture that has that symbol in it. I've seen this game played for 30 years and never heard of a connection to white power.

    SUISLIDE :/ 8 days ago

    I understand the arguements about twitter not banning people and agree but it is also just really easy to make another account if you really want to see what a person whos blocked yous post

  • cecollins68
    cecollins68 8 days ago

    Wait..since when does the okay symbol mean white power? Me and my freinds do it all the time as a joke and were all black, its a huge meme in black circles its hilarious wtf is jack talking about!!?

  • Brad Delson
    Brad Delson 9 days ago

    We use to play that if you looked you could still save yourself by putting your finger through the hole of the O of the 👌. Then you get to hit the person who made the hand gesture

  • Rochas Okorocha
    Rochas Okorocha 9 days ago

    Did this fkn 👌 game all the time in the army

  • Clay Miller
    Clay Miller 9 days ago

    I don't care if Harvard's student body is overwhelmingly Asian, I care that it's overwhelmingly smart.

  • K Al
    K Al 9 days ago

    If I hate red cars I don't buy red cars 🚙 I don't need a car dealer to ban red cars because some asshole might like red cars 🚗

  • K Al
    K Al 9 days ago

    THE COURT OF PUBLIC OPINION IS THE "block user" button from individual accounts, if I don't like what your saying I can block you , I can stop clicking on your content, if I don't agree with a news station I don't watch that station⚠️easy regulate thy-self⚠️

  • Justin Stevens
    Justin Stevens 9 days ago +3

    This episode set me onto Tim’s channels and now he is my fav news source. 👍

  • Cendan Claiborne
    Cendan Claiborne 10 days ago

    That ok symbol on the leg is FASHO the punching game we all played in highschool. I remember every bruise and we were all black doing it. Just saying

  • kingfish99
    kingfish99 10 days ago

    Umm wtf accusing swat team of being white suprememacists

  • Leeland McCartney
    Leeland McCartney 10 days ago

    2nd viewing and got the exact same feeling when Jamie starts in on the whole guys who are older don't play the circle punch game. Complete disgust.. What a fucking moron. When ever he talks about anything cultural he sounds like a simple minded prick. Gross.

  • GodHatesGlobalists
    GodHatesGlobalists 11 days ago

    Tim pool is a social genius

  • belikeike
    belikeike 11 days ago

    Tim Pool is highly respectable

  • Jeremy Ostinelli
    Jeremy Ostinelli 11 days ago

    You're a bitch.
    Just shut up and do your job.
    It's Tim and Joes name up there, not yours.
    Just stfu.

  • a8lg6p
    a8lg6p 11 days ago

    Pool is great, but on UBI, you have to listen to Yang. Or at least someone who is more informed. UBI would make it so people wouldn't find it worth their time to flip burgers for $10/hour? You don't get it dude. I don't think it's currently worth (in terms of market value) paying someone $10/hour for burger flipping. Very soon, it won't be worth a penny per hour. Driverless cars are right around the corner, and you're talking about burger flipping? Jesus Christ. That's the worst possible example, because it's a very low target for fact it has already been achieved, and robots are already replacing jobs because, especially in places with minimum wage laws, it's more economical.

  • a8lg6p
    a8lg6p 11 days ago

    I think it's funny how... We clearly have a need to distinguish equality of opportunity from equality of outcome... So many want to use 'equity' for one of them and 'equality' for the other, but no one can agree on which is which. Maybe it would just be easier to say "equality of opportunity". It's more of a mouthful, but that way you don't have to explain how you are defining equality/equity.

  • a8lg6p
    a8lg6p 11 days ago +2

    I can't believe Rogan has never heard of this punching game.

  • Joe Schmo
    Joe Schmo 12 days ago

    Tim ...joe pre THC

  • Watch This
    Watch This 12 days ago

    @ 55:40 are Jamie and Joe from another dimension? The fact it is below the waist is a dead giveaway, when I was in the Navy we used to do this at least once a day, other then drinking coffee it's the most Military bro shit you can do. Also if you put your finger in it before they can pull away you get to punch them twice. (VAQ-139 1997-2001)

  • Bofa Deez
    Bofa Deez 12 days ago +25

    Hearing Jamie talk made me glad that Alex Jones only referred to him as “search engine.”

  • jbot91
    jbot91 13 days ago

    About the ok sign. 4chan wasn't trying to change the meaning of the symbol. It is a troll. They wanted to lead gullible people on the left into thinking it meant white power. It worked, and anyone who is using it knowing that, they aren't trying to say white power, they are using it as a joke. It's funny as hell, they are basically saying, let's get stupid people upset by using this completely harmless symbol and getting them completely riled up. So no, the symbol doesn't mean white power to the people who made it up, and the people who are using it. It is just a big joke.

  • Brian Buskey
    Brian Buskey 13 days ago

    I’m in the military. We play ball gazer. That’s the ok hand symbol below the waist game. You punch your friends because they’re looking at your balls. Hence, ball gazer. It has also recently resurfaced as a huge meme. Not that fucking hard to understand.

  • Caitlyn Casavant
    Caitlyn Casavant 14 days ago +1

    I used to play the OK-Game ALLLL the time. If you hold it below your waist, and someone looks at it you get to punch them. If whomever you're playing with is able to poke it with their finger without looking, THEY get to punch the person holding up the sign. I'm 31, and I will still engage. I've seen people in their 40's who still play it. Its non-offensive and that's literally what I imagined they were doing when I saw this photo.

  • Zac Cush
    Zac Cush 14 days ago

    What are the odds that a bunch of redneck-lookin swat boys know what the white power hand gesture is? It’s 90% likely they’re complete normies.

  • shit lips
    shit lips 14 days ago

    Hello Tim Pool

  • Justin S
    Justin S 14 days ago +1

    Why does Joe fucking LOVE providing cover for the far-right? Take one look at Pim Tool's channel and tell me he's anything close to a leftist. It's just the same reactionary right wing anti-SJW garbage you can get from InfoWars or Crowder. His latest video is literally just him reading a Fox News article. What a fucking joke. I don't know whose audience is dumber: Rogan's or Tool's

    • rwer qwrqwr
      rwer qwrqwr 13 days ago

      Wow your so tribal, if someone is advocating against race based politics its a positive in my view, you don't have to agree with everything someone states but you can still get on board with some of there idea's they advocate,

  • DaX
    DaX 15 days ago +1

    Fuck me joe you don't know about the punching game? I didn't even know about the racist stuff with the ok sign or whatever.
    Color me shocked, you just got 20 years older to my eyes man😆

  • ryan hawn
    ryan hawn 15 days ago

    The KGB used 90% of its manpower and funds to not only plant commies in the us gov but to push extreme left wing views on the public. They knew after 2 generations this would tare rhe fabric of the country apart and would be the only way they could win the cold war

  • Matthew Klucarich
    Matthew Klucarich 15 days ago +3

    As somebody who has lived all 22 years of my life in WV, if you want to see poor white people, we have plenty 😂😂😂.

  • Jans Diaz
    Jans Diaz 16 days ago

    Super great podcast. Tim Pool honestly had such great points and arguments.

    • Justin S
      Justin S 14 days ago

      You are genuinely so fucking dumb

  • cris najar
    cris najar 16 days ago

    Man Jaime needs to pull his head out of his ass, We were doing this "ok" "made you look" game back in '07 in Iraq. On patrol and even during missions. I got nabbed all the time when one of my team leaders would say "hey look what I found" id look and bam there it was. We even had a stipulation if you look, and you could put your finger in it, it would be an automatic reversal. We were Infantryman. It doesn't matter what age or occupation. This kinda behavior is common in a lot of first responders and military. We had a Battalion Smaj doing this too.

  • Oak 88
    Oak 88 16 days ago +7

    Second time watching this episode a lot of good stuff in here, glad I know follow tim pool he's an excellent follow for anyone trying to get unbiased sources of news and opinions, he's on the side of truth and i appreciate that

  • Wayne Johnson
    Wayne Johnson 16 days ago +3

    Joe "I completely agree" Rogan

  • Dabi
    Dabi 16 days ago +2

    They believe they are the majority and so are merely doing the clean up work required to have a 'civil', identitarian intersectional society, which their group wants, and which they believe we all must truly want. That's frightening to me.

  • OutsideOpinion
    OutsideOpinion 17 days ago +7

    The more Jamie speaks, the less I like him. PLEASE, shut the hell up. You ain't the star, JOE is.

  • Daybreaker 7
    Daybreaker 7 17 days ago


  • Paul Mc
    Paul Mc 17 days ago +3

    Identity politics,,, are meant to destroy conversation, because the dnc can not stand on policy, and knows it.

  • Alex Paynter
    Alex Paynter 18 days ago

    Boom, there it is

  • Alex Paynter
    Alex Paynter 18 days ago

    Damn Tim Pool is smart as fuck! Definitely gonna start watching his stuff.

    • Justin S
      Justin S 14 days ago

      Holy shit how can you be the perfect mark for such a dumb grifter?

  • Jacob Payne
    Jacob Payne 18 days ago

    "I don't block people..... I block some people". Haha

  • slider380
    slider380 18 days ago

    Australia is still censored from 4chan, infuriating....

  • Uller Uprising
    Uller Uprising 18 days ago

    did jimmy dore spit in alex jones's face? or am I think of wrong guy?

    • Uller Uprising
      Uller Uprising 18 days ago

      +Jacob Payne I can never have any respect for some one that's spits in some one's face.

    • Jacob Payne
      Jacob Payne 18 days ago

      He did, then he insta got out of there. It was a bitch move, if you spit in someone's face you better be prepared to fight not turn around and pretty much run away.

  • shawn slopoke
    shawn slopoke 19 days ago

    It is mainly the symbol adopted by the 3 percenters. Alot of cops believe that they are 3 percenters and use the ok sign to show it.

  • Mexico City
    Mexico City 19 days ago

    "Tough guys with guns do not play the "made you look game" - Jaime

    Only a beta male would think LE/Military are anything but bros fucking around 98% and operating 2% of the time.
    As a U.S. Marine, MOS 0321, Camp Pendleton; Jaime, stop being a pussy boy SJW moron.

  • Ahmed Altaf
    Ahmed Altaf 20 days ago


  • Thad Cully
    Thad Cully 20 days ago

    First time watching this. Fuck Jamie.

  • xTiltedx
    xTiltedx 20 days ago

    The "3" 👌 Percent Oath Keepers Against all enemies foreign and domestic.....

  • SupaFlySi
    SupaFlySi 20 days ago

    Its very easy to avoid all of this by just not using twitter. I dont, i get my news elsewhere, and i never need a platform to say something because im purposly excluding myself from the hostile conversation in the first place. You dont need to be on twitter you just dont

  • C KaldariaQ
    C KaldariaQ 21 day ago

    Tiims got a problem with Crony-capitolisum not leeze fair capitolisum. The large companies pushed to make tax law complicated and pushed regulation to strangle small buisnesses.

  • Aura DeWolfe
    Aura DeWolfe 21 day ago

    That "ok" game is called ball gazer and in some places asshole ... lmfao

  • PEI Fella
    PEI Fella 21 day ago

    Hey guys, I think the game is ballgazer or something of the sort. I know because my buddies played it too

  • Omar Pancoast
    Omar Pancoast 21 day ago

    We need Alfred Korzybski... general semantics... now more than ever! (look it up)

  • Stephen Cook
    Stephen Cook 21 day ago

    Tim Pool is literally me.
    I was just playing Civ 6 last night so when he said he plays as well I freaked out with happiness😂😂
    Also watching this podcast on 03/28/2019 The Economist just published an article labeling Ben Shaprio as alt-right. They are getting blasted for it on Twitter but it’s definitely getting clicked on.

    • Justin S
      Justin S 14 days ago

      You're also a bald opportunist grifter providing cover for the far-right?

  • Fernando Villanueva
    Fernando Villanueva 21 day ago

    I'm 69, and today, I do not believe conservatism or progressivism can't be final social "solutions" but tools for every social now, just because I do not believe in the existence at all of any final social solution. So, I'm really scared (thinking about my sons) of the rotten status of the present Radical Left leaders and because of that, I want to write here this: I've concluded this man Tim Pool (whom I didn't know before watching this Joe Rogan video) is even a more relevant social influence than he can imagine today. To me, hopefully, the tip of a new social iceberg.

  • Racer X
    Racer X 21 day ago

    You know I'm one of these people who don't watch the news it's just increasingly toxic and depressing. So pretty much after Trump got elected I got so tired of hearing it I just tuned it out and this is the first I'm hearing about this okay hand gesture. when I was younger and in school I remember someone telling me that that okay hand gesture in other countries mean something similar to asshole. I remember hearing stories of soldiers just friendly making that gesture to kids in other countries and then getting beaten up. I don't even know if that's true but I can't believe the outrage over something that's just clearly fake.

  • Jeff
    Jeff 21 day ago +4

    Rogan needs to stop hiring social justice homeless guys like Jamie

  • Capten Hook
    Capten Hook 22 days ago

    31 year old engineer, take my career seriously, provide for my family, and when I am around my friends I play the look game ALL THE TIME!

  • U R M O M S N E W B O Y F R I E N D

    4chan always making fun of everyone lol

  • DoubleTapTheConvo
    DoubleTapTheConvo 22 days ago

    In the Military this is a common practice of doing the ok symbol for the punch game. Also, if you break the ring you get to punch the guy 3 times

    • DoubleTapTheConvo
      DoubleTapTheConvo 22 days ago

      its common practice e to do it in pictures, so that every time you catch a buddy looking you smack them

  • ToxicBloom
    ToxicBloom 22 days ago +1

    Tim pool is the best journalist on RUclip by far

    • ToxicBloom
      ToxicBloom 20 days ago

      Christian Anderson I regret looking either of them up Jesus Christ

    • Christian Anderson
      Christian Anderson 20 days ago

      I disagree sir... Poppy Harlow or Gloria Borga are the best. Tim is definitely number 3 though

  • ToxicBloom
    ToxicBloom 22 days ago +3

    Jamie wtf, I can imagine him going through the comments trying to find support and just getting pissed

  • Aslan
    Aslan 22 days ago

    I've gotten by in Sweden as a bartender on minimum wage without any tip. That's like 24 000 dollars a year, and I managed to save around 10 thousand dollars a year. Insurance is cheap, even free if your workplace has an agreement with one of the national unions (which almost everyone has, otherwise you can join a union and then you're insured as part of that).
    Oh and medical bills? No worries, it's cheap as fuck and you don't need any insurance to get medical help. 77 000 dollars a year in Sweden is a great salary, but maybe 20k gets into the highest tax bracket, which is 60%. I doubt that Norway has an 80% tax bracket, but I could be wrong.

  • Darric P.L.
    Darric P.L. 23 days ago +1

    Joe Rogan is a fucking moron, it's fucking torture trying to listen to Tim's well thought out ideas while before every single goddamn point Tim has he's rudely fucking interrupted by Joe because Joe has some shit random comment, or side-thought that distracts him because he wasn't listening anyhow, and he's set off on some acid flashbacks that leads far off topic and rabbit trails into bullshit retarded rambling, dude.. shut the fuck up you dumbass fucking burn out.. for the love of god just stop doing so many drugs or don't and just go do them all at once I don't give two fucks either way just shut the fuck up when other well-informed people who fucking know what the fucks going on and know about the shit they're talking about fucking talk! They matter and they are fucking talking, like seriously, the entire free world is on the verge of civil war and you wouldn't know it by watching joe fuckhead rogan, he's here all the while just being a complete ignorant fuck, oblivious due drug self-induced retardation, we do not have time for your ignorant bullshit and uninformed mindless chatter you dumb fucking fuck.. fuck

  • Chuck Hurley
    Chuck Hurley 23 days ago

    What an insanely retarded argument for the progressive tax. Was actually looking forward to to hearing a good one; could not be more disappointed

  • Neill Kennedy
    Neill Kennedy 23 days ago

    Tim is 1000% right about the swat hand gesture and them playing that game

  • Eschew Life
    Eschew Life 23 days ago

    1:43:34 Joe getting close to the okay hand game.

  • you tube
    you tube 24 days ago

    He doesnt understand the concept of getting paid even if youre unwilling to work???? The ideology behind this is that it is modern slavery to force somebody to work to pay for the right to live. If an individual doesnt agree/like the corporate system, there is nowhere for them to go. It is in line with the idea that humans have been manipulated and coerced to such an extent over the centuries that we are no longer sustained by the planet which we reside on (ie the earth does not 'accommodate' or 'sustain' us because we have become so far removed from our natural beings (see the natural world - animals dont need to build houses, they dont need to build supermarkets, a minority dont need to stockpile all the food, a minority dont need to control everything - meaning humans are now alien to the natural world0. There are experiments happening in various areas where people are given a minimum income without being in forced, mandatory slavery. etc. etc. hope this helps him to understand the concept of getting paid even if youre not willing to 'work'.
    Then he questions who is going to finance this and goes on about taxpayers. So to get your head around this idea, you have to understand a bit about the whole accounting farce, the financial system and how debt is created.
    Civil war??? The UK is close. (aka vote to leave europe. MPs and MEPs not honouring our vote). Meanwhile he is going on about world war 2 - one of the most very important facts of world war 2, after uk declared war on germany, was that the british government freemasons would not allow uk troops to bomb german munitions -hence the quiet war, or phoney war.
    41 minutes in, and i cant listen to anymore.
    Things become clearer sometimes with age.

  • Hosni Below
    Hosni Below 24 days ago

    Jimmy Dore spit in a mans face. Jimmy Dore is a piece of shit.

  • Onix Junes
    Onix Junes 24 days ago +1

    One time I was at a restaurant that police officers are always at having lunch, this was a time when “the division” video game was getting a lot of criticism for being repetitive, boring, stupid, etc..these officers were talking tactics and beat weapons coolest gear best strategies, and no one mentioned anything about twitch, or streamers or Twitter beef. So yeah not everyone LIVES on twitter arguing about dumb shit