Joe Rogan Experience #1242 - Tim Pool

  • Published on Feb 9, 2019
  • Tim Pool is an independent journalist. His work can currently be found at and on his RUclip channel:

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  • HRRyan2
    HRRyan2 15 hours ago +1

    i give it a few short years (or less) before tim walks away from the democratic party.

  • Comedy Tragedy
    Comedy Tragedy 17 hours ago

    I played the ok game in 1987 during high school. We even had rules like "not above the waist" or "if you put your finger in the hole before they caught you looking, then you could arm punch them." great fun.

  • EzeakioDarmey
    EzeakioDarmey 17 hours ago

    Theres a TON of porn on Twitter.

  • Nicholas Breecher
    Nicholas Breecher 20 hours ago

    Relating to the conversation at 55:00
    Soldiers in the U.S. Army can be described as the 2nd Amendment meeting 2nd grade.....
    You *WILL NOT* meet a soldier who has deployed and doesn't have some stupid antics story that would otherwise come off as wildly immature and unprofessional. Hell, there is a video somewhere out there of me kitted up in a truck that's mounted with a .50cal dancing because someone was filming and I was trying to ruin "Hero pics" for my own personal humor.
    Guys play the hand game constantly, they do shit like pull chairs out from under each other, they fight spiders with any insects they can find....
    Most of it is probably trying to just find a way to cope with the stress of a tense and serious environment but a lot of it is also just because you end up becoming buddies with the guys and chicks you work with so you fuck with eachother because you see eachother so often.

  • Neale Packham
    Neale Packham 21 hour ago

    Awsome, an opinionated Tim Pool, love it

  • Amellia Mendel
    Amellia Mendel Day ago

    I recognize this guy. I'm subscribed to him, but I've never finished one of his videos. He goes on and on, like we get there pointy in 90 seconds.

  • Mac McDonald
    Mac McDonald Day ago

    Totally a Tim Pool fan now because of his rational insights into political and policy news. Currently backtracking thru his appearances and YT posts.

  • mofopartyfunk
    mofopartyfunk Day ago

    the games called ASS0

  • Dorian Serna
    Dorian Serna Day ago

    If they start filming porn wearing MAGA hats then, only then they'll ban porn

  • Don’t Tread On Me


  • Afanasii Kamenkoi
    Afanasii Kamenkoi Day ago +1

    If you want to know what kind of people are on 4chan, think of tim's brother.

  • steadytube
    steadytube Day ago

    Ben Shapiro in a beanie with a beard??

  • Zachary Lunebach
    Zachary Lunebach Day ago +1

    Played the circle game in the USMC for years.Jamie needs to shut up.

  • Sesse Lind
    Sesse Lind 2 days ago

    "some people did something"

  • Andrew Gardiner
    Andrew Gardiner 2 days ago

    This was a great episode. Tim is such a smart, perceptive guy. I would love to see you have him back on the show some time during the 2020 campaign

  • Cuntsville
    Cuntsville 3 days ago +1

    Joe rogan is such a dunce, I’m 40 and play the punching game. Joe’s been hanging round puffs, and I’m one yet I know and play the game

  • N sane
    N sane 3 days ago

    not depressed dudes, but rather ignorant moms and pops are popping pills. And those depressed dudes are their very own children when they grow up with two addicted parents. So make no mistake, 94% of young kids under 16 try weed at first, and even if they try any pills after that very few people get/stay depressed after being introduced to marijuana, so i think you are wrong here

  • Dano
    Dano 3 days ago +1

    I agree with Tim.. He has hit on something most of us fail to understand or overlook. The people who are doing the banning (in this case) are of a certain 'Ilk' and truly believe the ends justify the means and will adjudicate their beliefs as they have been bent, or by association, because of their political leanings..They think they are in the right.. literally!

  • Robert Reinert
    Robert Reinert 3 days ago

  • S T
    S T 4 days ago +1

    Rogan is not the retard that we wanted... he's the retard that we deserve. PS. 4chan loves you too faggot... humor is timeless

  • Justin Somerville
    Justin Somerville 4 days ago

    This Tim pool guy sounds really intelligent but hes a super big fucken pussie cause hes too afraid to say things because hes going to have people write stuff about him grow a sack you fucken fagget

  • Arc Abominationist
    Arc Abominationist 4 days ago +1

    if you do that below your hips and someone looks down at it that means the person that looked is an asshole.....that's what I have always been told. Growing up we all did it to one another...…

    • Negev
      Negev 2 days ago

      It's a game I played in middle school. Jamie is retarded.

  • mekal lakem
    mekal lakem 4 days ago

  • sn00ch
    sn00ch 4 days ago

    Baldylocks and the 3 Hairs = Tim Pool.

  • mekal lakem
    mekal lakem 4 days ago

    1:13:17 thank you joe "live off of the teaching not religion" is what I have been trying to spread
    This encompasses all religions you do not need to go to church\temple\mosque to learn from religious texts

  • Jorge Allthedrums
    Jorge Allthedrums 4 days ago

    It's not that the Okay sign is a Nazi symbol, it's that they use it. The alt-right has a habit of taking over, or sabotaging if you will, virtually harmless symbols (in my country, a certain nazi party even had freakin peace signs sown to their jackets), claim the "it's not the nazi salute" defence because after all it is just a frog/okay sign/milk, and as soon as people catch up... Switch. To be short: doing the okay sign or playing "made ya look" doesn't make you a nazi, just like posting Pepe memes, or really anything else these nazis do, which is exactly why they do these things. You guys should see their activity on 4chan, they get a real kick from seeing the left looking like paranoids for pointing this out and nobody believing them and everyone else, at least passively, taking their side. The alt-right is way more organized than you think , they have a literal rulebook on how to defend white supremacist possitions without sounding like it, and how to get everyone else to to defend them, even if they're not alt-right.

  • Stavros K
    Stavros K 4 days ago +1

    Tim thinks the rest of the world just talks football and drinks beer.

  • Colby Matthews
    Colby Matthews 4 days ago

    Just lost a lot of respect

  • Colby Matthews
    Colby Matthews 4 days ago

    Joe aare u seroius aboht that bein a wp sigh..... Wow people had no idea about that shit intill dem. Brought it up

  • Antti Laaksonen
    Antti Laaksonen 5 days ago

    in Scandinavia they just stop? WTF ,🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣. Sweden has most billionaires in the world per capita...

  • Alex Pastor
    Alex Pastor 5 days ago

    Poverty is not a driving force for crime. Relative poverty is.

  • Harley Walls
    Harley Walls 6 days ago

    facebook youtube twitter all left wing radical organisations call it out as it is god dam it

  • 81dismal
    81dismal 6 days ago +1

    How about keep your pathetic platforms, we'll build our own.

  • shark toof
    shark toof 6 days ago

    God damn Jamie, why are you like this

  • Aiden Frost
    Aiden Frost 6 days ago +2

    "If you cut out a man's tongue, it doesn't prove that the man was wrong, it proves you feared what the man had to say"

  • Dankrupt
    Dankrupt 7 days ago

    Joe Rogan got baited by 4Chan LUL

  • Noah Okayama
    Noah Okayama 7 days ago

    I’d bet my car that Tim wouldn’t be pro-UBI if it were actually instituted for 10 years. He’s not stupid but he’s a little short-sighted but I’m sure he’ll mature out of it.

  • SageMarie Sprenger
    SageMarie Sprenger 7 days ago

    People develope silly inside joke stuff/ games. Me and my friends/sibling/ coworkers flip eachother off with a big ass grin on our faces when we pass eachother on the road in our vehicles.

  • Vegan Marine
    Vegan Marine 7 days ago

    It's ridiculous Tim, the rules of the game stipulate that you have to be able to counter the circle by pointing directly inside it without looking. In this situation it's a photo, the onlooker can not counter, they can't poke it....

  • Daniel McArthur
    Daniel McArthur 7 days ago

    The okay sign existed a fuck ton longer time than these white power movements, they do not own the okay sign.

  • Artemus Over Easy
    Artemus Over Easy 7 days ago

    I must be missing something. Since when is the OK sign a tribal symbol for Trump supporters?? I do agree with Tims stance on the topic. And enjoy his YT channel. And Jaime in a particular pissy mood in this vid
    Assumptions are pretty much what make any discussion more f’d then it needs to be. Differences of opinion is a lost art.

  • Cryptoversity
    Cryptoversity 7 days ago

    JUst stop using twitter; switch to Minds . commmmm

  • ChilledTea
    ChilledTea 8 days ago

    what the hell Milo is worse then i thought. Gosh gay people are so disgusting. What trash.

  • ChilledTea
    ChilledTea 8 days ago

    i just realized Tim's iconic beanie is a Zumiez brand beanie. Empire is a Zumiez brand. now it looks like he endorse Zumiez so weird

  • Harmoni Greer
    Harmoni Greer 8 days ago

    Lol socialism

  • Jak Bowen
    Jak Bowen 8 days ago

    can confirm the michigan hello thing.

  • Jessi Duffour
    Jessi Duffour 9 days ago

    There are Nazis in Steam. In Wolfenstein.

  • * *
    * * 9 days ago

    How in the hell have you not heard of that game? That was a thing in the locker room when I was in middle school dude... I'm almost 30 now!

    • * *
      * * 9 days ago

      Not to mention this entire got-dammed thing was a hoax from the start... how the shit are people so fuckin stupid?

  • Poopdawg
    Poopdawg 9 days ago +1

    Ultra Cuck Jamie, what a fucking SJW tool.

  • uziXwraith
    uziXwraith 9 days ago


  • Kyle Tompkins
    Kyle Tompkins 9 days ago

    LOL at the swat hand game! lmao!

  • Schleicherfreund
    Schleicherfreund 9 days ago

    "Made you look!"-game:
    Around for god knows how many decades.
    (correctly placed upside down on the waist/leg as the game is played)
    obscure White-power-handgesture-hoax:
    Around not even a year and fake to boot!
    (needs to be held up, so the W and P signal the words White & Power correctly, not coinciding with the story)
    "Must be the latter, clearly!"

  • Jason A
    Jason A 10 days ago +3

    70 percent tax???!! Nobody is calling pool out for thinking this is ok?? I don’t care how rich you are over half someone’s money is wrong on every level

    • Artemus Over Easy
      Artemus Over Easy 7 days ago

      Jason A I believe he sd 70% wasnt good at all. He basically said yes some tax is necessary but the corruption s what is destroying the current model and that needs to change. Since this vid he has ripped AOC repeatedly on virtually everything that comes out of her mouth. Thank God

    • christian penchev
      christian penchev 9 days ago

      Tim said that it's too much, but the current tax system isn't good enough. I dont live in the US so I don't know if he is right.

  • 88' MikeTyson
    88' MikeTyson 11 days ago +1

    Joe Libby self comes out 👌🏻“maybe that’s what they were doing?!”

  • MastaChief10
    MastaChief10 11 days ago


  • kingalvasto765
    kingalvasto765 11 days ago

    Jamie just stop.

  • Jon Hammer
    Jon Hammer 11 days ago

    Hell black people talk whites down all the time together publicly u view this shit is creating racism . blacks are doing most of this yet whites are the racists . look at reality people

  • Daniel Fenning
    Daniel Fenning 11 days ago

    The thing is if you work you should be able to afford your bills no matter the job there should be a limit on how much people can charge rent shouldn't be higher then anybody's weekly check and a house that cost 40 thousand to build if that shouldn't be sold for 300 Grand you can still have a capitalist society but there should be a limit on pricing things for luxary items charge whatever but for essentials it needs to be affordable for everyone that works

  • 1997ghost1
    1997ghost1 11 days ago +1

    bro, I'm in the Army and we play the ok game all the time... And we have grenade launchers lol (11B if anyone is wondering)

  • rants n' rambles
    rants n' rambles 12 days ago +1

    Can you tell the moron in the back to quite down?
    "they're too badass for the circle game....they are avid 4chan users though"
    FFS if we don't know them.....maybe dont slap them with the kkk label

  • Tom Yost
    Tom Yost 12 days ago

    He likes Bernie. Why

  • Aaron Betzen
    Aaron Betzen 12 days ago +3

    100% that is a game I’m 36 and have been playing that with my close groups of friends for 20 years

  • Rayjay25
    Rayjay25 12 days ago +1

    The well-known OK gesture, when held with the thumb on top at the level of the chest means "asshole", as seen in the film Mr. Holland's Opus

  • Squints S
    Squints S 12 days ago +1

    For Jamie to say they aren’t kids they are grown men then him say yeah me and my friends still play that game . So he’s admitting he’s a child? Why would we listen to him? What an idiot . Joe needs to find a new search engine

  • Joel Bento
    Joel Bento 12 days ago

    That hand symbol could totaly be a game , brother in arms do that kind of shit in the army. I know for a fact , Police migth not be that diferen.

  • Luka Hays
    Luka Hays 12 days ago

    Tim Pool is a blatant right winger masquerading as a left winger. Just look at the content of his channel. It’s literally entirely just shitting on the left while giving the right a pass. Screw this charlatan.

  • Banana Gaming
    Banana Gaming 12 days ago


  • Fiddlekrazy Steve
    Fiddlekrazy Steve 12 days ago


    • Fiddlekrazy Steve
      Fiddlekrazy Steve Day ago +1

      @Negev lol! That's funny! As might can tell I haven't gotten more than three sips into my FRenCh PREsS COffEE so I tHinK THAT...WHOLLY PHOKK ...COFFEE IS NOW KICKIN' IN!!

    • Negev
      Negev 2 days ago +1

      Long hair Tyler Durden, please calm down. No need to type in all caps.

  • S Kirk
    S Kirk 12 days ago +2

    I like Tim Pool. Don't agree with everything he says....but I like that he self examines, thinks and seeks the healthy honest truth.

  • S Kirk
    S Kirk 12 days ago

    Then why not support Trump? He's bringing jobs back. The Blacksmith lost his job when cars were invented. You have to adapt. This is the way of the world. Socialism takes away innovation and incentive and the struggle that creates character and real self esteem. When you become elderly and have worked your whole life and then you lose your job and end up on the is only the decent thing to do to provide for those folks. But the young need to learn what work and struggle is...or they become useless mouths to feed....and are fed by someone else's labor. That's a theft of that person's hard work. The machines will do us in. I don't care if we can do it. Like nukes....some technologies need to be highly monitored and held under lock and key; AI will be the end of human civilization. Just because we can....doesn't mean we should.

  • S Kirk
    S Kirk 12 days ago

    The problem with this generation...they don't remember a different time when life was decent and nice. Even for the blacks. Even for the poor. People weren't so full of hate and anger. People still believed in God. People knew what this country was about and there was very little political conflict. We treated each other with courtesy, children didn't shoot up the schools, people had enough to live on, the streets were relatively safe. It's about culture. Not looks. Why is it so awful that people want to be around their own kind? You got into college because of ability.. There were black educated people as well as Senators. It's about culture!

  • S Kirk
    S Kirk 12 days ago

    When you have people you cannot convince...and who want to dominate either kill them...or live in constant conflict and eventual destruction. You can't talk Hitler out of taking over Poland. The problem with libertarians is...they tend to be idealistic and unrealistic to actual human nature and just how evil man can become. Sometimes you have to kill...or be killed.

  • S Kirk
    S Kirk 13 days ago

    Poverty alone does not create crime. Culture and morality more than anything. Obama I never trusted from the beginning. All you have to do is look into his background. Character and upbringing matter. Obama is a racist.communist Muslim . The Devil does not come with horns. He come with a charming smile.

  • S Kirk
    S Kirk 13 days ago

    Can't stand the word "progressive". It's not. Don't fix what isn't broke. Life is a struggle. There is no perfect system that will prevent people from any struggle whatsoever. And it's not good for people. For many reasons. Capitalism without morality creates oligarchies. This country was based on the Christian ethic. People used to be able to make a deal with a handshake. There was something called honor and integrity. Because people had humility before God. Today, people are arrogant and think they know better than all of what has been learned and gained through history. We need a common moral compass.

  • S Kirk
    S Kirk 13 days ago

    Equality means equal opportunity. Equity means equal outcome. If everyone runs a race. They have equal opportunity. If everybody wins the race...there is equity. If a woman does the same job....she gets paid the same. Few women do the same job as a man. Plus...there are other negatives to hiring a woman. Women tend to take more days off....and have pregnancy leave. They will earn less in that case. Perception and reality are not the same thing.

  • John Moyer
    John Moyer 13 days ago

    The punching game has been rampant in my family, sure I'm white lol but we just give em a punch in the arm it's nothing that's gonna hurt em, for long 😂 maybe a bruise

  • tma neq
    tma neq 13 days ago

    Well an upside down white power symbol means they are against white power. If I threw a blood gang symbol that means I am against blood gang.

  • tma neq
    tma neq 13 days ago +1

    This guy is all over the road. He is one of those guys that only knows part of the truth and backs it up with don't quote me or not sure exactly or something to the effect!

  • tma neq
    tma neq 13 days ago

    The hat has to go!

  • g00d4sh
    g00d4sh 13 days ago +1

    The fucking circle game. I'm 40, tons of military people play the fucking circle game. For shits sake man, just google.

    • Negev
      Negev 2 days ago

      Yeah, Jamie is just a tard.

  • MothWizzard
    MothWizzard 13 days ago

    Where is the part where pool says hes an anarchist because of the bands he listens to

  • Jonathan Alexander
    Jonathan Alexander 14 days ago

    Ugh Sargon is such a hypocrites pos. Ban him from everything.

  • Zentella6
    Zentella6 14 days ago +1

    I come back to watch this to see Tim own Jaime. They were playing the punishing game.

  • Zentella6
    Zentella6 14 days ago +1

    4chan is weaponized autism. Use responsibly. God bless those fucks.

  • You cant handle my name!

    i find it amazing that jamie thinks its more likely that these dudes are white supremacist than just a bunch of bros dooing the circle game.

  • Bugfeed's Joe Bugstein Trump

    based alpha chad Tim Pool schools beta soy cuck leftist Joe Rogan.

  • chonn_stonez
    chonn_stonez 14 days ago

    Jamie kicked ass and stood up for rationality in this circumstance.

  • freewillobjector
    freewillobjector 14 days ago

    Why is Bill Ottman paying Tim Pool to censor people on Minds... 1:07:13 Tim Pool is worse that shit, he is the corn in every turd you ever dropped...

  • Christopher Rambazis
    Christopher Rambazis 14 days ago +1

    Joe. Get DAN CRENSHAW on ur show. HES THE BEST

  • Wild Fire
    Wild Fire 14 days ago +2

    Socialism / Communism is repulsive. It won't work with human beings

  • Slash Misfit 82
    Slash Misfit 82 15 days ago

    I love how joe and the idiot sound board guy try to act like they've never heard of the don't look game. And how it came back for a second and was the same time as the swat cops took the picture. Blind leftist just looking for something to be racist..

  • Bubbling Blue Crab
    Bubbling Blue Crab 15 days ago

    Captain Tim Pool..... no just Tim Pool.

  • uziXwraith
    uziXwraith 16 days ago +1

    @32:46 *reefer madness*

  • uziXwraith
    uziXwraith 16 days ago

    when you wish upon a weinstein...

  • GoFuck Yourself
    GoFuck Yourself 16 days ago


  • Vitaliy Monastyrev
    Vitaliy Monastyrev 16 days ago

    Progressive tax mostly works against upper-middle class, because people earning more than that usually business owners, keeping their money and power on the business. Meanwhile it makes a great potential for political corruption and buying votes of poor and low-middle class: "vote for me and I will raise tax for this rich guy".

  • Inaire Falen
    Inaire Falen 17 days ago

    the tech guy needs to get the hell out of the conversation. This is the joe rogan show no the tech guy show.

  • Tyler Overby
    Tyler Overby 17 days ago

    Why are they acting like it's so hard to believe those cops were playing the ok game? Just cause they're cops?
    When I was in the army even the NCOs did that shit to eachother. Them being cops doesn't mean a damn thing, they're probably just a bunch of bros.

  • Metatron
    Metatron 17 days ago

    What is going on? Why’s Joe acting so odd??

  • TheClimbTo1
    TheClimbTo1 17 days ago

    Jaime: Those guys are adults!
    Also Jaime: We still play it!