Megan Fox on Machine Gun Kelly’s Outfits, Doing Ayahuasca with Him in Costa Rica & New Thriller

  • Published on Jul 12, 2021
  • Megan talks to guest host Arsenio Hall about coordinating outfits with her boyfriend Machine Gun Kelly, going to Vegas with him for the McGregor/Poirier fight, Donald Trump sitting near her, doing Ayahuasca with him in Costa Rica, her new movie “Till Death,” and Colson coming to visit her in Bulgaria.

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Comments • 4 391

  • Killer Queen

    I need Arsenio Hall to get his own show again, he KNOWS how to carry an interview respectfully and is incredibly funny

  • Taylor
    Taylor  +4

    He did a great job interviewing her. Didn't disrespect her and let her talk and he's also funny

  • LittleRedRubyWong

    He actually lets the guest talk. Shocking! Petition to keep him.

  • Nicole Estrada

    We need a petition for Arsenio to get his own show again, he’s the best interviewer/host

  • avsn
    avsn  +3

    This dude is so much better at his craft than jimmy. He really does his homework rather than making things awkward. A lot of times I knew things that jimmy didnt.

  • Rod
    Rod  +917

    No BS she's a great story teller. If she has a podcast I can listen to her all day long. Kudos to her!

  • fr0zenintimeee

    her beauty is on another level 😭

  • Karina Hernandez

    Omg this host is incredible and he lets Megan speak peacefully.

  • Leon S. Kennedy

    Arsenio Hall is extremely underrated and he needs his own show again. He lets his guests talk unlike many of these interrupt happy talkshow hosts, asks the right questions and carries the interview along in such a smooth and real way.

  • tai kali
    tai kali  +350

    i love her going into the whole psychedelic ayahuasca experience i’m sure a lot of celebs don’t have the guts to talk about that stuff on here

  • Lacy Courtney

    This was such a soothing interview. Weirdly enough considering some of Megans topics. BUT the host was so calm and respectful towards her, so she was able to truly be genuine and the conversation flowed so organically. She paints such a picture when she speaks and I have never had the chance to see her speak so freely during an interview like this. Props to the host, he set the mood perfectly.

  • C L
    C L  +725

    I love how the whole thing is just her telling stories. He kind of stays out of the way, just throws on another record every few minutes to keep things spinning, but doesn't make it about him.

  • Hot pink Motorola

    This is the first male interviewer that didn’t disrespect megan

  • Nikki Richards

    Arsenio definitely needs to have his own show again, he is so much m0re respectfull, humble, funny, interviewer, person in general then all the hosts these days.. bring back the old school stuff again!!

  • RASK
    RASK  +2

    i LOVE this guy, LOVE is a understatement, he makes my soul feel good! <3

  • X Shane
    X Shane  +83

    if Megan had a podcast I would definitely listen. She's a great story teller.

  • VALENTINEproductions

    She’s a better actress than she gets credit for. She just doesn’t get the projects she can really show off in. Someone should make that Fathom movie she wants to make. She’s perfect for a comic book character.

  • jenna anshel

    I love this guy already . He is literally talking to her like a normal person and I love this

  • Bluemgwes

    I really love how much Arsenio allows his guests to talk. It's really refreshing to see in 2021. He should bring his show back!

  • Asia Delilah

    She looks incredible as ever. Her body, shoes and everything.