Disney's Mulan - Official Teaser

  • Published on Jul 7, 2019
  • When the Emperor of China issues a decree that one man per family must serve in the Imperial Army to defend the country from Northern invaders, Hua Mulan, the eldest daughter of an honored warrior, steps in to take the place of her ailing father. Masquerading as a man, Hua Jun, she is tested every step of the way and must harness her inner-strength and embrace her true potential. It is an epic journey that will transform her into an honored warrior and earn her the respect of a grateful nation…and a proud father. “Mulan” features a celebrated international cast that includes: Yifei Liu as Mulan; Donnie Yen as Commander Tung; Jason Scott Lee as Böri Khan; Yoson An as Cheng Honghui; with Gong Li as Xianniang and Jet Li as the Emperor. The film is directed by Niki Caro from a screenplay by Rick Jaffa & Amanda Silver and Elizabeth Martin & Lauren Hynek based on the narrative poem “The Ballad of Mulan.”

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  • Axel Vin
    Axel Vin Hour ago

    the woman although speaking in English still seams to be speaking in Chinese 😁

  • Solarre Thalbrie
    Solarre Thalbrie Hour ago

    Goddamnit, why ppl are hating this?its still a TEASER trailer!

  • Corridor Echoes
    Corridor Echoes 3 hours ago

    Reflection as the bg music tho 😍

  • Gabi Fitzpatrick
    Gabi Fitzpatrick 5 hours ago +3

    NO MUSHU??? D:

  • Flightdeck Magazin
    Flightdeck Magazin 6 hours ago +6

    Crap movie and ugly actress. US movie tells Chinese story, cannot work.
    Hua Mulan is the best movie, why again the story from Disney?

  • Peyton Duran
    Peyton Duran 6 hours ago +6

    Where tf is mushu?? Canceled.

  • Zottffss
    Zottffss 7 hours ago +2

    The "Fairy Sister" is now a warrior. o.O

  • noury came
    noury came 9 hours ago

    please choose tori kelly to sing reflection

  • AJ The Pinoy
    AJ The Pinoy 10 hours ago +2

    Train wreck? Let's find out...

  • Mayra Alvarado Terucan
    Mayra Alvarado Terucan 10 hours ago

    Y donde esta el desonrrara tu vaca >:'v

  • 1mARi0t
    1mARi0t 11 hours ago +6

    Damn Disney Studios... You've been fucking up.
    Walt would not be happy... for a man that spent most of his life, heart and soul dedicated to the animation part not to mention his favorite part about it was the music, you basically insult him and cut out a chance to add it in. No Mushu? No Cri-Kee? smh

  • Kamren Saunders
    Kamren Saunders 11 hours ago

    Can people not judge the movie like come on people we just got a teaser and y’all are already judging. Mulan is doing the original tale to it, probably the one where she doesn’t kill herself obviously but seriously let Disney have a chance with this. I’m very excited for this and you should be too

  • 뽀'씨발'레기
    뽀'씨발'레기 12 hours ago +8

    Go back to your damn china mulan, save hong kong

  • Britt Waller
    Britt Waller 13 hours ago

    I am so ready! Omg I love the story of fa mulan!!! IN LOVE! I'm so happy!! 👏🏽👏🏽👏🏽👏🏽

  • Amare Odiea
    Amare Odiea 13 hours ago +1

    I won't make a woman of you.
    I'll make a MULAN of you.

  • Alyssa Rojas
    Alyssa Rojas 16 hours ago +7

    What about Mushu!?!

  • xmz70
    xmz70 16 hours ago +8

    boycott mulan for hong kong people. the actress bring dishonor to all chinese people.

    • alanOHALAN
      alanOHALAN 13 hours ago

      Chinese are against the rioters.

  • Briana Elmore
    Briana Elmore 18 hours ago +5

    Who else believes Brenda song should’ve played this part because she played Wendy Wu

  • Destiny Ignited
    Destiny Ignited 19 hours ago +8

    this is my favorite Disney princess man wtf is this trash

  • Destiny Ignited
    Destiny Ignited 19 hours ago +7

    No Grandma
    No Shang
    Wheere the hell is my Horse at man
    this is buuuuuuuulllllllllllshit

  • dani kristianto
    dani kristianto 21 hour ago +6

    it will be better if using chinnese language not in English

  • Ka Hei LAU
    Ka Hei LAU 21 hour ago +6


  • Sourav Bhattacharjee
    Sourav Bhattacharjee 21 hour ago +5

    Father look like China's President

  • Geraldo s
    Geraldo s 23 hours ago +1


  • Na Na
    Na Na Day ago

    I have watched this trailer like 8 times during this last two months and get emotional every time. Can’t wait for the movie!

    INESSA Day ago

    All of these people complaining about how they didn't show enough of the scenes and overall content that was in the animated movie from '98... You want the Americanized, "funny" Disney version, not the real tale of Chinese culture

  • Medbread 『🍞』

    The movie looks promising in my opinion. It seems like it's going in a direction more reminiscent of the original Mulan tale, rather than a retelling of the cartoon movie as evidenced by the absence of Mushu and the inclusion of a more skilled warrior in Mulan. It looks like it won't be a musical either, and will be a more serious action drama film. As a Taiwanese/Chinese person that watches Chinese films and dramas, I get that same feeling I get when watching authentic Chinese films when I see this trailer.

  • JYing Jiang
    JYing Jiang Day ago

    i love mulan! i love the leading actress liuyifei !looking foward to it

  • Saige Hill
    Saige Hill Day ago +3

    You: hey mum....
    Mother: ThEsE ArE ThE QuAlItIeS!!!

  • David Hill
    David Hill Day ago +1

    This version will be based on the original tale, rather than the 1998 Disney animated film. In the animated film, Mulan was an only child. In the live action film, she has a sister named Xiu.

    TIGER LILLY Day ago

    I am going to like this.>> Despite some changes, they actually did the correct voice and cast of races.Accurate time period clothing.If Jackie Chan doesn't show up in this some how, Imma cry though.

  • Mybellene Lopena
    Mybellene Lopena Day ago +13

    Mulan will never be the same without MUSHU! 🖕🏻😩

  • CGI Future
    CGI Future Day ago +1

    Can't wait for PLANES live action 😆

  • Serena Chan
    Serena Chan Day ago +9

    I'm Chinese and I think it's ew, btw her ass is banned👍 I don't really look forward to watching this movie #badchoiceofactress

  • depressed gurl
    depressed gurl Day ago

    Here is Disney serving us another mindblowing teaser for a remake of Mulan.
    Bless Disney.

  • Chris Corley
    Chris Corley Day ago +2

    Maybe get RZA to voice Mushu as her spiritual dragon guide -- with lessons of comedy and discipline. ☕ _c.

  • Sammy Wood
    Sammy Wood Day ago

    From a technical standpoint, this looks impressive. The cinematography and use of colours shown off in this trailer is brilliant. I think if this remake will be a more unique and serious take on the classic tale while still staying true to its source material, then this could work. This probably explains why Mushu isn't in it, and honestly I'm okay with that. It shows that this will be more serious, and also Eddie Murphy is irreplaceable. I'd rather not have live-action Mushu instead of them getting some new actor who will probably be good but won't even come close to Eddie Murphy.
    Who knows? If everything goes to plan, we could have a really good remake in our hands soon. The last few ones haven't been amazing, but this has more potential than the last few combined.

  • SiNKarnage
    SiNKarnage Day ago +4

    I swear if they ever touch Emperors New Groove there will be hell to pay

  • Billy Lee
    Billy Lee Day ago +7

    This is the saddest remake I ever seen! And Disney "BET!" before their through. Box office... wont make amends... out of them.

    • Medbread 『🍞』
      Medbread 『🍞』 Day ago

      The movie looks promising in my opinion. It seems like it's going in a direction more reminiscent of the original Mulan tale, rather than a retelling of the cartoon movie as evidenced by the absence of Mushu and the inclusion of a more skilled warrior in Mulan. It looks like it won't be a musical either, and will be a more serious action drama film. As a Taiwanese/Chinese person that watches Chinese films and dramas, I get that same feeling I get when watching authentic Chinese films when I see this trailer.

  • ZorroDood
    ZorroDood Day ago +2

    Shoulda made her black.

  • Gregg Clarke-Lusk

    I dont care to much about this movie remake, all I want to know will McDonald's bring back that Mulan dipping sauce when this movie comes out?

  • Rosa
    Rosa Day ago +6

    You see, when you re-create a movie from a franchise, you actually have to be bothered your entire arse to actually research about the characters, the plot, the everything about it. They didn't do ant of that with this "movie".....

    And that, everyone, is why this "Mulan" movie.... will inevitably suck.

    • Rosa
      Rosa 5 hours ago

      @Medbread 『🍞』 Y dey so serious!? o_o PLUS, it said in the description of THIS movie, that she portrays as a man, buuutt I see in this trailer she didn't even bother cutting her hair short to do that. Soooo I guess the Chinese AREN'T as strict and sexist after all, if they don't actually mind a girl going to war. [Even if you want to say those scenes were from AFTER they all discovered her true gender, there's NO WAY her hair grew back THAT FAST!]

    • Medbread 『🍞』
      Medbread 『🍞』 20 hours ago

      @Rosa That's just how Chinese action drama films are. It seems like that's the direction they're going with anyway. It carries the same vibe as a Chinese drama, and that's the feeling I get out of the trailer.

    • Rosa
      Rosa 20 hours ago

      @Medbread 『🍞』 Can they AT LEAST keep a comedy character like Mushu or the Grandmother?! Just to have some humor in it! 6_6 This looks way too serious.

    • Medbread 『🍞』
      Medbread 『🍞』 Day ago

      I think you're the one who needs to research the characters. This movie is so much more faithful to the original poem from ancient china, and I for one am looking forward to the film.

  • Chris Gonzalez
    Chris Gonzalez Day ago

    "Women " need must Re-learn those Qualities. Because I am tired of them demanding for Equality, but yet want to be pampered as a Princess. Nope, you either learn to be a lady again. Or go out there and work next a sweaty , hard working man in the railroad. Oh yeah.... VAGINAS dont want to work hard as a man.

  • zheng qing
    zheng qing Day ago +8

    SHAME on LIUYI FEI who supports communism and violence towards innocent ppl in HK, she ruined such a beautiful story. Definitely will not go to cinema. She has un ugly soul under the "beautiful" face.

  • Jia Jia
    Jia Jia Day ago +6


  • Jim Carey
    Jim Carey Day ago +3

    Where is the "FAA MULAN" Lady??

  • Harith rashid
    Harith rashid Day ago

    How the fuck im i seeing this two months later

  • Rosalyn Yubos
    Rosalyn Yubos Day ago

    Cant wait to wach this movie mulan

  • BlazinNSoul
    BlazinNSoul 2 days ago +6

    Personally I kind of feel sorry for Disney. Now they are caught up in a political firestorm. Crystal Liu is a dumbass here though!! As supporting violence against civilians & slamming democracy.
    Is not going to win her new fans regardless of her political leanings. Mulan was already facing criticism. Even though technically this is based on the real Mulan.
    China is now using Mulan as an excuse to crack down on Hong Kong protests. What a PR disaster this is turning out to be lol.
    But it clearly could be a huge win for China. Not that it really matters that much though. Without a strong domestic run to accompany it.
    Mulan's chances for a strong domestic run is diminished. I also feel Crystal Liu clearly did not appreciate the role that was given her. Next time give it to an Asian-American who understands the meaning of what that means. :(

  • Christy Leung
    Christy Leung 2 days ago +7


  • Saiyan Girl AlleyKat
    Saiyan Girl AlleyKat 2 days ago +12

    Looks like Netflix made this, not Disney

  • Nityajyoti das
    Nityajyoti das 2 days ago

    Nobody realizes this is what Mulan is supposed to be. The animated version was a corruption.

  • kingskater4
    kingskater4 2 days ago

    Calm your tits people, this is just a teaser, not a full length trailer

  • parKS
    parKS 2 days ago +7

    Mushu better be in it

  • Samin Utuber 사민
    Samin Utuber 사민 2 days ago +6


  • Sam
    Sam 2 days ago

    0:36 my mother every 5 seconds to me

  • I love Guitar
    I love Guitar 2 days ago

    Those who criticizing this movie don’t watch it than.

    Don’t read more

    But eventually you will watch this movie and you can’t stop yourself to watch this movie. Sorry for u. 🤣🤪

  • Camila Cardoso
    Camila Cardoso 2 days ago +4

    No cricket
    No Mushu
    No Shang
    No “I’ll make a man out of you”
    I’ll see it anyways but Disney’s breaking my heart here

    • SBells27
      SBells27 Day ago

      Don't give them money, don't watch it (:

  • dari Dari
    dari Dari 2 days ago +8


  • L.Collo19
    L.Collo19 2 days ago +6

    Just Stop disney