The Walking Dead 7x15 Extended Trailer Season 7 Episode 15 Promo/Preview HD

The Walking Dead 7x15 Season 7 Episode 15 The Walking Dead S07E15 7x16 TWD 7x15 TWD Season 7 Episode 15
A group of Alexandrians embarks on a journey; one member of the group must make a heartbreaking decision.

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The Walking Dead 7x15 Extended Promo/Preview
The Walking Dead Season 7 Episode 15 Extended Promo
The Walking Dead 7x16 Trailer The Walking Dead Season 7 Episode 16 Extended Promo will be uploaded next week!

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Автор Sienna Rose ( назад)
This season has been shit it's been so boring all they've been doing is talking about how there gonna kill Negan and the saviours hopefully shit happens in the last episode of this season cause literally nothing has happened

Автор Tom Ryan ( назад)
Will something actually happen in this one?

Автор Madison Lynn ( назад)
Uh oh Eric is getting screen time...

Автор ian hayes ( назад)
where the fuck are the zombies!!!!!!!

Автор 1963newberry ( назад)
That's right after episode 1 the rest were pretty much shitt
Only good episode shoulda kept glen killed one of the annying characters just me Tara or Rostia eugune stupid characters

Автор 1963newberry ( назад)
Call it the boring dead yawn use to be good what happened ?

Автор 1963newberry ( назад)
Eugene is a little bitch crys all the time like y is he character and there a whole fucken episode for him like no wonder this season is so weak and Tara's stupid episode with the amazons in the forest like explain to me how this season is the best defiantly the worst hands.go check ratings kill off characters we like then force us to like dumb retard characters thx amc go check got for pacing and overall 100times best then this trash show the pacing this season has been horrible no arguing that sorry.

Автор Althom Dempsey J ( назад)
The Walking Dead 7x15
FullEpisode: https://www.facebook.com/notes/rifky-alfarizi-ardiansyah/the-walking-dead-s7e15-full-stream/1122123894583033

Автор William Sutton ( назад)

Автор Deyverth Siqueira ( назад)
What song used at the end of the video?

Автор Barbara Gillum ( назад)

Автор chandler riggs with my memes ( назад)

Автор Andrew Barnack ( назад)
so, jesus is gay on the walking dead..you know there some jews writing on this show boi lol

Автор Tony Wayne ( назад)
wtf they could have tried to talk to ocean side rather then blowing them upXD

Автор Benjamin Lawrence ( назад)
Negan ain't gonna die , he's not dead in the comics yet we are around 50 issues behind

Автор The Irish farmer :) ( назад)
Season 7 is making season 2 look brilliant to

Автор PanzerSHR3K ( назад)
I wish Maggie died already or go back to alexandria

Автор Toxic Lukatraz ( назад)
Rip Maggie

Автор Freshly Uploaded ( назад)
the most MONOTONOUS season of Walking dead.....such boring episodes it makes me sleep...i hate it.....first and i think last epi will be good.

Автор A Wave Of Doubt ( назад)
Sometimes I gots to wasg my ball hair with shampoo it smells

Автор Dan Saunders ( назад)
Everyone is hating on this season a little too much I feel... I watch this show for the characters not for all out action every episode. This season was necessary for the fans as well as the characters to build up a real hatred for Negan and a feeling of dread and apprehension for the coming storm... if they just offed Negan and the saviours in half a season it would have been a waste of what is one of the best TV villains in a long while. Just my opinion but there you have it.

Автор Lee Sakesushihentai ( назад)
dang dat was a long sneak peak

Автор BravPotato GT ( назад)
EVERYBODY LISTEN') Walking dead released A very helpful msg on their web site it said
unlike any other seasons :p

Автор Lynnie L. ( назад)
Gregory is such a scumbag.....maybe Maggie will kill him. Here's hoping!!!!!

Автор Mark Suckmybird ( назад)
16 boring episodes

Автор gin san ( назад)
fck we will wait anthor year for season 8

Автор Morvai Fanni ( назад)

Автор katsupoi24 ( назад)
I just want mattew mcconaughey s lincoln commercials to die alredy

Автор cahaps ( назад)
what shit show and so fucking boring

Автор Wallyf Bastos ( назад)
7 temporada ta uma merda

Автор Udhey Mann ( назад)
This was the worst Walking dead season

Автор pablo cattena ( назад)
i cant wait for season 10 !!

Автор Johan Wigert ( назад)
Dwight is the one that will kill Negan!

Автор Alduin f ( назад)
They towed down the violence
There has been 10% of action
Stupid building character episodes that have 5 minutes of screen time.
Stupid bottle episodes
They towed down the fucking violence!!!
"And in the next episode of we havent seen Carl since ep 8 dead"

Автор tom kotas ( назад)
all these people complaining that season 7 was boring... you guys understand the climax of this season already happened right lol? the first episode.. yeah shit got pretty boring afterwards but they're setting up for the war with the saviors and it's by far the biggest story arc the shows had so far. it's not all about killing walkers and explosions lol stop being whiners about it and get ready for some all out war!

Автор Daryl Dixon ( назад)
why the hell is Daryl there.. that too on a bike..if some saviour spots him then all hell will break loose... dumb move rick.

At the end of episode I think it whas Jesus.

Автор Edilson Cavalcante ( назад)
muito massa essa série!

Автор Jay ( назад)
Why? Why does the show feel so slow and boring now? I just went through the first season of walking dead and it felt so real. Now with the Kings, communities and everything it feels so boring. I still watch the show though.

Автор Renegade Matrix ( назад)
I knew Season 8 was all about the WAR!

Автор Renegade Matrix ( назад)
Fuck youuu Eugene

Автор Renegade Matrix ( назад)
Dwighty gone GOOD!

Автор Renegade Matrix ( назад)
The last episode was not Daryl its possible that its Dwighty Boy finally realizing that Negan must die (although I love Negan)

Автор Liz Dragon ( назад)

Автор kh2- 2011 ( назад)
so anyone gunna question how this dude has these clips every week?

Автор Real Expect ( назад)
My theory is that Sasha will take Holly's role to die. When Sasha turned into a walker, she then bits Tara (takes Denise role). I don't want the two of them to die, but I think it will be interesting.

Автор Emperor Valkorion ( назад)
I'm barely clinging onto this show. God, it's bad. Unfortunately I've been watching it since the very first night it premiered back in 2010 so I'm not giving up just yet.

Автор Carolina Rodriguez ( назад)

Автор Mikayla Prince-Brown ( назад)
I can't wait for this 😊😊😊😊😊😊😊

Автор WolfPhysiKs ( назад)
Thanks for uploading but could you please remove the silly music at the end in your future vids, it's distracting, unprofessional and unnecessary.

Автор Yid army ( назад)
More shit. I don't know why I keep making myself watch this damn show. Probably hoping it will get good again.

Автор CaleoGaming ( назад)
Everyone complaining about Season 7. "So shit boohoo i'll stop watching" well nice knowing you, the "X" is in the top right corner, nobody needs you around here cause we are here to watch the promo for the show we LOVE.
And stop comparing Game of Thrones to this. It's like comparing a crossaint with a bowl of icecream. This season has not been boring and if you know what's about to come you'll know why they put effort into making the season build up like this. The Walking Dead is stronger than ever, and if it wouldn't be one of the most watched tv shows if it wasn't. So quit your crying and move on.

Автор Wadjet1 ( назад)
This season is so slow.

Автор Kennia Soriano ( назад)
2 episodes left

Автор Alfie Bell ( назад)
episode 14 was so shit
this whole season has been so shit
since season 5 it's gone downhill so badly

Автор Jon Snow ( назад)
Just cancel the walking dead after this season

Автор NokinaGaming ( назад)
oh boy will greg get hang early

Автор Adeel2k11 ( назад)
Last episode was so shit, basically Rosita and Sasha talking shit the entire time then when something happens they don't show it

Автор baldy hardnut ( назад)
So much fucking filler episodes ffs get some shit done...!?

Автор Zeronxdx Gilles ( назад)
cant wait for season 8 cause this season is shit

Автор TheDronPL ( назад)
But look ! If Negan is in promo that means Sasha didn't make it. And what if Negan look at dead Sasha and said ,,It could be begining" ?

Автор jasminesdr35 ( назад)
Love how our couple were rowing the boat! Love them but hate Rosita!

Автор jasminesdr35 ( назад)
I hate Rosita!!!!!!!! Bitch

Автор murat yerebakan yürekyakan ( назад)
45 minutes for preparing the raid and 16 episodes for preparing the war ! 5 episodes were enough for season 7 ! Waste of time ! They fucked up the walking dead ! Fucking writers and directors ! Fuck you !

Автор Joseph Chambers ( назад)
looks awesome

Автор firman m nur ( назад)
this season is very slow,they kind a hold it back for next season

Автор I Philms ( назад)
Negan's turf? @0:32

Автор RickGrimes41 ( назад)
Rick totally looks like season 5 rick again

Автор Negan ( назад)
I look forward to meeting you, Sasha.

Автор MrJabez89 ( назад)
Tara is still fat

Автор Tom Snell ( назад)
The Whisperers? 0:32

Автор Scott Cho ( назад)
Looks like Daryl is wearing Dwight's outfits

Автор Outsyder Nyte ( назад)
OOh shit. At the end of the episode, that wasn't Daryl! It was Dwight!

Автор DIRECT BaNaNa ( назад)
I'm pretty sure Maggie will hang him lol

Автор Tara Chamblee ( назад)

Автор Ratical Surfer ( назад)
I hope Maggie beats the shit out of Gregory

Автор Mark Jacob ( назад)
maggie better not trust gregory..that coward swine is out for himself..

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