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  • How to use interrogatives to ask questions in Arabic

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  • Kate Jhons
    Kate Jhons 5 лет назад +4

    It should be (mathaa) not mazaa am i right?

  • Hasooni
    Hasooni 5 лет назад +2

    TH from maTHa = ث
    ذ = dh

  • Hassan Shahid
    Hassan Shahid 5 лет назад

    what do you think she is doing here with hundreds of videos. "teaching"

  • EM1290
    EM1290 5 лет назад +5

    I sound retarded trying to pronounce it:(

  • Reynaldo Salarde
    Reynaldo Salarde 5 лет назад

    eish is the same as ma

  • PhaedraDarwish
    PhaedraDarwish 5 лет назад +4

    This is such a nice supplementary resource to my studies! I'm doing Rosetta Stone, and although that moves at a way faster pace than a live class, your videos really fill in the blanks which you miss when you don't have a teacher. THANK YOU!

  • nasim f
    nasim f 5 лет назад

    nice maha .i really good to see your videooo its great .can you sent these videos in to my mail or paper..

  • My_name_is Amy
    My_name_is Amy 5 лет назад +1

    u have to say " Matha ? " " ماذا ؟ "

  • Cynthia
    Cynthia 5 лет назад

    its like how u say mother;that ;in english

  • willisybs
    willisybs 5 лет назад +1

    ohh... and how about if someone says something and your response is "what?!" how would you say that in arabic?

  • ♥LaMinnieMouse♥
    ♥LaMinnieMouse♥ 5 лет назад

    So is the Z in Maza pronounced as a D sound? Im a bit confused. (sorry I'm a beginner in Arabic).

  • Amat Alhakim
    Amat Alhakim 5 лет назад +1

    selamu aleykum mahaaaaa
    you can teach grat arabic, i can really learn from you.

  • DreamofLindsey
    DreamofLindsey 5 лет назад

    you're very helpful, and such an excellent teacher! I am very much into languages myself and arabic is one of my languages that i would like to learn, thank you so much for making these videos they're so helpful!

  • Nobody
    Nobody 6 лет назад

    are you Arabic ??
    its better to ask "ma ismuka/i " if you are asking about a name
    but if some one bothered you you say " man anta/i " its kinda of like english like who are you ??
    hehehe i hoped i helped a bit

  • Taya Brej
    Taya Brej 6 лет назад

    thanks from Slovakia

  • Julian Diaz
    Julian Diaz 6 лет назад +2

    cant you also say lesh for why?

  • asdq8y100
    asdq8y100 6 лет назад

    yeah of course all arabic talk like this

  • lilmamasly
    lilmamasly 6 лет назад


  • Lujain lulie
    Lujain lulie 6 лет назад

    This is standard/classic Arabic "Fus-ha"
    And yes all Arabs understand the standard Arabic.

  • galukya1
    galukya1 6 лет назад

    This was super great and helpful, we plan to stay on track and go through your past videos! Shucran! Hope that was right :)!

  • zerrubabbel
    zerrubabbel 6 лет назад

    I dont study Arabic, but you made that very easy to understand!

  • TrueLies
    TrueLies 6 лет назад

    No "to be" in present tense. That's like in Russian. eg you just say "I happy" not "I am happy."

  • Yasmine Hanna
    Yasmine Hanna 6 лет назад

    @vendurioo: It is spelled with a "dhaa" not a "zay."

  • K Omar
    K Omar 6 лет назад

    Na'am. You are correct! =D

  • Rayan Mansour
    Rayan Mansour 6 лет назад

    Desk yeah

  • Narham A
    Narham A 6 лет назад

    Yes you right

  • Desiyeah
    Desiyeah 6 лет назад

    Hi! Excuse me, can u tell me if this sentence is correct in arabic: "anta jameel" it means "u are beautiful (only for male), it is right?

  • Ozzie Giroux
    Ozzie Giroux 6 лет назад

    I know arabic

  • Karl Pohl Kochenowsky
    Karl Pohl Kochenowsky 7 лет назад

    the z/th sound in haaza, is it tha or zai ?

  • antidevil86
    antidevil86 7 лет назад

    God bless you

  • mc rose
    mc rose 7 лет назад

    love you always..fantastic

  • Libyan Hawk
    Libyan Hawk 7 лет назад +1

    الله محيي أصلت يا بنت الاصول...شكرا لك على هذه الدروس الرائعة. علمي الشعوب المحرومة من جمال اللغة العربية والله أنها للغة السحر والبيان وإن من البيان لسحرا لغة الحب والجمال لغة الفصاحة والطلاقة

  • Darky Angell
    Darky Angell 7 лет назад

    oowwww to dificult u_u

  • chinahusker07
    chinahusker07 7 лет назад

    thank you for teaching fushah. I am learning Arabic in university and it is difficult finding material outside of class that is not dialect because all of my friends want me to learn Qatari or Iraqi or Egyptian dialects.

  • irfand4
    irfand4 7 лет назад

    You have a gift for teaching. Thanks for the lessons. Mashkoor Jiddan.

  • sadli Ali
    sadli Ali 7 лет назад

    you are a genius and very helpful
    please teach more

  • rali95
    rali95 7 лет назад

    Thanks for the translations in the description. It really helps.

  • INFOtruth
    INFOtruth 7 лет назад

    As salamu Alaykum wa rahmatullah wa barakatu.. Thank you very very much for posting your lessons. I'm really enjoying them..

  • GOPsithlord
    GOPsithlord 7 лет назад

    Maha, thank you for these lessons. I am finding them helpful. May I ask what dialect of Arabic are you speaking? I ask because I have heard Iraqi dialect expressed differently. For example "why?" would be "laysh?" Thank you so very much again.

  • masterkudjo
    masterkudjo 7 лет назад

    awwwww she is soooo cute and such a good teacher, when she said man at 0:43........soooooo cute : )

  • حماد العنزي
    حماد العنزي 7 лет назад

    this is net good aribic but thunk you يعني هذي ليست طريقه جيده انا عربي واجيد الانجيزيه والمانيه

  • Yas
    Yas 7 лет назад

    من أنتم؟!!

  • balaclava1110
    balaclava1110 7 лет назад

    its minu inta, minu inti

  • My_name_is Amy
    My_name_is Amy 7 лет назад

    @FadyWalker اللغة العربية من أجمل اللغات و أكثرها غنى

  • nassreddine1b29
    nassreddine1b29 7 лет назад

    @FadlyWalker You have to be proud in your original language,arabic is the richesse lanquage in the world.
    so the point is helping others to learn, not you,so say something good or shutup
    قل خيرا او اصمت

  • feruz atan
    feruz atan 7 лет назад

    Thank you very much. Post more videos on basic conversations and basic words, please

  • Lawrence H
    Lawrence H 7 лет назад

    When I woke up this morning and came on youtube, I really wasn't expecting a spanish inquisition.

  • Ibrahim AL-Abdullateef
    Ibrahim AL-Abdullateef 7 лет назад

    Creative lesson

  • MemphisBlueAgain
    MemphisBlueAgain 7 лет назад

    These lessons should be protected by UNESCO.! Many humble thanks from Sweden for this wonderful chance to learn arabic.

  • SaudiDevil007
    SaudiDevil007 7 лет назад

    من زمان وانا حاسس بضعف في لغتي العربيه وجتني نفس اتعلم ههههههههههههه
    امزح معك بس كومنتي ان اللي تقومين به شيء راائع وشكرا لك
    تحياتي للجميع

  • Seif Salah Zagoub
    Seif Salah Zagoub 7 лет назад

    Very Helpfull KEEP THIS UP

  • Hakan Adanur
    Hakan Adanur 7 лет назад

    really sympathic, you´re born to teach. Thank you, my girlfriend is also arabic, but you´re teaching better :)) Dankeschön

  • Proud Syrian
    Proud Syrian 7 лет назад

    Its nice of you to teach others online, your pronunciation is really great unless you are originally Arab, forgive me bcz I don't know you
    I uploaded important stuff in my channel, its not secret anymore yet you might think that I am crazy!!!

  • ziadzmb
    ziadzmb 7 лет назад

    You are really good and well done Maha

  • Titan Diesel
    Titan Diesel 7 лет назад

    dear Maha, how do i answer to the question where is the table ? to the question what is this ? and can you also post a video with the answer to who is he , she , we, you all female and you all male , they all female and they all male, you two and they two , thank you very much.

  • Titan Diesel
    Titan Diesel 7 лет назад

    dear Maha, how can i say if i am asking he , she, we, you all , they all and the rest of the object pronouns, is it as follows ? : man antuwa or man antuhu ? if i am asking ho is he , and man atiha , if i am asking who is she ? thank you very much .

  • indira manatauova
    indira manatauova 7 лет назад

    thanks you soo much) its just an awesome tutorial

  • Alisha Rose
    Alisha Rose 7 лет назад

    thankyou soooo much for these videos, very useful and i hope you keep making more for us

  • Gatora tor 11
    Gatora tor 11 7 лет назад

    @3zoOoz69 ههههههههههههههههههههههههههههههههههههههههههههههههههههههههههههههههههههههههههههههههههه

  • Azoz Alzabin
    Azoz Alzabin 7 лет назад

    عليا النعمه البنت دي بتتكلم صح

  • ladymarion08
    ladymarion08 7 лет назад

    you're too good to be true! Go on always like this, Maha, you're the best!

  • peteric andres
    peteric andres 8 лет назад

    i learn not cause i like the language, its all because of you. too motivated to look at your face cause your too pretty, explain well, simple word that i can really use. what i do everytime you say the work i pause it ask you in the video its like im talking to you! hahaha cause you too pretty.

  • Noreda Mazlan
    Noreda Mazlan 8 лет назад

    syukran maha..great videos!

  • mst
    mst 8 лет назад

    @tanzil90 I'll try to help you :p
    "limaza tadrusu' means "why do you learn/study" BUT "limaza adrusu" means " why do I learn/study
    so when you say "ana" you must say "adrusu" BUT when you say "anta" you must say "tadrusu"
    the question was limada tadrusu al lugha al arabiyya? so a friend is asking you "why do you learn/study arabic?
    you unswer must be "ana adrusu al lugha al arabiyya .. which means "I learn/study arabic ..
    I hope I did well :p

  • Ameen Saeed
    Ameen Saeed 8 лет назад

    You are doing a very great job Maha , proud of you

  • battletoads22
    battletoads22 8 лет назад

    There seems to be a lot of stress on the "ah" sound; is it necessary to have that much stress? I ask because it sounds very feminine.

  • dokp5
    dokp5 8 лет назад

    will in arabic they say matha not maza so there is a problem but shes doing great good job maha

  • 3b3b92
    3b3b92 8 лет назад

    ايه هي فلسطينية اكيد بتعرف تتكلم مصري :)

  • Sydnie Ottliie
    Sydnie Ottliie 8 лет назад

    Ummm i think im forgetting my french!!!

  • Ahmed Mokhter
    Ahmed Mokhter 8 лет назад

    moO99Oony هههههههههههههههههه حلوة منك والله اضحكتني ياخي وهي اصلا تعرف تتكلم باللهجه المصريه ^_^

  • Adi Dar
    Adi Dar 8 лет назад

    i love 2 learn this beautiful arabic from beautiful girl n thanks for this habibi .

  • Alaa Moha
    Alaa Moha 8 лет назад

    good stuff Maha

  • mzr00001
    mzr00001 8 лет назад

    @athkrudid Allah is the arabic word for God, not a personal name, it can be part of a name, but that deals with the meaning of the name. A lot of arabic words have the word God in it; for example, "alhamdulillah" (Muslim's say after sneezing, something good happens, or when hearing good things) means praise be to God (Allah), or Thank God.

  • Motivand0LaYal
    Motivand0LaYal 8 лет назад


  • Diana Miller
    Diana Miller 8 лет назад

    @sgoujil kisses from US

  • Mazen Aboulwafa
    Mazen Aboulwafa 8 лет назад

    ay nooa tofadel ?
    ay nooa tored?

  • Argueta k415
    Argueta k415 8 лет назад

    Hey i work in a ice cream shop a famous one and a lot of arab people come, so how do you say "What kind of cone" in arabic thank you :) ill bet i would surprise them if i said that in arabic

  • Bernard Ka
    Bernard Ka 8 лет назад

    Mattaaaa mattaaaa all day repeating mattaaa

  • 3azzamy
    3azzamy 8 лет назад

    أحلى شي ما و ماذا

    ليش التعقيد

    علميهم كلمة (إيييش) و بهالطريقه فيكي تقولي

    إيش هاد؟ و إيش أكلت؟ هههههههه

    الله يعطيكي العافية عم بمزح لا تزعلي ;)

  • Norah Aldrak
    Norah Aldrak 8 лет назад

    omg i'm saudi and i just recognize that Matha can only be used with a verd ._. ! lol you're awesome

  • hard2reality
    hard2reality 8 лет назад

    مان آنته

    انا ابي اتعلم عربي

  • CupcakeFreakkk
    CupcakeFreakkk 8 лет назад

    I can speak fluent Arabic, it's easy.

  • sherif kalladka
    sherif kalladka 8 лет назад

    اسلام علايكم محا
    Thanks for the lessons. they are quite useful.
    شكرًا جزيلاً

  • abudujana13
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  • Gum Nam
    Gum Nam 8 лет назад

    i like the way you speak to teach not becouse you are girl.
    Thank you.

  • فرقة الكروان للمديح والسماع

    جمييييييييييييييل جدا

  • Casawin
    Casawin 8 лет назад

    but if anyone want to get used to listen arabic i advice him to look for the sons that are sung in the classical arabic i mean the standar arabic because the great part of songs are sung in dialect which is greatly different from the arabic standars
    i can help by some nice songs in standard arabic like: سفيان الجزائري
    كاضم الساهر شاب دوزي لكي عمري يوري مرقدي ماجدة الرومي

  • Nandish V Patel
    Nandish V Patel 8 лет назад

    Thank you Maha!! You are a good, entertaining teacher. I love your passion and excietment for teaching.

  • Rick Rock
    Rick Rock 8 лет назад

    upload more!!!! thanks for sharing your videos.. i really need to speak arabic SHUKRAN! :)

  • TanyaeStekka
    TanyaeStekka 8 лет назад

    Bella e brava *-* Grazie

  • TeleSmunto
    TeleSmunto 8 лет назад


  • raji srikrishnan
    raji srikrishnan 8 лет назад

    how u r talking like a arab people,accent is exactly like much hard work u would have put for that ? please post more arabic lessons for us.

  • scorpionselfish
    scorpionselfish 8 лет назад

    thankz a lot MAHA ....well i am working in riyadh, well that was realy help full to me...thankz a lot once again and may allah bless you.

  • Margherita Flego
    Margherita Flego 8 лет назад

    @mzmatza This is Fusha, the Modern Standard Arabic.
    All Arabic people that went to school are able, at least, to understand this kind of Arabic, because is the language of the press (newspaper, news on tv and so on) but in everyday life people from each Arab country speak it's own dialect.
    Lebanese is one of that dialects, but I think it's also one of the closer to Standard Arabic!
    That's right, Maha?

  • Mohammed Navaz S
    Mohammed Navaz S 8 лет назад

    Beautiful, Thank U madam.
    Iam an Indian staying in qatar.
    My aim is to learn arabic within a year.
    ur lessons very helpful to all of us.
    Thank You! and also keep on go madam!

  • Arian Miau
    Arian Miau 8 лет назад

    Marhaban Maha, Ana Arian, I AM LEARNING SO FAST YOU ARE A GREAT TEACHER! my native language is Spanish so if you want to learn any Spanish I will teach you. But you know many languages many you already know it. do you?
    Arabic is fascinating :-) and you make it fun! Inshallah!
    I am new in youtube I have been watching videos for a while now, but I had to register to reply and thank you,
    Masau' Alkhair.

  • Ashley Blue
    Ashley Blue 8 лет назад

    this is so helpful

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    Rajdreamer 8 лет назад

    thank you! You're a wonderful teacher. Shuukran.

  • nadinnikol
    nadinnikol 8 лет назад

    di dove sei Maha?

  • ManessDC
    ManessDC 8 лет назад

    Thank you for this, Maha. I am very grateful to be able to subscribe. You are a charming and effective teacher.