Animals Attacks On Lion Buffalo vs Lion vs zebra Animal attack. Nature & Wildlife compilation

Animals Attacks On Lion Buffalo vs Lion vs Zebra animal Most Amazing Wild Animals Attacks Prey Fight back Zebra vs Lion vs Buffalo. Big Battle caught on tape Documentary Nature & Wildlife compilation 2016

Music: Prelude and Action. Final Battle of the Dark Wizards. Intrepid. Kevin MacLeod (incompetech.com)
Licensed under Creative Commons: By Attribution 3.0 License

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Автор Loerene Nelson ( назад)
that water buffalo called the squad

Автор Fethi Chikhaoui ( назад)
جحىمغغغععععههههعععهخححجججججحععغفبللغغقفقز. ر. Cfffffffcgfffffgghg

Автор Anurag Mehta & Sudha Mehta &Company ( назад)
29 मार्च, 2017

Автор Anurag Mehta & Sudha Mehta &Company ( назад)
29 मार्च, 2017

Автор نصير العراقي ( назад)

Автор Devanand Beriya Devanand Beriya ( назад)
gujrati gana

Автор Kenan Memmedov ( назад)

Автор मनौज मनौजकमार ( назад)

Автор demir ile yiyoruz geziyoruz demir ( назад)

Автор KR4K3Ny ( назад)
Corre berg

Автор Gleber Oliveira ( назад)
Leão ficou igual cachorra de peruca..

Автор Ali Roo ( назад)
رووووووعة عمري في حياتي

Автор Radio_Actife27 sisi ( назад)
que se soiai ninporte quelle animal sa se fais pas

Автор JoyHeart ( назад)
if people where the water bufferlo protecting one another from the mess their nasty twisted kin made and stop abuse and remove the parasites and real predators and problem makers this world would be turned from hell to heaven same goes for other worlds/places no more pain and any and all abuse would go away

Автор Mohan Naik ( назад)

Автор Javed Khan ( назад)
Ayan + javed khan


Автор Ramzan Usmaan ( назад)

Автор Nancy Rodriguez ( назад)
león vs tigre

Автор Jabson Binho ( назад)
uau incrível

Автор Karla Sepulveda ( назад)
I didnt know zebras caught back

Автор Shervin Tay ( назад)
who else feels sad for the lions

Автор roberto leal ( назад)
se fudeu legal 😃😂😁😀😅😆👍

Автор imran sayyed ( назад)
imran sayed

Автор Srinu Vasu ( назад)

Автор Teresa Herrnabdez ( назад)
busca animales sexso

Автор danil sokolov ( назад)
хули люди еблана стаят ни хуя не делают

Автор Lucifer ( назад)
That buffalo volleyball lol

Автор Anila Anjum ( назад)

Автор Zul Dasri ( назад)
Bagaikan memelihara singa

Автор Bhaskarrao Patil ( назад)

nossa mas de 30milões de visualização

Автор Nissi Moonisamy ( назад)
flying lion was funny but sad at the same time 😂

Автор awayfrom mountelgon ( назад)

Автор Daniel Harriott ( назад)
this is not real

Автор Gregory Gulli ( назад)
nothing like seeing a lion getting what it deserves.

Автор Shubham Gadhari ( назад)
different view:consider them doing romance hands around neck and a deadly love bite

Автор Pasha Khan ( назад)
sad Lion

Автор Abod Abod ( назад)
سبحان الله شكد الاسود قويه وﻻكن يوجد اﻻقوى من

Автор Laxman Kumar ( назад)
vinod kumar

Автор jagannath ahari ( назад)

Автор Chandan Kumar ( назад)

Автор Arbab Sahi ( назад)
so satisfying .. :D

Автор youtube rewied ( назад)
putos búfalos o esas cosas con cuernos y pobre leon

Автор Franklyn Narvaez ( назад)
I feel like the zebra won congrats you finally got Regenve

Автор Patricia Paredes ( назад)
pobres cebras

Автор وردة الصباح ( назад)
الفتراس من أجل البقاء

Автор Nakisha Dollar ( назад)

Автор Louna Dumarche ( назад)
c' est méchant

Автор İnan Devli ( назад)
lisanslarını .


Автор Oseans Aditya ( назад)
when human killing each other, they are identic like an animal

Автор Smooth Criminal ( назад)
That first zebra that was chasing the lion was like..Ohh What's up buddy..you wanna go.. you ain't so bad without you're friends..Yesterday you and you're pride was all over me and one of y'all had the fucking nerve to stand on my back while the other one was chewing on my neck like it was a cherry starburst..I told you when i got away that you'd see me again and i was going to come for you're ass you must've forgot Zebras don't forget anything..OHH shit my bad that's elephants that don't forget..whatever fuck it..Don't run from me boy..fuck..you lucky piece of shit i can't catch you.. aww man I'm tired i gotta lay of the grass..

Автор Funny Pranks Videos ( назад)

Автор World's Top Trending List ( назад)

Автор hum ko ( назад)

Автор hum ko ( назад)

Автор Fatma Alhussini ( назад)
حيل بي ملك الغابه خلنه الجاموسات مثل الخرقه خابصنه ملك الغابه والله عجبني ذني الجاموسات خوش سون بي هذا الاسد المتوحش الجاموس عنده غيره على بني جنسه

Автор Shahid Khan ( назад)
bolo na

Автор ayisha kashmiri ( назад)
Lion is best but other animals help each other like a friend today's human beings are not like that they are best

.Asif ..........Ali...............khan.................

Автор ayisha kashmiri ( назад)
It's amazing fight because lion is the king of jungle or we can say beast but Buffalo and other wild animals crushed themm it's really amazing ..

Автор Rashid Ayaz ( назад)

Автор Tamoor Khan ( назад)

Автор Mustaf Mohamed ( назад)
Subhanallah but buffalo team like a Barcelona team help each other

Автор Shahid Khan ( назад)

Автор mohammed omid qani Rustam Qani ( назад)

Автор ايهم اميرشلوىؤشسثاو ؤء ( назад)

Автор ايهم اميرشلوىؤشسثاو ؤء ( назад)

Автор Sel Tagayuna ( назад)
rig YUM

Автор Alfa Painting ( назад)
This is how Wall street works.Now go and stocks market.You end like a Zebra.

Автор Laerson Ferreira ( назад)
a sua

Автор julfekar mohsin ( назад)
aap sab theek hai

Автор Evan Williams ( назад)
So all the zebras just stood around and watched that fellow zebra get attacked. Wow. I don't even feel bad for the lions at all, it's about time they got back what they give.

Автор Robertodaniel Roberto ( назад)

Автор ShadowCookie Girl / xxxPikachuxxx ( назад)
what am I watching

Автор Mengesta Guest House dikawardika ( назад)
Iklan LU Anak IT sangat JELEKKKKKKKK gak ada menariknya !!!!

Автор Thomas Guyer ( назад)
How come the zebras are so big?

Автор Shahid Khan ( назад)
i likr animals vedio

Автор intesarرائد من فلصطين jasserمربي داج ( назад)
الانتقام صعب المه تكع المفترس يصبح فريسي

Автор the links lizard ( назад)
that lion got a 9.9 for that flip.

Автор Lalit Kumar ( назад)

Автор Mastafa Chafaoui ( назад)

Автор Mastafa Chafaoui ( назад)

Автор Subhankar Niyogi ( назад)

Автор arslan ali ( назад)
Good 😜😂🐘

Автор Rai Simpal Sundar ( назад)
very good ........i like

Автор Herb Graham ( назад)
shoot them lions, ???????

Автор Sheree Hardin ( назад)
I feel sorry for em. Unlike us humans, they have to eat only meat so they're just starving...then again I like to see prey fight back and make it out alive. So sad. Wish we could make food for them too (lol i know lame).I mean we eat leaves, peanuts, chicken.....plants can literally move on their own just to reach the sun so they are alive yet these meat eating wild animals are the villain? They have to eat raw meat. Weird. I don't know how to feel about this lol.

Автор Franvina Sos ( назад)
Zebra is dead why!!😩😩😭😭😭😭😭😭😭

Автор জুনাইদ মুনচুর আলীহ Miah ( назад)
অনেক কস্টকর দি্রস্স

Автор Галина Пшеничникова ( назад)
ненадо ! несмотрите , это про нас с вами.

Автор TψT Noob ( назад)
why its like a n**ga Zebra?

Автор martina videos ( назад)
like this video

Автор Billu Sher . song / and life hacks ( назад)

Автор Букет Османова ( назад)

Автор Ivonete Ivan ( назад)
h4#*077 &'@2@437'&*

Автор FIRE KID VLOGS ( назад)
Madagascar fights

Автор margarita ramires ( назад)
quesrudi jxbu

Автор Khadar Xiis ( назад)
animal's Ivery interstn

Автор ليلؤ ليلؤ ( назад)
يا خطية زبرة😭😢

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