People Who Passed Away While "Doing It"

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    What I want to know is.........Had any of them passed the point of no return and finished in or on a person? YIKES!!!
    IMAGINE...That last one with the electricity and nipple clamps, her whole body would have been getting warm and cramping up and he would of been saying "Babe you are smoking you know that??"
    "Babe you are so damned hot! You are making me so hot!"
    "Babe you are!.....OMG LITERALLY!!!🔥😱🆘

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    why watching this

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    That awkward moment when people ask how your parents died..

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    FUCK U!

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    I live in WI in USA and it gets below 0 in the winter

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    Quack quack seriously they have no brain

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    What the fuck

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    I cant imagine how awkward the funerals were

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    XD he was running with just a condom😂 and fucked up he left his GF😅

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    My cousin was born in January 2008 on the 23rd oh god....

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    who lowered the volume while watching this😜

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    Intense pleasure foresees dangers....

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    That's why you fuck in the house not outside

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    Lol Nederlandse trein bordjes

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    as soon as I saw the dog I heard a dog barking from outside

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    What the fuck

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    2:53 how fucking drunk do you have to be to not remove a cucumber from your fucking mouth?

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    well you now know the richest are trump supporters guess next video will be flat earth theory

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    2:20 I feel bad but LMAOOOOO, nothing but a condom. I'm deadddd

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    Wow I'm not kidding I love in Milwaukee

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      I live

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    That's one of the worst ways to die! R.I.P

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    that is sad good education

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    What does doing it mean

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    The lion just wanted to get on it.

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    Yknow what's sadder?... They didn't finish.

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    I love tigers also I have sharp teeth

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    Doing what

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    0:47 immediately recognized the Dutch (my language) signs 😂😂

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    Realy now I thought could by free stuff but dieing 😱😨😰

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    Heart attacks are the common killers in the Acts... They just crash over the adrenaline rush...

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    Ok wtf

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    How is did the gas get in the car and why was the gas there ?

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    Doing what buying a car

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    Wow, died in OD to Viagra, so does his coffin have a lump around the crotch area?

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    who else lower the volume when they put it on?

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    Okay now I know not to do this though when I grow up I ain't dying until I'm old yep that's right oh yeah and #pleasdontdothis

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    Hey I live in Wisconsin

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    Lion was one deadly cockblocker xD

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    Why did you put a Dutch railway crossing by one.

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    I nut laugh !!!!!

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    this is why im still sure about adopting my future kid.
    struggle ;c

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    dieing after a long orgy, best way to die

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    23 January that's my birthday 😁😁😁

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    Sorry for the losses for the people in the videos.

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    this has final destination written all over it

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    We are gathered here today for the stupidity of these.....

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    =la la la its was bad, la la la i have no lover, la la la come on come on, lala la la la

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    The cucumber crack me up. SHE COULD JUST REMOVE IT???!!!

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    How much bullshit can you stand? Therichest videos are full of it.

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    You could say that they went out with a...

    *bang* ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)

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    Why can't she take the cucumber out of her own mouth

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    WHY PEOPLE DONT DO DAT STUFF IN THE BED AT HOME?!? Just they are idiots.....

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    virgins never die in horror films , that was there horror film

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    Best thing to do before you end up in a black void

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    I'm a virgin and I'm proud

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    Did they at least use protection?

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    What has my life become?

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    Some people are sick!

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    I need to sleep.

    MUHD FIRDAUS BIN AFRIZAL 3 месяца назад

    Maybe cause of d%&k cancer

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    Ok then XD I wouldn't want to be one of these people

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    I got to curious

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    1:26 wait what happened to them!!??

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    Bunch of dumbasses

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    Just do it in your bed.....

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    0:50 Nederlands treinspoor😂😂

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    Nah, id rather die a virgin. My wife is an asshole.

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    Omg I feel so embarrassed cause the balcony bump Roberts last name is Salazar and so is mine 😳😳😳👉🏼🚗🔥🔥💥💥💥💥💥

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    Wtf I thought this was a mc vid

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    what the heck

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    Imagine the richest search historyXD.

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