• Published on Jul 20, 2019
  • We didn't crash, sadly. 8-)
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  • Odah
    Odah 27 days ago +1213

    6:59 OMG THX STREETMAN ! I wanted it so bad xD

  • Kakhi
    Kakhi Day ago

    Imagine looking into the sky and seeing a fat guy in a ski mask looking down at you.

  • Isak Nilsson
    Isak Nilsson Day ago

    1 dag senare så va jag på gröna lund lol

  • Lukas Pilypas
    Lukas Pilypas 2 days ago

    Nice AMD jacket

  • Masta
    Masta 2 days ago

    Papanomaly's dream:Drowning in beer

  • Lil Osscii
    Lil Osscii 7 days ago +1

    By now I am starting to think that papa is a alcoholic 🤔🤔

  • roy hoek
    roy hoek 7 days ago

    2.58 that’s How u ad

  • Dank Memer
    Dank Memer 8 days ago

    When not your parents abuse you but you do your parents 0:54

  • Random Internet Operator

    I love knowing swedish so i can understand what pappa and the pilot is saying

  • Pepe Kubov
    Pepe Kubov 10 days ago

    you should go with papa to that roller coasters :) at 6:03

  • Memo Muris
    Memo Muris 11 days ago


  • iTzTxddy
    iTzTxddy 12 days ago

    which city is it?

  • Sleepy Ice
    Sleepy Ice 12 days ago

    Everybody: *flying helicopters*
    Anomaly and Papanomaly:*riding helicopters*

  • Gwo Gaming
    Gwo Gaming 13 days ago +1

    Next: flying a a380

  • Bible Thump
    Bible Thump 13 days ago +1

    you can send unnecessary skins xd /tradeoffer/new/?partner=911770428&token=bpTJTYmp

  • 1000 subs summer challenge

    You have really good dad

  • Supreh
    Supreh 13 days ago

    Was it pochinki?

  • Brian Lee
    Brian Lee 13 days ago

    im just fvcking worried for panomaly cause he drinks so fvcking much

  • Kyle M
    Kyle M 14 days ago

    I understood everything the ATC guy said :)

  • Ronkeli
    Ronkeli 14 days ago

    0:42 best sound i ever head

  • D3nny
    D3nny 14 days ago

    10/10 outro!

  • UltraHD
    UltraHD 15 days ago


  • Uchiha Kazashi
    Uchiha Kazashi 15 days ago

    4:45 when ur mom let u play cs

  • The Davis D
    The Davis D 15 days ago

    1:60 what the fuck are you doing with your papa... XD

  • Asagay
    Asagay 15 days ago

    Imagine looking up and seeing a guy in a ski mask flying a helicopter

  • Nerdy Justin
    Nerdy Justin 15 days ago

    hello papa right now we are going to go fucking the first words wow

  • KuKajin
    KuKajin 15 days ago

    Is that emergency water bouys or just inflatables for autorotations on the landing skids?

  • JULIO Ack Keles
    JULIO Ack Keles 16 days ago

    OMG xd fuck me
    Next video called:help me stuck in iceberg no internet

  • Azat Durdyew
    Azat Durdyew 16 days ago

    Anomaly,you better free my nigga A$AP Rocky from swedish prison

  • Danijel Tenji
    Danijel Tenji 16 days ago

    I love papa's mjolnir necklace

  • matias schrader
    matias schrader 17 days ago

    Next stop : Anomaly and papanomaly fly a plane and almost crash!

  • tv212
    tv212 17 days ago

    Anomaly sexually abusing papa 1:32

  • BunnySike Games
    BunnySike Games 17 days ago

    6:21 my CS game said terrorists wins LOL

  • cozi .p
    cozi .p 17 days ago

    Take papa sky diving

  • Swix ‏
    Swix ‏ 17 days ago

    I'm getting anxiety just thinking about being in that thing.

  • InboundBark
    InboundBark 17 days ago +3

    anomaly: *shakes beer can and prepares to spray papanomaly*
    papanomly: no
    anomaly: papa
    papanomaly: no
    anomaly: no?
    papanomaly: no
    anomaly: ok :(

  • Carter Sink
    Carter Sink 17 days ago

    I’m convinced anomaly’s face has formed into a mask

  • euphoria
    euphoria 17 days ago

    Papa should be a beer mascot

  • Carl Bergstrand Isaksson

    Omg the damn pilot is wearing the fucking fnatic cap 5:56

  • Klaus Dalsgaard
    Klaus Dalsgaard 17 days ago +6

    Sooo... nobody gonna talk about papa’s insane 200 iq no-look catch at 1:50?

  • Productive
    Productive 17 days ago

    Pls stop abusing papa :( poor alcoholic

  • Yung Fal
    Yung Fal 17 days ago

    streetman have put so much effort to censored anomally face when there is any reflection right?????

  • Matt
    Matt 18 days ago

    The only way to overcome a fear is to face it and do what ever that fear and did Mamanomaly get a new car?

  • Microprod
    Microprod 18 days ago

    Someone if they would fly a helicopter: Where is xbox controller?

  • Martin Jonas Sandvik
    Martin Jonas Sandvik 18 days ago

    bitch my dad work in helicopter he gon fuck ur ass

    • Martin Jonas Sandvik
      Martin Jonas Sandvik 18 days ago

      that helicopter is shit robinsom cheep helicopter that crash many times

  • Lukas Eriksson
    Lukas Eriksson 18 days ago


  • SadRain
    SadRain 18 days ago

    Streetman quit the job (6:59)

  • Unstoppable Gaming
    Unstoppable Gaming 18 days ago

    karen be like hippity hoppity your HOUSE IS NOW MY PROPERTY

    MFCEE 18 days ago

    U know we are not real and we are just in a video game because they forgot to update papanomalys lines. He only says yes now

    Btw. sorry for bad england men i am a peasant finnish homo

  • plat4 hiper
    plat4 hiper 19 days ago

    My friend :do you like helicopters me: 1:27

  • Auggie 540
    Auggie 540 19 days ago

    Anomaly fly auticopter.

  • Finnish Peasant
    Finnish Peasant 19 days ago

    Why are you so fat?

  • benz
    benz 19 days ago

    Hey guys anonaly here

  • YaBoyCharles
    YaBoyCharles 19 days ago

    cant believe they let you do that while wearing a ski mask

  • snii i
    snii i 19 days ago


  • Sparfuchs
    Sparfuchs 19 days ago +1

    Please fly to germany
    go to nuremberg and drink beer

  • A.G
    A.G 20 days ago +1

    00:20 when your dad tells you youre adopted

  • Diplex Chip
    Diplex Chip 20 days ago

    I feel like there is a hidden Anomaly lore somewhere

  • Leo Smutny-Brinda
    Leo Smutny-Brinda 20 days ago

    6:00 let's make anomaly and papanomaly in a themepark

  • yeLLoW eYed DEmoN
    yeLLoW eYed DEmoN 20 days ago

    papa-i am afraid from you
    anomaly: 0:20

  • HaZe
    HaZe 20 days ago

    Yo Anomaly you know that video where you did (My Face Exposed!?) You sent an Email to them to unblock them maybe you can check out what their response was :D maybe it will be a retarded vid but whatever

  • LiKli SharpShooter
    LiKli SharpShooter 21 day ago

    5:19 Papa: Have u been in accident?
    Pilot: ehhh

  • Alpha-1 1
    Alpha-1 1 21 day ago


  • Sir Quack
    Sir Quack 21 day ago

    *Papanomaly sees man with beer*
    *jumps out to get beer*

  • Sir Quack
    Sir Quack 21 day ago +1

    A helicopter that can be used to cause major damage
    A guy in a ski mask claiming to be a youtuber. With a old hostage
    *Gets access*

  • ZunnyZ
    ZunnyZ 21 day ago

    6:56 Hey guys, Anomaly here

  • Mortis
    Mortis 21 day ago

    Dance. Caramalldansen, NOW!!

  • sezo1d iwnl
    sezo1d iwnl 21 day ago

    fatass how the helicopter didnt crash it was to little you was to fat :VVVVVVVVVVVVVV XddDDDDDDDDDDDDDDD Xdd
    чертовски гат сука ты хочешь поиграть в CSGO мы будем такими троллями

  • Awoke
    Awoke 21 day ago

    Spoiler: Anomaly did 9/11

  • Matte Strömstedt
    Matte Strömstedt 21 day ago

    "det är typ som tv spel" om ni kraschar så respawnar ni NP

  • maca bevers
    maca bevers 22 days ago

    Shoutout to the pilot wearing the fanatic hat

  • XDr. Unknown X
    XDr. Unknown X 22 days ago

    Wait how u didnt die!?

  • HEXtec999
    HEXtec999 22 days ago

    Best channel in youtube

  • Fimpo
    Fimpo 22 days ago

    anomaly look so happy :D

  • Samurai Lover
    Samurai Lover 22 days ago +1

    4:12 sounds like liddle mic