Matthew McConaughey & Idris Elba Answer the Web's Most Searched Questions | WIRED

  • Published on Aug 2, 2017
  • "The Dark Tower" stars Matthew McConaughey and Idris Elba take the WIRED Autocomplete Interview and answer the Internet's most searched questions about themselves.
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    Matthew McConaughey & Idris Elba Answer the Web's Most Searched Questions | WIRED
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  • Takyettin Bayri
    Takyettin Bayri 2 days ago

    Is Idris Elba Muslim?

  • splitsecondblackswan

    Two really good gentlemen.

  • Talin1337
    Talin1337 3 days ago

    What doe getting lincoln's mean?

  • Tallen Roberts
    Tallen Roberts 4 days ago

    Gunner not gooner 😂

  • DebInfo
    DebInfo 7 days ago

    Savile was Knighted

  • aaron vargas
    aaron vargas 10 days ago

    heimdall,open the bifrost!

  • Woman Fide Master Rita

    please do pt2

  • Rahul Ramanathan
    Rahul Ramanathan 11 days ago


  • The not so lonely gamer

    Lots of thirsty women in the comments Jesus

  • Anatoly Park
    Anatoly Park 14 days ago

    Idris is a gooner!

  • brayden Shatto
    brayden Shatto 17 days ago

    They are the two coolest people alive

  • Erioth Keruma
    Erioth Keruma 19 days ago

    I could die happy hearing the sound of your voices all the time. Oh .... Add Nicholas Cage and John Malkovich life is complete.😀

  • CuriosityKilledTheCat SatisfactionBroughtItBack

    'ight guy looks texas

  • loglady
    loglady 23 days ago


  • Maddalena Patti
    Maddalena Patti 25 days ago


  • Bautista
    Bautista 26 days ago +1

    4:21 dude, they missed the first one

  • Titus Veridius
    Titus Veridius 26 days ago

    QUESTION: Why did Dark Tower suck so bad?

  • Caramel Gazelle
    Caramel Gazelle 27 days ago

    Idris Elba needs to do ASMR!

  • Just Normal
    Just Normal 27 days ago

    Idris: did you just call me idris elbow 1:57

  • Aqila Matthews
    Aqila Matthews 27 days ago

    Those accents tho

  • StellaR
    StellaR 28 days ago

    They're just the two hottest guys

  • Je wi
    Je wi 28 days ago

    My world collapsed when Idris said he is a Arsenal fan

  • Valeriya Salter
    Valeriya Salter Month ago +1

    Two men with beautiful voices... keep it coming.

  • Boss Prime
    Boss Prime Month ago

    Those are mine babe lmao

  • Jedi5150
    Jedi5150 Month ago

    99% of the comments talking about how "hot" they both are. Meanwhile, I'm thinking that these two guys are less charismatic in this interview than anyone else who has done it. They aren't funny, they aren't fascinating... They are good looking, and this interview makes it seem like that is literally all they have going for them.

  • Pedro Augusto
    Pedro Augusto Month ago

    Queria ter duas...

  • OtakuWasteCan
    OtakuWasteCan Month ago

    Can I please have Matthew's charisma?

  • Mohammed Aladwan
    Mohammed Aladwan Month ago

    BTW idris is the name of a profit it's a Greek name
    Which means the person who studies a lot

  • Mohammed Aladwan
    Mohammed Aladwan Month ago

    BTW idris is the name of a profit it's a Greek name
    Which means the person who studies a lot

  • Ainobolic
    Ainobolic Month ago

    Mathew should be a radio dj ..
    Ill listen all day (AllRight)

  • Commander Hamilton
    Commander Hamilton Month ago

    Tuna fish salad? Lmao ew

  • Yougant S
    Yougant S Month ago

    Matthew related to Woody Harrelson 😂 that was the real question

  • Z dela Cruz
    Z dela Cruz Month ago

    No one:
    Idris Elba: *smirks then clicks tongue*

  • alejandra de la gala

    Idris, The perfect new James Bond

  • Luna Malka
    Luna Malka Month ago

    Dam they are so hot 😍😍😍😍

  • Paige Al
    Paige Al Month ago

    The smoothest interview you’ll ever see

  • Monique Walker
    Monique Walker Month ago

    Interesting i have no tattoos 9 that's a lot of tattoos👀

  • Monique Walker
    Monique Walker Month ago

    I agree he would've been an excellent James Bond💯

  • Monique Walker
    Monique Walker Month ago


  • Camila Ulloa
    Camila Ulloa Month ago

    It is a shame that the dark tower movie was so terrible.

  • Adi Adrian
    Adi Adrian Month ago

    01:59 Sorry man, you did say Idris Elbow. Even the caption say elbow.

  • Pugtootlez
    Pugtootlez Month ago

    Uvalde, TX ❤

  • Daniel Cubas
    Daniel Cubas Month ago +1

    Coolest dudes on the planet

  • Blah Blah Blah !
    Blah Blah Blah ! Month ago

    Where did edris alba djing HAHAHAHA

  • Stewart Fletcher
    Stewart Fletcher Month ago +6

    McConaughey is a frontier spirit in man form who wandered into those universe on a skeleton horse and will fly out on eagle wings. Him, Jeff Bridges, and Sam Elliott.

  • Sound Loud
    Sound Loud Month ago

    Your fly

  • gin war
    gin war Month ago


  • The Knight Guts
    The Knight Guts Month ago

    An arsenal fan ayy

  • K Deloris
    K Deloris Month ago

    they are so cool together.

  • Sheena Smith
    Sheena Smith Month ago

    lawdddd how did i end up here 😍

  • Casual Caveman
    Casual Caveman Month ago

    I'm on a Matthew McConaughey binge...Because of impressions videos.

  • C H
    C H Month ago +1

    I love Idris...when his current rship fails....he can call me 😂😍🤷

  • Sonya Beltran
    Sonya Beltran Month ago


  • Mark Mauk
    Mark Mauk Month ago

    I like Idris Elbow

  • Lizzie Ourworld
    Lizzie Ourworld Month ago

    Every time I hear Matthew’s name I think Big Time Rush

  • Kristen Deans
    Kristen Deans 2 months ago

    Idris Elbow 😂😂😂

  • J.R Brooks
    J.R Brooks 2 months ago +4

    Two of the coolest actors in the world.

  • rmsp2901
    rmsp2901 2 months ago

    hey daddy

  • FROGY the frog
    FROGY the frog 2 months ago

    Idris is an Allah massager name!

  • DJ BLAST237
    DJ BLAST237 2 months ago +1

    thought you're a Ghanaian Idris lol

  • Art Netic Field
    Art Netic Field 2 months ago

    Love the comments, love the video

  • ryx1993
    ryx1993 2 months ago

    Idris Elba and I like the same soccer team

  • k sim
    k sim 2 months ago +2

    What does MM eat?
    Elba: Careful

  • Iseenthefuture
    Iseenthefuture 2 months ago

    No.. I'm more pretentious and self obsessed.

  • Ayyliyah
    Ayyliyah 2 months ago +1


  • Linn Ww
    Linn Ww 2 months ago +4

    These are two of THEE most HANDSOME *MEN* I’ve EVER had the pleasure of laying my eyes on!

  • ScarletxCrimson
    ScarletxCrimson 2 months ago

    “Where is Idris Elba djing?” LMAO

  • M ern
    M ern 2 months ago

    Two of my fantasies right

  • The not so lonely gamer

    This video is Alright,Alright,Alright

  • Ivy Ruonakoski
    Ivy Ruonakoski 2 months ago

    Oh Idris...yes.

  • 4shys2
    4shys2 2 months ago

    Love them both!!!!!

  • High Sierra
    High Sierra 2 months ago

    Where’s is Matthew mcconaughey

    At the end of interstellar?
    Seriously, we need to know man

  • 825Gabe
    825Gabe 2 months ago +1

    the tension underneath all the fake smiles..lmao..jkjk

  • Royqg jk jkKjo soto
    Royqg jk jkKjo soto 2 months ago


  • Timmy_Manz
    Timmy_Manz 2 months ago +1

    Who else automatically thinks of pacific rim when you see idris?

  • sheltered&loved
    sheltered&loved 2 months ago +1

    Idris Elbow 😂😂

  • Hallola B
    Hallola B 2 months ago +2

    Matthew kills me when he pronounce his name 😢❤️❤️❤️
    alright alright alright ❤️

  • Daniel Latempa
    Daniel Latempa 2 months ago

    God I hope Idris becomes the next James Bond

  • Ryan lii
    Ryan lii 2 months ago +1

    alright alright alright

  • Maxime Guilbault
    Maxime Guilbault 2 months ago

    One of the best XD

  • BLUniverse
    BLUniverse 2 months ago

    I see Heimdall John Stewart GL and Reverse Flash

  • BLUniverse
    BLUniverse 2 months ago

    I see Ocean Master, Niteowl And Ra's Al Ghul

  • BLUniverse
    BLUniverse 2 months ago

    I see Heimdall, John Stewart Green Lantern and Reverse Flash

    JONES 2 months ago

    when did matthew mc stop looking attractive?

  • r.s.b 1997
    r.s.b 1997 2 months ago

    this should've been longer💔

  • Jacob Phillips
    Jacob Phillips 2 months ago

    Good Job On Matthew’s Mic...

  • Юрий Афанасьев

    Это не чуваки! Ты - чувак! А это мужчины! Красивые мускулистые мужики!

  • elder dragon
    elder dragon 2 months ago


  • Dale Bell
    Dale Bell 2 months ago

    Matthew is hot asf

  • Le Meteque
    Le Meteque 2 months ago

    Idris is the name of a prophet motioned in The Quran, known for his knowledge, the name have multiple origins some even relate it to Andreas and Andreanous, The city of Fès was built by Idris the 1st and the 2nd, the first dynasty in Morocco.

  • Jack O'Lantern
    Jack O'Lantern 2 months ago

    Idris Elbow 😆

  • Grace Taylor
    Grace Taylor 2 months ago


  • browniethe king
    browniethe king 2 months ago

    Hahaha if matthew slap any girls but they would not care dudes still a stud an pretty sure everyone woman loves him alright alright alright an if they didnt be cooler if they did haha

  • Funnykid 123
    Funnykid 123 3 months ago

    That's bulspit

  • XxYorWrstNigtmre
    XxYorWrstNigtmre 3 months ago


  • sidaani dalila
    sidaani dalila 3 months ago

    Hop you are handsome man matiew and sip strong man you are unique as actor you have a big gift you ate attractive and special my best regards my favorite actor you the best of the best you meet proud of your self Mr milyna of algeria

  • AlmaSpiteful
    AlmaSpiteful 3 months ago

    Idris is perfection.

  • Melissa
    Melissa 3 months ago

    is there anyone here who attends matthew's class in texas university?

  • Melissa
    Melissa 3 months ago

    alright alright alRIGHT

  • Cristian Mihai
    Cristian Mihai 3 months ago

    He had no idea how right he'd be about the tuna