My Studio Tour! (2019)

  • Let's tour my studio before the big move into our new house!
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  • Greg Salazar
    Greg Salazar  3 months ago +72

    Hey all! Keep in mind this was filmed prior to the move into our new house, so you'll see an update some time in the future when we've finally set everything up over here. Most of the components featured here, however, will remain the same. Let me know what you think of the setup!

    • Michael Keith
      Michael Keith 3 months ago

      DesTroyEr VTK he’s a pornstar!

    • DesTroyEr VTK
      DesTroyEr VTK 3 months ago

      Do you have a day job just asking?
      Because I want to become a youtuber but my father keeps arguing that all the youtubers go to job so even i should have a job before I start my own RUclip channel

    • Memes Jenkins
      Memes Jenkins 3 months ago

      @Michael Keith I've noticed a couple creators have changed their channel name to their actual name. also like to know why.

    • Michael Keith
      Michael Keith 3 months ago +4

      Why the change from Science Studio to Greg Salazar YT?

    • Michel Furman
      Michel Furman 3 months ago

      16:23 Why do you need a Ps4 Pro when you have an extremely good pc? Congrats for the house btw.

  • Spinks
    Spinks 2 months ago

    so what do we do with ryzen tuning and the bios..chip is still running good and undervolted at 1.38v..undecided on SoC voltage running like 1.1825v etc for only 3200mhz crucial kit etc.

  • Władysław Kurcharczyk

    Bashes intel's 9900k in a video from Nov 15, 2018, and then runs one in his computer.

  • sniper prince
    sniper prince 3 months ago

    what size is ur greg?

  • Patrick Jennings
    Patrick Jennings 3 months ago

    Check out the rhinosheild crashguard. It's a backless case you might like it

  • Rodoval507
    Rodoval507 3 months ago

    Why does the AMD system doesn't have the Ryzen 9 I noticed in the storage room?

  • Alex Herrera
    Alex Herrera 3 months ago

    Anyone know where to find the clock on top of the pc?

  • Josh Biggs
    Josh Biggs 3 months ago

    Great video. What's the desktop wallpaper you are using?

  • Anthony
    Anthony 3 months ago

    Omg I have just realized it has been ages since I have commented. I like that shirt, where could I get one haha? Great content as always

    • Anthony
      Anthony 3 months ago

      Damn I'm an 18 month sponsor WOOT WOOT

  • Miika
    Miika 3 months ago

    What is it with that fake plant that every tech reviewer has?

  • Z Rus
    Z Rus 3 months ago +1

    Use metric please

  • UnknownUser
    UnknownUser 3 months ago

    Why do you keep changing your channel name ? The man rebrands on an annual basis.

  • Video Beauty
    Video Beauty 3 months ago

    What happened to the softbox?

  • HEXiT
    HEXiT 3 months ago

    BORING just another tech guy...

  • Not again! Obi wan is gona kill me.

    Does the windows 10 pro key work for windows 10?

  • Daniel Evans
    Daniel Evans 3 months ago

    I don't know haow big you are for scaling... Stand beside a can of coke, would you please?

  • Kyle Markinson
    Kyle Markinson 3 months ago

    Greg, I just came across your channel, but I have to say I am impressed. You showed up in my recommended from TechLinked (LTT channel). Have you considered doing similar videos (quick sum of various tech news)? Even if it was just one summary video for the week/month in review, I think it would be some interesting content that could attract new viewers.

  • Z tech gaming
    Z tech gaming 3 months ago

    hello... my motherboard has the support for 2400mhz will it work if i buy 3200mhz because at used market its cheap

  • Deon Spates
    Deon Spates 3 months ago

    AMAZING Greg!!!

  • Achromaniac
    Achromaniac 3 months ago


    John Browning 1911 patent.


    Edit: Where do you get your patent prints?

  • Dan Grogg
    Dan Grogg 3 months ago

    Something funny with the shutter angle?

  • meliohe!
    meliohe! 3 months ago

    You should consider phone reviews pls!!! im really interested in what you think of your note

  • Nobittv
    Nobittv 3 months ago +1

    can u give the link for that clock ! i wanna buy that same clock.

  • Logan Kreisher
    Logan Kreisher 3 months ago

    Sad to see just 19k after a day. I wish more people watched videos based on the channel, not just the title. I watch basically every video that comes out of Greg, Bitwit, and Jayztwocents. I’m a fan of the channels, so why not?

  • Hugh Wong
    Hugh Wong 3 months ago

    I hope you enjoy your new home Greg and your family. Don't forget to give Brian a call.

  • sparkers70
    sparkers70 3 months ago

    Socks and carpet.... required for proper PC building.

  • Dawid Does Tech Stuff
    Dawid Does Tech Stuff 3 months ago

    Wow! Your space is so much neater than mine. 😂

  • l DemoLyingLo I
    l DemoLyingLo I 3 months ago

    I, personally, would like to know about the keyboard you use

  • David
    David 3 months ago

    speaking of studio, what happened to science studio?

  • Zachary Burks
    Zachary Burks 3 months ago

    Dont know if any one has asked but what is the clock on the right (white) tower?

  • Lil Tdog
    Lil Tdog 3 months ago +1

    I have that same particle board desk except the legs are not black, there white.

  • MahaVakyas
    MahaVakyas 3 months ago

    mate.. what is the desk setup you have? that looks ideal - lot of space but doesn't hog up the whole goddamn room.

  • Jerry Neutron
    Jerry Neutron 3 months ago

    If only the a6400 had IBIS 😥

  • Daegan
    Daegan 3 months ago

    Can I be your friend??

  • Vern Velez
    Vern Velez 3 months ago

    Very nice and neat Studio. 👍

  • Yakuza
    Yakuza 3 months ago

    What did you do to reverse the desk for the first setup? I noticed you had the longer end on the left rather than the right like on the Amazon page

  • Zuzu
    Zuzu 3 months ago

    The studio looks great considering the small space you had to work with! Do you by chance know where you got the patents at? They look pretty cool and I'd like to see if I could get my hands on them.

  • Mike Hudson
    Mike Hudson 3 months ago

    But I don't know how big a Greg is. Can you put a Greg next to a table for scale?

  • Ryan Harris
    Ryan Harris 3 months ago

    Super cool 😎 man. For real. Enjoy the behind the scenes stuff for real. If u ever absolutely “need” to get rid of an og 2080 non super hit me up plz lol

  • Orion's Corner
    Orion's Corner 3 months ago +2

    Hey Greg, I probably missed something but wasn't your RUclip channel called "Science Studio" before?

  • thormaster06
    thormaster06 3 months ago +2

    2:06 A Greg for scale is cute, but without a banana how will we ever know??

  • 00 hi
    00 hi 3 months ago


  • Cosmic Drew
    Cosmic Drew 3 months ago

    As an electronic music producer I truly love Behringer mics. So many people like to talk shit on them but they're truly 90% of the quality but 20% the price.

  • John Patrick Moran
    John Patrick Moran 3 months ago

    Hey Greg really enjoy your content i've been rocking a X79 build since 2012 an i7 3820 and its still going strong, keep up the great work!!!

  • Ryan Monaghan
    Ryan Monaghan 3 months ago

    Where/when did you go to college?

  • Britec09
    Britec09 3 months ago +2

    Tidy little setup Greg, I really should contact some hardware supplies, because I pay for all my pc hardware builds :(

    • Britec09
      Britec09 3 months ago +1

      @Greg Salazar That would be awesome Greg, thanks.

    • Greg Salazar
      Greg Salazar  3 months ago +2

      I'm surprised they haven't contacted _you_ by now! If you need contacts, give me a ring on Twitter!

  • LukeAkAscooterkid
    LukeAkAscooterkid 3 months ago

    Dude, You have come along way from having a dresser as a desk haha, awesome to see! hope your move goes well for you :) been watching your videos for quite some time come to think of it.

  • Lewis Gillmore
    Lewis Gillmore 3 months ago

    2080TI's and Ryzen 7's to play Runescape. Love it.

  • Xander Steyn
    Xander Steyn 3 months ago

    Just want to say thanks for the OEM key for windows 10. keep up the great content.

  • Infinetly Omega
    Infinetly Omega 3 months ago +1

    I would love a case and gladly will pay you for shipping too

  • dj manix
    dj manix 3 months ago

    Not a spec of dust anywhere - HOW! My PC coughs up more dustballs meme cat. I do live on a main road thoe.

  • FibreHzd
    FibreHzd 3 months ago

    link of the Clock top of the h510

  • Casey Roach
    Casey Roach 3 months ago

    Loved the video! You always make quality content. I can't afford them right now, but I will be buying that desk set up in the very near future and I will come back and use your link because I really dig your channel.

  • Rami Bos
    Rami Bos 3 months ago

    Pepsi is not part of the studio?

  • Byte My Bits
    Byte My Bits 3 months ago

    Can't wait to see the new setup.

  • greatwolf
    greatwolf 3 months ago

    You didn't talk about the little LED youtube counter on top of your white case build.

  • THEFIRE360
    THEFIRE360 3 months ago

    i wish i had a family member or friend that works with pc parts

  • Salty Tako
    Salty Tako 3 months ago +1

    Man's got a whole Best Buy in his closet

  • Justin C
    Justin C 3 months ago

    10:35 greg's MSI dragon vs the linus MSI dragon she tells you not to worry about

  • vmreviews
    vmreviews 3 months ago

    Congrats for your new setup. Looks great

  • ReVo's Residence
    ReVo's Residence 3 months ago

    Big sad that this isnt the NEW studio tbh

    COFASA 3 months ago

    We are close to 500k, let's goooooo

  • John Booth
    John Booth 3 months ago

    what do you guys use to monitor your temp? Love your studio

  • r e d
    r e d 3 months ago +1

    can you give me the site where you got your greg? I need one for the measurement of my desk

  • DSPZulu
    DSPZulu 3 months ago

    Those Wal-mart cube shelves are actually re-branded Ikea Kallax units.
    you can get them cheaper at Ikea.

  • Shinychicken1000
    Shinychicken1000 3 months ago

    how tall are you?

  • Hink Hall
    Hink Hall 3 months ago +1

    I will be using Greg's as an Official measurement tool now. Which now makes me 15/16ths Greg's tall, and 1 1/3 Greg's heavy.

  • Danni Williams
    Danni Williams 3 months ago

    Love the tour and your channel. Look forward to the next tour once you move.

  • Jon's Tech Channel
    Jon's Tech Channel 3 months ago

    I kept thinking the cat box was supposed to be an iPod Shuffle

  • StingRay
    StingRay 3 months ago

    I remember when the studio was called Science Studio.

  • Mirek
    Mirek 3 months ago

    Nice studio!

  • Daniel
    Daniel 3 months ago

    You have wibbkw cause you need a better desk

  • Anderswan Lin
    Anderswan Lin 3 months ago +1


    Also where can I go pay and get one of those PC cases of yours? (I live in the same state)

    • Anderswan Lin
      Anderswan Lin 3 months ago

      a n t i h a r o ikr

    • a n t i h a r o
      a n t i h a r o 3 months ago

      Same. That clock has been driving me nuts. Sucks that we won't be getting a reply

  • Daniel Havok
    Daniel Havok 3 months ago

    Hey Greg, I really enjoyed your videos about looking up used built pc’s for sale. I found one that I think is really good but I want your opinion. Would you be willing to help me decide? I wanted to private msg you but I don’t know how to do that... but I don’t mind telling you here via cmts. I probably Should have cmt on one of those videos but this one is the most recent. :)

    • TheJoJmaster
      TheJoJmaster 3 months ago

      Daniel Havok That’s quite a good value

    • Daniel Havok
      Daniel Havok 3 months ago

      $500 for
      Asus strix b350f
      Evga 1070ti ftw2
      Corsair 16g ddr4 3000mhz
      Coolermaster masterliquid 240
      Corsair 80+Gold 850x psu
      Ryzen 5 1600x
      Coolermaster bigass case
      Anyways, if I buy I just want the gpu, cpu, and ram and sell the rest. And he’s willing to let me test it out before hand and check things.

  • cracklingice
    cracklingice 3 months ago

    ha I also charge my phones at my computer desk.

  • cracklingice
    cracklingice 3 months ago

    haha The Greg Fix shot.

  • Luke Skywalker
    Luke Skywalker 3 months ago +1

    It looks like that to took The Verge's advice... "You need a table to build a PC on..." HAHAHA :D Love your contents man... Want to do the same thing you do but don't know where/how to begin... Do you have a video about it?

    • Kyle Markinson
      Kyle Markinson 3 months ago

      Something interesting to look at may be how Linus Tech Tips got started

  • Jub Threesixnine
    Jub Threesixnine 3 months ago


  • Pedro Rodriguez
    Pedro Rodriguez 3 months ago

    Can I have a case????

    • Pedro Rodriguez
      Pedro Rodriguez 3 months ago

      @TheJoJmaster I'm not begging I didn't said please yet lol

    • TheJoJmaster
      TheJoJmaster 3 months ago +1

      Pedro Rodriguez Don’t beg for free stuff.

  • Ozzy Tenacious
    Ozzy Tenacious 3 months ago

    in all honesty, the wide angle shot looks better than the narrow view we usually get to see in your videos.