BEST SHOPPING DEALS IN HONG KONG! (Cheapest places to shop!!!)

  • Published on Jun 5, 2018
  • Follow me around hong kong as I show you all the best shopping deals in the city. We will look into Thrift shops, independent fashion labels, sneaker stores, cosmetics, electronics and more! We will be in search for all the cheapest finds and the coolest stores
    1. Sham Shui Po
    - Dragon Centre
    - Street Stalls
    - Electronic Stores
    2. Mong Kok
    - Ladies Market
    - Thrift Stores behind Ladies Market
    - Sneaker Street
    - Kix Dreams
    3. Granville Road
    - Independent Fashion Stores
    - Pharmacies & Dispensaries
    - Lung Shing Dispensary

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  • The Sage Family Adventures

    We would love to visit Hongkong someday. Definitely, listed as one of our travel destinations. Thank you for sharing.

  • Gretchen T.
    Gretchen T. 4 months ago

    Been in Sham shui po but did'nt visit Dragon Centre tnx u shared it

  • Tintin Carbajal
    Tintin Carbajal 4 months ago

    What editor did you use?

  • Chuckle Honeybear
    Chuckle Honeybear 4 months ago

    I would say Sham shui po is one of the cheapest places to shop here, cause it's a relatively old urban area. Glad to have tourists like you who don't only shop at brand name malls; going to these districts really does complete your travel experience.

  • Chuckle Honeybear
    Chuckle Honeybear 4 months ago

    Lol I live in Hong Kong why am I watching this... great video though!

  • G eogiftology
    G eogiftology 4 months ago

    I’m originally from Hong Kong but live in England going in the summer thanks!

  • Afrin Shaikh
    Afrin Shaikh 5 months ago +1

    Hey.. where can I buy a cute suitcase in hong kong?

    • Ana Lim
      Ana Lim  5 months ago

      Afrin Shaikh yes there are a lot of blush pink ones there 💕

    • Afrin Shaikh
      Afrin Shaikh 5 months ago +1

      I really need a cute blush pink one... Should I go to the same market

    • Ana Lim
      Ana Lim  5 months ago +1

      Afrin Shaikh Hi Afrin! It depends on your budget :) if youre looking for a budget suitcase mongkok’s ladies market offers you a ton of choices for a good price especially if you bargain your way through. Bought one with my dad there 5 years ago and its still intact and sturdy 😄

  • Sarah Thrane
    Sarah Thrane 5 months ago

    Thanks for making this video im going to hongkong next week❤️

  • Kei Nicole MS
    Kei Nicole MS 6 months ago

    very informative😍

  • Janine
    Janine 7 months ago +3

    Thank you for this! Will be visitig HK in a few months glad I've watched this video ♡

  • Kris Wu
    Kris Wu 7 months ago +1

    Si Sheks eto..mataba pa sya dito..

    • Ana Lim
      Ana Lim  7 months ago

      Sino po? hahahaha

  • tooru oikawa
    tooru oikawa 7 months ago

    What filter do you use?

  • Kristha Luoise Porras
    Kristha Luoise Porras 8 months ago +2

    Thank you for the tips!! ♥️ More videos like this please 💕

    • Ana Lim
      Ana Lim  7 months ago

      Will do!! Going back to hong kong very soon so will make sure to make more :)

  • manscharm msn
    manscharm msn 8 months ago +1

    Hi Ms Ana good morning. Just saw your video. Are their ukay2 rubber shoes in HK?

    • Ana Lim
      Ana Lim  7 months ago

      Hi Viaggo travels! Yes there are a lot :)

  • Le Guen Louise
    Le Guen Louise 8 months ago +2

    Hi, were is located the thrift shop behind the ladies market? What is the name? :)

    • Ana Lim
      Ana Lim  8 months ago +1

      There are a ton of them :D Just look behind the stalls and you'll find them. Im sorry I dont remember the exact name but there are a lot right behind the stalls :)

  • BeautyBossMNL
    BeautyBossMNL 8 months ago +4

    Thank you for posting! Will go to HK in 2 weeks. 😍 love the content and the editing

    • Ana Lim
      Ana Lim  8 months ago

      Thank you so much too for stopping by my video!!! Enjoy HK and shop til you drop!!

  • Louise Siebo
    Louise Siebo 8 months ago +1

    Hi, what do you use to film and edit?

    • Ana Lim
      Ana Lim  8 months ago +1

      Hi Louise! :D For this video I used Fujifilm's XA-10 and to edit I used final cut pro

    ROY WALLS 8 months ago +2

    I am research Hong Kong because friend say nice place she singer SNH48 .

    • Ana Lim
      Ana Lim  8 months ago

      Yes its very nice!! :)

  • Vasu Jasti
    Vasu Jasti 10 months ago +1

    Hi Ana, Is there an accessories market that you recommend to buy in bulk in Hong Kong? Products like cheap earrings? thanks!!

    • Ana Lim
      Ana Lim  10 months ago

      Vasu Jasti Hi Vasu! Sham Shui Po has a lot of wholesale accessory stores 😄 Dragon Center would have them

  • •Lushie's Café•
    •Lushie's Café• 10 months ago

    lol I just got in here to know if they have Best Buy or wallmart to buy roblox giftcard bc I ask my aunt to buy roblox gift card for me XD

  • 022emiliano
    022emiliano Year ago

    Cool intro music, where from?

  • Mae Lam
    Mae Lam Year ago +14

    Glad I bumped into this because my next destination is Hong Kong! great vid!

    • Ana Lim
      Ana Lim  Year ago +1

      YAY!! Im so happy you enjoyed the video!!! Have a happy trip 💖💖💖

  • Zandrea HB.
    Zandrea HB. Year ago +2

    The skincare products in Lung Shing are legit?

    • Ana Lim
      Ana Lim  Year ago

      Hi Zandrea! Yes they are legit 💖

  • Rhouxelle Kwon
    Rhouxelle Kwon Year ago

    i love shopping!

    • Ana Lim
      Ana Lim  Year ago

      I love shopping too 💖💖💖 Thank you for watching this video Rhouxelle 💖💖💖

  • Jazielyn Joyce
    Jazielyn Joyce Year ago +1

    What editor u use?

    • Ana Lim
      Ana Lim  Year ago

      Jazielyn Joyce Hi Jazielyn! 😊 I use final cut pro ♥️

  • Karen Millonado
    Karen Millonado Year ago +1

    So funnnnn!!

    • Ana Lim
      Ana Lim  Year ago

      Karen Millonado THANK YOU KAREN!! 😭 Love u ♥️