The New Hasselblad 21mm F/4 on the X1D! 1st Shots, Thoughts, more...

  • Published on Jun 28, 2018
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  • Cowboydoug iWasThereToo

    tell me i did Not just see you holding your nose as you jumped into the pool....? oh

  • Robert Bruce
    Robert Bruce Year ago +1

    What an iconic brand is Hasselblad. It is more than that, it’s mythical! I remember seeing with my father the Hasselblad advertisements of the cameras surviving the trips to the moon and later the NASA pictures from space in pure color from 70 mm transparencies! But to me the right form for a Hasselblad is that of the V series. And I long for one! Perhaps one day! In the mean time, I will take landscapes and portrait pictures with my Mamiya C220!

  • Javier Hernandez
    Javier Hernandez Year ago

    one thing I got out of this X1D review is that its 115 degrees in Arizona

  • Harald Schmidt
    Harald Schmidt Year ago

    How can one judge a lens if he use it only for a couple of hours. This is more a kind of product placement than a short lens review. I would really appreciate to see the differences to other lenses, and by the way every Hasselblad medium format lens is a shutter lens. I own a X1D for over six month and would never judge either the camera or the lenses that I have, because the error most of the time sits behind the EVF ;-)

  • Rafał I
    Rafał I Year ago

    I have no idea why this lens is so big, going mirrorless is mostly beneficial in size in wide angle. Batis that you have on A9 has just a bit smaller image circle, is one stop faster, plenty sharp on A7R3 and still a lot smaller. Not to mention lenses like VO 15mm f2.

  • b bayek
    b bayek Year ago

    Maybe try Fuji GFX.

  • Robert
    Robert Year ago

    doesn't look very sharp?

  • Paul Chronicles
    Paul Chronicles Year ago

    wow loads of distortion.

  • Marian Palko
    Marian Palko Year ago

    Wonder how many of those photographs are critically sharp.

  • ahmad vlogs
    ahmad vlogs Year ago

    Same quality like my Huawei P20 Pro :)

    • ahmad vlogs
      ahmad vlogs Year ago

      The Ice Spider great camera Pentax 6x7

    • Mind the Mix
      Mind the Mix Year ago

      We are on the same both man! I have a Pentax 67II but waiting to grab one of these new digital MF soon.

    • ahmad vlogs
      ahmad vlogs Year ago

      The Ice Spider definitely, would love to own a digital MF, I have a film one, now with the Hassy becoming more affordable as well

    • Mind the Mix
      Mind the Mix Year ago

      You are right, I had a chance to play with that Leica lens and I found it superb. I'm more toward the 'plus'+ rather than the 'versus' with gear. MF is a different animal anyway.

    • ahmad vlogs
      ahmad vlogs Year ago

      The Ice Spider you will be surprised, this 40mp camera can produce large and crisp files

  • Steven Kornreich
    Steven Kornreich Year ago

    Love the pool

    • Steve Huff
      Steve Huff  Year ago

      It's a pain and costs too much, but thank you.

  • sijil o
    sijil o Year ago

    holy grail

  • Bernd Twiest
    Bernd Twiest Year ago +1

    Great and honest review, a real user experience. Thanks for sharing.

  • Maxime
    Maxime Year ago

    Cuff covers?
    Say it again?

  • Jack O.
    Jack O. Year ago

    Did you take your iPhone out of your pocket before jumping into the pool? I never do.

    • Jack O.
      Jack O. Year ago

      LOL! I knew it you did! Jumping into the pool fully clothed is so tempting when it is so hot (and the phone happens to be in the back pocket always). Anywayway thank you for the great videos.

    • Steve Huff
      Steve Huff  Year ago

      I did but have taken it in before ; )

  • Alfred Win
    Alfred Win Year ago +3

    What are you thoughts on Leica SL vs Hasselblad x1D, what would you choose if you get to choose only one?

    • Marian Palko
      Marian Palko Year ago

      telemaq76 Well, Hasselblad is lagging behind competition as usual...

    • telemaq76
      telemaq76 Year ago

      @Marian Palko Well it s novembre no x1d 100mp annouced :)

    • Marian Palko
      Marian Palko Year ago

      Jaime Duncan I owned the X1D, and it was a rather frustrating camera to use. Exquisite IQ when you can really use ISO 100 (this is the one area where the X1D still has an edge over any FF camera) and flash sync at any shutter speed (that's a feature I really made a good use of) but the AF was quite unreliable and the camera was overall sluggish and buggy. Now I am waiting for the 100MP model and will perhaps buy it, but they really need to get everything right...

    • Jaime Duncan
      Jaime Duncan Year ago

      Agree, the colors are very different but you can get that in post. But the Camera is totally different, so if you are searching for a camera to change the mode of your brain, the X1D is "more different" to the D850 than the SL.

    • Alfred Win
      Alfred Win Year ago

      Thanks everyone for the extensive reply’s to my questions. The reason I am interested in the SL is that I have a Leica M9-p which now suffers sensor corrosion problem and Leica offers me an upgrade options to SL with 3k USD which is in the similar price range as other high end full-frames.

  • Akhyar Rayhka
    Akhyar Rayhka Year ago +11

    Do a drop test