Oregon Creates Tiny Home Community For The Homeless | Listen To America

  • Published on Jun 12, 2018
  • Eugene, Oregon has housed some of its homeless population in tiny homes to much success, and now low-income residents are ready to downsize as well. Subscribe to HuffPost today: goo.gl/xW6HG
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  • J Carver
    J Carver 2 hours ago

    The woman Brooklyn at around 2:00. Seriously, whining about HER 6 , Yes six kids. She's obese, spent money on unnecessary piercings. Can't keep her legs together or control her food intake and we are supposed to have sympathy for her. I know a few people who are actually deserving of assistance but she does not fit in that class of people.

  • Greasy nPoor
    Greasy nPoor 3 hours ago

    But this undermines the fabric of america the over priced crappy college education and the overpriced bullshit real estate hoax and these people r not going to feed into the nightmare commute traffic situation. I just dont see how this will work it seems like this will crumble america and makes the nation fail. Can u taste the sarcasm!!!

  • Beau B
    Beau B 15 hours ago

    The camera man really needs better stabilizers.

  • Darrol Dewey Jones
    Darrol Dewey Jones 20 hours ago

    There still is hope for Humanity .

  • RvBadlands2015
    RvBadlands2015 2 days ago

    Calif has the highest homeless population and they don’t do anything about it.

  • RvBadlands2015
    RvBadlands2015 2 days ago

    Awesome, keep of the good work.

  • John Doe
    John Doe 3 days ago

    why don't these cities do something to address the underlying causes. 25% of these poor people are mentally ill. they need medication. another 45% are dealing with substance abuse issues. they need treatment. and the remainder are people who are just down on their luck. they need retraining and jobs. these band aid solutions only enrich the wealthy who are feeding off not solving the problem.

  • kiba21ryuu
    kiba21ryuu 4 days ago

    America is listening, there are some places with high homeless rate, are doing tiny homes.

  • Debbie Molitor
    Debbie Molitor 4 days ago

    God Bless You all that Support this and yes we need more places like this World Wide ❤💕❤

  • Dyanne Horton
    Dyanne Horton 5 days ago

    I feel like I'm having a conversation with those things in her mouth. Every time she speaks, they seem to be talking as well.

  • Jun Jie
    Jun Jie 5 days ago

    Remember that people's working capacity and knowledge structure after all are limited. Working class people including lower middle class people can save money and planning economy to use money

  • Angelous 777
    Angelous 777 5 days ago

    I love this. Just recently I was watching another RUclip video were this guy from L.A was building tiny houses for the homeless people from Skid road and it saddens me to see how the city of LA destroyed those house and kicked them out of it, all the love, money and work of this guys destroyed in seconds by rich congressmen and authorities who dont care about them. This guys was at least trying to solve a problem. Send this to the city of L.A and San Francisco

  • Layla's Wonderland
    Layla's Wonderland 5 days ago +1

    I would love to have a home there than here in this hectic, non-stop, home or fighting all the time that I'm in now. I worry about my health and safety daily. I pray that I have no more seizures from my anxiety levels of where I'm at now. Beautiful homes and community for these people as well.

  • Jolie *
    Jolie * 5 days ago

    God will bring it to the haters. God allows you to reap what you sow and payback what you owe. With love that is.

  • DoubleDogDare54
    DoubleDogDare54 6 days ago

    The chick with the lip rings whose kids were taken by the state doesn't look like she's suffering for lack of food and the dude who can afford cigarettes didn't like staying at the mission because they lacked "sensitivity", they weren't into worrying about "trauma triggers" and didn't like they were not "trans friendly"??? My, my ..... aren't we the fussy ones, though!

  • Micheal lastname
    Micheal lastname 6 days ago

    Denver Colorado here and that's my story homeless and all I can pray for is to have a 8 by8 I would be blessed for my family!!! Bless your heart

  • Steven Miz
    Steven Miz 7 days ago

    Check this Americans are military could build enough of these units to house every homeless person in America instead of fighting war's in other countries this country could be the greatest country in the whole wide world and think if they had land and they all put some time in growing dang just do it.

  • Jane Marsee
    Jane Marsee 7 days ago

    Many homeless are homeless due to drug addiction. We have Salvation Army and many, many types of assistance programs.
    How did you lose all six if your children? I'm betting drugs.
    So, these people are NOT INNOCENT victims.

  • 906 Sparky
    906 Sparky 8 days ago

    Wow! They’re need to build these towns in Hawaii.

  • It’s Ma’am !
    It’s Ma’am ! 10 days ago

    Let’s bring in more Mexicans to work jobs that these people could be working. That sounds awesome.

  • Marchelle
    Marchelle 11 days ago

    Good for them we need this everywhere have them pay like a set payment

  • Geneva Doll
    Geneva Doll 11 days ago

    Lemme tell ya something, as someone who’s been homeless with a toddler not knowing where we’d be sleeping every night. Luckily we never had to sleep on the street, but homeless is homeless. And I would have done anything just to have a room with a door that I can just relax and be with my child in. I wouldn’t have cared at all to have no electricity or plumbing. Just having 4 walls and a door I can lock makes the world of a difference!! Especially with a curious toddler. And calm down, it’s not child neglect for God’s sake. It’s no different than going camping! Electricity is a luxury.
    But having each tenant go to a weekly meeting and put in so many hours per week to maintain the village is definitely important. It will help teach those who haven’t worked in a while to have responsibility and get into a routine waking up at a certain time and going to bed at a decent hour. I’ve been wanting to build a tiny home community for so long!! Way to go Oregon!

  • Magda Ty
    Magda Ty 11 days ago

    American dream while sharks have money to burn, there is no equality in democratic societies anymore

  • Tammy English
    Tammy English 12 days ago

    Where is there bathrooms and no electric

  • Tammy English
    Tammy English 12 days ago

    That’s because Rent is not affordable anywhere

  • Carol Reid
    Carol Reid 12 days ago

    This is inspirational.
    Those able to help build their own houses, like that.

  • acajudi100
    acajudi100 12 days ago

    High rise studio apartments on both borders, instead of billions for a southern wall.
    Do not have babies, that you cannot afford.

  • Suk Feng Chaw
    Suk Feng Chaw 13 days ago

    All the rich billionaires should help all homeless people, it is a great merit point to donors. Please homeless pax , billionaire can high rise flat house for them , provide shelter as winter , summer , weather are terrible cold and hot .

  • Fauziah Mohd Din Mohd Din

    Dont she feel annoy talking with that small metals stuck in her lips ..to brush teeth and eat .. maybe she is doing that to reduce weight not eating much .. she has place to sleep in cold weather .. be thankful .

  • 日月星辰
    日月星辰 15 days ago +1

    Who will solve the problems of homeless in America 🇺🇸?I will vote for him or her to be President of United States. Trump is always for himself, he makes himself Billionaires, “ make America great again “ It’s a big joke!
    More Homeless, more farmers facing bankruptcy.……………………etc.,

  • Julia D.
    Julia D. 15 days ago

    I feel for every single one who is homeless and admire those who help them..In America the poverty exemplifies shameless leaders there is no such justification exist ..just inhuman..

  • Boien Reyes
    Boien Reyes 16 days ago

    In our country that already a nice place that already a home for us.

  • Noah Martinez
    Noah Martinez 17 days ago +1

    My goal is to battle homelessness in Las Vegas. I would love to start with a community like this. I'm working on saving the money to be able to go through with it by the time I'm 30.

  • Tracey McNeel
    Tracey McNeel 17 days ago

    I've been doing HOMELAND watching and listening for years and I can tell you one thing for sure what income bracket is being the most depriving, neglectful, and uncaring toward a lot of the lower income bracket and they are the 3% income class. They are the ones who control a lot of life necessities because they use their money like a weapon. I searched and applied for jobs after my fire back in 2008 for over six years and nothing became of all the applications and resumes I sent out. I even re-attended an adult education center and learned new skills believing that this will help improve my chances of getting rehired somewhere and it did not. Now I am on SSI which is another rut to be in as it isn't sufficient amount of income to live on. The wealthy IN crowds are very unkind and caring to a lot of people, but I know God answers prayer and I have been asking Him to expose the truths of those who are well to do of their conduct toward the less fortunate class of people...they misuse their power, money, and freedom which they strip away from the lower income folk; much more to my testimony as an individual only have the general facts of what the wealthier are accountable for, the details of them get much worse as when it comes to revealing the truth to important LIFE matters.

  • Russ Luvmuscle
    Russ Luvmuscle 17 days ago +1

    What a great place to live

  • Dave
    Dave 18 days ago

    These communities will only be successful with the majority of the homeless when the most common cause of homelessness is addressed in conjunction. The most common causes of homelessness are mental illness and drug addiction. The homeless have to become healthy again before they are able to join the rest of society and provide for themselves. The state of Rhode Island has such a program that has been extremely successful.

  • Dept246
    Dept246 19 days ago

    Should be only for Oregon citizens and abide by the rules

  • LillyRocks desde el planeta Tierra.

    Congratulations! I hope I could help you. And help in the way form, they're helping in the US. Kind regards. Mexico City. Mexico.

  • Veganjedi97
    Veganjedi97 20 days ago +1

    students cant even afford housing sooo

  • Alicia Gonzales
    Alicia Gonzales 20 days ago

    I love this the govt needs to put more money into housing .its unnacceptable when section 8 is a closed list for 10 years

  • l l
    l l 21 day ago

    I'd hate to be a driveby victim living in one of those.

  • AmericanRelic2hear
    AmericanRelic2hear 24 days ago

    Too bad they'reAmerican citizens. If they were undocumented citizens, they'd be given good housing, free medical, free everything. Maybe they should ditch their documents/IDs, learn a foreign language well, and pretend to be non-American.

  • Brent Miller
    Brent Miller 26 days ago

    I think that all the deserving homeless should fill the jobs and homes in other states where ICE has removed illegals from illegal employment. Koch foods being an example. It wasn't long ago that farmers in Georgia was offering around $15 an hour to pick watermelons yet, nobody hardly showed to fill the jobs! If these tiny homes could be in Georgia, it could benefit farmers and homeless alike without using migratory workers at all! Using this as a temporary stepping stone to a better life!

  • Ummi Ramli
    Ummi Ramli 29 days ago

    This is a good idea !

  • Dragon Slayer
    Dragon Slayer Month ago

    Oh look. Mini crack houses

  • YoniNadi
    YoniNadi Month ago

    How much square footage is there in those tiny houses?

  • YoniNadi
    YoniNadi Month ago

    These tiny houses should have employed people who have been made homeless by evictions, and rent increases from greedy landlords; and if there’s any tiny houses leftover then people who are not on drugs, or alcoholic beverages could be housed in them.
    There should be a safe sanitary system for the waste, and electricity could be provided by the city’s public utility company.

  • Michael Hart
    Michael Hart Month ago

    We need more of these in Surrey and Vancouver Bc

  • The Way of The Masseuse

    They should also teach them to compost and grow their own food. Self sufficiency should be the focal point of the aid... Not just giving but helping them to stand alone.

  • Morphelia
    Morphelia Month ago +1

    That's awesome. Amen.

  • Erica Y
    Erica Y Month ago

    At least its somewhere to sleep👍

  • David Lee
    David Lee Month ago

    Save humans .

  • Angela Alvarez
    Angela Alvarez Month ago +1

    This should be done all cities across the country.
    Ladies, with to many kids to feed, condoms . Condoms, condoms learn from the trend of men who impregnant, then leave for you and the taxpayers to pay to raise your poor choices, over , over, over, over and over. Given dignity and responsibility back to the broken soul.
    People with mental issues need to be treated first.

  • Crystal Davis
    Crystal Davis Month ago

    Are there other states doing this besides utah

  • Haizel Dawn
    Haizel Dawn Month ago

    Those seam awesome to live in, but I'm a loner & won't socialize often because it's not-healthy for me.

  • Kyle Drywall Puncher Pro

    She lost a lot to the streets but food wasn't one of those things.... Big ups to Oregon for at least making an effort and doing sonething.. Which is better then the rest of America which is doing nothing.

  • Julian Maule
    Julian Maule Month ago

    217. Haters here.

  • tracey yeoman
    tracey yeoman Month ago

    Beautiful human beings who help, are divine, God bless these people who help and the homeless of course.I have only ever seen one Billionaire giving back. What about the Kardashians and all the rich Jeff Bezos, Bill Gates, and Mr Buffet, why do they never give anything.?

  • Seth Wilcox
    Seth Wilcox Month ago

    Did he say the west coast is the only one trying to do something about homelessness? Like skid row?

  • denny dj
    denny dj Month ago

    Tho is what happens when you keeping democrats in the government