Pastry Chef Attempts To Make Gourmet Oreos | Gourmet Makes | Bon Appétit

  • Published on Jul 31, 2018
  • What makes the oreo the king of the cookie? Claire attempts to find out as she makes a gourmet version of the greatest sandwich cookie of all time.

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    *OREO and the OREO cookie design are registered trademarks of the Mondelēz International group and may not be used in a trademark manner without permission. This video is not endorsed or produced by Mondelēz International.
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    Pastry Chef Attempts To Make Gourmet Oreos | Gourmet Makes | Bon Appétit
    *OREO and the OREO cookie design are registered trademarks of the Mondelēz International group and may not be used in a trademark manner without permission. This video is not endorsed or produced by Mondelēz International.
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  • mhedzetterstrom
    mhedzetterstrom Hour ago

    I would take a bullet for Claire

  • Zain Hubail
    Zain Hubail 6 hours ago

    Tbh... I want a store that has all of Claire’s gourmet food 🤤❤️❤️

  • Potatius
    Potatius 8 hours ago

    Wait, that's a chocolate cookie? I'm baffled

  • Ernest Hernandez
    Ernest Hernandez 13 hours ago +1

    Im not trying to be mean but did she dye her hair like that or is that natural 😂 and thank you to whoever tells me💛

  • written-postcards
    written-postcards 18 hours ago

    claire herself: „how about cocoa butter?“
    also claire: „great idea, thanks!“

  • yaphett1
    yaphett1 Day ago

    The filling is basically crisc. Not creme, meaning edible.

  • Tom Rid
    Tom Rid Day ago

    Can we put some respect on Gary’s name plz


    "That's what my mom's worried about." - Amiel Stanek

  • Lynn D
    Lynn D 2 days ago

    So oreos are a vegan staple and I was hoping she'd keep them that way. Suppose that would've been too much of a challenge for her.

  • David Furman
    David Furman 2 days ago

    Claire is dummy thiccc

  • Whatever Goes
    Whatever Goes 2 days ago +1

    "you people don't deserve this" we really don't

  • Whatever Goes
    Whatever Goes 2 days ago

    I need this but grandma's vanilla cookies

  • O’rangers manager Vitamin

    Ah, yes

  • Kirs Tron
    Kirs Tron 2 days ago

    CAN YOU GUYS PLEASE DO CADBURY CREME EGGS?! I love cadbury eggs and I always wondered how they made them so aesthetically pleasing and delicious. Pretty please with sugar on top? 😄🙏🍳

  • Autumn Fox
    Autumn Fox 3 days ago

    4:08 Minecraft spider?

  • Marie Faustina
    Marie Faustina 3 days ago

    I love how much andy genuinely admire claire

  • April Smith
    April Smith 3 days ago +5

    oreos are supposed to be vegan lol Claire why'd you add butter :(

  • Courteous Geranium
    Courteous Geranium 3 days ago +6

    You should make alternative recipes that stay true to the original, Vegan friendly, because someone people are vegan and some don't like dairy. You made oreos not vegan, along with various other things. That's cheating imo.

    • Ryan
      Ryan 16 hours ago +2

      It's virtually impossible for her to figure out exactly how the stuff she recreates is made. She's making a gourmet version, not an exact replica.
      Like in the Doritos ep we learned that Doritos spent 50$ million to figure out their chips... How is she meant to do that on a regular salary in a regular kitchen in a week or two with the knowledge of a pastry chef and google..?
      Don't nitpick, poor woman suffers
      enough in these videos :/

    • Whatever Goes
      Whatever Goes 2 days ago +1

      I mean you can just use the vegan substitutions for everything..

    • Jessica Johnson
      Jessica Johnson 3 days ago +3

      I totally agree. There are so few popular candies for vegans and she made the biggest one not vegan

  • X Xzavier8M
    X Xzavier8M 5 days ago

    Claire qt

  • pat party
    pat party 5 days ago

    Is it wierd that I literally love every single personality in this kitchen.

    Like I'd literally marry claire or molly or gaby or carla or christine or sohla or priya any day.

    I swear it has nothing to do because theyre amazingg chefs

  • pandane
    pandane 5 days ago


  • cuzzo trillo
    cuzzo trillo 6 days ago

    8:45 big booty goddess

  • Konner Schneider
    Konner Schneider 7 days ago

    Her hair looks like an oreo

  • Andrea Skirvin
    Andrea Skirvin 7 days ago

    oreos have some sort of specific flavor. Most superior cookie

  • s q r t l y
    s q r t l y 7 days ago

    3:11 THICK

  • Lowkey
    Lowkey 7 days ago

    I dunk my Oreos for 25 seconds it gets very soft

  • Schylar Davis
    Schylar Davis 7 days ago +32

    I love how she's like "this really takes me back." I'm like lol, yeah takes me back last Wednesday, when I ate an entire pkg while crying.

  • Isabella Figuerola
    Isabella Figuerola 9 days ago

    13:17 wait what he’s the host in “the final table”

  • Ryan Smith
    Ryan Smith 9 days ago

    The coconut is the best one

  • habiba alkhatib
    habiba alkhatib 9 days ago +6

    When Adam said we don't deserve her he was 100% right

  • Plynn202
    Plynn202 9 days ago

    It’s frustrating to watch these videos and not be able to eat what was made 😩

  • Paige C
    Paige C 11 days ago

    I’ll remember this when I live alone and can buy ingredients. With out my family taking my cookies too.

  • Ace theSuperVillain
    Ace theSuperVillain 12 days ago +1

    Claire always tries all these variations and then just makes the default. There should be an episode where Claire, or the team, design their own variations.

  • Annie Walker Neidert
    Annie Walker Neidert 12 days ago

    My favorite of ALL Claire’s videos!!! Love this!!!

  • Virginia Vassar
    Virginia Vassar 13 days ago +15

    Everyone: "cream sandwiched between two cookies"
    Claire: "two cookies sandwiched around cream"

  • Jonathan Appleseed
    Jonathan Appleseed 14 days ago

    How old is Claire?

  • Sonja Adamson
    Sonja Adamson 14 days ago

    Gary deserved a full cookie.

  • Barry 3
    Barry 3 14 days ago

    I like the way she shares with everyone !! I am the one if I made that awesome I will just not even show anyone 😂

  • Barry 3
    Barry 3 14 days ago

    Web editor has more taste buds than me 😄😄

  • Alexcrazii Gamez
    Alexcrazii Gamez 14 days ago +8

    I know it’s been a year and a half, but I NEED to see Claire’s face on an Oreo.

  • nøkk main
    nøkk main 15 days ago

    But why, theyre good enough

  • Gotcha Son
    Gotcha Son 15 days ago

    Lol she said "Wouder"

  • Ana Lozada
    Ana Lozada 15 days ago

    You are fkn AMAZING!
    That boss of yours needs to give you a huge promotion! 🙌🖤🔥🤘🔥👏

  • Gary Trevino
    Gary Trevino 15 days ago

    Pop rock oreos!?!?!?!?
    Did I hear that correctly? WHERE DO I BUY

  • Miah Rivera
    Miah Rivera 16 days ago

    Try gourmet chips ahoy‘s

  • Emily Rojas
    Emily Rojas 16 days ago


  • Bitch im a: Cow
    Bitch im a: Cow 18 days ago

    okay. now time to watch starbursts.

  • Angelina Mangless
    Angelina Mangless 18 days ago +1

    Why is nobody talking about how store bought Oreos are vegan friendly?

  • 딸기우유
    딸기우유 19 days ago +1

    she looks so happy and proud of her oreos ♥️ i would die for u claire

  • Quantrelle Gabriel
    Quantrelle Gabriel 20 days ago

    Claireos 😊😊

  • Adrian Maxwell
    Adrian Maxwell 20 days ago

    I do wish these were kept vegan, but I assume she’s just trying to get close and make something good.

  • Samuel Arnoldy
    Samuel Arnoldy 20 days ago

    you should do gourmet veggie sticks

  • Lucas Beradi
    Lucas Beradi 20 days ago

    13:44 Oreo Cookie Recipe Starts

  • Mac Rose
    Mac Rose 21 day ago

    I really wanna make these cuz I have the ingredients (mostly)

  • Kenzie Hiatt
    Kenzie Hiatt 21 day ago

    I wanna see gourmet fudge rounds

  • MFSGamePlay
    MFSGamePlay 21 day ago

    She says licking the cream off the cookie is gross, but you scratch her head ( some other episodes) and then continued to use her hands in her food without washing them. Yuk! 🤢

  • Oreo 778
    Oreo 778 21 day ago


  • Cecilia Pinera
    Cecilia Pinera 21 day ago

    I come to these episodes when Claire used to like Gourmet Makes

  • Joseph K
    Joseph K 22 days ago +2

    I love when you all include Gary the mail clerk. He seems like a good dude.

  • Muhammad Raiyan
    Muhammad Raiyan 22 days ago