Nightly News Broadcast (Full) - June 18, 2019 | NBC Nightly News

  • Published on Jun 19, 2019
  • Trump speaks out about the sudden departure of Acting Defense Sec. Patrick Shanahan, decorated Navy SEAL faces trial for war crimes, and migrant crisis costs up to $17,000 every day in this New Mexico city.

    Watch “NBC Nightly News With Lester Holt” at 6:30 p.m. ET / 5:30 p.m. CT (or check your local listings).
    1:36 Patrick Shanahan Withdraws As Trump's Defense Secretary Pick
    3:44 Trump: Tanker Attacks U.S. Blames On Iran Were "Very Minor"
    4:23 Trump Threatens To Deport "Millions" Of Undocumented Immigrants
    4:52 War Crimes Trial Begins ForNavy Seal Charged With Murder
    6:49 Jon Stewart Vs. Sen Mitch McConnell In 9/11 Victims Fund Battle
    9:35 Inside New Mexico Town Shelter Housing Massive Migrant Overflow
    13:50 Beto O'Rourke Shares His Plan For New Voting Rights Act
    15:51 Ninth American Tourist Found Dead In Dominican Republic
    17:42 Over $1 Billion Worth Of Cocaine Seized At Philadelphia Port
    18:44 Great White Shark Surprises Fishermen Off New Jersey Coast
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    Nightly News Broadcast (Full) - June 18, 2019 | NBC Nightly News

Comments • 539

  • Iva Lee
    Iva Lee 6 months ago

    isis killed weather injuries or not is just fine but if he killed some bystanders that don't sound right

  • Joseph Ross
    Joseph Ross 6 months ago

    The Hispanic immigrants, most of them have never been to school, cannot read or write in their own language let alone English, that being particularly problematic when they cannot read or follow the road signs when they try to drive; which they constantly do without a license or insurance. They state of Texas issues driver’s licenses to illiterate Hispanics every day. They also have the audacity to be violently racist toward the white people that are trying to welcome them into society. They isolate themselves into groups, bands, tribes, of their own kind and criminal gangs. They do not try any harder than bare minimum necessary to assimilate into American society. The Hispanic people from all these unstable countries, created their own problems. They need to stay in their own countries and solve their own problems or dissolve their countries and go back to living in tribes like the Europeans found them 600-700 years ago. Either way, it is not the moral duty of the USA to solve their problems. Pointing these things out does not make me a racist. It makes me a concerned American citizen.

  • Jack Duffy
    Jack Duffy 6 months ago +1

    When a destabilized economy becomes a problem for a nation the smugglers are there to fill the gaps, And the games of hide and seek begins, Economic growth should be watched by the government not by Auganized crime.

  • Tony Harris
    Tony Harris 6 months ago

    Trump hires only the best people.

  • XRocky y
    XRocky y 7 months ago

    Oh I came here for x

  • Jose Duran
    Jose Duran 7 months ago

    Congress acts like a bunch of mobsters and uses the needs of the people as leverage. Kidnappers would get a masters degree on extortion from the democrats.

  • Jose Duran
    Jose Duran 7 months ago

    There are not perfect people and citizens today are nt very civil.

  • Dala Dearborn
    Dala Dearborn 7 months ago

    Awe Lester with dog is so cute love it

  • Bob leroy
    Bob leroy 7 months ago

    trumps extreme vetting fails again, So sad

  • LV Teach Me
    LV Teach Me 7 months ago

    Americans should stop traveling to DR until whatever is going on is uncovered.

  • MrVader282
    MrVader282 7 months ago

    Do you get the impression that the Dominican don't want American money ?

  • Patchwork Girl
    Patchwork Girl 7 months ago

    No one's really reading the truth about the "domestic abuse" incident. She attacked him, bloodying his nose, and was diagnosed with mental stability issues. Police originally charged HER but later dropped the charges, and their son affirms his mother was abusive. She's had police re-runs since their divorce. Shanahan's the victim here. This whole news story is strange, because as Deputy and Acting Defense Secretary, his background had ALREADY been checked and passed by the FBI. Fishy, fishy, fishy. Trump just wanted Shanahan out. Esper's in. Esper was an old school pal of Pompeo, and is friendly with Bolton. He fits in.

  • Carlo Jones
    Carlo Jones 7 months ago

    American democracy murdered by trump.
    American decency in Deming, Texas 👏👏😁 alive and well.

  • Inez Qtaish
    Inez Qtaish 7 months ago

    I NEZ THOR PE is writing" I WAS BORN ON 8 0 3 , 1970, I am 48 years of age, 5"2 dark brown skin , you do the math, I don't like math, I NEZ THOR PE thank GOD , I do not drink, smoke, or do drugs, I drink water , I don't care for juice or pop, I do like cake , cookies and pie although I try to manage what I eat, i speak the TRUTH no matter the situation.

  • Judy
    Judy 7 months ago

    mcconnell corrupt liar.....

  • Judy
    Judy 7 months ago

    Fake president supported by fake Americans....doesn't know any good people...

  • Inez Qtaish
    Inez Qtaish 7 months ago

    Inez Qtaish is writing" inez Qtaish read many things in the Quran Book that was not true, the Quran Book gave inez Qtaish false hope, the Quran book said" Allah ( God) does not allow the evil to bother believers, Inez Qtaish say what God is muslims talking about? and what kind of believers In who? Inez Qtaish is writing saying" God I have faith, trust and love who I believe does allow the evil to bother believers, the closer anybody get to God , the more the evil try, Inez Qtaish had to reject evil on my own, God do test anybody who says they love, trust and believe and got faith, nothing to do with religion, religion is made to seperate people into groups, all people was born with enough sense to know God is only One God. GOD who allows every living soul to wake up and do what's right, God who gives life and death, God who created the world, God who created water, animals, plants, all things good, all people who God allows the inner things to exist impossible for anybody else to create, God who allows man and woman to create a child as a couple, the bible talks about jesus, no matter who jesus is was or not, NEVER could made up jesus be God, Jesus is a made up name the white people made up to cover up the fact that the person closer to God is not white, is not a male, is a dark brown female and my name is inez Qtaish. Mary is a made up name of a white woman who suppose to been pregnant without no man touching her. People wake up, Mary is a joke, Inez Qtaish mother name is Maxine thorpe a black woman and she died , although I truly don't know who my father is or was I know I am not the son. So not white jesus who died on no cross, my name is inez Qtaish I live and I am telling the TRUTH and I am the truth regardless if people like me or not.

  • Vote to Count
    Vote to Count 7 months ago

    Acting Defense Secretary Patrick Shanahan is a known wife beater, then taught his son to use a baseball bat on his mom...perfect for the Trump team!

    • Patchwork Girl
      Patchwork Girl 7 months ago

      Wrong. Shanahan never laid a hand on his wife or kids. The children attest to that, and that their mother was the abusive parent. Police originally charged her for bloodying his nose, and she has had run ins with the police since the divorce. Lester didn't tell this story straight.

  • Russell Hampton
    Russell Hampton 7 months ago

    iif i had killed a wounded detainee and 2 civilians,,i would get death,,,,give him death

  • Annie butterfly
    Annie butterfly 7 months ago

    I feel bad for the people that are really trying to excape come here due from violence from there country now everyone's trying to use that excuse n to come ... there ruining it for eveybody

  • Sam Starr
    Sam Starr 7 months ago

    Sec. of defense, I don't believe that violence is ever acceptable, except when I'm blowing up Brown people. Navy seal sniper, I'm training for my future career in law enforcement.

  • lcso81
    lcso81 7 months ago

    Biden is a RACIST

  • David Sanchez
    David Sanchez 7 months ago

    Yeah! Illegals need care, and Trump won't let them in. Guess what? That's what I elected him for! Those "poor poor" Mexicans" who simply want a chance at "life!" Let the people of the world know what the "Elected Leaders" of their Country know, that their path is expected to be a path of de facto SLAVERY should they comply with "Government Policy!"

  • Sim ulation 7
    Sim ulation 7 7 months ago

    Ok i don't endorse any man hitting any woman and on top of that hitting her with a baseball bat that's absolutely unacceptable we don't need any stuff like that in a leadership role in our country he needs to be sitting in jail and then put out in The stockade during the day so the American people can throw rotten fruit at him things to be embarrassed for that piece of s***

  • Howard Conover
    Howard Conover 7 months ago

    These human dumpings have been going on for months. Must've been a slow day for trump. Is this just happening to American tourist? Have others of other nationalities?

  • John Schmidt
    John Schmidt 7 months ago

    Yeah Lester I think your putting words in peoples mouths McConnell didn't promise much less vow . Keep it straight G

  • Mik9mik
    Mik9mik 7 months ago +1

    Lester the molester

  • B P
    B P 7 months ago

    The mofo son hit his mom with a fkn baseball bat cracked her skull wtf and daddy sas she had annoyed him for 3 hrs sick fk

  • deniece donnafield
    deniece donnafield 7 months ago

    They've been told what to say they are fearing for their lives! Soon we will all fearing for ours lives and our country. Many US citizens have been impacted by illegal immigrants with losing jobs, supporting them through taxes, causing the standard of living wages to stay low. Billions upon billions of dollars are spent each year on illegal immigrants with full benefits on the working backs of the US man and woman. I'm a Democrat and I'm sick and tired of my Democratic leaders all they've done is lie and keep allowing these illegal immigrants to keep coming in by not allowing us to build the wall!
    I'm proud of each and every one of you who has voted for Donald Trump to become our president! Trump 20/20! I look back now and see the past presidents and I'm disgusted for what they have done to our country and the citizens of the United States.

  • Vesper L
    Vesper L 7 months ago

    Lester Holt is a pet parent! ♥

  • Pure Black
    Pure Black 7 months ago

    Its easier and cheaper to send the migrants back to their home country.

    • Pure Black
      Pure Black 7 months ago

      @linda green, Excuse me but, When has the U.S. and U.K. bombed Mexico? Sorry but, you got lost somewhere. View again and get some understanding before you comment. Wtf!

    • linda green
      linda green 7 months ago

      Dr Blackhologist but wait, the USA and the U.K. have DESTROYED those countries by bombing them into the Stone Age.........HELLO?......

  • mike brink
    mike brink 7 months ago

    Coca leaves should be legal to chew and brew in tea in USA....They actually provide health benefits when used that way, which is bad news for big pharma.

  • mike brink
    mike brink 7 months ago

    NBC loves Beta O'Cuck or is it Beta O'Crook ?

    • AbsentWithoutLeaving
      AbsentWithoutLeaving 7 months ago

      It's Beto O'Rourke, you twit. Yeah, not as clever as you think you are, making up silly names. You five, or what?

  • mark pope
    mark pope 7 months ago

    The 9/11 scam thing is like churches that mysteriously burn down, ask for donations to rebuild without anyone asking, um how much insurance did you have?

  • TxCowPoke
    TxCowPoke 7 months ago +1

    I don't care for Jon Stewart but he was right..."they did their jobs now do yours."

  • FakeNoob Yup
    FakeNoob Yup 7 months ago

    ''18 years later yours!...yeah start counting from 2011 !

  • AliEvaMari
    AliEvaMari 7 months ago

    McConnell has a resting turtle face.

  • Herman A
    Herman A 7 months ago

    Shanahan was woefully unqualified for defense secretary.

    • Patchwork Girl
      Patchwork Girl 7 months ago

      That may be true, or not. But this news story is misleading. Shas me on Lester for not telling it straight, too. Shanahan was not a wife abuser. She in fact hit him and was originally charged by police. Their children attest Shanahan never lifted a hand to them or his wife, and their mother was abusive. Trump wanted Shanahan out, that's all. And the stupid media is cooperating by not telling the story, leaving it to everyone to assume the obvious worst. But it's not true. Esper's in, now, and he fits...close friends with Pompeo and that crazed warhawk Bolton. Go figure.

  • fododude
    fododude 7 months ago

    Isis can use men like Gallagher.

  • fododude
    fododude 7 months ago

    We do not shoot prisoners. We are AMERICANS. We don't torture prisoners. We are AMERICANS. We are BETTER than that.

  • Edge of Empire
    Edge of Empire 7 months ago +1

    Thank you New Mexico. I grew up in Carlsbad, NM but moved to Arizona in my early teens. I will always have a soft spot for New Mexico. They are just good solid people.

  • Richie Tattersall
    Richie Tattersall 7 months ago

    Direct access v the United States Constitution v the last section of the 1st Amendment: "the right of the people peacably to assemble, and to petition the Government for a redress of grievances."

  • Dani Anold
    Dani Anold 7 months ago

    Why still going to a place where death has taken some of you? Stay away until the reason is found . Are you guys crazy?

  • Richie Tattersall
    Richie Tattersall 7 months ago +3

    Cocaine on a ship? B$, It's the illegals crossing the border that are bring it into this country, just ask Trump and the idiots that want "a wall."

  • Angela Adams
    Angela Adams 7 months ago +2

    The US is terrorizing the Middle East

    • Patchwork Girl
      Patchwork Girl 7 months ago

      Putin wants us to go to war with Iran. Another futile costly Middle East misadventure. Trump's a fool who's being manipulated by warhawks like Bolton. And Trump's scared, too. He wants to be President for Life. War's a good way to get there. This is CRAZY.

  • Dani Anold
    Dani Anold 7 months ago

    Wl money 4 C money

  • golfdude2007
    golfdude2007 7 months ago


    O SNOOPY SNOOP #1 7 months ago +3


    • Patchwork Girl
      Patchwork Girl 7 months ago

      He was *not* abusive. Victim of it, from his unstable wife, in fact. The story was only blown up...without the truth and the details that cleared him...when Trump wanted to get rid of him. That's why the FBI passed him before. It wasn't a problem until Trump "wanted" it to be made a problem.

  • Sean Brown
    Sean Brown 7 months ago

    John Stewart is not a comedian!! Ur a tv person.

  • Rehoboth Farm
    Rehoboth Farm 7 months ago

    Hey, the guys over at the Onion just told me you have been plagiarizing them again and that you should knock it off. I say screw 'em. Keep the fake news coming.

  • Vijay Jagpaul
    Vijay Jagpaul 7 months ago

    Many of these white people are nasty like plantation owners.

  • Spirit Path
    Spirit Path 7 months ago

    lucy is too cute

  • jim stineman
    jim stineman 7 months ago +1

    I would sponsor a family... I'm a single parent with 3 girls. I have helped many of enrolled native Americans and are always helping my neighbors

  • jim stineman
    jim stineman 7 months ago

    This Trump administration is just as bad as Trump and his knowledge how to be a president. He is in way OVER HIS HEAD

  • Randy Hutchinson
    Randy Hutchinson 7 months ago

    Now, democratic liberals are attacking OUR NATIONS HEROES, what's next? Attack Captain Kangaroo ???

  • Rebekkah Risien
    Rebekkah Risien 7 months ago

    All evil demons men and his wife

  • Norman George
    Norman George 7 months ago

    No there is no crisis at the border says nancy lol.She and the rest of the dems are a hott mess,oh and so is this fake news channel.So bias.Not even funny.

  • An Onymous
    An Onymous 7 months ago +1

    We don't have enough space for Americans with children that have to live in the streets. Why are we taking in more people from other countries?

  • Stephen Salsbury
    Stephen Salsbury 7 months ago

    Who cares the past

  • N V
    N V 7 months ago

    My big idea is such a BS segment. And that's coming from somebody who likes most of the candidates featured. It just sounds like something a 4th grader came up with and its so obvious the interviewer is fed opinions by progressive agenda pushing losers.