Keith Eats Everything At Taco Bell

  • Published on Jul 4, 2018
  • “I hope I don’t die, I hope I Live Mas.” #EatTheMenu
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    Taco Bell
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Comments • 22 957

  • Hot Pepper
    Hot Pepper 10 hours ago

    You cant handle taco 🌮 because you dont Appreciate the food

  • Феба
    Феба 14 hours ago

    He has a big ass mouth

    Literally (like his mouth is really big)

  • Azize Daryaie
    Azize Daryaie 17 hours ago

    Keith should eat everything from chick fil a

  • gamaliel saher
    gamaliel saher 21 hour ago +1

    taco bell really is not a taco !! It is an American invention taking over a concept of food far from a Taco or original Mexican food !.

  • Jess Shoe
    Jess Shoe 23 hours ago

    Keith looks so handsome in the intro yo

  • Nehi Pathak
    Nehi Pathak Day ago

    I watch this when I want taco bell

  • Meghan MacDonald

    You're videos are so amazing

  • Fairy _
    Fairy _ Day ago

    Keith slowly descending into madness for eleven minutes straight

  • Omid Asadi
    Omid Asadi Day ago +1

    2:16 ... bruh. That’s a pentagon

  • Anna Wainikka
    Anna Wainikka 2 days ago

    im just here dreaming that my country had taco bell :)

  • Skit tles
    Skit tles 2 days ago

    3:06 that’s scary loL

  • cypher5_ft_tae tae
    cypher5_ft_tae tae 3 days ago

    0:21 *8th grade french teacher has left the chat*

  • Kitty Slim
    Kitty Slim 3 days ago

    Turns to camera *”Dont be grossed out”* 😂😂

  • Callum McAllister
    Callum McAllister 3 days ago

    Rip bathroom

  • Conner T
    Conner T 4 days ago

    Best Taco Bell food?

  • Fred's World
    Fred's World 4 days ago

    Hey check out my new Taco Bell video

  • The lunar'S bOi
    The lunar'S bOi 4 days ago

    Angry man gets embarrassed from watching this

  • Blitz
    Blitz 4 days ago

    “Yeah let’s get loco”

  • YBN Diablo
    YBN Diablo 4 days ago

    I would literally beat the fuck outta that guy idc and that bitch "uh oh ig were not eating nothing" Bitch go somewhere else then fucking overweight ass people

  • Bun Ny
    Bun Ny 4 days ago

    tbh you should've called ahead tho

  • Caitlin Hartley
    Caitlin Hartley 4 days ago

    I'm sure this hurt😂

  • Angelena Joli
    Angelena Joli 5 days ago

    it’s 3 am and I’m pissing myself laughing at Keith calling a Taco Bell burrito a flaccid dick

  • Frank Nava
    Frank Nava 5 days ago

    I hate how people think Taco Bell is authentic Mexican food

  • Flame Studios
    Flame Studios 5 days ago

    1:45 he's gone super food sain

  • Pak Memes
    Pak Memes 5 days ago

    How is he eating the burrito?!

  • Karen McCauley
    Karen McCauley 5 days ago +1

    I am watching this to be less hungry

  • Ema Christine
    Ema Christine 6 days ago


  • Dimpus
    Dimpus 6 days ago

    This has to be the most unlikable host of all time

  • dazucca
    dazucca 6 days ago


  • Robert Perez
    Robert Perez 6 days ago

    Chalupa? Thatd not a chalupa. A chalupa denotes the tortilla is totally flat.

  • SaphireKancer90
    SaphireKancer90 7 days ago +3

    "Call the Italians from Mexico..." and "In the bucket!!" Crack me up every time XD

  • Chris Pm
    Chris Pm 9 days ago

    Next thing
    Jollibee ^^

  • Kimberly Massiah
    Kimberly Massiah 9 days ago

    Why do u look like denis daily

  • Gaming kid Texas gamer
    Gaming kid Texas gamer 9 days ago +1

    The only thing Taco Bell is is


  • Mason Camren
    Mason Camren 9 days ago +2

    Legends say he is still on the toilet

  • Kitty Cross
    Kitty Cross 10 days ago

    Fuck that old guy

  • Tigger Jay
    Tigger Jay 10 days ago +1

    Omg, Keith needs to be arrested for the amount of times he's eaten a burrito with two hands like a sandwich. ITS NOT A SANDWICH

  • K A R E N
    K A R E N 10 days ago +1

    What the heck, this was 10 months ago?!?!

  • K A R E N
    K A R E N 10 days ago

    What the heck, this was 10 months ago?!?!

  • Allan Delfino
    Allan Delfino 10 days ago +1

    The whole video I was waiting for the Mexican Pizza!

  • Baozi IAmCake
    Baozi IAmCake 10 days ago +5

    Keith eats everything at the Three Brooksticks at Harry Potter world universals

  • Masamoon
    Masamoon 11 days ago

    Do you think you could drink the Starbucks menu? Maybe even cross over with the Rank King for the best Starbucks drink?

  • Blue/Two Paint/Hands
    Blue/Two Paint/Hands 11 days ago


  • Just Gracie
    Just Gracie 11 days ago

    How he eats a bean burrito.

  • genesis lopez
    genesis lopez 11 days ago

    Ketih eats the wendys menu ?????

  • CinnamonWaffles Yum
    CinnamonWaffles Yum 11 days ago

    In the mans defense I’d be irritated as shit too if I had to wait 60 items

  • SoyNutsAndKale
    SoyNutsAndKale 11 days ago

    This makes me sad because I live in Australia

  • Kenneth Pinto
    Kenneth Pinto 11 days ago

    Please do the eat the Menu in Starbucks

  • Pamela Lopez
    Pamela Lopez 11 days ago

    Make a try guys bucket

  • Pamela Lopez
    Pamela Lopez 11 days ago

    The try guys to speak language

  • Ben Krause
    Ben Krause 11 days ago

    3:13 are we just not gonna talk about it

  • AliceTheWeeb
    AliceTheWeeb 12 days ago

    it’s sad because I’m craving a Mexican pizza and bean-

  • Miranda Schatz
    Miranda Schatz 12 days ago

    10:11 Keith started this "Keith eats everything" series just to achieve this goal.
    Legit, same thing but different.

  • Tucker Harris
    Tucker Harris 12 days ago

    Old video, but that unidentified object would be one flamin’ hot Frito.

  • Joshua Hooker
    Joshua Hooker 12 days ago

    I disliked because he eats with his mouth open. It's disgraceful

  • Isaac
    Isaac 12 days ago +1

    Next video: Keith gets gasssss

  • Israel Ortiz
    Israel Ortiz 12 days ago

    “Yo Quiero Taco Bell” 🐕

  • mallory stout
    mallory stout 12 days ago

    i order nacho bell gradie chicken quelsidea and a baja blast freze

  • Ethan Arnott
    Ethan Arnott 13 days ago

    The crunch wrap supreme is a pentagon

  • Flo Rencelol
    Flo Rencelol 13 days ago

    Keith please eat the menu of chipotle pleaseeeeee 🙏🙏🙏

  • Jean-Gabriel Moonchild est.1986

    Taco Bell should be able to hand me a taco without a wet bottom 🌮 RIP

  • John Sheehan
    John Sheehan 13 days ago

    For $180 you could've eaten somewhere nice and braught a date!Disgusting video!😠🤬

  • Jem MSP
    Jem MSP 13 days ago

    The song is night on a bare mountain by modest Mussorgsky

  • Ashleigh Modglin
    Ashleigh Modglin 13 days ago

    What happened to the Crunchwrap supreme

  • Mackenzie Reddy
    Mackenzie Reddy 13 days ago +90

    Angry man: "Why don't you order the whole menu?!"
    Keith should have said, "that's what I'm trying to do".

    • Gilli.444
      Gilli.444 Day ago

      Keith is a dickhead the man was just trying to get some food and had to wait
      For this asshole

  • TheReal SereneDestroyer

    Jeez,You took diarrhoea to a *whole* new level

  • GLITCHED cma
    GLITCHED cma 14 days ago +1

    Okay you can just dis everything out but you cannot diss my cinnabon delights

  • ElmoThe Great
    ElmoThe Great 14 days ago +7

    So your tellin me I can get 60 items for $180 at Taco

    • Lisa von Gartzen
      Lisa von Gartzen Day ago

      That alone throws up so many questions that i dont want any answers to

  • Lauren Eighmy
    Lauren Eighmy 14 days ago

    Food drunk Keith is the besht

  • Thomas Boyle
    Thomas Boyle 15 days ago

    I’m English so I we don’t have taco bells so this is the closest i’ll ever get😂😂

  • Joseph Jimenez
    Joseph Jimenez 15 days ago

    Alirio de jusus orellana manager

  • Ellie OOF
    Ellie OOF 15 days ago +2

    Wth happened to Keith’s voice 🤣

  • R3kt
    R3kt 16 days ago

    8:57 when they ask you if you wanna be healthy

  • R3kt
    R3kt 16 days ago

    *Stomach have left the chat*

  • ซาง สูง
    ซาง สูง 16 days ago


  • Tjoy910
    Tjoy910 16 days ago

    This is the best "Keith eats". It's so flippin funny when his voice changes from certain foods lolol!

  • John Wall
    John Wall 16 days ago

    You make me cringe soo hard 🤣

  • Jared Gonzolas
    Jared Gonzolas 16 days ago

    “The one that was advertised as the most crazy is in fact the most normal”... Going in the bucket

  • Tobi Slav
    Tobi Slav 16 days ago

    Toilet: Ah shit! Here we go again...

  • Richard Paradise
    Richard Paradise 17 days ago

    You are a fucking idiot.

  • Kayde J
    Kayde J 17 days ago

    I can never comprehend what Keith’s stomach is made of

  • Ernie Casado
    Ernie Casado 17 days ago

    just put the whole restaurant in the bucket

  • Shawn Alt
    Shawn Alt 17 days ago

    I wish they had T-Johns out there because as an ex-T-Johns employee our training video compared the quality of their food to taco bell.

  • Alzain Hasib
    Alzain Hasib 17 days ago

    Taco Bell are the best and a lot of people can’t even eat anything so stop complaining

  • big chungus
    big chungus 17 days ago


  • naomi king
    naomi king 17 days ago +1

    Keith darling, sugar. Lol i flipping adore you but next time call the place your ordering from in advance XD i worry the next melty guy might hurt your beautiful face

  • Lola Tania
    Lola Tania 17 days ago

    Was Keith High in this video ? 😂

  • Fre
    Fre 18 days ago +1

    I work at one of the busiest Taco Bell’s and I’m gonna tell you that shit looks weird😂 omg my manager would’ve had a fit about that big of an order but he would’ve made sure it looked presentable damnit😂 and the customers would’ve laughed their asses off. Last night during my shift this lady was going thru the drive thru and she said “one of everything” and yeah some people are joking but they’ll laugh right away and be like ahh I’m pulling your leg but not her. Me and my drive thru partner look at each other and he asks her “one of everything?” And she said “yes” and thank everything above another guy in the car said she was just kidding. We literally had an order that was about the same as Keith’s last night too😂 70 something items it was 100 and something dollars. When the items got to 69 I looked at the front counter person and I said “haha 69!” And she said she hated me.

  • CatieandSarah
    CatieandSarah 18 days ago

    “Whats a good spanish word, BIEN!” 🤣🤣🤣

  • Dezirae Maione
    Dezirae Maione 18 days ago

    Keith getting food drunk 😂❤️

  • Matte Boat
    Matte Boat 18 days ago

    I mean I love the try guys but I 100% understand the anger from the other customers and feel bad they did not give the workers a heads up by pre ordering. That’s a bad situation for everyone except the people filming..

  • Maggie Graham
    Maggie Graham 18 days ago +1

    Keith: “I never vomit”.
    Flashback to the time the Try Guys were stranded at sea.

  • francesca diaz
    francesca diaz 18 days ago +1

    Keith low-key sounds like he's drunk and high all at the same time omfg

    HASHBROWNBOI 18 days ago

    If you eat with your mouth open, go actually die..

  • I don't care
    I don't care 18 days ago +1

    5:55 i really need to know who's the girl laughing in the background

  • Alicia Dilley
    Alicia Dilley 19 days ago

    "Its so whettt" thats what she said

  • Okay Bro
    Okay Bro 19 days ago

    Do chic fil a next

  • Ivy Chau
    Ivy Chau 19 days ago

    those ppl at Taco Bell were rlly mean, fuck them

  • Rahma Aftab
    Rahma Aftab 19 days ago +5

    00:54 i just love how that guy was aggressive but Keith was all happy, like his usual self. Made me smile😊

  • ᴍᴏɴᴢᴀʀᴇʟʟᴀ ᴄʜᴇᴇsᴇ

    do del toco pls