Top 10 Horrific Sports Injuries

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For this list, we're looking at the most horrific and cringe worthy injuries suffered by athletes.

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Автор Danielle McMinn ( назад)

Автор Jack Snow ( назад)
i would much rather tear a muscle anywhere in my body than break a bone in any of my arms or legs...

Автор EmeraldRoblox ( назад)
This is why I prefer to play cards and board games..

Автор Joaquin Navarro ( назад)
I couldn't watch the one where the goalie for hockey got his neck cut.

Автор Jose Maldonado ( назад)
Alright, you invertebrates. I'm gonna teach you how to do the sponge.

Автор nicksskits ( назад)
try not to cring

Автор Hannah Sparks ( назад)
On #5, I was born on that day!!!

Автор Edgar Castelan ( назад)
For wrestling Brock Lesnar with the incident in wrestlemania 19, Seth Rollins ACL and MCL, or Triple H with his quad

Автор Ivek Pivek ( назад)
Eduardo Da Silva broken leg

Автор Jackson Collins ( назад)
Where the hell is Paul George?????

Автор scratchyplays ( назад)
that second one......COULD NOT GET THE FUCK OUT OF MY BRAIN!!!!!!

Автор J4dayz ( назад)

Автор Andrew Kim ( назад)
11:33 lyoto machida

Автор Tenzin Namdol ( назад)

Автор Javin Bridgewaters ( назад)
I think the ear is scary

Автор Adam Jacobs ( назад)
Eric LeGrand

Автор Ted Bear ( назад)

Автор Andreas Myklebust Birkeflet ( назад)
A bad one is Fernando torres

Автор Amy Butson ( назад)
Andrew bogut when he broke his arm

Автор John Cena ( назад)
Shit idk

Автор U r Fat as SH*T ( назад)
The blade against neck. Ouch.

Автор Samuel Jones ( назад)
Want to gamble safely online? Go to 👉 gamblewithease. com

Автор DOGGILAA ( назад)
neymar wc 2014??

Автор Cat Crisst ( назад)
why do I watch this i play football😐

Автор swinggcat ( назад)
Andrew Bogut?

Автор Mc Juggerfries ( назад)
Bull riding should be on the list since it's the most dangerous sport in the world

Автор Sports Clips ( назад)
#2 was disgusting

Автор Zane Myles ( назад)
Why did I watch this..............again.

Автор ultimate gamer ( назад)
David bust

Автор irishmafia665 ( назад)
I don't wanna brag, but today I ate captain crunch without milk.

Автор AndyCockran ( назад)
Good list, but what about the WWE's Droz? Paralyzed from the neck down.

Автор Nigel Pearson ( назад)
I screamed in horror a couple time watching this.

Автор Dylan Letellier ( назад)
My friends brother was playing football for his high school. he dove at the ball carrier's leg and snapped his shin. The guy's leg was bent parallel with itself. One of his teammates threw up on the sideline.

Автор Agent Bananna ( назад)
That moment when your leg does a 360 turn

Автор Arran Dixon ( назад)
I am storm supporter

Автор Carlito Mustari ( назад)
I suffered a torn ACL, MCL and Meniscus from wrestling

Автор Lord Jadus ( назад)
What about Carlos Santana?

Автор Kelvin Romero ( назад)
Damn 300 hundred snitches

Автор Russell Johnson ( назад)

Автор James Daniels ( назад)
Aaron Ramsey?

Автор Riley Tarboer ( назад)
Nikki Lauda has to be up there

Автор BRE4CHER ( назад)
Why celebrate after winning because of an injury?

Автор DarkJay ( назад)
You might not think it hurts but one time I fell on my arm. I've also fell of my bed and hit my head on that railing on the side of the matress

Автор Jesus Najera ( назад)
How was Paul George's injury not even here

Автор Darkstar_64 ( назад)
It's so much worse in slow motion

Автор dude average 4373 ( назад)
i think number two and number one should switch

Автор CaffeinatedPixels ( назад)
Massa getting hit by a spring?

Автор Damian Rangel ( назад)
I hate the part when the hokey goaly that was scary 😭😭😭

Автор PJ Farese ( назад)
what happened to richard zednik happened to my friend in his hockey game the other day and he's only 13 years old

Автор Pete Carrol ( назад)
these fibia's and tibulas bro

Автор Sajj J ( назад)
couldn't get passed 3:30 seconds, God damnn...

Автор Hooterman 03 ( назад)
My dumbass is watching this while I eat

Автор Hector Alcaraz ( назад)
Soccer brought me here and I can keep watching this but I couldn't watch the NBA injuries their horrible omg the bone popping out fudge that but I play soccer and this type of injuries never happened to me only twist my ankle but wasn't that bad and I would keep playing soccer either way because is my blood and is what I love 💖⚽

Автор SpiralisGD ( назад)
Didn't Know Anderson Silva Was A Soccer Player.

Автор Derpffe ( назад)
This is why I'm an inmybed person

Автор Erhan A ( назад)
Im watching these right before i leave for my football match😢

Автор Justin Rush ( назад)
I think the Gregory Campbell broken leg injury should be included, Blocked a shot broke his leg and stayed on the ice for more than a minute.

Автор Carolynn Amen ( назад)
when the hockie player's neck was cut wide open and blood splated everywhere ew soooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo gross

Автор Demarioshow1 ( назад)
Paul George or Jamal Crawford he dislocated his neck

Автор myyritenut ( назад)
Surprised Paul George didnt get na honorable mention from his injury at the Olympics in 2014

Автор Matthew Melia ( назад)
Petr Cech fractured his skull

Автор GamerKing ( назад)

Автор Mackenzie l ( назад)
I've seen worst than most of these tf

Автор Marshall Jacobs ( назад)
I wish i hadn't watched this... the hockey player freaked me the fuck out.

Автор Kaleb pacheco ( назад)
who ever said rugby of hooligans played by gentlemen is absolutely right. there are no safety precautions at all. it makes me wonder why euros enjoy it

Автор The Legend27 ( назад)
How about Gregory Campbell's broken leg

Автор Herman Coetzee ( назад)
i play rugby and bot so much braking bones only hard hits

Автор David Camino ( назад)
Ima stick to gulf now

Автор Joshua Gil ( назад)
Tyler Locett Seattle Seahawks

Автор Jennifer Sabins ( назад)
the ufc girl

Автор Feniss ( назад)

Автор Nathan Jones ( назад)
I dislocated my shoulder playing rugby and popped it back in straight away

Автор Zick ShootsCs ( назад)
This lis is...leg bending... i tried

Автор Peperle St-Jacques ( назад)
A bit more input on the Clint Malarchuk one (throat cut). The injury itself was pretty bad, but I believe that the impact it had on the rest of his life is far worse. Anxiety, obsessive compulsive disorder, post-traumatic stress disorder (notably after he viewed the footage of Zednick's injury) alcoholism, suicide attempt... you name 'em all. But thankfully he is doing fine today, released a biography to sensitize about mental illness, especially in sports. He's a also a goalie coach for the Calgary Flames, I believe.

Автор Rick Sanchez ( назад)
Now how about one the results in death... The most gruesome one I remember reading about is when a guy (can't remeber what sport, or who it was) got his head trampled on heard enough to not only, snap his neck, but his skull fractured; causing brain hemorging, I think he died like a few minutes after the fact.

Автор sam goodwin ( назад)

Автор Finest Prodigy ( назад)
Zednik and malarchuk are the worst

Автор Jayden 1028 ( назад)
And I thought stepping on a Lego was bad....😂

Автор patrick brown ( назад)
beat ya meat!!!!

Автор Connor Reefe ( назад)
johny knox

Автор ClickWick ( назад)
where is niki lauda?

Автор transparent ( назад)
i think slit throught was worst because of all the blood

Автор Robert Moreno Jr ( назад)
The rugby player who broke his neck is probably the scariest and saddest things ive ever watched

Автор William Tucker ( назад)
Holy crap that looks really painful

Автор William Nolan ( назад)
the arteries cut was the worst he could of died

Автор don417 ( назад)
Daryl Stingley?

Автор Jaye 鹿 ( назад)
As a figure skater of 20 years, I've seen some nasty injuries, but that hockey one with the blade, fuck.

Автор Adam Toher ( назад)
you forgot the injury when you could see the soccer players bone

Автор Rene Gonzalez ( назад)
the ice skate one scared me

Автор captain sensible ( назад)
pussies, get up !

Автор Conner Lockhart ( назад)
I remember Anderson Silvia he snapped his leg

Автор Brett Barnett ( назад)
FUUUUUUUUUUUCK! That one with the ice skate blade to the throat. I'm never playing hockey again.

Автор Avery Hill ( назад)
why do i watch this stuff

Автор Gray Wilbanks ( назад)
Where's Paul George!?!?!?

Автор Gray Wilbanks ( назад)
lattimore should've been first!!!!

Автор kaitlyn bornman ( назад)
No rodeo injuries?

Автор Kemi M. ( назад)
this made me cry! this was too gruesome! out of all the wild shit i watch from watchmojo...

Автор ALDUIN'S KING ( назад)
I thrive through blood and gore😈

Автор John Doe ( назад)
why am I watching this

Автор hunhaw359 Sports Man ( назад)
No doubt that Kevin Ware should be #1

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