Eli's 30,000 liter home reef aquarium

Diving in the aquarium and feeding the fish.
More on filtration and life support system:

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Автор Celismar Silva ( назад)
Probably the tank is more expensive than his house, poor mother fucker

Автор Yong Heng, Christopher Gan ( назад)

Автор Aca Msnsn ( назад)
man you got some ugly ass fish

Автор BallisticMiller ( назад)

Автор Nicole shu Chen ( назад)
How.... do....you.....change......the......water......in.......that.......thing.........

Автор kron-13 ( назад)
beautiful fish beautiful tank

Автор Ty Vozar ( назад)
what's up with all the brown coral. ..

Автор shir azi ( назад)
Wowwwwww.this is what I am talking about . Bravooooo

Автор Ehlisünnet ( назад)
yüzme havuzu gibi

Автор Ali_daboss52 ( назад)
Here i am with a goldfish bowl

Автор Alysa Harris ( назад)
I want his aquarium soooo bad lol 💖

Автор YourBrother ( назад)
everything looks happy and healthy. Great job

Автор OpalmeshSpringtime ( назад)
Probably an idiotic question, but how did you manage to hollow out a wall for such a big tank?

Автор Random User ( назад)
Wow!!! Why are saltwater fish so more beautiful than freshwater ones?

Автор Entety303's Jellyfish Aquarium ( назад)
you can do a water change for this once a year probably.

Автор Brian Fossett ( назад)
what type of lighting fo you use for that beast?

Автор Free Will ( назад)
what!! no piranhas 🐟🐟🐟🐟

Автор Pet Paradise ( назад)

Автор Tyrril DomoweAkwarium.pl ( назад)
Great I also want aquarium like that.

Автор B05 Gaming ( назад)
It would be a sad to see your fish die and have to clean up their remains in the tank

Автор MightyZocalo ( назад)
I wonder if they have a backup power generator

Автор sdq sdq ( назад)
dunno man who the hell wants to get wet when feeding their fish

Автор Dizrali ( назад)

Автор Daniel Hammond ( назад)
That tank is too small for all those fish. Ha Ha.

Автор ליאת משה ( назад)
The beautiful house stunning Half

Автор Twisted Bones ( назад)
A slice of paradise in the home. Amazing to say the least!

Автор michael rastätter ( назад)
Hallo Eli,
nice Tank, compliments, great

Автор EEVblog // Tech And More ( назад)
30000 litres... wow

Автор G Cap. ( назад)

Автор Bond's Aquarium ( назад)
wow, tank goals right there!

Автор Lashawna Brady ( назад)

Автор Lu Wagner ( назад)
that tank he was in didn't look like the one in the house..

Автор JooteLelo ( назад)
how much money you spent for this ???

Автор JooteLelo ( назад)
I m so jealous after seen your aquarium😭😭

Автор Faleen Fedol ( назад)
Thank you for sharing this beautiful world with me.....such pleasure.

Автор Styl's Aquaria ( назад)
do you use only sunlight???

Автор Styl's Aquaria ( назад)
0:29 what fish is it ?( the brown one with the horn?

Автор Stuart Cox ( назад)
simply amazing setup...

Автор mef1975 ( назад)
Would you say that stocking the aquarium as well as the "20,000g Reef - Learn how it is maintained all these years" might cost as much as, if not more than, it cost to build the aquarium itself? What did the basic construction cost anyway? $40,000? Half of that being the acrylic?

Автор Nizar Seas ( назад)
its so wonderfull

Автор Ернст Канделаке ( назад)
вопросик - сколько они срут и кто убирает говно? запускают аквалангиста с пылесосом?

Автор Sam ER ( назад)
How much does it cost to build this aquarium?

Автор Ramon ( назад)
I felt like I was at Hanauma Bay amazing setup!

Автор Star Gaming ( назад)
Who needs a pool when you can't just have a thirty thousand gallon fish instead?

Автор Justin Howard ( назад)
Beautiful aquarium my friend. Approximately how expensive is a tank of this size to maintain?

Автор reji binu ( назад)
I have the same type of fish tank

Автор reji binu ( назад)
I have same time of fish tamk

Автор Eink o ( назад)
Fill it with piranhas and feel like a bond villain.

Автор J Nav ( назад)
Must be fun walking into a PetCo to buy a fish and the Deutsche ask him how big is aqaurium is

Автор ChrisTheHobbyGuy ( назад)
My dream Tank...your friend ''CHRIS THE HOBBY GUY''

Автор Dominic Schmidt ( назад)
That's amazing!

Автор Yper Man ( назад)
Eli, any chance of another video discussing your fish?

Автор Teabag Der Teebeutel ( назад)
Damn that thing must be expensive. And probably a pain in the ass to take care of, but it looks fantastic. Amazing tank

Автор Gray w ( назад)
Absolutely gorgeous and appears to be very well maintained! When you 'dive' in the aquarium, are you concerned about contaminates such as soaps, hair gels, cologne, etc? When I had my 80 gallon reef, I was very careful to wear rubber gloves to avoid any contamination. I've not watched the filtration vid yet so that may answer the question. Awesome vid; thanks

Автор Gavin Campbell ( назад)
Wow that's amazing how much did the whole thing cost?

Автор Armand Borbe ( назад)
Hi Eli! How thick is the acrylic? Thanks

Автор Arthur G ( назад)
How cool and relaxing.
I totally envy you right now haha!

Автор Carl Louie Birao ( назад)
the fishes look so happy 👌

Автор Jaxon banareo ( назад)
that is awesome hey mom I'm just going to swim to feed the fish

Автор Ebsulem ( назад)
I want this life.

Автор Aaron Coenen ( назад)
what do you do for your minerals?

Автор Crystal Fowler ( назад)

Автор Thomas Ahn ( назад)
i would like to visit his house.. i loved it.

Автор woahdudette ( назад)
Fresh water fish tanks are scary and hideous. These are beautiful and peaceful.

Автор Davis Brock ( назад)
Wow that is the coolest tank I have ever Sean how much did it cost I would love a tank like this

Автор Lovebetta ( назад)

Автор MARWAN A ( назад)
hi, can i now the cost to do like this aquarium, if i want to do it.

Автор Rasmus Larsen ( назад)
best living room in the world.

Автор Ilcias Meria ( назад)
Hi Eli thanks for your videos and for your good music background choice. Very peaceful. What was the largest tank size that you had before you decided to make the commitment to house this gargantuan sized tank. The largest tank i ever seen in person was Ron perlman's tank the owner of Revlon that tank was in alpine riovista New Jersey.

Автор silat13 ( назад)
If the reich in league with blue dog dems get their way this will be the only we will have pristine reefs.

Автор Ali Mohamed ( назад)
hi, amazing tank. I'm planning to do so but I'm stuck with type of glass and how many mm is safe enough for such project?

Автор Georgy708 ( назад)

Автор Caleb J ( назад)
These fish are absolutely beautiful, healthy and perfect in every way. And weirdly, these fish actually look happy and I am amazed at how well this aquarium is put together.

Well done Eli and hope to view more of your videos soon. By the way, what are the names of all the species of fish within your aquarium? They are stunning. :)

Автор Mario Maldo ( назад)
i was reading that you said bullied fish get an prosthetic eye to look like them. what does that mean and can you do a video on that ? thank you would like to learn that trick for my bullied fish .

Автор realvipul ( назад)
hello eli f ! can we switch houses? i will throw in my wife as a bonus. deal?

Автор Simon Stone ( назад)
It would be cool if you did some more videos of your tank and filtration system

Автор JoNnyThroX ( назад)
How expensive was that ?

Автор Shailendra Chabukswar ( назад)

Автор Francisco Neto ( назад)
money talks

Автор Kazz ( назад)
I can only imagine having an aquarium big enough to dive in to. Hell, I can't even afford a saltwater aquarium. I'm stuck with my 20 gallon long freshwater planted.

Автор vonries ( назад)
How thick is the glass?

Автор Brianne Lombardi ( назад)

Автор HNiCDuke ( назад)
what's the name of those fish at 2:17

Автор HNiCDuke ( назад)
what's the name of those fish at 2:17

Автор Boy Trent ( назад)
That is amazing. How on earth do they keep the water in? lol. Please excuse my ignorance but the pressures and dynamics must be enormous.
Does one get some kind of lifetime guarantee you won't wipe our your neighborhood with a mini tsunami? If and when seals and joins began to fail?

Автор Flamur Berisha ( назад)
How much did this cost?

Автор piyush kumar ( назад)
dream tank....really amazing...wonderful..:p

Автор Rahul Soni ( назад)
i want this at my home

Автор Bruno De Melis ( назад)
very nice. You're a lucky person

Автор Brad Saunders ( назад)
So jealous that's amazing.

Автор alexandre ribeiro ( назад)
Simplesmente fantastico.

Автор Valentino A ( назад)
Have you bought the corals? or have you take them out of the ocean.

Автор Saif Hus ( назад)
amazing unicorn fish what's under the hood plz

Автор ronitovi ( назад)
we (most of) can't afford even 300 liters reef you lucky wealthy son of a bitch! :)

Автор mr1sherbit ( назад)
Like they say "go big or go home" oh wait.....

Автор RyansAquarium ( назад)
you must be a very happy (and wealthy) man haha

Автор TheInformant _Doser_ ( назад)
who the fuck is eli f??

Автор dilu10 ( назад)
amazing tank Eli !! shared on The Marine Aquarium Facebook page link below

Автор maine932 ( назад)
I'll just say, "Wow!"

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