The Quickest Way To This Gold Is With Dynamite! | Gold Rush

  • Published on Mar 8, 2017
  • #GoldRush | Fridays at 9/8c on Discovery
    Andy and his crew take cover as the local blaster finds an explosive solution to their boulder problem.
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Comments • 24

  • Max
    Max Year ago

    100 million... lmao I don't think so

  • Juan Lopez
    Juan Lopez Year ago

    Every time the Hoffman crew was finally on track and dialed in to gold, you can bet your ass the old man is from a crawl out the shack the next week claiming IDK what happened but we on got 20oz, let me pray for you.

  • Staminist
    Staminist Year ago +2

    The only gold they see is when at home, watching this show while Parker and Tony weigh their gold.

  • Roscoe Dogg
    Roscoe Dogg Year ago

    Retards and explosives, a great combo!

  • Daniel Komnatskiy
    Daniel Komnatskiy 2 years ago

    Is this the more heart team

  • Mátyás M
    Mátyás M 2 years ago

    Are they now in Colorado

  • Iron Man
    Iron Man 2 years ago

    Discovery channel found these assholes doing good to earth?

  • Mrblend27
    Mrblend27 2 years ago +3

    I like the show but there's no denying that these people rape the land.

    • Staminist
      Staminist Year ago

      And to add insult to injury - Todd doesn't even get gold outta said land! Like little schoolgirls with bulldozers.

  • Plant Stuff
    Plant Stuff 2 years ago

    Fucking 'Mericains

  • deez nuts
    deez nuts 2 years ago +3

    that guy is def a stoner

  • Johnny Martin
    Johnny Martin 2 years ago +7

    Bull shit. There is no way that stick of dynamite puts off 100 million horse power. Yes it is extremely powerful but no where near 100 million hp.

    • Coulombic Distortion
      Coulombic Distortion Year ago +1

      Yeah they got it wrong for sure. It would produce a million Joules of energy. Horsepower is a unit of work not energy, and assumes that the amount of energy is expelled per every unit of time. So for instance 1 watt is 1 Joule/second or roughly 1/746 horsepower. So assuming the blast takes 1/10th of a second (I'm guessing here) then 1million joules of energy / (1/10 s) * (1/746 HP) is roughly 13,400 horsepower equivalent for the duration of the blast.

    • Roscoe Dogg
      Roscoe Dogg Year ago +1

      None of the Hoffman crew is known as a math wiz. I think the average IQ is just above room temperature.

    • Shrestha Bageshwar
      Shrestha Bageshwar 2 years ago +1

      Johnny Martin agree

  • Giles Reambonanza
    Giles Reambonanza 2 years ago

    "I love blasting", he sounds like a maniac saying that

    • J Blob
      J Blob 2 years ago

      Giles Reambonanza how so? It's a blast

  • marlon chin
    marlon chin 2 years ago +1

    fireworks boys!!!
    the hoffman crew got excited over the blasting of a piece of stone

    • Burt Gummer
      Burt Gummer Year ago

      Staminist Parker burned too many bridges. The Yukon is a rather unforgiving place when no one respects you.

    • Staminist
      Staminist Year ago

      That was the only exciting thing they will ever see/ever seen. Gold is definitely a thing they see only when at home watching this show while Parker and Tony weigh their gold.

  • Lady L Hermit
    Lady L Hermit 2 years ago +1

    I bet he want find gold, I watch this old man rip up Alaska before, virgin land is in his sight.

  • DylanGamingBoy
    DylanGamingBoy 2 years ago

    3 COMMENT!!!

  • James Sawyer Ford
    James Sawyer Ford 2 years ago

    tercer comentario.

  • Amér
    Amér 2 years ago

    primer comentario